NF - Change (Audio)

čas přidán 25. 07. 2019
Official video for “Change” by NF.
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  • I relate nate 😪

  • Yo NF listen I love you Soo much I hope u have a good day and also I hope God helps you (not to be rude) your a great person ♥️♥️♥️

  • Wow. How did this take me this long to find. Woah...

  • Homeless people be like

  • This guy is amazing.. The honesty in his lyrics is on another level.. Great respect from Slovenia bro! All you rappers listen to this and then go write something.. :D

  • Dope AF.. This is on another level.. The honesty man.. Respect..

  • Best song

  • Tupac Criss Carter Laranda Carter Meagan franklin and her kids tae and robby going to hell. ( if you delete this comment you can join them)

  • Hey everyone am new and I love NF

  • If this ever gets to 20 mil views I am gonna kill myself EDIT: this has only gotten to 17 million views

  • This song changes my life in so many ways. Thank yog nf for the sound track to my life.

  • World don't stop just because am in a Bad mood . All hail the king 👑

  • I don’t like rap but your stuff is so good and sadly enough relatable and it helps so ty

  • This song is just so relatable

  • Felt every word 👊🏼

  • World don't stop because you are in a bad mood, or because you are depressed

  • This song makes me feel like I'm changing greatly.

  • This song deeply resonates with me, every word... Thank Nate. I will be the rapper I'm destined to be soon. ♥️🙏🏽

  • Homeless people:

  • But this is really on par with trunk muzik every song is epic

  • NF oo

  • 🤯

  • Me: pays in cash Man at register: your fifty cents short Also me: IM SEARCHING FOR CHANGE... IM LOOKING FOR CHANGE!!!

  • I don't do drugs, I'm addicted to the pain though Yeah, I been on it for a while, dunno how to put it down Gotta have it, it's a habit I'ma break though I just wanna take a hit, keep sayin' I'ma quit Keep sayin' I'ma leave, but I stay though I just want a little fix, I don't wanna take a risk I don't like it when I drift from the safe zone "ME EVERY SINGLE DAY"

  • Breathing doesn’t mean your alive though

  • I'm looking for 'CHANGE Imsearching for 'CHANGE'

  • I love you!!!!

  • This song is so good.

  • I've needed change for many years obviously a lot has changed but not enough

  • big from india bro✌😎

  • At this point NF should create his own award show and starts to give to other singers

  • You literally saved my life with this song a year and a half ago! Thank you!

  • "I don't do drugs, I'm addicted to the pain tho"..🔥🔥💯♥️

  • when a artist learns to speak with more then words and start to include emotion into his/her work this is the result. when i listen to this song i not only relate but i swear i can feel as you did going through these words yourself NF.

  • Where can I buy this song on my iPhone?! ... iTunes don’t have it! I need this song in my life 😍

  • This song has a powerful message

  • 👁️‍🗨️

  • The best to do it!

  • Never leave!

  • "I'm looking for change:" the robber that comes in your house at 3am

  • “Positive thoughts are my rivals, I try to stay by your side though” This line hurts so much. Depression and anxiety aren’t easy , I love the Church and going to service but I can’t always afford to stay there less I get a panic or anxiety attack. I’m aloof and I can’t show emotions well but God has blessed me with an amazing way of taking to him and reaching out to others that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise! ^^

  • Heavenly father I pray that you bless all your children in the comment section with *CHANGE*

  • This song is 100% me

  • I remember in late 2018 starting to listening to him, going to his concert in September of 2019 and it was so cool. Everyday I listen to him. It makes me feel better especially when i had a hard day. Thank you for keeping my alive NF ❤️.

  • Happy Birthday 🤗

  • This guy is the jesus of jesus's FOR REAL THO

  • I know what it is. I just don't want to commit SO fire

  • Just lost a close family member and a vary close aunty within a month Chipping away at this work brick Taking care of 5 souls my 5 kids are my life I love all of you 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽keep on my family struggles don't last

    • @Christopher Gould 🖤

    • Thank you I come from a big family 14 auntys and uncles there's 11 left alot of stuff has been comeing to light in the recent years I kinda just really stepped and been raising my now 5 kids 2 are 13 and 9 so it helps tremendously but we all do our part to make sure everyone's good. Prayers to you and your family

    • Sorry for your loss

  • Dude, I just learned who you are, and I absolutely love everything about you. I more than understand the pains in life and still deal with plenty to this day including depression and PTSD. Your music brings me happiness, with how deep you speak I feel the lyrics in every which way. Please continue saving lives

  • So you want change? Okay, here is a couple of pennies you earned them.

  • “That the issue, I’m alway insecurity driven” , “all my emotions are liars” so many bars I can recite from this song. All of which one can relate.. luv this dude!

  • NF raps Change I wrap change

  • Any time a change comes to bring unity something comes alone to to distort it. I don't want to be the distorted

    • Continue to persevere even when things come to distort your change for better you can do it I believe in you

  • Love this ❤

  • Love from upstate NY,Nate. Thank you.

  • I always ask the universe for signs to what it is I am or am not doing... This song spoke to my soul

  • You can always lose love. That's why people have trust issues. But love comes in many forms. That's why hope is so important

  • So when's a Grammy gonna win a NF!!?

  • “Breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive though” Hits different when I been avoiding my friends, and wondering if living is worth it anymore

  • Yes, the mixtape is out! I made a gameplay called "when you play against NF" to support him as a fan! :) Go check it out, and dont forget to subscribe #Clouds

  • NF didn't need an Grammy he is the best rapper in the history

  • The amount of self awareness he has people thrice his age wish to have that ,and on top of that just the guts to write a rap over a orchestrated beat , that's insane , he is one of top artists that ever grazed planet earth 🔥🌎

  • What an awesome song of NF! Luv it!!

  • Who been watching since 200k subs?

  • You ok?🥺

  • can we quickly acknowledge the coolest hook ever?

  • This song hit different. Because i hate change but i want it so fucking bad.

  • This my all time favorite song I love it a lot it help me a lot because this how I am but when I listen to this song it tell me what I am going through things I have to face

  • I’m really going through it rn and this is the only thing that’s keeping me together. Thank you 🖤

  • Anyone else listen to this while picturing David Goggins yelling at you to push harder...just me? Ok.

  • Am I the only one in 2021? We never left

  • This track is a tie for the best track on the album along with every other track.

  • You are so awesome At raping

    • the typo is hilarious lmao.

  • This dude needs a Grammy.

  • It’s been a long time since a song made me cry this much

  • @youtube you don’t have to put community guideline coz every nf fan has respect to one another

  • In order to get something you’ve never had you need to do what you’ve never done

  • I don’t even believe we have a soul, but NF is speaking to my soul like wow.

  • God damnnnnn

  • Look man I just want to tell you how much I respect you. You help me out so much. When my parents start screaming at each other or when I’m overwhelmed and tired and stressed and feel like I want to run away and when I feel like I have no one that cares about me. I put my earbuds in and just listen to you and everything goes away, all my stress, anxiety, hopping from house to house, stress with my siblings, it all just slips away and you give me a second to chill and feel like I’m understood. I just want to thank you so much. I know you’ll probably never see this but speaking for everyone here, thank you man, thank you so much. God bless you

  • I have gotten the same ad 10 times in a row and counting

  • pretty much been ballin my eyes out to this song all day because damn i feel it harder than any other song at any other point in my life. when i get all this concentrated liquid anxiety out of my face, ill get up an make changes at a similar pace lookin back at a past that i wish would erase wont get me anywhere but back in a similar place

    • Take your time you will become the best version of yourself

  • Thank u Im getting back in it swear ill meet u for a collaboration thank u again

  • everyone quoting something, but man i cant choose just one thing

  • 'I like to walk around and act like I don't know what it is

  • People: There's no such thing as a rapper who doesn't curse, talk about girls, or diss everyone. NF: Hi, how ya doin? Me: Whoa- Wait a sec-

  • I appreciate how late doesn't force hid point of perception on God he's just searching for something. I hope when his songs consist of retribution the fan basis doent diminish

  • I'm new to NF any other recommendations? By the way, am I the only one crying listening to this song?

    • best one imo for hype either clouds or paid my dues for sad boy hours if you want love or how could u leave us

    • I know it is long but reactors have used my list. It is worth reading through

    • This is for anyone new who may want to take the NF journey as we call it because he intertwines his music like marvel movies. All four albums is like a connected series. For instance in his when i grow up song, paid my dues, leave me alone, and why song, the black smile is the fake smile he is wiping off that he mentions in therapy session song. He hides eggs in his videos. In when i grow up song there was two hidden eggs in that song. A black balloon by the trash cans and in burger joint he grabbed at receipt that had the date and time of when his song time was being released. In the search song he had cage in background he rapped in from his outcast song. Here is the song order: Mansion Album: Intro All I have Mansion Wake Up Paralyzed Notepad Therapy Session Album: Intro 2 Therapy Session I just wanna know How could you leave us-have tissues nearby. Grown men reactors have shed tears on this one Real song- (he pays homage to lil wayne in this song feed me rappers or feed me beats) Grindin Oh Lord- this song gets referred to in returns two albums later. Great song Statement (he pays homage to eminem and drake in this song) Warm Up -single (hype song) Green lights (pay attention to what he has written on the notepad at the end) Perception Album: Outro Intro 3 Outcast Know- pays homage to eminem and 21 pilots Destiny One hundred Let you down If you want love Remember this- 💎 Gems all over this track Single: No Name. This gets connected in leave me alone song an album later. Single: Why- he pays big homage to Big Sean as he uses his flow from bounce back in this and mentions Big Seans name and his album I decided. (This isnt nates flow he says) Also he has a ton of eggs like Dont mess with real music written on walls. Pay attention to all the writing. Additionally, Big Sean paid homage back in harder than my demons song he had the black balloons in it among other things Search Album: Whole album should be listened to but you can choose which you would like to do: The search (video) When I grow up (video) Leave me alone (video) Change My stress Nate Time (video) Returns- (hype song) one of his best for flow switches and word play Only Let me go Interlude then I hate myself song I miss the days No excuses (hype song) Like this Options (hype song) Thinking Trauma singing only song. Amazing song His paid my dues song is one of the last songs you should listen to. It was to the awful article rolling stones put out because the writer was a big chance the rapper fan and was pissed NF took number one spot. Over 400 people bashed that writer in the comments lol Chasing -demo he did with a fan. This is the last one to listen to. Also there is many good songs not on this list like Dreams, you’re special ect if you like him then take the time and go back through and listen through them all at some point. His lost in the moment song was just used for the promo for the new show called the equalizer starring Queen Latifah.

  • I’m not into sports, but I support NFL cause NF is no fuckin Lie. He is the voice inside my head and everyone else. Much love for all that you do

  • NF called me out on my bullshit. I feel I have to do better...

  • I literally get goosebumps listening to Nf music

  • No one will ever hit the same way as NF ....GOAT...

  • Fuck your words hit so hard. What you are saying hits me like a bullet. I hope one day to see you live. Keep spittin your story.

  • Thank you, this song is helping me get through some things

  • This is one my all time favorites

  • I think NF should go somewhere with out telling his peeps and meet up with violent J and mabey shaggy too dope

  • Yeah, look I don't do drugs, I'm addicted to the pain though Yeah, I been on it for a while, dunno how to put it down Gotta have it, it's a habit I'ma break though I just wanna take a hit, keep sayin' I'ma quit Keep sayin' I'ma leave, but I stay though I just want a little fix, I don't wanna take a risk I don't like it when I drift from the safe zone But lately, I been thinkin' I'ma have to Lettin' go of things that I'm attached to World don't stop just because I'm in a bad mood You don't know what love is 'til you holdin' onto somethin' that you can't lose I swear I'm tryna get it together Sleeves up, puttin' work in, tryna be better I like to rap, but I ain't gon' do it forever Forget to charge up my focus, and I'm holdin' my head up Moment I get up, I just wanna know I'm doin' my best And if I'm not, Lord forgive me, you can handle regrets 'Cause I can feel the water tryna go up over my head Most of my life, I always felt like I was holdin' my breath Holdin' my chest to be honest, so I'm tired of it Lookin' for somethin' in my life to be inspired again I like to walk around and act like I don't know what it is But I know what it is, I just never wanna commit Runnin' from change I'm lookin' for change I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for change I just want, I just want change Yeah, I don't like new things Got a lot of mood swings Oh, you wanna tell me somethin' negative? I don't wanna hear what you think Yeah, tossin' in my sleep Every night feel like two weeks Thinkin' 'bout how I could have done this or done that better Can't help it, that's just me, lies That's me avoidin' the change Yeah, that's probably why the issues ain't goin' away Yeah, that's probably why I always sit around and complain Tellin' myself that I ain't never gettin' out of this place Out of my face if you tellin' me I need to be different That's the issue though, I'm always insecurity-driven Takin' the wrong turns, actin' like I know where I'm headed Waitin' for somethin' bad to happen, I can snap any minute I need change Yeah, that's kinda easy to say, right? But difficult to do when I feel like I hate life And everyone around me kinda thinks I'm a great guy But I don't ever think it so I think I'm a fake liar Change, it somethin' that I know I should do I'm a little uncomfortable to tell you the truth But to be honest with you lately, I got nothin' to lose See, I've always been full of pain, but now I'm makin' some room Lookin' for change I'm lookin' for change I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for change I just want, I just want I need a moment of silence I don't like change, but I'll try it I don't wanna hear what I should or I shouldn't do Why are they always defiant? See, all my emotions are liars All my emotions are violent They don't want freedom to find me Mention a name and everybody riots (change) Yeah, that's why I'm checkin' my vitals They keep on workin', but I know Breathin' don't mean you're alive so I bag up all of my trash and walk out on my tightrope Positive thoughts are my rivals (change) I'm tryna be be on their side though Should I feel comfortable? I don't Last year, I felt suicidal This year, I might do somethin' different like talkin' to God more I'm lookin' for change I'm lookin' for (yeah) I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for I just want, I just want change I'm lookin' for (yeah) I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for, yeah (ay, ay) I just want, I just want change Yeah, I'm lookin' for I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for (yeah) I just want, I just want change I'm lookin' for (ay) I'm searchin' for change I'm lookin' for, yeah I just want, I just want change

  • 2021 and here till I'm gone. Thank you NF

  • It's a habit I'ma break though amen NF God Bless You