New House Streaming Setup!

čas přidán 12. 10. 2021
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:48 Construction Zone
1:20 The Plan
2:00 CORSAIR One
2:40 Gaming Monitors
3:01 Wave Panels
3:53 Wave 3
5:30 Setup
6:44 Microphones
7:44 Software
8:55 Cam Link
10:35 Lights
12:34 Software
15:04 Gaming
16:06 Green Screen


  • I own the wave 3 and just wanted to add that you can add all the audio streams with the wave link software to obs.

  • With the capture card you can’t put that in a console that’s for a pc

  • 5400 RPM HDD in the Corsair One is just sad.

  • Linus needs to custom order some deskhaus desks for that area.

  • This should be a thing. Like super teking big old houses. Would actually be worth their price.

  • Really slick setup LTT! Thanks!

  • I realise this comment is going to be buried, but that mic honestly sounds awful imo. It has high clarity, your voices are very clear, but it's completely cutting off/out some of the tones that make up the warm 'body' of a person's voice and is making them sound quite dead and sanitised. Your audio for the video itself is *tons* better, and most streamers these days have mics that, to my ear, sound better. Heck even a Yeti sounds better to my ear so long as the gain isn't too high.

  • This was basically just a commercial...

  • So cool what a cool dad I wish Linus was my dad

  • "You don't need like virtual audio cable" well.. There's a plugin for OBS that allows you to select single applications now so... You don't need anything like that anymore. You can literally just select the apps you want to stream and don't have to worry about that anymore AND you can configure it differently for different scenes.

  • virtualized pc are ok but never ever can they beat a full running high end pc.

  • why do you say xlr microphones are more reliable than usb microphone ? i mean your shure sounds great, but do you have more detailled reviez abour xlr vs usb comparison please ? xlr is so annoying cause it requires mixing tables to be connected to a computer, meanwhile usb is simply plug and play.

  • whats the point for visualizing PC in a server when you are using a thick client (monster machine) to access the server. Hardware wasted.. oh wait... this is all sponsored by vendors.

  • i have se that yellow controller in many of linus videos but i have no clue what it is does anyone know what it is

  • That mic sounds god awful xD

  • Elgato content is too expensive, way too expensive.

  • ....I love technology too but it ain't free and stocks are one way to make money. ,,,AMAZON: Yep, I bought a ton on the dip. It's getting cheaper relative to its current earnings (half compared to last year). ...With the Delta virus coming at full speed ahead, pandemic sales will make a comeback. Amazon's not going anywhere so I know that eventually it will come back. Fidelity considers Amazon as a large growth company (probably because as big as it is, it still only has 7% of the retail market) Get on board or be runover, it's up to you. ;...I bought these: Amazon Facebook Apple Microsoft

  • Calling VBAudio Cable crap? Come on :-)

  • elgato and corsair ,,, pssshhh iam a gamer here bro, sponsor me something , i mean linus never gets time to game also. XD

  • Like how linus's new house is entirely financed by his sponaor partners

  • You going to do a AV over IP system for TV streaming?

  • As a broadcast sound guy, that output level is offensive

  • I swear he doesnt game

  • Can someone explain how Linus will be accessing the VMs for his LAN center? Will he run USB and HDMI/DP cables from his server to the lan center for each PC, or is there a better way of accessing the gaming VMs?

  • thats my exact monitor! i absolutely love it. fav monitor ive ever owned.

  • you know this vid is old when the mid on dust 2 is not blocked from the T side lol

  • Jake, you put the mic arm behind the monitor, come up over it, and still bring it in close to your mouth. The advantage is it doesn't block the lower part of your screen depending on how you're sitting and also doesn't block the side.

  • I sware to God Linus just went to a rnd building site and started to record in someone's unfinished house😂🤣

  • There’s a lot of cool stuff going into Linus’s new crib and the dry wall isn’t even up! I think it’s gonna be years before we see the end of this project!

  • Using an SM48 for live streaming just makes me cringe

    • Got to 14:15 and yeah, now validated, Dynamic mics pick up way too much ambient room noise

  • can you be my dad?

  • I already own the elgato wave 3 and the facecam and both are amazing my God

  • i want that wallpaper from corsair plz

  • When video is sponsored by Elgato and you like your DSLR setup a slight more🥲🥲

  • Lol as audio person just get an sm58 lol

  • The Stream deck is just a complete screen. The contacts of the transparent buttons are on the frame.

  • There's a reason I have a box of 1 foot extension cords. Can you 🧱 guess what that reason is?

  • Do u have a discord server?

  • Linus, change your mic volume. Literally peaking during your cs;go segment and sounded awful

  • Give

  • Lifetime brand I was one of there welders thank you and my wife works in plastics and I used to use one as a desk for years

  • Ayy, Jake with the FSM shirt. I see you, buddy!

  • Just curios why that Corsair one PC's HDD is only 5400RPM in 2021? 7200RPM was the cheap standard when I got my first PC in 2013

  • 1:54 badass pc. (also reminds me of melony from smg4)

  • LAN cave


  • Linus: We're gonna play competitive CSGO Also Linus... Proceeds to start a casual game

  • rich people are smart. they get other people to pay for stuff in their house.

  • And ringlights produce cool ciruclar spectral highlights in your eyes.

  • Seeing the Corsair One on the extreme edge of the table while being tapped by Linus was a huge pucker moment.

  • 14mil exactly nice

  • Did he start to work out a little bit? He looks better/more healthy than he used too, also he seems to be a bit more relaxed compared to bevor. Whatever your doing, keep it up man.

  • 11:20 looks like it can rotate, doesn't it?

  • your building the lan in the basement what are you going to do if it floods also you have a window near by

  • Anybody watching this wanting to get into streaming: PLEASE don't use an SM48. Its a great mic for recording vocals, even better for live performances... but have fun positioning that thing towards your mouth every time you move a few inches away (especially if it's set up for kids to use). You're better off getting even a cheap Audio Technica AT2020; the dynamic range of a condenser microphone will make you sound more realistic, and you can position it to use the natural nulls of the cardioid polar pattern to not pick up any loud noises like fans. SM48s are made to be durable and able to take a beating (physically and audio-wise)... but the don't do quiet very well. And over tracks they might sound great, but over game audio or silence you'll really feel that dynamic damper.

  • I like the part how none of this Elgato equipment will work with Linux. RIGHT WHEN LINUS STARTS A LINUX EXCLUSIVE CHALLENGE LOLOLOLOL GET REKT.

  • You can really tell the lack of enthusiasm when Linus does a sponsored video. Not saying it isn't cool stuff, but I feel like if it wasn't sponsored he would be way more excited and make me want to buy whatever he's using (I won't). Edit: it's probably the useless marketing bullet points he has to go through. It doesn't make me buy it! Let Linus have fun in sponsored videos and you'll do so much better. F your KPIs...

  • What a coincidence! I don’t have a bunch of money for any of this! :D

  • Your kids are the luckiest

  • Whoever is friends with Linus or his kids just gets a free gaming setup 😂

  • me who only has a shitty laptop to game: ._. okay, nice to have a few extra setups

  • WHEN ALL 5 PLAYER ARE PLAYING ONLINE your not gonne like the double voices

  • I do not agree with the idea to put the PCs behind a wall. You are making your business about tech and introducing interessting stuff but degrade your kids and their friends to poor users of a setup for dummies. They should be able to experience technology and be able to customize stuff if they want.

  • money cant buy happiness me: ohh yeah ?

  • Linus’s house is going to be the first full futuristic house ngl.



  • I'm ready to be linus friend and play games with him in his house 😂

  • i wish i can have a gaming PC :(

  • Casual £3500 gaming tower x 5

  • Matchmaking != Casual Game :P

  • Wait... your powerborad sockets are layed out in a stacked orintation and not side by side? Why?

  • 2:28 OMG!

  • my friends when i make someday CLEAR LIE THAT IS

  • with people like linus it's like what you're setting up another room? what you making a room for every day of the year? hah

  • Imagine your are busy building a house, has no time, no ideas, no inspiration BUT you have to deliver a video to a Client ("Sponsor"). Thats the result. I hope Corsair rejects the video

  • 11:28 I really don't see why you didn't move the small plug on the end over to where u were placing the big switch, and place the big switch next to it so u only compromise with a small angle

  • anyone else thinks the music should've been turned down a few notches?

  • The music even from Monstercat can be muted on the VOD by third parties. Just a heads up to people getting into streaming as DMCA and Copyright is a very very slippery road to travel.

  • holy shit what a waste of time money life.... build your kids a skate park down there

  • Should have gotten the sm58 man!

  • is it sad that his backup pc that he uses while his house is being built is better than my pc that I use all the time? I mean, it actually has a GPU

  • upload more videos of the remodeling of your house linus please are great and I'm dying to see the house finished with all the technology as you said in the first video with the ideas you wanted to do, I am a fan of yours from Argentina and very good videos and tutorials are great greetings from Argentina.

  • Linus PLEASE fix your Mic. You're peaking and you need to EQ your voice. Why buy a nice Shure Mic if you're going to set it up to sound like a headset mic anyway? You can do a lot with a digital DSP even in an echoey room.

  • LAN room goes in before sump pump

  • The meme of linus thinking of retiring will be soon recreated behind this new streaming setup

  • Tbh, i prefer streams without a green screen, given the room is not a total disaster ofc. A window of the streamer in his set looks better then having just them floating in the content itself.

  • It's getting ridiculous. Many people can't afford a PC anymore and Linus puts 6 in his basement because he wants to have a LAN-Party 2 times a year. What a waste. Take Jay as an example. He's setting up 10 Gaming-PCs for kids and teens to play in a recreation center.

  • You have friends. I'm your friend, always dude. "Toy story music starts playing in the background".

  • you sounded hurt when you said that at 0:08

  • Watch Linus's kids grow up to play 7 sports and never use the rigs.

  • What are you going to do in 5 years when the whole house is obsolete and in need of an upgrage? What a nightmare.

  • "All everyone needs is that one piece" That one piece: having a dad as rich and as into computers like linus

  • 0:31 AKA the lhlcssce V1

  • I wonder if Yvonne ever brags to her parents. "I told you... he wasn't a bum.... look at our new (input random tech)!"

  • Adopt me, Dad Linus.

  • sick wish i could stream

  • EVERYTHING about this man is...sponsored. Well done selling your soul, lol.

  • The cpu itself is more expensive than my pc 😀

  • "Sound that Pro"... yet the mic quality had horrid reverb but nice Linus nice