New York City KILLED my Lamborghini.

čas přidán 22. 05. 2022
Special thanks to Anthony and Alan from Festival Del Toro.
Follow them on Instagram @festival.del.toro
And thank you to Kiefer @kiefer_d and Brian at for the insane footage.


  • Hi James, I really think you should reconsider putting the Ferrari on your new house and rather put an Audi TT as a token of where you started to where you are now

  • you can’t lie every time he uploads it puts a smile on our faces

  • I seen a comment saying you should put the Audi TT on your wall. The guy that said it was Naven Pillay and that is a amazing idea. If not you should build the car that started it all to its Max. Just an idea

  • James, I actually adore your humbleness. You’re unlike anyone else in the game right now! You’re so quick to compliment other peoples cars and their modifications, when in fact yours is most likely to be the best on the internet right now.

  • Always amazing to see you and Shmee together! Keep killing the content

  • I would only imagine the bodykit has changed the amount of air the car receives while sitting still, or even while moving lol. I believe you need to get some upgraded radiators sir 😁

  • I like the fact that he has people watching him film and he doesn’t give a toss about it 🤣

  • Let’s all agree how amazing this intro is, great job luke

  • A flashing TPMS light just means there is a TPMS fault. So usually just means you need to re link the sensor to your car or get a new one put in. But you can drive on it as long as you want just make sure your tires are topped off

  • If no one could put a smile on my face , your videos for sure can . Love you Strad 🙌🏼

  • Man, this has really brightened my day. Needed something to cheer me up as my engine in my car may need to replaced. Lost around 6 quarts of oil in 1 month.

  • Yeah you can’t lie evry time he uploads it puts a smile on our faces

  • I went to Manhattan last weekend to check out the museum of natural history. I stayed in Newark and to a train in with my sister and nephews and it was such a fast paced high stress environment, I can't imagine how you felt being there with your most prized possession, surrounded by thousands of people that don't care about that car the way you do lol glad it seemed to have worked out so far. NYC really is a fascinating place.

  • It was a great day especially driving along side of you and Luke great video guys hopefully you guys come back soon!

  • We already know it’s gonna be a good video when strad uploads

  • These are my favorite type of videos James, thank you man...keep them coming guys!

  • This I call livin the dreams! We all happy for you James keep enjoying it🤩

  • This dudes energy is crazyyy always put a smile on our faces

  • It’s always a good day when strad uploads 💪🏻

  • The defrost was on, and when you turn the defrost on it automatically turns on the A/C. It does this to keep the A/C compressor healthy through the winter.