NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

čas přidán 16. 04. 2018
NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

The first race in 2018 season for Zwegat. The idea was not to run first, but i guess one year of holidays gave him a lot of energy!
The Graded 3 race that almost gave me a heart attack, but ended good for all of us! Amazing to see so much power in a 8 Years old horse, born to win!
Zwegat already won this race in 2016 and set a new track record, but this year, he repaired it again.
The race was 15.4.2018
The rider Kuba Pavlíček
Racehorse trainer Živa Prunk who made this possible!
Kincsem park, Budapest
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  • To the people that say that the racing industry is toxic and bad for horses - These horses are bred to be runners. The amount of work and training racehorses get when they’re 2yo is about 10 - 15 mins a day, 3 times per week. They do not gallop this fast daily for as long times, their training consists mostly of trot and canter sets, lunging and walkers. They get excellently taken care of, by people who know what they’re doing. They get holidays after races to return from that performance. After they’re retired from racing, they’re sold to people who are willing to retrain the horse, and then keep it or sell it off. Mares might become broodmares because of their excellent breeding for sport horses in general. They are NOT sold to kill pens. Most tracks have a no kill pen policy, and if it’s broken by a barn, they WILL be banned from that track. As for drugs used in the racing industry, if a horse is tested and comes out as positive before or after the race, all the horses from that barn will be tested for drugs. They do not get the prize money if they come in first place with a drugged horse, and their reputation will be highly damaged for kill pens and drugs. If you think about it, would it even logically make sense for extremely expensive, quality bred horses to be sent to the kill pen? Even financially it makes zero sense. They get better money if they sell the horse off to be retrained and to become a normal riding horse. A lot of people think that the racing industry is cruel, full of drug abuse and harmed horses. But if you take into consideration how expensive racing is, the prize money is just enough to keep doing racing, but that’s about it. So why are people involved in the racing industry including me? If not money, then what? We do what we do for the same reason that you ride horses and work with them. It’s because we adore and love our energetic, happy to run, horses who do what they love with energy. We love what we do, racing got publicity and as such is now seen as bad. PLEASE DO NOT CALL A SPORT “CRUEL” BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET! Do not tell people that what they do is wrong, even if you’ve never met anyone even close to the true side of the racing industry, the side that truly loves what they do.

    • Nella Myllykoski And u yell at scream like this 1:04?

    • Miss Stilton racing the most

    • 1:04 yelling and screaming like that doesn’t do anything but freak the horse out!

    • It doesn't matter that the horses are bred to be runners, what about the whips continiuous jabbing in the ribs and bits ? and killing up to 2000 innocent animals ? (sorry flr my bad spelling English isn't my main language)

    • Miss Stilton HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE YOU animal cruelty and all that stuff they need our help not to go extinct, if you THINK about it you would find that it is form humans in the first place might as well sell your HOUSE and make a little happy farm house for animals!

  • Amazing

  • Ich habe in den Startboxen nur auf dem Video Platzangst bekommen… Die armen Pferde😱🤬😪😭

  • Feo

  • When you realise some of these people are from your country and the winner guy knows your language too *and I oop*


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  • Most people don’t agree on me with horse racing!But they just do it for money!They don’t give a god damn about the horses!

  • Glad for anyone who betted on that horse.

  • Horse

  • horse racing is pure abuse, no excuses

    • Ruby duskmaker on a racetrack they have to have a bit

    • @Will Is Goat and about the bit, horses can be ridden with bitless bridles. they now what to do on a rasetrack, so....

    • @Will Is Goat the whips can be used okay, but a lot of riders don't use them good. they slam it really hard on the horse's back, it can hurt the nerves, muscles or even an artery!

    • Ruby duskmaker the whip isn’t to hurt the horse it’s to make them go faster from impact, they are working on pre and post race drug tests I think, and they have to use a bit or they wouldn’t be able to control the horse.

    • @Will Is Goat they use the whip every single time when te horse only goes slower by one mile, they use drugs to let them run faster and the jockey uses the bit for balance witch is pretty mean.

  • I think wipping a horse should be aligall since a horse is an animal and makes it count as animal abuse.

    • Miss_ Jelly YT first off learn how to spell, secondly the crop is not to hurt the horse, it’s to make it go faster off of impact

  • When I grow up I want to do that

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  • he's like "run run lets run come on lets run lets go"

  • some horses love to run, for example your horse (who is beautiful by the way), and other famous horses. But what happens to those who are bread for running who end up not liking it? I did a project on this. These horses are whipped, shocked, and forced to run at speeds that is to much for them to take. Now I am not saying every horse owner does this. many people take care of their horses but there is also many who would do anything like race a hurt horse because they want the money. their are many bad people in the racing world, but their are many good people who treat their horses with respect and kindness. But unfortunately I have learned that the higher/ more prestigious races the less and less good people there are, because they aren't the ones constantly hurting their horse to go faster.

  • In my univers i ride my Minecraft hores so fast

  • That's a fast doggo

  • I yelled at my family for betting on horse racing bc it’s stupid and cruel I would love to have a horse but sadly I don’t have enough money and the racing industry kills the horses that lose even if they were bred from a horse that won a lot of races

  • GoGallop

  • I want to be a horse. Be taken care of by humans. Unlike right now.. I want to run as fast as I can. And win races. Nothing will change my mind.

  • Oh cmon guys..back in the days,horse were used for war and transportation. A racing is not a big deal.

  • I like that they work in sand not on the grass

  • That horse was really fast.???!!!!!

  • Average 58.7km/h! Seems very amazing! Keep it up! ;)

  • I was actually in that same race. I was on the fluorescent pink horse to his left, the one with the big horn on top of his snipe.. I actually never crossed the finish line because my horse was running so fast, we actually took flight and banked a hard left, only to go back to the barn for some magical pellets.. Honestly..

  • The torque is insane. But the initial horsepower, my god..

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  • thats a whole roller coaster

  • If I was a jockey I would literlly try to calm my horse down in the starting gait.

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  • Horse or mare?

  • I hope "earing" isn't common at all:/ and all that abuse to racing horses just because the money.

  • Azta ez Magyarországon van, jé mik nem történnek!

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  • I love jockey races, it’s crazy about the control and harmony the horse and rider has!

  • Peter Zwegat geht es nicht um den Profit,Peter Zwegat will einfach nur ins Fernsehen.

  • LOL. Amig meg nem hallottam a bemondó hangját nem is láttam hogy Magyarországon vagyok. xddd

  • ihr dürft Galloprennen veranschalten aber schlagt eure Pferde bitte nicht .IUch hasse es

  • I love horse riding too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You hear him yell at the horse SO BAD

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  • Omg millions of Videos of abuse

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  • I ride track work and a little mare that I adore just won her last race a few weeks ago! I haven't done any fast work on her but she's so much fun to go bush bashing on and do dressage with. She's got another race this Sunday and we're hoping the jockey respects the way she needs to be ridden to succeed, she's such a gorgeous girl! This horse was insanely quick! You can tell he likes being in front because of the way he pinned his ears at the other horses when they jumped out of the gates😂 also very well ridden by the jockey, he seemed to know exactly how to ride this horse and when to push it. Congratulations on the win :)

  • The way you pull the reins is so aggressive and sad 😢

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    • on the Rider

    • and if i dont like wat thei do to the Horses You dont have to say i have a bad gram i just dont like wat thei do to the Horses and no hate in the Rider that is riding this horse i just dont like wat thei do to the Horses and You have nothing to say If i watch raileigh or not

    • Well i em sorry i speak german and i em 11years old

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  • 2:54 these are my hands when i first started cantering

    • They call that loud.. Not something to admit to. Quiter your hands are the better for the horse and you..

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