*NEW* 2023 Tesla Model Y 7 Seater | Must Have Accessories & Installation!

čas přidán 27. 02. 2023
Hi everyone! Welcome back to my Channel for a fun new Video! Today I am installing all of my Must Have Accessories for the 2023 Tesla Model Y 7 Seater! If you love this video please give it a Thumbs Up to let me know! And if you're new, please SUBSCRIBE to see more fun videos!
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* NEW 2023 Tesla Model Y 7 Seater | Must Have Accessories & Installation!
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Floor Mats: bit.ly/41dx6jA (Identical to the HEA mats. The Tesla logo on the mats are pushpin tags from Etsy)
3rd Row Floor Mat: rstyle.me/cz-n/hnenircemzp
Second Row Seat Back Mats: bit.ly/3YHuOag
Maxpider Cargo Mat 7 Seater: bit.ly/3KnbhrS
Spigen Model Y Matte Screen Protector: bit.ly/3SgZUDL
Booster seats: bit.ly/3Y6imk4
Prince Lionheart Tesla Car Seat Protectors: bit.ly/3kkX8AS
Hills Wood Console Cover: bit.ly/41cpVbx
Mud Flaps: bit.ly/3Konkpc
MagBak Mounted Charger: magbak.com/products/magbak-fo...
Trashcan: bit.ly/41wHaV1
Jouwa Console Organizer (front): bit.ly/41AbUou
Jouwa Console Organizer (armrest): bit.ly/3IYN5Lv
Registration & Insurance Paperwork Holder: bit.ly/3SymAQ2
Luno Fan: lunolife.com/products/luno-ca...
iPhone 14 Pro Apple Magsafe Case: bit.ly/3kInGfb
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  • This is a great video! You and your husband have done a great job and I may strongly consider a 7 seater with my “littles” now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • There's so much more you have to learn that you'll need lol it's so fun shopping for the Tesla! Congrats on your new ride! There are so many helpful videos out there! Road trips are so much fun 😊

  • Great video. I just took delivery of a 2023 Model Y LR 5 seater. I bought the front inner console organizer as it is very deep and dark and this will help organize small things. I heard that the Matt screen protector is good for some people but it effects the sharpness or resolution. I will clean the screen periodically. The other suggestions are very useful.

  • TY Great video exactly what I was wondering. We purchased the Model Y 7 seater based on this video. Appreciate you taking the time to switch everyone out and show how everyone fit.

  • Thanks for posting this! Are you considering installing full or partial PPV? I am considering partial for the front bumper. My car is just like yours (same color, 7 seater). The 3rd row is meant for grandkids and I think it will be folded down most of the time. I also added a tow hitch for a bike rack. Still waiting on delivery 😖

  • Thanks for helping with the accessories....made life so easy :)

  • Hi Kate! Great video. A couple of questions.

  • I love the center console organizers they fit like they were part of the car

  • Great video. Nice job on the wood veneer.

  • Hey Kate,

  • Hey we just got delivery of our model y last Wednesday 3/29. I ordered the hills veneer for the center console. I did a dry fit first to see if it will fit but it didn’t want to open (push back) during the day fit. When we took it off, the center slider was making a scraping sound. I think the veneer caused something on the back end to come off, maybe a glue that’s holding the fibers to prevent dust from getting in got pushed during the dry fit causing it to scrape against the original slider cover. It won’t stop. I saw some sticky residue near the top where the silver part is. It’s definitely not from the veneer bc we did a dry fit first. We examined the back of the veneer to see if anything came off but everything is still intact. Does yours slide back and forward easily?

  • Question. Did your model y come with hardware 4 instead of hardware 3 and the updated cameras? I believe they’re 5mp instead of 1.2. I’m also getting a new model y in a week so really curious! Thank you!

  • Amazing video. You made me fall in love with your car.

  • didnt realize there was still good space in the back even with the 3rd row up

  • Hi these are great ideas for accessories! def picking up the car seat covers but what car seat/booster is that at

  • Love love love that you are adding Tesla to your brand!

  • I have heard on another channel there could be a hidden clip (under the phone chargers) that may scratch the thicker vinyl/timber wrap with constant opening and closing....any signs this is the case or scratch free? Thanks from Oz

  • I almost have 80% of what you have which I ordered before getting Tesla. Couple questions:

  • Loved this video!