New Tesla Model X - will it be a mini Cybertruck?

čas přidán 20. 09. 2021
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Is a new large Tesla SUV on the way?

Given that the Tesla Model X was released in 2015 - and electric car tech has come on leaps and bounds since then - it seems about time that the Model X got an update!

So what can we expect from a new Tesla SUV? Well, for starters an increase in range. When it was released, the entry-level Model X offered around 200 miles. But thanks to new batteries and a more lightweight design, an updated SUV could offer more than 500 miles between charges!!

Then there’s the performance. This new SUV will be quicker than the current Model X. Long-range versions could do 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds, whilst for Plaid models this could be 2 seconds flat! That’s quicker than most supercars!

So are you prepared to wait for this Tesla SUV to be released? Or would you prefer to go for something like the Audi Q4 e-tron that’s available right now? Let us know in the comments!

Selected images used courtesy of Tesla.

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  • So, is this new Model X worth waiting for? Or would you rather go for something available right now, like the Mercedes EQC or Audi Q4 e-tron? Give us your thoughts below!

    • So much will change before it's available so worth waiting to see it first!!!

    • the mercedes EQC is sadly to old. the technology is really old, the new mercedes EVs have much better tech than the eqc

    • "would you like to wait for a future theoretical Model X that will make everything else obsolete, or would you rather buy the actual Model X that's available today and is massively superior to the competition?" uhhh...

    • Model x

    • EQS is the best! Tesla design is boring and massified.

  • Carwow is an awesome channel, but this is just nonsense. Tesla have no intention on replacing the Model X - the Y is essentially what's being described here. As others have mentioned, they have multiple vehicles still awaiting full production AND they even sold out of the 3 for the year!

  • Plaid vs Rimac drag humiliation for the plaid

  • Lots of better evs on the horizon. Tesla is the same old look year after year, they don’t even have an edge any more when it comes to range Hopefully there will be no more Tesla dominance

  • The one care looks like a Porsche cayan

  • He is going overboard with the weird alien-like design, but I love it. If they weren't so expensive I would have a Tesla by now, nothing compares.

  • lol elon disppoint you.poor babe.

  • "NOOO WAY !!!!"

  • They're still trying to figure out how to actually produce an *updated* version, so I doubt we'll see a new exterior design anytime soon.

  • Meanwhile India.... 😑😑

  • normally like carwow, but this is crap - Click bait!

  • Matts eyes


  • Cyber x

  • I rather have the new Audi Q4 EV with a 300 mile range, and Tesla saying something will come out in a year means 5

  • There is no way you are getting the small hatchback for £18,000...why even say that.

  • I hope hydrogen can replace battery in the future for a true emission reduction

  • Price: Only the rich can buy.

  • Haha it looks so funny🤣

  • 1:08 it was unexpected and loud! Scared the shit out of me.

  • no one talking about the new tesla ''cyber truck'' looking like the ioniq 5

  • Look at this video, look at that video, and this is also a nice video. That's one way to drag people to your video's. 😉

  • tesla model x will not change its exterior, only chrome delete, in the inside its like the tesla model s plaid, or are you trying to say the tesla model 2?

  • Word of advise.... If you're going to do a close-up shot of your face, PLEASE memorize your lines. Reading while you're THAT close up makes you look like you're going cross-eyed. Thanks for the content otherwise!

  • Current Model X looks too "Fat" and ugly, If it gets a sporty look I will buy it immediatley

  • I like the new, stealthish design.

  • Not gonna buy Tesla untill they make a decent headsup unit.

  • Such a clickbite

  • Could the island people please learn how to pronounce Porsche? (I mean no disrespect, I like the channel, but "Porsh" hurts my ears)

  • Blink twice if you're in danger!!

  • ✔✔

  • My guess is that they will change the design to get rid of the ridiculous complex, expensive and failure prone Falcon doors.

  • Tesla cyber truck in 2040: this car can go 0 to 60 in 0.1 seconds

  • the art render do look pretty cool

  • Sorry, clever Watson I'm so very tierd og your "miles". Pleace give a notification in km on the screen.

  • Matt oh dear are you you need some make up or sunscreen? Perhaps a Tumeric face mask?

  • tesla literally make cars to compete against themselves...cannibalizing their own business lol....tesla the only company that does everything wrong & still gets government funding...everything about tesla business model is shit & everything about their business is overvalued...

  • The best EV is Lucid .

  • FSD will not be ready for years.

  • The thumbnail looks like a urus

  • 1:08 wtf? I swear some humans should NEVER be allowed to drive ever! Jesus Christ! smh!

  • I hate the back doors!!! I don’t need all that attention in the grocery store parking lot! Lol

  • Sorry, is a "TEZLA" a china copy of a "TESLA" ??? TESSSSSSSSSLA as in Nicola Tesla.(RANT OVER)😆

  • Wow

  • The new modell x looks good add a grill to it and it looks even better and don't do the cybertruck inspired one it look so UGLY

  • X

  • Whoa whoa whoa!!!! Falcon wings are COOL.... Sure, you look like a wank stain -but you'd never know that if you're driving the Model X!! Want proof? Look at Audi drivers -they have no idea whatsoever how fu*"**g irritating they are on the road for other drivers, what with their total lack of comprehension when it comes to basic things like common decency, using indicators or tail gating... So, by some form of logic I have now presented my idea and now I don't know how to stop writing this. The end.

  • Love your video Matt. Still waiting on a Plaid video.

  • It looks like lego

  • Pretty disappointed with this click bait. The updated Model X hasn’t even gone into production, so talking about another update is absurd and bullshit.

  • McLaren senna is still coolest supper car

  • Clickbate, no such project

  • 5:21🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Clickbait bloody rubbish.

  • Ew

  • That clip of Elon braking the widows tho😂😂😂😂

  • You are cock eyed when you read in front of the camera! But you’re funny 😂

  • Ah that crash in Southgate always cringes me

  • Babe the lighting people did you dirty on this one. #FreeTheStickOfTruth

  • the first orange color looks like Ford focus, funny!

  • Matt is hot stuff ❤️

  • If they make it like the cyber truck with exoskeleton methods it will make all other suvs redundant, it’s already the highest rated suv on safety to have it bullet proof will take the piss of all suvs cars etc, the police etc will use it 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • I would rather buy the BMW IX

  • "is a new large Tesla SUV on the way?" skips forward to the end "it will be at least 2025 before this new SUV actually appears.." so the answer is no. they are working on trying to make model Y and 3 cheaper (to manufacture) and increase production. and trying to deliver CT, semi, roadster, and also the cheaper hatchback. but for sure, if that can make a 39k CT, which I don't 🤔 no they can considering all the features they promised for that price, they could make a cheaper suv

  • This is a great-looking vehicle, and Tesla desperately needs some fresh ideas on the design front, as they're starting to look really dated (particularly the Model S).

  • 1.2m pre orders for Cybertruck, just saying, niche?

  • That falcon door vs bus clip made me wince.

  • They could probably double thier model x sale with 1 simple design change... ditch the doors.

  • That first render looks like a weird oversized focus mk3 Change my mind

  • What about a Model Z compact SUV? (smaller than the Model Y which in turn was smaller than the Model X).

  • Got dizzy watching Matt’s eye. Not sure if he’s looking straight at the camera, or something else.

  • Get some of this fake dogs

  • 2:53 the editor had to do it 😂😂😂😂

  • Please no! Let go of the Cyber design, unless Tesla want only diehard fans to buy it.

  • I have a Model X Long Range on order (expected: May 2022) and I will wait, but can hardly wait to take delivery. Thanks Carwow for the fun look at what might be ahead.

  • Tesla model 3 looks like a dog

  • Hi tesla fans :D

  • Tesla is now becoming the apple of motors

  • Why does Matt look like he's on a terrorist video where they're telling him to read the script 😳 " hi my names Matt " 😳

  • The answer is no

  • Hope it won't gonna look like this orange goofy thing xD

  • When it comes to electric Cars, the only brand associated with these types of vehicles is TESLA. This is really not a mystery, because there is a face, along with a personality to go with Tesla, and that is ELON MUSK.

  • It doesn't do vroom, so I won't buy

  • Dear God, I do hope not. One Cybertruck is too many, we don't need it's offspring.

  • ev6+ionic5

  • Lol Matt trolling Yanni.

  • What ever happen to your Mothers Tesla that you bought her ?.

  • I own an X with FSD. States have not figured legislation yet for FSD.

  • 4680 batteries go into batteries storage for the grid

  • With their new cast die machine could make front and back of vehicle in one piece with batteries holding car together. Less parts, faster production with tight fit

  • 4680 batteries, only 1000 batteries needed vs 4ooo. Car will be lighter and go farther. Then you could place 500 in the $25,000 car. Less batteries, more reliable and less expensive

  • Model X won’t get the news 4680 batteries for a long, long time

  • Think you will find the Plaid a tad quicker

  • Something wrong with Matt’s eye in this video!

  • Tesla cayenne PturboD

  • These videos are shite

  • The Cyber Modal X looks way cooler than the other rendering....the witch looks old and boring.

  • The gull wing doors are just like the yoke steering. It's Elon trying to be different. Get back to traditional doors that are more reliable and lighter!

  • Tesla is killing car culture

  • funny seeing you read autocue, going proper boss eyed lol