News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 📰 PEW NEWS📰

čas přidán 8. 08. 2018
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  • Fortnite is overrated, and that’s an under statement

  • I got a Jeep commercial on this video. The conspiracy goes deeper than we thought... 😂

  • Should start naming some vids after "insert random shit media outlet" Edit: Also funny to see how taking in multiple views and giving an (for youtube standards) educated opinion makes you controversial.

  • Change it to Sponsored by T-series

  • How nice is that we can trust media %100

  • Why do you look like a homeless guy in that thumbnail

  • Nah keep making videos on them, it's a good laugh

  • Sponsored by Digiday

  • When he was talking about the car sponsorship I got a honda ad 😂

  • I just don't understand what's going on in the world anymore.

  • The fortnite news ends at 4:20

  • Hi pewds from 2018

  • Should have titled the video “sponsored by the Wall Street journal”

  • No Pewds they really are that stupid, they werent even enlightened by the fact that neither Volvo nor Saab did anything other than send them a reply email... now that's dense

  • I know it's the most stupid question but can somebody tell me what is the music playing at 6:06 ?

  • you should change the brand weekly XD

  • I'm guessing that the 14k dislikes are people that are also subscribed? xD

  • *Jimmy is a legend.*

  • how much of a noob can you be.. whyyyy.. just play the game and learn to play~ you can be good at any game you're interested in!

  • It's all about money, they're just using your name to get easy clicks on their articles. As long as there's no cost to them doing it they will keep coming after you

  • ~facepalm~

  • Felix is a Boomer confirmed

  • Sponsored by T-Series

  • How would saying a video is sponsored by Volvo make you more money? Lol

  • I've never heard of Digibrony or whatever the fuck that website is called before

  • Unturned! :o

  • Lol you should change the video title's brand every couple of months, put the article in the description, and see if they keep reporting it X'D

  • I watched it just now and this Sponsorship stuff is actually hilarious Lmao

  • That is how mafia works


  • Oopsie!!

  • But saab went bankrupt how do they have a spokesperson if they are no longer in business...? HmMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • I don't know why guys but he look hot in this video's thumbnail.

  • You should play Wow Classic and make it blow up

  • It'd be a shame if he said n***er.

  • if i say im sponsored by random company will they reach out to random company?

  • To be fair, parents also hire tutors to teach their children how to play musical instruments, and they have schools for people to learn music, but rarely do those people actually do anything in music. Music is admittedly more of a pedagogically and culturally elevated thing than video games, I basically just want to diss the assholes who scam people to "pursue their dreams" in the classical music world.

  • If you said you were sponsored by aliens, would they reach out to extraterrestrial life forms ?

  • "I was just driving around killing people! It's a joke!" I died.

  • Unturned!!!!!!!

  • The real question is: Does Dacia have any idea it's brand is in a battleroyale video game? Hmm.

  • "I'm driving around killing people in the car, IT'S A JOKE" ~pewdiepie Next article in my portfolio XDDDD

  • I'm still waiting for the day clapping is offensive...

  • Pewdiepie crying on thumbnail * feels sorry for Pewds and clicks video * *I'M POPPY HARLOW POP!!!*

  • can somebody please make a meme about the media taking jokes too seriously

  • can somebody please make a meme about the media taking jokes too seriously

  • You used the wrong headshot for the thumbnail.

  • Holy shit your merch is so fire but it's so expensive

  • Media killed the pewdiepie.

  • When I was watching this video an add for ford popped up..are you claiming to be sponsored by Ford? 🧐

  • *”sponsored by Digiday”*

  • So sad. 1 like = 1 SAAB

  • Not everyone can win at a game. Someone has to be the losers.

  • Back in my day fathers just bought your first prostitute!

  • I'm so dissappointed that none of those Volvo people Didnt say yeah its definitely sponsored by Both Volvo and SAAB :))

  • A kid in Africa would eat Fortnite.

  • Is this channel always about clickbait?

  • your commentary on media slander is always well versed and interesting. I enjoy it quite much, and it's pretty funny. keep up the good work man.

  • Sponsored by volvo



  • 1:13 echoes meme lololololol


  • Some ppl don't want to be happy

  • sponsored by digiday

  • Sponsored by Dacia

  • E

  • change the title to "SPONSORED BY EDGAR" I wanna see how they'll respond to that

  • Hang in there bud, we're all here for you 👌

  • Funniest Pewdeipie video I so far watched.

  • oof

  • Buy merch to support the channel.... Says the millionaire 😂

  • Funny stuff !

  • I love the intro

  • Who Watched DECEMBER?

  • those subtitles are amazing

  • I was going to offer a dead car brand's name for the next change, and apparently Saab is under those.. Maybe change it to Lockheed Martin to go all out on this!

  • News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 📰 PEW NEWS📰 SPONSORED BY DIGIDAY There, fixed it for ya ;) At least that's how I would have responded...

  • Pew do not make any jokes anymore ur not allowed got it

  • i was gonna say just go through a list of all European car manufacturers and see how far they will go.

  • CS-tv-school seems to be as useless like those Elf spotting Universities in Iceland...^^

  • Change it to sponsored by papi.

  • wait saab still has a spokesperson? they went out of business. how does a company that is out of business still have a spokesperson?

  • Ken we get a Twitter filter review?

  • tibia was my SHIIIT

  • You should rename the video to the name of the dude who wrote that article. SPONSORED BY him :D. Do it pls.

  • ❤️🔥💦👍🏽

  • ❤️🔥💦👍🏽

  • Wow throw back to when you predicted CS-tv rewind 2018 and CS-tv turning its back on creators for corporate money

  • “Journalists” are the joke. Journalism is dead, and the media killed it 😅🔫

  • Ow my GOD what is wrong with these ridiculous ' news ' people?! I do NUT UNDERSTANTEH. Literally every opertunity they get to say Felix's name they will grab to get more publicity. It's starting to just piss me off. I don't do sarcasm well. I don't always understand it. BUT THE VIDEO WAS CLEARLY A JOKE.

  • Should've changed it to SPONSORED BY T-SERIES

  • Keep on following your gut instinct PewDiePie. It is that which got you 76 million subs, not anything to do with the corporates.

  • Shout out to WOW. Dont play anymore but was life!

  • im a sub you should be too

  • I want pew news on PRIME TIME TELEVISION 😂😂✌🏼

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  • I keep getting ads for volvo on this video

  • Saab is a bankrupt company yet you can reach out to get a statement from them? Am I am missing something here or is that article even more ridiculous than I thought?

  • Didn't play WoW, was too busy with FF11 XD