News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)

čas přidán 8. 08. 2018
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  • Digiday gave me ligma.

  • Pewdiepie: This is ridiculous Me:🤔

  • If I would wear that merch in my country I'll get punched in the face...

  • Du är bra

  • Why is the background to the fortnite logo gameplay from toy story 3 the game? 🤔

  • d

  • I'm a thot.. everyone please make me begone

  • Hoppyfully you all know that news/media always lies not always but still the media like's one thing and that is Killing the truth.

  • Wow

  • I just came here after watching a few episodes of PewDiePie's old Amnesia playthrough videos from way back in 2011, and I gotta say, after seeing the first few minutes of this..It's just so sad. He used to sound like an actual person before, but this is just... Man.

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  • should Anoymous hack the website ? :v

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  • The whole Volvo/Saab hit piece was for clicks. They know that if they throw pewdiepie anywhere in a headline people will want to read the article. Those bottom feeders need some way to keep there dying tabloid alive!

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  • Joke: *h-* Media: IS THIS A SERIOUS CONTROVERSY??????

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  • Bring sponsor eagle back!

  • ШакДоналдс? Это че, новая забегаловка?


  • tibia that's a name I haven't heard in a while

  • Change the title to 'sponsored by everyone' XD

  • I think everyone is against the media nothing but lies

  • MTG News

  • Next time make a title " sponsored by me ".. OH GUESS WHAT MOTHER TUBER we will reach out to " ME " whoever this guy is. Jesus christ xD !

  • Ironically, the ad the interrupted this video, was for Cadillac. Ha!


  • Your fans don’t even know that your march is some rushen vulgarity

  • İnşallah ölürsün de senin yerine logan geçer 😌😏

  • Ook now tell me what is the golden thing on his chanel that he have 65m subscriber ??


  • Лол, Мерч на русском, гы)


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  • Pewdiepie is actually Sugondese

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  • Don't let the Hebroids get you down Poods

  • Make a fake company website, put that in a title, and then answer questions they ask you about yhis “brand” you used

  • Pliz buy merch. its a good way to support my rolex collection XD @lovepewds

  • The thumbnail looks like Logan Paul

  • His hat has a greenscreen 😂


  • Sponsored by the Fitness Gram Pacer Test. Like so pewds can title next video this.

  • Так, што тут за херня про русских

  • Anyone remember Farmville and how big of a deal that was around 2009?

  • Auronplay tiene mas visualizaciones que Ste men :-|

  • Only a bad parent would hire a video game coach for their child.

  • Saab went out of business so long ago. Who did they even contact...

  • Pewdnews

  • I thought he had sugondese

  • can someone explain why this guy is so popular?

  • I hate when media's do that type of things. CS-tv started with videos just for hobbies, not for working. People that make videos now are not companies, they are just people and they can do all the jokes they want. >:ccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • I got a 2006 laptop to run fortnite at 50 FPS I feel smarter than half of my friends.

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  • Wow *65 mil* subs? did you buy them??

  • I looked at this for one moment and I was hit with something... Logan Paul Jake Paul KSI It all makes’s it’s *CLICKBAIT*.

  • You should’ve kept fucking with them😂

  • Why not popular anymore

  • Next time just say it's sponsored by Standard Oil.

  • that author is my bff

  • Should’ve been SPONSORED BY DIGIDAYS

  • Сука блять это же шак доналдс

  • actually trending :O

  • PewDiePie needs to be president

  • why do you have 7 millions views when you have 65 millions subs

  • Media shoots at new media and both benefit from the drama. collaboration FTW!

    • got me watching ;)

  • I hate when ppl can’t take a joke. like, i’ll make a video saying “sponsored by PewDiePie. It’ll become famous. He’ll make a video about it. Then i’ll change it to Sponsored by Markiplier. NOPE. Media can’t take a joke

  • Why do you look so filthy pewds

  • Make a video called sponsored by digiday

  • Don't worry. This was monetized. Got plenty of ads

  • you should just keep changing it every once in a while

  • Cyka Blyat

  • Am I the only one who hears "meme review" every time Pewds claps twice?

  • "Pewdiepie said killing people is a joke" BOOM HEADLINES

  • areyou muslim


  • This Comment is Sponsored by Chevy, Ford, and Ferrari

  • I watched this, and the first ad that played was a Honda commercial.

  • Dude, PewDiePie, if you ever come to Michigan, USA and want to shoot guns we can hang up a bunch of newspapers as targets. Sargon had a great suggestion a while back. Figure out how much it would be to buy the Washington Post (or any news organization that made a false hit piece on ya) and start a go fund me. Then hire real journalists (a few that have a good rep here on youtube come to mind) and rebrand it Pew News!

  • Nice merch (hole in the hat)

  • Ma boi pewds does pew news like a boi

  • I guess you now change it to "sponsored by Honda"

  • kids these days wanna be good at fortnite, but can't beat old games like megaman

  • Saab isnt a car brand anymore

  • I saw two ads ,tf is going on?

  • #PewdipieNews=mynewssource

  • First time subscriber, but watched a lot of your stuff back in the day, I think it is petty that they’d go to that much length to discredit you. Keep the funny stuff coming !

  • o)3

  • Like who think Logan paul will win KSI at August 25th

  • I was playing and said I think ninja is overly rated and everyone got triggered 😂

  • The most News Newsite of all time. yes indeed

  • Felix snapped

  • They wanna cry about somethin so bad that they had to reach so far to who sponsors you...not even what you actually do but the sponsoring company... the stupidity is strong in this one xD

  • you are a really good man man, keep going :))