NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel

čas přidán 12. 10. 2020
Official NF video for Chasing_(Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel].
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  • I posted a clip the other day of a song and was honestly shocked at how much you guys liked it. Every project I do there are a couple of songs that I hold back or just don’t feel like work and this was most likely going to be one of those songs. A day or so after I posted the clip I heard a cover a fan did of it and I was blown away by it. Long story short, my producer Tommee and I took her audio and ended up finishing it for you guys! Thank you Mikayla Sippel for letting us use your amazing voice and inspiring me to actually release it.

    • This is truly amazing and I honestly appreciate you so much

    • Everything you drop 🤭 Never fails

    • Never hold back, your the goat

    • This a big thing to say but as much as I luv Eminem I thinks NF is a better rapper then EM the music juss speaks to me in a different way then Eminem’s

    • This is soooo good I love how you show people all the sides of yourself and don't hide really anything. You are so amazing

  • This high that I been chasing...

  • 🌨🌠

  • I love that you don't cuss in your songs!! Please don't ever cuss in your songs 😃😃😃

  • Like same if I meet him i would thank him for this music and hug and say never give up this is life like mine

  • This helps when I'm full on crying

  • To NF: I know your not going to see this but writing things out helps me get the thoughts out of my head. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for not cussing in your music thank you for being a Christian. I just want you to know that even though you aren’t a Christian rapper that your songs that are basically Christian rap songs have a huge impact on me and other Christians (I’ll keep on, oh lord, change etc.). I just wanted to let you know that I think I’m going to try rapping and I want to be a Christian rapper and you are my inspiration. You keep writing music for God and I’ll be praying for you and I’ll be praying for anyone who sees this comment. God bless you all.

  • For the 0,00001 people who actually read this post, i jope you're all doing fine in this pandemic. Stay healthy and have a nice day.


  • Es increíble como esté artista me hace sentir..🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Hay Nate, I know you're probably not trying not gonna see this, but im tryna start making music you know like a hobby, any pointers?

  • Love the song and they volume

  • I love this song!

  • Love this. one rap verse would have been even more amazing

  • NF...its getting harder. I think I need another song to hold on to. Just one more...🥺

  • This song is actually beautiful. I'm glad that it got published and that it got published with Mikayla's voice, really it sounds amazing 💛.

  • When I’m Stressed I play Nf To ease Out my pain😢🔥

  • i dont feel the best when i try - :’

  • I thought he committed suicide 😭 im glad hes back . He needs all the love and support we can give or he can get . ❤

    • @Nicole Mubel okay thank you 😌💗💗

    • You should follow him on instagram and twitter. He posts off and on and teases us then deletes the posts lol It will let you see that he is doing fine. Make sure to have the notification on because he deletes within an hour or two 😂

  • Hi nf. I'm selena and I'm from. Among. as

  • Hi nf. I'm selena

  • I love NF

  • Trash

  • Went back to his "Moments" album and listened all his songs till today. Well never felt this good lol

  • Nate, you are simply amazing :) No offense to others in the music industry, but this is one of the reasons you are my favorite artist!!! You are part of the reason why I started actually writing songs! The one thing is figuring out beats to them lol. Not surprisingly, they are also rap. I was actually supposed to go to your concert back in April. Keep your head up, and just continue being you! BTW, it's my birthday!!!

  • Hey NF I'm you're #1 Fan! I hope you actually notice me one day I would really like to talk to you sometime, Sometimes I feel like you're the only person that I can relate to...... and I literally blast your songs every night, Honestly at this point you're my Therapist. Pls respond if you see this comment. Also if you actually wanna talk to me my Discord is Shâdøw#3454 If you actually finished reading this than thank you it means Alot to me 😁 Bye Hope you have a Great day! #NFRealMusic

  • This guy should have a Metal he is the best and don’t cuss he is a Legend

  • لقد نشرت مقطعًا في اليوم الآخر من الأغنية وصدمت بصراحة من مدى إعجابكم بها. في كل مشروع أقوم به هناك أغنيتان أحجمهما عن العمل أو لا أشعر أنهما عمل ، وكان من المرجح أن تكون هذه واحدة من تلك الأغاني. بعد يوم أو نحو ذلك من نشر مقطع الفيديو ، سمعت غلافًا قام به أحد المعجبين وأذهلتني به. قصة قصيرة طويلة ، منتجي تومي وأنا أخذنا صوتها وانتهى بنا الأمر إلى إنهاءه لكم يا رفاق! شكرًا لك Mikayla Sippel على السماح لنا باستخدام صوتك الرائع وإلهامي لإصداره بالفعل.

  • This was exactly how i felt.😭😭😭😭

  • To be honest, although Dax curses a lot in his songs, I’d like to see and NF and Dax create a song. They both are very similar in the way they create and feel about what their songs should say and it would be amazing.

  • Someone in Phoras comments brought me here

  • I'm going through a tough relationship right now and I have to open up after years of locking up my pain and NF let's me know that it's possible to do so and if I didn't have him I would lose her thank you for being here man you help a lot of people I wanted to let you know that I'm one of them you deserve all the love and support and hater's that are here if you need proof of how many people love him and his music which is so therapeutic that he probably went down a path of pain through all walks of life keep scrolling down the comments at least 15,000 of them are just love for the guy he's an amazing rapper who's different he deserves to be the biggest one out there for how much he gives and refuses to take nate doesn't deserve a single hater to be in the crowd we love you man never stop

  • Memo مرة من هون🤕

  • Ok It's over

  • NF algún día haremos un ft, lo juro, es de mis metas más grandes de mi vida

  • lyrics ! [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel] I just wanna run away Find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be loved Where I don't have to run away from my flaws And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts This high, this high that I've been chasing [Verse 1: NF & Mikayla Sippel] Doesn't have an exit I don't learn my lesson I don't see no endin' in sight I don't feel the best when I try Holdin' my head up high but it's not workin' Makin' you cry makes me feel like a bad person (Bad person) And something's got a hold on me They don't see the world I see Heartbеat in my chest feels weak It's really startin' to wеigh on me, yeah [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel & NF] I just wanna run away And find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be loved Where I don't have to run away from my flaws And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts With this high, this high that I've been chasing [Verse 2: NF & Mikayla Sippel] Always likes the sad trip And ruin all my friendships Way too many questions in my mind I don't have the answers but I try Holdin' my head up high but it's not workin', yeah Making you sad makes me feel like a bad person (Bad person, person) I said some awful things last week Messin' with my self-esteem Mixed up my priorities It's really startin' to weigh on me, yeah [Chorus: Mikayla Sippel] I just wanna run away Find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere the bad days Don't come as often in this sad phase Somewhere I can be loved Where I don't have to run away from my flaws And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts This high, this high that I've been chasing

  • Love this 💕

  • 😍데모인데도 너무 좋다 어서 전에 냈던 곡들 뛰어넘는 멋진 곡들로 컴백하기를 기다려봅니다

  • Richtig heftig was der da rausknallt der dude Sorry fürs deutsch reden :) ♥️420♥️

  • i love your songs it makes my anxiety and depressoin go away

  • NF knows how to tell unspoken feeling through rap and that's why we admire him a lot ❤️

  • ‎”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce lee feat NF

  • I wish that I could convey to Nate these two things and have them stick in his mind for the rest of his days on Earth: 1. If it's the Truth, then it cannot be of the Enemy. 2. If it's a lie, then it cannot be of God. It's as simple as that... No matter how ugly that Truth may be, if it is the Truth, then it is and will forever be part of the Kingdom, because there is no lie in the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is made only of Truth. Truth... is... God. God... is... Truth. Truth may not be what you want it to be, but it is what is, and there's nothing that you can do about it, because it's the Truth... Anything you try to do about the Truth will simply become more Truth. If you try to resist the Truth, then your resistance will become the Truth. If you try to deny the Truth, then your denial will become the Truth. If you try to cover up the Truth, then your cover-up will become the Truth. There is no escape... All attempts to escape from the Truth become the Truth... the Truth of your attempted escape. Truth is like a wall that can never be torn down, because all efforts to tear down the wall of Truth become the Truth, thereby only adding more blocks to that wall. Don't you see...? Truth never decreases... Truth only increases... Such is the Glory of God. Reality only unfolds... It doesn't retract... EVER. Most who read this will think me a crazy person... Most who read this cannot recognize a Speaker when they encounter one. I am not your average human. I am one who knows the Light.

  • We seriously, really, honestly, sincerely love your musics

  • Dude, You must get mikayla infront of the mic in your studio! And redo the her vocals. This is amazing how you show that you really do care about the fans, so much that you picked up her singing and made a whole song from it. AMAZING!

  • holding my head up high cuz the lord is workin

  • Most people can relate to ❤️

  • It speaks to our souls, It makes us cry, It hits home, Its what we b on

  • Hey if you see this comment just know that I will support you even if you make a bad song because we are just human

  • Nominate NF for a Grammy so more people will learn about his existence.

  • Anyone else notice the tempo matches a fading heart beat 💔 ?

    • Oh yea 💔


  • Because of NF I am able to push through my problems and find myself. That way I can still live to see another day and pray that I won't lose to the demons inside of me that try to knock me down.

    • Keep going you are strong 💛

  • I have been listening to your songs for so long that I started listening to other artists because I was bored but you are still my favourite artist man

  • 💯. That's awesome.

  • I just heard this artist, style, and point of reference ... In Jesus Christ's name. Amen. Thank you Lord God for using this vessel.


  • So real man, Beautiful

  • Still bumping to this on Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to your family Nathan.

  • I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I iove you

  • i swear to you just your music I find Relaxing😇

  • Please help me reach my goals of spreading real music and helping people like us, wether you follow or not, every one of you is appreciated and are worth it

  • friend, not a single mate in your songs. 🤩

  • People say NF sounds like Eminem... I say Eminem sounds like NF... #NFrealmusic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • "1:28" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $1959 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

  • nf is my favorite raper he is a good guy i met him before he dont use auto tune he has talent

  • nice NF

  • Greatness is being witnessed

  • listen to this song every day..... sadness with past best

  • 🎶

  • Please put out something NF,this honestly hit the right spot and made me realise how much i miss your art😭😭😭 ,guys please like this so he can see it

  • YES MY TOP GUNNA IS BACK. HELL YEAH THIS BOY REALLY BOUT TO DROP SUM. he gonna take another break after this album tho😟

  • What 2.1K people don't like this lol!?

  • Come on this is your only post in a whole year? NF come on

  • Hey, thanks for... everything. My family isn't in the best spot right now and I come to your music to calm me down and ignore all the negativity in my life right now. So once again thank you for being you and making fell better about my life right now you are a LEGEND.

  • Seriously one of the best track's iv herd this year and I don't think there's going to be another as good as this brilliant job to the two of you

  • i cant say how much you song make a big in packed on some people :)

  • Im from malaysia. And i love all your song. I hope i can see you with my own eyes.

  • How does one go about purchasing a black hoodie that says "nf real music" on the back?


    • He has a website. First artist I ever got merch from. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I believe it was definitely a book that was written


  • The most underrated rapper nowadays who shows his real emotions and passion behind every word!

  • I feel like NF is the only person in the world that understands me

  • I love this song nf thank you for helping people and saving lives. Thank you again you for sure saved mine thank you :)

  • I love this track🙂❤

  • Love NF, his music. It's relatable. Respect!!!

  • ive tried to run away... it just got worse but i found this song i sit in my room hold my knees and cry it out

  • love the piano backround and slow pace for the emotion grabber

  • When they say "this high", are they referring to the good times in their lives, or the good feelings? Or is it a drug reference? I am confident it isn't a drug reference, but I want to understand if it is the feeling of being good or the good times in their history they are trying to chase (with chase being a metaphor for replicate)

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your songs give my lungs oxygen to breathe

  • I wish I could add pics under the texts so that I could show the art work for the titles of Nate’s songs.

  • please make more music pls

    • chill hes working on his album he doesn't rush

  • I love this song you amazing man. You song are the best I love you song it makes my day it makes me happy when I hear your song it amazing all your song are amazing. You do a great job making these song just amazing amazing.

  • ✨No Exit to God'sPerfection✨

  • 🙁

  • My Waleed, I know that you'll read my comment. I want to say "thanks for being here all the time ❤️" November 25th,2020 01:57 a.m

  • You are the reason I'm alive. I used to plug in my headphones while my parents would scream at each other right next to me and do drugs thinking I didn't know what it was trying to hide it... Listening to your music let's me breathe and just zone out of reality. Thank you.

  • As always Nate thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul ❤️

  • Very sad to me that we can know who the King is an still hv these feelings an deal with this kinda stuff. Human isn't fun