NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

čas přidán 16. 04. 2018
NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

The first race in 2018 season for Zwegat. The idea was not to run first, but i guess one year of holidays gave him a lot of energy!
The Graded 3 race that almost gave me a heart attack, but ended good for all of us! Amazing to see so much power in a 8 Years old horse, born to win!
Zwegat already won this race in 2016 and set a new track record, but this year, he repaired it again.
The race was 15.4.2018
The rider Kuba Pavlíček
Racehorse trainer Živa Prunk who made this possible!
Kincsem park, Budapest
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  • To the people that say that the racing industry is toxic and bad for horses - These horses are bred to be runners. The amount of work and training racehorses get when they’re 2yo is about 10 - 15 mins a day, 3 times per week. They do not gallop this fast daily for as long times, their training consists mostly of trot and canter sets, lunging and walkers. They get excellently taken care of, by people who know what they’re doing. They get holidays after races to return from that performance. After they’re retired from racing, they’re sold to people who are willing to retrain the horse, and then keep it or sell it off. Mares might become broodmares because of their excellent breeding for sport horses in general. They are NOT sold to kill pens. Most tracks have a no kill pen policy, and if it’s broken by a barn, they WILL be banned from that track. As for drugs used in the racing industry, if a horse is tested and comes out as positive before or after the race, all the horses from that barn will be tested for drugs. They do not get the prize money if they come in first place with a drugged horse, and their reputation will be highly damaged for kill pens and drugs. If you think about it, would it even logically make sense for extremely expensive, quality bred horses to be sent to the kill pen? Even financially it makes zero sense. They get better money if they sell the horse off to be retrained and to become a normal riding horse. A lot of people think that the racing industry is cruel, full of drug abuse and harmed horses. But if you take into consideration how expensive racing is, the prize money is just enough to keep doing racing, but that’s about it. So why are people involved in the racing industry including me? If not money, then what? We do what we do for the same reason that you ride horses and work with them. It’s because we adore and love our energetic, happy to run, horses who do what they love with energy. We love what we do, racing got publicity and as such is now seen as bad. PLEASE DO NOT CALL A SPORT “CRUEL” BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET! Do not tell people that what they do is wrong, even if you’ve never met anyone even close to the true side of the racing industry, the side that truly loves what they do.

    • Nella Myllykoski umm well you’re wrong about selling them off after retirement. They’re usually put down. You cannot unlearn something you have been taught since birth. It’s all they know and they will never become domesticated ‘normal’ horses again. They are also extremely extremely dangerous

    • Nella Myllykoski no it’s not how much they train them its how much horses die from this they are made to run break there legs and be put down it’s just for the humans selfish self wanting metals more then 1,000 horses die every year

    • You're talking about SOME establishments and SOME people. Sadly not all horses are dealt with in this ideal way... My horse was a racer, he was sold on to be retrained despite being injured, they hid the injury. He managed to pass a thorough vetting because they did not disclose what they had found and he was sound enough for it to remain hidden. 7-8 years later it pops up, with a vengeance. We did everything to save him despite the fact he was now worth absolutely nothing - because being a thoroughbred designed for racing, he was easy to become sickly, expensive to look after (lots of food, lots of supplements, medication for his sickliness) and now he wasn't able to be ridden. No one would want him as a companion horse. We still tried to save him and were willing to pay thousands a year to keep a horse we had always planned on selling on when I became an adult. He did not make it. He was ridden by a top jockey and had a lot of promise in his first three races (the third was where the injury was sustained). Instead of the yard forking out to keep him cared for (his injury completely their doing) they passed him on knowing that one day that injury would cause him issues. He was a product of breeding for speed not for health. He loved soft mints. He had a best friend named Paris. He was scared of shetland ponies. Racing cut his life short. I will never forgive them for that.

    • Okay I am actually genuinely sorry but you’re wrong no offense but you’re not educated on horses (clearly)and yes they where bred for running but unfortunately the age 2 is still way too young those are babies that they race and the racing industry is responsible for the death of thousands or horses each year they do NOT treat the horses correctly let’s be honest people that attend races see dollar signs running down that track there are so many things that goes into horse care including bits and bits are a big thing not many people realize but the only reason that the horses are running down that track is because they are forced to by bits and they also have VERY VERY VERY hard hands so don’t get me wrong I like the horses but I hate the racing and the humans you should watch raleighlink14 she will tell you everything about it and how bad it is so don’t get me wrong but you need to educate yourself before you go off telling these blatant lies to equestrians like me

    • Almost a 100 + horses die a year just from this sport, racing. To me, I think competitive horse racing shouldn’t be allowed. But that is just my opinion, And I don’t really want to write a whole paragraph about this one video.

  • Poor horse. That’s tires me to look at... it’s running so fast I’m tired when I’m not even running! XD

  • I play polocrosse sometimes and my horses are usually quite slow.

  • I think horse racing should be done with a go pro all the time

  • These poor poor animals...

  • Why is racing garbage in my recommendations

  • Im live in Budapest

  • People who support this sport honestly make me sick :/ (This is my own opinion please respect it)

    • No youre right. Have you seen how badly the jockey whipped the horse? And didnt even pat *once* the animal to thank him for winning? Such cruel and useless people.

  • Even though I know one of my horses did this for years, and was reasonably good at it (he’s related to Native Dancer so he’s been bred to be good at it) I literally can’t imagine him ever being able to reach those speeds 😂 he’s the fattest, slowest and laziest horse I’ve ever met 😂

  • Das ist so hart quellerei 😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Does 0 to 60 faster than my car..

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  • holy butt hole he runs fast

  • This one is a more humane way like with no jumps or nowt.

  • BRAVO! Very impressive

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  • Congratulations

  • This is awful😡😤

  • Jockeys look like absolute wankers.

  • That horse at the side of you, *clearly* doesn't want to go into that pen thing.

    • Freya Fox Wow, going to the insults. You do realize you haven’t even had any sources to prove what you are saying. Again most jockeys don’t beat them, they use crops to make a sound. If you actually read correctly, the chance of an injury or death is only 1.5%. Again it’s a huge industry so there will be videos and such of accidents. If you want to find a bad industry go to the Big Lick, there is actual abuse there. Name a track who has had at least 10 deaths in since December, you cannot, so saying they are the same as Santa Anita is false. Again, they get nervous, some don’t like the gate due to the cramped space but they are fine when they get out into the track. Stop listening to shit organizations like PETA and find actual sources.

    • @freezer And that horse besides this man was not excited. He was having to get dragged into the gate.

    • ​@freezer You're a sick fucker for standing up for the racing community. It's killed so many horses, and don't fucking tell me about Santa Anita being different. They're all the same, every racing place is putting horses lives and well beings at risk because they want to watch some jockeys, who look like absolute idiots beat a horse and go so fast that horse's hearts can burst. And they break their leg, and are left with this mangled leg that and they're in insane amounts of pain. There's other things to do with horses, and this is fucking barbaric.

    • Freya Fox They literally just get antsy and excited to run, some get nervous in the gate. Racing is literally fine, majority of the tracks have anti slaughter rules, cropping limits, and the breakdown chance is actually only 1.5%. More horses die in the pastures than in racing. Santa Anita needs to be checked, I have heard a lot of people there are corrupted. Of course there will be accidents, it’s a huge industry, millions of horses, and every discipline has accidents. There will be a HUGE consequence you do realize if you ban racing? What are you gonna do with the millions of horses left? We already have a surplus of horses nobody wants which is why slaughter houses exist, so when racing is banned, either a small percentage is adopted, and the rest get killed or abandoned, because the barns can’t make enough money to care for them anymore.

    • @freezer Well that one definetly didn't. And if you support this barbaric sport, you're a terrible person. Don't stand up for this.

  • To everyone saying that horse racing is bad- Yes it can be. But the people doing this know what they are doing and would not be on the track if they didnt.

  • 3:18 I love how that guy is like “I’m better than you ya know” he lookes so fed up 😂🤣😅

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  • They gotta be this fast to outrun titans.

    • Lmfao yea, just imagine these horses running away from a colossal titan

  • Did he get tired it looks like he was running fast

  • Also he is like spririt riding free !! He is that fast

  • Did you know that horses that don't do well in the race get put down it really sad but that's the way that they do it !!!

    • freezer yeah my dad just said it to me but sorry again 😢😢😢😖😖😕😕😕😕

    • Toothless King of dragons It’s okay, just make sure what you say is true

    • freezer sorry 😐

    • Toothless King of dragons Don’t spread false rumors around. They usually don’t and instead either sell them or race them more.

    • Not all

  • Und ich bin froh wenn mein Pferd überhaupt ohne zu buckeln angallopiert

  • Meiner meinung nach sollten pferderennen verboten werden. Es ist doch nur purer stress und wenn sich eines der tiere verletzt, werden die meisten eingeschläfert, tragen irgendwelche schäden davon und geritten werden können sie meist nicht mehr. Wenn ein pferd wirklich rennen will, rennt es auch von allein und muss nicht noch angetrieben werden.

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  • that is so rude of you you should be saying good boy good girl and try to keep them happy not just whip whip them and scream at them and you should keep your hand like still because that's not how you ride a horse

    • They didn’t whip, and it’s hard to keep your hands still when you’re zooming on a fast horse, it looks bumpy.

  • One world fast How fast is that horse going that is one fast horse it mush be fun riding a horse that fast

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  • People: horse riding is not a sport Me: shows this video at 3:20 People: I’m sorry

  • Ty jsi Čech? Jo a jak se jmenuje ten kůň?

  • Did you know that horse racing kills horses every year? When jockeys win they get money and maybe a trophy, what do horses get? Hmmmm🤔 a pat on the back 🙄

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  • Your horse right out of the gate; *let me FLY!*

  • I have a question. Why do horses always seem so scared in the little pens at the start? They all seem so nervous when they are lined up before the race starts and the doors open. Why is that?

    • Final Froggit Approaches they are just antsy and ready to run. When they see that track they are like “alright then are we gonna go?” Notice how after the gate opens they shoot straight outta there.

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  • smh sad; maybe take the bit out of the horses mouth before you ruin its teeth for good. Ignorant animal cruelty.

    • Bits don’t really do anything to teeth unless misused. Plenty of people that use bits have their horses checked by a dentist and are perfectly fine.

  • Super nečekala jsem, že je to česky