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Official video for “DRIFTING” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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  • amazing man , big fan NF since 2014 and im still amazed every album AND THIS MIXTAPE is fucking sick , deep thoughts spelled out into best rap around ,👊

  • relax relax xd

  • if you put it on loop, you cant hear that it stops

  • Resttpowered je slabý koket restt2

  • This is makes me wanna whip the 240

  • i think the reason we all judge rap so much is because its so honest. because its scary to realize that you can relate to something so much. this is a song that i loved the first time i heard it. ive loved it since.

  • this hits hard

  • I found a reverse И for the text

  • why does h e make depressing music now :/

  • The best song on the mixtape. :) So relatable!

  • return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • The beat drop is so powerful. Listening to it on repeat

  • thank you nate for saving some lives including mine

  • I miss being with my whole family just all of us together. Now everyone is grown but me


  • Sounds like jordan peterson in the beginning 🤔

  • “Make a list of all my failed attempts, running out of space again.” This is just sad : (. Romans 10:9-10. If you relate to this, please know Jesus can help you. ❤️

  • Dude I could just listen to that last part on repeat a ton. I think if he made a song like that it would be fire. But I love his other songs they’re great and I’m so happy that he’s doing so well in his career, he deserves the world.

  • Nate is going to the set the new standard for the rap and music industry

  • listen to the song at 1.75 speed 😮

  • Listen to this legend for almost 3 years

  • Did this give anyone else Jon Bellion vibes?

  • Your music saved me bro

  • I listen to his music because it helps me and the messages that his music sends

  • My friend told me ab him and I’m just now listening and it fireeee

  • My mom loves this song

  • ,, watching the world go round " feel that.

  • NF is literally the best rapper in the world and there's no joke about it there's no cap

  • 0:01 Me: 𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩

  • 2:53 here your best part of the song sir


  • ignorant to my ignorance

  • 1:53 takes deep anxiety filled breath

  • unknow song

  • 2:14 that scream in background sheesh...

    • I love nf for adlibs like that

  • Lost my Grandfather and Grandmother 3 days apart, have prolly listen to this song like 1004 times at this point

    • Sorry for your loss 🙏

  • I a m s m I l i n G h A H a H a H A

  • idk why but why is it when there is that sound that kinda sounds like jacksepticeye saying, "oi" starting at 0:01

  • out of 200 people, 199 liked this song and just 1 disliked. 🔥

  • Don't mind me, just having a NF marathon at 2am while doing schoolworks

  • I love any of his songs

  • 3:05 legendary

  • He has just been coming out wit hits🥺🥰

  • This one is really best song on album. So underrated so amazing!

  • Got aimbot on these songs they don’t miss

  • 2:45 I was sad the song was over... wait it’s not!!!!🔥

  • I think this is my favorite song from the mixtape...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Like that chorus? That’s EXACTLY how I feel. It’s just like an out of body experience I guess. Like there’s this fogginess keeping from feeling too deeply or connecting with anything.

  • I thought he was shooting up now at first but I misheard lol

  • I don’t like every song from some artists but NF hole different story

  • Real rap below ⬇️💯 respect for the view


  • Man I love Nate and his music so much he has helped me with PTSD. Thank you Nate


  • fire

  • Every song he makes is laka no cap

  • Nf, I want to become a rapper. Do you have advice or could say anything that'll help motivate me?

  • My sister: what song from NF do you like the most Me: ALL OF THEM My sister: Why are you screaming

  • 🙌

    • nf is the new goat

  • Seriously. Everytime I think you couldn't possibly reach me any further than you already have, you show me different! Thank you

  • Honestly- the last verse is what gets me. Always trying to push myself to live up to other’s expectations, let alone be enough for myself, but knowing I can’t because fear holds me captive.

  • That's a token beat ;)

  • Dope as hell

  • My personal favorite song on the mixtape. the emotion tho . Can't wait for the album so for the meantime I will re listen from alon till trust 🙌 I know no one will read this soooo this kind of weird I'm Jewish and I personally think that u can use nf 4 any religion he is purely 4 your soul unlike many musical artist these days sooo thank you nf for keeping it real 💙❤💜😊😀😉💙❤ wtf it's 4:17 am I should really go to sleep ..... sorry 4 wasting your time whoever reads this. Gn much love 💘

  • hey nf, im a 13 year old kid lol. I honestly struggle so much. mentally. I have depression, adhd, and OCD. The world is a scary place for me. your music gets me through it all tho-. I have been to the hospital twice because of su!c!dal related things. all i did there was listen to your music too. you get me through dude. I highly doubt you will EVER see this, but if you do, subscribe to me please I am making a rap career because of you. here is a little something I wrote: Yeah, i dont really write raps But i could make a few laps Tip tap tip taps That what I hear So just beware I don't really care What you really think of me I will guarantee I hope you like it Nate. congrats on you baby boy too man. ILY and ur music. keep being great and stay real

  • Satan checks under his bed for nf

  • 0:27 is the best part in my opinion

  • Nf this album is amazing

  • Watching the world go round! Like I'm not even a part of it

  • FUCK ME this is bloody glorious! I would love seeing some sort of "energy lyric" video, where the video re-creates and amplifies the mood/energy from the song by displaying the lyrics of it, but changing the background ,environment, font, visual effects etc etc of each lyric edit; so much so to the extent a completely deaf person WOULD FULLY know the intensity and greatness of the song (which is 100% possible btw like a combination of and but, where the entire video/frame is just a couple words at most, so that each word can have its very own spark and impact. And reading like 8 words a second or something while only seeing 1 or 2 words on screen isn't an issue. See here:

  • I don’t think Nate could put out a bad song even if he tried 🔥

  • Every time nate drops an album (and now a mixtape) ive had a different job and ive felt i was in a different place mentally.. So every album (along with being great) give me a feeling of... Like bad nostalgia ig? Idek man...

  • First verse is sooo fire 🔥

  • I love you man

  • "Tell me I'm worth it God" :)

  • Man, NF knows how to channel human insecurity!

  • Came here because my boi said this is 🔥 man music is subjective cuzz this shit wack af to me

    • @SLBTUBE I came back to read your reply to my comment, and I honestly have no idea what you said. You’re going to have to edit it or something because you’re making absolutely no sense man.

    • 🙏✌

    • @Nikki 🤗

    • @Mikey S ya I think so a lot of snowflakes out here

    • @Mikey S agree! 😂😂

  • Why wasn't I good enough for her man, she broke me:'(

  • That last little verse has more substance and meaningful lyrics then any other song I’ve heard combined

  • no one can beat this MAN that is becuse no is NF

  • Amazing

  • First time centre post 2NF I know and what is happening you are going to have a lot of material good luck good health and great news about the family and Marriage you've got love

  • one of my favs of the mix

  • Is anyone gonna talk about the part he mentions shooting up heroin........?

    • @Darth Malgus Agreed!

    • “Grab the needle, shoot reminders in my veins that people leave you”. Nowhere does it talk about shooting up heroin. NF does not take drugs, which he mentions in his song “Change”. NF doesn’t like drugs because his mom died from overdosing on them. He even says in one of his songs that therapists say he should take medicine but he’s scared to take it. Nf doesn’t do drugs. Every time you hear something about drugs in NF’s songs, it is a metaphor, usually for pain, and is not meant to be taken literally.

    • Ok is actually talking about someone else got to a lot of people are on it unfortunately as they cannot take their life so they choosing heroin Homework Time

  • What is the meaning of ignorant to my ignorance?

  • if you loop this video it sounds like it was meant to never end

  • I am hearing little nightmares vibes🔥🔥🔥

  • I’m upset they’res not at least 2 more verses at the end that parts hard asf

  • I'm going to be honest here, and I don't care ppl think, I balled my eye's out on this song and it is helping me too release all the bs that has been building up in-side me, for many of years, so in that THANK YOU NF FOR MAKING SONGS LIKE THIS. also your other song change, is right up there with this song.. keep doing u bro.. you got this in the bag!

  • This is something else. Makes you feel a certain type of way from the very first second.

  • This one is amazing

  • I have this song on repeat it resonates with me some much right now

  • the people who dislike this should go away if you don't like it here leave we don't need you the music NF makes is the best music there is. so if you have a problem then just stay away. I wanna thank NF for the music.

  • This song makes me feel like im having a heart attack ((in a good way ya know) like it’s beating really fast)

  • Nice

  • "It's not a secret, I'm a puzzle, got a lot of missing pieces"..

  • Trying to steal one that hides eggs Easter season is long as fuxk

  • You + Nito from PoPsquad =Soul Health