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0:05 Secret Invasion
1:54 Guardians Of The Gal Vol. 3
3:43 Knights Of The Zodiac
4:46 The Mandolorean: Season 3
6:30 Transformers 7
8:37 Star Wars: The Bad Batch
10:33 Avatar 2
12:02 Connect
13:16 Callisto Protocol (Game Cinematic)
14:48 Deus: The Dark Sphere
16:33 Battle For Pandora
Artwork: Marcus Whinney
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  • @Moviegasm I was looking forward to the 'Callisto Protocol', till I saw it was not a film but a game cinematic. Game cinematics are not movie trailers guys show them in a different video with other games.

    • To be honest with you Thurgosh, My editor told me he thought it was a Movie Trailer. He doesn’t make mistakes often. Apologies on behalf of team MG.

    • Ahh I am so glad. I mean, the could have at least made Dead Space before making a collisto protocol movie.

    • @Storm Weaver u aware there are a couple off dead space movies?? think 3

    • 2 are Series Not movies 1 is a game, the Poster must go better inform

  • 0:05 Secret Invasion 1:54 Guardians Of The Gal Vol. 3 3:43 Knights Of The Zodiac 4:46 The Mandolorean: Season 3 6:30 Transformers 7 8:37 Star Wars: The Bad Batch 10:33 Avatar 2 12:02 Connect 13:16 Callisto Protocol (Game Cinematic) 14:48 Deus: The Dark Sphere 16:33 Battle For Pandora

    • Wtf is the mandalorian a movie now?

    • icon is from which movie trailer ?

    • @Johnny secret invasion is also a series coming out on Disney+

  • I can't remember the last time a movie came out that I wanted to see. RIP Hollywood.

    • Agreed. This all looks like trash. Gone are the days of good movies.

    • I two.. Avengers Infinity War..and endgame

    • You're watching the films mate

    • They've swapped storytelling for spectacle.

    • All the movies were awful! None had anything novel nor anything worth going to watch it. Hollywood is ruined due to nepotism and tax writeoffs.

  • Have to admit the visuals in The Mandalorian are stunning.

    • You should research how they actually do the sets !! Very Kool tech for the landscape scenes.

  • Must say, from what the trailers show, some of these movies have great potential.

  • Claudia Black is back! In a Sci-Fi movie! Yeah, that is a must.

  • I don't really mind what the genre is...if its a well written story with interesting, developed characters. At this point, I'm not concerned about special effects either, especially if they have overtaken the plot and the script. So, I'm not excited by 99 per cent of modern film. Maybe I'm getting old but I can't be the only one tired of superheroes and monsters.

  • I am so excited to watch this film in person soon. It was a honor to be included in the film on my race bike!

  • The Mandolorean: Season 3 and Star Wars: The Bad Batch, can't wait 😆

  • Oh yes. Mando is back. Can’t wait and The Guardians too. Next year movies look sick.

    • The movie industry is sick if it thinks this CGI sludge is appealing.

  • holy shit a live action knights of the zodiac that actually looks GREAT!

  • Why, oh why there must always be those tiny little goofy and funny moments in Mandalorian. Breaks the immersion and makes it all feel like comedy. Well done KK...

  • Guardians of the Galaxy. That's one movie I been waiting for!

  • remember the time when sci-fi movies were not all about aliens and spaceships

  • That battle for Pandora movie looks like it's using the best special effects of 1998

  • The thing that I noticed, was all these spaceships we see in our fav movies and don't get the jist of how big they are. When the guardians land in that subdivision it's enormous but in space that ship is on the smaller side. It just makese realize how small we really are.

  • Man I hope Guardians of the Galaxy isn't a sad one... I like them more lighthearted and fun... My favorite scene is still Starlords introduction scene from the first movie

    • It's the last one and there's a very good possibility that Drax is gonna buy it and possibly Groot too.

    • @lorzon To be fair its the last James Gunn one but that doesn't necessarily mean its the last time we see them..

    • They will probably kill off Starlord and have Gamora replace him. Because wokeism.

    • @ifStatement ifStatement So insightful

  • the guardians of the Galaxy song is the spacehogs and that iconic sound he's singing is actually supposedly inspired by to be an old ring tone he remembered from when he was growing up.

  • This looks Awesome it's about time there coming out with a good movie I've been waiting for it for a while , can't wait. ❣😸😊

  • Finally, Secret Invasion! My prediction is that the final cliffhanger episode teases DP. 🤞🏼

  • Secret invasion looks pretty good

  • The special surprise at the end was worth watching the full video without skipping the sponsor. Thank you pooderpe! And

  • I have the secret wars comic-book. I’m definitely watching Secret Wars. Watching the Mandalorian, Love Guardians of the Galaxy and Knights of the Zodiac.

  • If one more superhero movie comes out, then I am signing up for the one way Mars trip...

  • Bad batch season 2? Yes!!!

    • season 3!

  • I can't wait for more Katee Sackhoff in Star Wars Goated since Battlestar

  • I always wondered where the digital effects from The Abyss got to. I guess they went straight forward in time about 30 years to Battle for Pandora

  • Ooooo. 'Secret Invasion' looks goooood. And I must say, The Mandalorian has made me do what I swore I would NEVER a Star Wars series. :D

    • The Mandalorian is woke identity politics modern-day Disney I barely got to season 1 how can you still watch that brainwashing stuff

  • The callisto protocol and The Mandalorian 💪💪


    • Dinobot Terrorizeeee!!!

  • The Battle for Pandora is interpretation of classic sci-fi romance Solaris by Stanisav Lem.

  • secret invasion looks insanely cool spy thriller

  • It’s starting to feel like gremlins and Star Wars got together.

  • Famke is back! I cant wait to see all the movie's though. Avatar 2 was awesome.

  • Wish there was a movie of Asura's Wrath.

  • Good Work✌️

  • I can think of at least a half dozen Andre Norton novels which would make phenomenal films.

  • Battle for Pandora seems like SciFy networks best work yet......

    • Tom Sizemore as the colonel...

    • Graphics by PlayStation 2, no less!

    • Indeed surely the best Oscar winner...

    • Asylum are the makers of Sharknado and every other B movie out there that copies off of real movies. I assume this Pandora movie was a rip from Avatar way of water.

    • *SyFy *network's

  • superb movie... woww...🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Deus The Dark Sphere - always a worry when the space suits obviously have motorcycle helmets

  • Avatar: Dances With Wolves in Space Avatar 2: Dances With Wolves in Space but Now Underwater

    • Pocahontas in space

    • 🤣🤣

  • Knights of the zodiac!! I grew up with that show

  • More interested in seeing Oppenhiemer & Indie’s return.

  • If Battle for Pandora were made in the 80's, I bet it'd be alright. Now? 😬 I have my doubts.

  • 3:11 hope they make a good mythology movie

  • Anyone else wish they'd make an origins film for YONDU?

  • I think marvel and star wars needs mcu2 and star wars cinematic universe part 2 for a new set of audiences

  • With the exception of Avatar, I think I will pass on ALL of these.

    • Avatar is the first one I'll pass on. Same film as last time but with water.

  • Battle for Pandora is looking like a classic the likes of which we haven't seen since Star Crystal's famous "I just killed your crew mates, do you want to be my best friend" scene.

  • I love it sow much !!!!😘😘😘😘😘

  • 🙂 WOOOOW MOVIES 2023 🙂👍

  • Secret Invasion will be the Andor of the MCU!

    • not sure what that means but okay.

    • @Fat Panda VR He means that despite it being very good, because of the loss of good will, people will not go to see it.

    • @Fat Panda VR everyone who watched Star Wars Andor was saying it's like the best thing star wars has ever made or something but as the other guy said not many people will go see it.

    • god I hope not

    • It's a show now on Disney plus. They scrapped the movie

  • Avatar 2 looks like a video game for some reason

  • there is a difference between fantasy(what these movies are) and scifi genre

    • These contain Sci Fi elements making them sci-fi

    • Most of these were scifi, with only one being true fantasy, and the Star Wars would be sci-fantasy.

  • Wow. The trailer for Secret Invasion (bad name) actually piqued my interest. Fingers crossed it's good.

  • Магистр Йода в детстве таким няшкой был. 🤗😄

    • Это не йода

    • @ИГОРЬ СОЛОДКИН это другой ,йода умер когда лик ещё не стал джедаем

    • @Roma Golovnya ну, я не настолько знаю всю эту историю: смотрел ещё на кассетах. Да пребудет с тобой сила. 👋

  • This amazing only one of mandaloriyan movie I'm big waiting 🔥🔥🔥

  • So somehow, for some reason an alien race of machines were able to transform into earthly vehicles and now spend all their time protecting earth. Right, got it.

  • 15:24 Battle for Pandora your welcome

  • Secret Invasion... The Skrulls are gonna be the antagonists, like they are supposed to be? Or is the MCU gonna screw that up too?

  • There will come a day when cgi will be so good they would not have to pay million$ to actors to be in movies, and a fraction of the money will get great production value.

  • Groot looks a lot older now Our tiny tree grew up

  • I wonder how badly Disney is going to ruin the Mandalorian...

  • Its not just movie trailers here, there's games trailers and series trailers as well

  • Tom Sizemore & Battle for Pandora is straight to SyFy lmao

  • Good,that Saint Seya looks as much promising as DragonBall Evoultion 😂

  • The Star Wars saga maid it seem like Yoda was very old....this makes it look like he is about the same age as Vader.

  • Heck i will wait and watch for free on my computer. I haven't been to a movie theater in over 20 years.

  • I'm watching Secret Invasion for real. // The Mandolorian just to watch baby Yoda. // Transformers. How many times do they have to destroy some town? // Kinda done with Star Wars anything. // Avatar. Nope. // Deus. When will astronauts learn to turn back. // Pandora. Darn it astronauts, stop opening those boxes.

    • Agree with most of that ..Deus isn't that bad but does feel kinda low budget,the story though is decent most of them actually do want to turn back but there's a huge plot twist i wont go into,as for the Pandora cr*p dear good why even from the trailer i was thinking why recover the bodies?? when sh*ts going that far South

    • Avatar 2 was great visual effects. Standard story and the usual subtle save the planet agenda. Agree about Transformers too YAWN!

    • Same, but will not watch Marvel either // Baby Yoda I like in memes only // The Pandora will watch. Countless obvious mistakes became funny.

    • Beast Wars Transformers It's just fan service, at some point they were going to create it for the fans.

  • Love the Mandalorian Movie's he's the bomb I forgot his name ,but they should make more movies about them. Better than Star Wars to me.😊😸😘❣

  • Couldn't the Mandalorian just tell her that the helmet stunk like an old rubber boot? I mean, even a mandalorian needs a shower sometimes.

    • The Mandalorian cannot take off his helmet and show his face to others, but he can take it off, for example, to eat if he is alone in the room. He showed his face that's why he is no longer a Mandalorian.

    • Yeah ,you’re so witty and edgy. And creative, And smart.

    • @Maciek Szczęsny Except that, that is only the rules for one Mando faction. He can get accepted into another clan or be his own clan.

    • @Thurgosh Yeah i get it, just like Catholic priests. If you were caught taking off something you shouldn't in front of others, you have 2 options to start your own church or transfer to another one.

  • I can’t wait to watch pandora and the low budget solders…

  • Let me just kill one guy who nobody loves" Drax is sad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • nice share, love it

  • Movies is like fast food, books is like fine dining. If you want a great story, read a good book.

    • What if you listen to an audio book?

    • @Tao Tzu133 that's lile a decent franchise

    • wow. deep. 😐

    • I'll take both 😌

    • Movies can tell great stories as well

  • Remember when Deus: The Dark Sphere was called Sunshine?

  • That Deus movie looks a lot like Sunshine

    • Its not really but i can see why you`d think that looking at the trailer ...the plots not that bad and has a few twists to it and i really like Aeryn Sun errr Claudia Black but it does look like a cheap movie most of the time and some of the British actors feel miscast..

    • Watched it 2 days ago. I admit I wanted to see it for Claudia Black and David O'Hara. It's NOTHING like Sunshine and is a totally dreadful movie. Almost unwatchable.

  • Battle for Pandora is the long awaited sequel to Dennis original 1st Pandora movie. So therefore is Pandora 2or Battle for pandora

    • That same Pandora where the crew spent many years on the planet without knowing it? Hmmm .. interesting.

  • Maybe before I die, there will be a realistic alien invasion movie. For starters, they do it from space, sterilize the planet and they wouldn't risk themselves but instead use autonomous devices.

    • @D Jaquith That's true if you want to finish us off in one day or week

    • @VSMOKE .. That's why they'll never have a realistic movie. Reality it would be over before it began. In any case, if there was a fight, it would be against an autonomous AI preparing this planet for future colonization. They had this TV series called The Colony and something like that would be interesting, but a condensed two or three hour long beginning to end version.

  • Good work bro

  • For being a successor to Saint Seiya with a paint scheme like Power Rangers, Knights of the Zodiac actually doesn't look terrible. I might actually watch it when it comes out on TV. I won't spend money on any of the films of course, because it's just a rip-off anyway.

  • 1:23 Not anymore. 🤝🥋 2:46 Same here, but need briefing. 9:58 Bingo 🥛🎯 11:52 🕵

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  • them changing the transformers design to the old ones might bite them

  • 12:06 Dead Space!!!

  • That Fury trailer was pretty good. For once no activism.

    • Oh, I'm sure it'll be somewhere in there. You can almost bet on it.

  • Detective shaft is back, this time in MCU

  • The death of cinema has arrived....

  • I keep waiting for a sequel to "The Day The Earth Stood Still".... Something like "THE DAY THE EARTH SAID HELL NO" well, its either that or Kevin BACON stands is as STAR LORDS stunt double during a Dance Off for the Universe. YOU decide, I'm good with whatever

  • After what they did to Fury in Capt. Marvel, I can't take him seriously anymore. Bad ass secret agent lost his eye from a stupid alien cat. I'm good, no more Marvel for me.

  • B.I.G M.A.S.T.E.R CLASS 👍👍👍

  • Look, what movies REALLY need is to flood the screen with so much CG and action that no one can tell what's going on, have the characters scream a lot, and then every once in a while COMPLETELY stop the action and all the dialogue and the music, have complete silence for one pregnant moment, then have one of the characters deliver a mildly witty one-liner, and then resume all the chaos. Why no one is following that formula is beyond me.