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čas přidán 21. 12. 2018
EVERY WEEK the newest and latest NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and CLOSE CALLS captured by Gopro and Camera. We’ll show you what can go wrong in life when you live your life to the extreme or just living it. All of the people in the videos survived. Enjoy our videos and don’t forget to drop a LIKE.
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  • That jet ski getaway was some James Bond shit 😂

  • These bikers never learn any lesson and keep being trouble for others as well.

  • Credits to Night Scape 6:03

  • The motorcycle rider's life is never going to be the same. From here on out, everything will be less than it could have been.

  • I cheered on the bike clip. Go that fast into oncoming traffic and it just takes one mistake to kill yourself AND somebody minding their own business. Glad he didn't take anybody else out.

  • Anyone know the song in the last video

  • Yaaay last one is from my country Slovenia :D the tallest chimney in europe... this video is from night scape and its dope!

  • How is guys standing in a smoke stack playing cheesy music near death? Maybe if one slipped or something but look like they had a wide enough platform to stand on👎


  • Look mom, I am standing on a huge PENIS!

  • 6:05 Can someone Tell me Where this Is ?

  • This gave me anxiety

  • Just a normal day on earth

  • Oh look a growling alligator, lets pet it!

  • I love how those motorcyclist take their sweet ass time pulling over and putting up the kickstand on their bikes before they go check on their friends life

  • 6:02 music name please🎶🙏?

  • Almost got killed by a bike rider once while I was walking across the street. He thought it'd be funny to overtake a car in a 90° curve and doing so in oncoming traffic lane that was at the point splint by a traffic island which i was trying to get at. I hope that guy has since died. I really do. World is a better place without bike riders- most of them are assholes in traffic and speed. And the ones who dont are still stupid for doing that kind of speed on 2 wheels in traffic.

  • Man, if some assbag cop put me in that kind of position, I'd be finding that fuckstick and make damn sure he never saw another paycheck. Shoot the fucking car like a normal human, and stop with this chickenshit spike strip crap.

  • 5:41 fake

  • Is that Windham Maine?

  • I wanna know what the Oh No couple looks like. Like a Randy and Maureen I would guess.

  • 6:26 what Tower is it

  • The song at 6:03 is bipolar by dropped out

  • k

  • Who saw the hammer head shark ? the biker guy was riding so fast he should be keeping his eye on road but he was looking backward! strange

  • Assholes shouldn't be parked in possible collision.

  • Thumbs up for the guys on the jetskies

  • Well the only asshole I see in the beginning clip is the guy taking video

  • Bye some omgs from my store 🏬 for this video your gonna need them

  • Can someone send the link of the last clip on the crane thing

  • 6:02 motorcycle 🏍

  • This is why aliens don’t invade us because they know a substantial amount of us will kill ourselves accidentally and if they let us do their job for them then they don’t have to do as much when their time comes.

  • 5:36: me after Taco Bell

  • That land where the chimney was built is beautiful in the morning mist

  • I saw the first clip on Twitter

  • The guys stuck in the waves is a legend

  • No sympathy for that bike rider who almost killed himself riding like a moron

  • Laat clip is nigntscape

  • That first clip when the cops setup the spike belt, and sent that car out of control swerving into the truck, causing damage and possible bodily harm. Who is liable for the damages? If there were no spike strip the car would of continued on.

  • No sympathy for anyone riding a bike like a cunt

  • I almost died eating mozzarella sticks😂

  • Ok the guy is not an asswhole when u get hit by spike strips u lose control of the car he could of impossibly backend up

    • The guy had all the right in the fuckin world to hit him because he couldnt control the car

  • The first one is dumb he started cursing but he is just chilling there like why didn't you move

  • I ride these waves quite frequently. Piece of cake

  • Who the FUCK puts up spike-strips near a row of cars that are waiting, with passengers inside? That is very close to being retarded. And sad that the biker didn't die from his injuries - because he clearly endangered a LOT of innocent people with his reckless driving.

  • 6:50 Eye of mordor? 🤔

  • Where is that last place? :o

  • 2:00 this is Nazaré...they've bigger waves of the world

  • Wotafak!

  • Proof that stupidity exists in the world and there is no shortage of idiots out there.

  • "Look at this, look at this.........Uh, oh"


  • 6:23 who hears yaaayeeet

  • Why did he hover at the speed of sound on a he will live the rest of his life with a broken back and paralysed legs... What's the gain in doing so...

  • 06:47 o que é o onde fica está "chaminé"?

  • 4:50 "You want me to call somebody?" Nah man, just let me lay here.

  • 3:55these people are brave

  • the fuck is it with idiots and motorcycles??? Just don't get it. They really don't deserve to be riding... easily could be ending someone else's life/ves with your fucking idiocy.

  • The first clip had me dying

  • How u made the chanel name intro on beginning?

  • Good to see so many people stoped for that biker

  • 4:49 the girl thought you were dragging a dead body or something

  • can someone please tell me how to find the tower in the last bit?

  • "You need some help, you want me to call somebody" idiot just stand there and watch! When Idiot's ask the dumbest questions in a life or death situation, smh!!!

  • Thumbnail looks fake

  • Yall be talking bout how the rider deserves it and all, and how he shldnt be riding fast and all. Thats what riders who love riding as an activity do man, just like how smokers smoke knowing they'll get lung cancer do

  • I had a traumatic near death experience once I had to clean the girls bathroom after club night

  • I forgot to take the meat out the freezer and my mom gave me a near death experience 😭😭😂😂

  • Morons on parade.

  • Air assets should have been sent to push back a bit which would have slowed the suspect

  • Those waves scared the hell out of me and I wasn’t even in the water

  • When you need a check 00:17 :)

  • Why the fuck would they move the body he could have a spinal injury

  • snapchat notification 4:52

  • having Joseph kabila as a president of DRC is near death. fuck

  • Man he took those waves like a man!

  • 5:44 This is a happy alligator

  • For the first one, this happened a handful of towns over from me. In this situation, I believe the report said he was heading towards a town and was being chased on a backwoods "road artery" (it's one of the only roads in/out of that town for a long ways). In this situation, the crash was due to the driver, not the police. State Police and Sheriff did their jobs correctly. People are claiming that the spike strips caused the crash, but it was driver error. There are many types of spike strips, but that is irrelevant in this instant. The driver tried to steer around the strip and lost control, over-corrected, and drifted into the passenger car carrying three elderly civilians and the pickup truck with two younger civilians (camera POV). If the driver didn't try to go around the strip, the tires may or may not have blown (again, depends on the type of strip), but the chase car would have kept going straight, and not hitting anybody. Everybody is quick to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story. Here's a recap - State Police / Sheriff's Department chase car on heavily traveled road (traffic condition at the time unknown), heading towards / into nearby town, police set up roadblock / spike strip in attempt to stop the chase car, chase car tried to avoid spikes, chase car looses control, drifts into cars parked on the shoulder, chase ends, no serious injuries for the five civilians in the two non-chase cars. Ultimately, the collision was caused by the chase car.

  • 0:01 yeah let's just park in front of the spike trap... What did you expect lol

  • I have no sympathy for speed demons. None. Zero.

  • Shit compilation

  • If I saw a police barricade(spikes set up and all) I'd GTF OUTTA THERE!

  • What is the song while they were on the tower

  • Like as usual none of the animal ones are even remotely near death! Just shows you animals don’t kill you, your own stupidity does!

  • Seth Rogan in the first one 😂

  • The first one lmao, it fasholy wassnt the guy at the wheels fault, he didn’t drive over spikes on purpose

    • That's exactly why he crashed- he tried swerving around him. This was a ten mile police chase. The driver was armed, fleeing from a domestic, and entering a nearby town.

  • I have no sympathy for bikers going that fast. I know several things that might not have been in his control could have caused him to wreck.. but if you go that fast, you have no one but yourself to blame if you bite the dust.


  • What structure is thus 6:15? Chimney?

  • Ладошки вспотели

  • Im glad this isnt one of those crappy ones where like a shark swims like 50 miles away from someone and they call it "NEAR DEATH"

  • first clip fucking creased me! brilliant

  • Half went even near death lol

  • Hopefully some poor soul got that bikers organs.

  • Man boogie boarding on those first waves would be awesome-

  • Yo those waves were beyond crazy, glad buddy mad it...

  • Ya go cops that guy needed to stop

  • Cops are never supposed to set spike strips up when there's tons of civilians around. Those guys should get suspended for 3 months at least with no pay. That's so so fucking ridiculous

  • I like the second one he saved dude life that was awesome

  • Fucking cops and their spike strips