NF - How Could You Leave Us

čas přidán 26. 01. 2017
Official music video for “How Could You Leave Us” from NF’s album, Therapy Session.
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Music video by NF performing How Could You Leave Us. (C) 2017 Capitol CMG Label Group
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  • The line where he says "they say pain is a prison, lemme outta my cell" hits hard

  • Wow, i just discovered this Artist and his Songs are incredible deep. I love your style, love the way you can Show your feelings only with your voice. Keep up the great work, i think this will help many people to come clear with their feelings.

  • 15k dislikes that’s just how the world is know days that’s crazy but this man is changing the world and Helping people I’m 14 been listening for 5 years and music is my outlet actually he is my outlet

  • Wow this song is so powerful omg so sad

  • This song made me cry cause my mom died because she was taking pills i miss her so much

  • I mom didn't die, but she does drugs and drinks. I don't know why, I wish she would stop. I wish my dad didn't die. Maybe she wouldn't have to go thru all that pain. I wish I could take her pain away and make her feel better. I miss her.

  • I’m so sorry fot him💔stay strong

  • Eminem be like

  • I'm in love with this song, the emotions put some taste in this song, words hit different

  • Songs make me think of how much my mom love the liquor more than she loved me ……

  • My mom and dad have both struggled with suicidal thoughts and a few recent attempts. It's scary to think about how different life could be if they had gone through with it. I'm grateful to never have faced that kind of loss

  • This song hit me so hard, some of these lyrics are literally things I've been thinking since February

  • I found this song 2 days ago .it's too deep 😭😭even if I didn't lose someone ,but I feel the pain here and from all the people that lost someone .Now my journey with NF's music starts ( kinda late discovered him 😟) but I'm glad I did 😁😍.Stay strong guys and never lose hope .❤️

  • As someone who's mother was addicted to drugs this hits home. But it was better that way, it made me see what the world was like at a young age. I won't ever be hurt like that again

  • Feel u guys my never knew my dad he was never in the picture my mom couldent take care of me so she had to give me up for adoption she got depressed cuz of it and she loved me so much but she loved the pain more but i was only 1 when she passed i never got to say hi or goodbye and now im folowing in her footsteps and i ain't proud of it


  • Got taken away from my mum because of her addiction since then its been 9 years she still calls tells me shes proud but never admits her problem..i graduate next year and i dont know if inviting her to my graduation would be worth it

  • 0:33

  • You took the pills for the last time, didn't you? It took you from us once, I guess it came back to finish you. That was real and I felt his pain

  • Gets me every time

  • This song harder than any other of his songs it feels like

  • I'm only 11 and my mom is the strongest person I've ever meet and every met. She my dad, my grandma, my everything. I grew up with not much family but October 3rd 2017 but some very sad news. My dad died. It's the most hardest me, my siblings and my mom went through, it's not like my grandma or my auntie ever cared. I just remember my sister crying sm. I was only 7 and I never felt so much pain. My dad might have not been the best person when he was drunk but he stuck around. He never failed to make us laugh and die of laughter. And ofc my dad's mom never cared for us. All they said was "Isn't this what you wanted?" No. It wasn't. I never got the invite to his funeral like why me? I was his kid. I was only 7 wondering why everyone hated me, my siblings and my mother. My mom means the world to me I couldn't imagine a life without her it hurts sm knowing that I don't have much family but now that I've grown I understand. Only 11 and I wonder what I did wrong to be treated like this.

  • I love how he took his pain and expressed it as these powerful songs. Mad respect to him for that.

  • This is the same thing that happend to my dad it’s so depressing I know how you feel n.f

  • Lost one of my cousins to alcoholism. This shit left me in tears man. Thank you NF. I will always be a supporter 🖤

  • Plz tell me WHAT TF ARE THESE 15k DISLIKES

  • Drugs,alcohol-the evils that have destroyed families! The easiest way to let the devil into ur life..I hope everyone gets the strength to overcome those temptations-remember God doesn’t allow any temptations that are stronger than ur capability-so fight it...Face the temptation and win the battle!!!You can overcome ❤️

  • This song sad bro made my eyes create tears

  • Wow very powerful song

  • Nathan you and this song is all i was thinking about today 😥

  • Happy Mother's Day lmao

  • 2021 still a legend

  • why would you leave us :This is for all the moms who are reading my comment ...this is not dinr common

  • After 2 years being your fan i just watched this. It hurts man i'm so sorry. I love you wish you long life with your wife and the baby

  • Da f*ck i can't stop Crying

  • Mental health issues affect All of us in different ways, even the ones you depend on, their death wasn't your fault. When you're ready, find someone to talk this through if it's still affecting you. There's no shame asking for help. Take care of yourself ✌🏼

  • Man I lost my mother at the age of 17 and I never knew her.I was raised by my grandparents she overdosed and was found with a leak in her brain stem which made her unable to breath on Mother’s Day like today it’s hard and I feel the pain

  • This song hits hard on mother's day 😪😭

  • Hey Nathan, I hope you're ok today. I need you to know we all love you no matter what. And I hope your mom is smiling down at you and realizing what she missed out on. Stay here for us man. Your music is a life line.

  • mother’s day this is hitting really hard

  • This song hits harder than my dad when hes drunk 👁💧👄💧👁

  • never related to a song this much

  • This song hits a whole different level on Mothers Day when you have no mother to celebrate.

  • Hi everyone who lost there mothers I am so sorry I can’t imagine what you are going through BUT JESUS DOSE BECAUSE HE WAS ACQUAINTED WITH OUR GRIEFS AND SORRWS HE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE GOING THOUGH JESUS LOVES YOU AND DIED ON THE CROSS TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK HIM TO SAVE YOU FROM HELL BECAUSE WE ALL SIN AND WE ALL NEED JESUS HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE IN THIS DARK WORLD! Remember Jesus loves you ❤️ and I LOVE YOU 💕 Last year I almost ended my life because of my depression and anxiety but Jesus Christ saved me he can do the same for you please ask God to carry you he loves you more than any parent could ever love you!

  • Man... when 1 song says everything you’ve thought. Why???

  • Man I just wanted to say happy mother's day to all the mother's in your family. God forgive us all for our sins bless nate and his mother on this day. Lord please help Nate to get through this day allow him to remember the good times that him and his mother shared and bring him and his family peace in Jesus name I pray. Love and peace be with you and all your loved ones have good day man love all your music thank you for the inspiration and all your hard work

  • I'm 12. My mom is my rock. Shes the strongest person I know and she fills in as a dad for me too. Even if I dont have everything a 12 year old kid should, like an emotionally available dad, a normal home, friends.... I'll always be grateful for having my mom. Watching this made me shake, because I have no idea what I would do without her. Who I'd talk to, where I'd get my strength, who's shoulder I'd cry on. I know she wont be here forever, but you'd think the universe would give me just that one thing. Get off your phone, I'm gonna get off mine, too, stop wasting precious time, and go give your mom a hug. Tell her you love her. Tell her you're proud of her. Thank her. My heart goes out to you if you can't, but know she'll always watch over you, and she'll wait for you for as long as you need, and eventually, you'll see her again. Hope you stay strong, for her sake. Love you. 🖤

    • @Mee Lmaoo Thanks 😊

    • Stay strong dude you are to young to feel this pain but you are gonna get through

  • This song reminds me of my alcoholic grandma

  • My mom was a pill popper...... died March 10th 2014 in her bed from an overdose...... I still felt like I could of done more... but I just thought I had to get away from her 🥺..... serious regret

  • Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has lost their mom to drug abuse. Love you

  • How could you leave so unexpected? We waited, we waited For you, but you just left us We needed you, I needed you [Verse 1] Yo, I don't know what it's like to be addicted to pills But I do know what it's like to be a witness, it kills Mama told me she loved me, I'm thinkin' this isn't real I think of you when I get a whiff of that cigarette smell, yeah Welcome to the bottom of hell They say pain is a prison, let me out of my cell You say you proud of me, but you don't know me that well Sit in my room, tears runnin' down my face and I yell Into my pillowcases, say you comin' to get us Then call a minute later just to tell us you're not, I'm humiliated I'm in a room with a parent that I don't barely know Some lady in the corner watchin' us while she's takin' notes I don't get it, Mom, don't you want to watch your babies grow? I guess pills are more important, all you have to say is "no" But you won't do it, will you? You gon' keep poppin' 'til them pills kill you I know you're gone, but I can still feel you [Chorus] Why would you leave us? Why would you leave us? How could you leave us here? How could you leave us? Why would you leave us? Oh Hey [Verse 2] I got this picture in my room and it kills me But I don't need a picture of my mom, I need the real thing Now a relationship is somethin' we won't ever have But why do I feel like I lost somethin' that I never had? You shoulda been there when I graduated Told me you loved me and congratulations Instead you left us at the window waitin' Where you at mom? We're too young to understand, where you at, huh? Yeah, I know them drugs have got you held captive I can see it in your eyes, they got your mind captured Some say it's fun to get the high, but I am not laughin' And what you don't realize and what you're not graspin' That I was nothin' but a kid who couldn't understand it I ain't gon' say that I forgive you 'cause it hasn't happened I thought that maybe I'd feel better as time passes If you really cared for me, then where you at then? [Chorus] Why would you leave us? Why would you leave us? How could you leave us here? How could you leave us? Why would you leave us? Oh Hey [Verse 3] Our last conversation, you and I sat in the livin' room Talkin' 'bout my music and I brought you some to listen to You started cryin', tellin' me this isn't you A couple weeks later, guess you were singin' a different tune You took them pills for the last time, didn't you? They took you from us once, I guess they came back to finish you Cryin' my eyes out in the studio is difficult Music is the only place that I can go to speak to you It took everything inside of me, not to scream at your funeral Sittin' in my chair, that person talkin' was pitiful I wish you were here, mama, but every time I picture you All I feel is pain, I hate the way I remember you They found you on the floor, I could tell you felt hollow Gave everything you had, plus your life to them pill bottles You gave everything you had, plus your life to them pill bottles Don't know if you hear me or not, but if you're still watchin', why? [Chorus] Why would you leave us? Why would you leave us? How could you leave us here? How could you leave us? Why would you leave us? Oh Hey [Outro] Sometimes I think about like... Sometimes I think about things like, you know When I'd have kids, I'm like... You won't be there, you know? You won't be there for any of that And I'll never get to see you again Sometimes I wish I would've just called you I wish I would have just picked up the phone Wish you were here I mean you should've been there for us You should have been here! Them pills got you, right?! Them pills got you, right?! I wish you were here

  • I miss my mom thanks u NF for making this song I stared crying so hard i wish she was alive to see me graduate high school and see me happy and getting my diploma😭😭💔💔 rip mom 😭😭💔💔 🌹 🌼

  • Happy Mother’s Day loser

  • Happy mothers day.....

  • Yeh trust me I asked my dad and my mom why they left us

  • i feel you nate i am sorry

  • When 15k people dislike: YOU KNOW THE RULES AND SO DO I-SAY GOODBYE!

  • Mother’s Day is tomorrow and this pops back up today... fml💔💔 miss you mom

  • NF raps faster than my internet

  • This is a hard song and everytime i listen to it i cry inside because i relate to it and it reminds me of my dad who died 9 years ago, i love u NF ur music saves my life honestly, thank iu from the bottom of my heart, ur music always touches my heart, ur so amazing and so talented NF I love u bro!

  • For somebody you love to die from drugs

  • I know how that feels

  • Cries herself to sleep

  • I showed my mom this she used to be on drugs and she broke down in tears.

  • 1M LIKE CROSS✅ 🔥

  • Damn the way he was crying... And the words he was saying... Was so true... Because my 3 best friends died...

  • Wow, ty..

  • It been 3 years that my mother gave me away Now I live with my father it not bad but I miss things we did then throws it all away to cigarettes and being drunk

  • ♥️

  • Addiction is real... and it's sad to see how many of us it takes because we can't overcome it..

  • Wow 15k really disliked this song ..... that’s fucking crazy that someone can dislike something so deep

  • this song hits me hard. i understand how this feels. everything he says is so relatable. my mom hasn't died, but she was on pills. she wants to try and come back into my life but its so hard for me. i try to forgive her but i cant and i feel bad. im not as close as i am with my dad that i am with her but my dad also left. weve met up before but he doesnt stick around, until a few days ago he almost died from infection cuased by pills. i wasnt told becuase my family said it might mess with me to much since they thought he was gonna die. ive tried to call him and i want to see him so badly it hurts but im so afraid. ive always worried that he might die somewhere all alone and no one knowing i love him so much. i always feel like i didnt try hard enough for him to stay i wasnt good enough or he didnt accept me.

  • 😪💔

  • 2.5 years since my mom died by suicide, was an addict her whole life. “But i dont need a picture of my mom, I need the real thing.” I am crying so hard. My sister also died by suicide 5.5yrs ago, but it’s so different when your mother leaves you that way. Thank god for therapy.

    • i‘m so sorry for your loss.

  • This song entered my heart and grew up in my veins without blood, because everything is over for me, after a damned betrayal of one of them, I hate everything, go away and let me bleed, I am going to spring.

  • I needed you

  • DAMN MY HEART 💔 I relate to much and it hurts so much

  • You just sang my child hood. .

  • Most rappers of my generation can't even touch the surface of the level of lyrics present in this song, let alone the depth.

  • This song hits different if you lost a parent to addiction

  • The people that disliked have no heart and soul

  • Fuck mother's day

  • damn sad

  • who here cried even tho nun of this is happening to us

  • This song speaks louder than bombs. I relate to this everyday. Ever since I was around 3 my mother did heroin and I haven’t seen her for 9 years.

  • I’m that sad I don’t know if to like it or dislike it 😢😭😢😭😢😭

  • I'm so sorry to all those who are listening to this song and have lost their mom 🥺💔😭😭😭

  • Sad.. am gonna quit ..

  • my nio left me at 4 years old she died due to drug overdose this song hits hard for me.

  • Omg I actually had to stop the video and was crying and wondering what would happen if I lost my mom? I- I wouldn’t make it

  • Do you ever think ‘how did I end up here?’ Like you are in a maze and totally lost and it’s all your fault because you were the one who made every turn? And you know that there are many routes that could’ve helped you out, because you hear all the people on the outside of the maze who made it through, and they are laughing and smiling. And sometimes you get a glimpse of them through the hedge. A fleeting shape through to leaves. And they seem so damn happy to have made it and you don’t resent them, but you resent yourself for not having their ability to work it all out. Do you? Or is this maze just for me?

  • 14 år og livs tid sår hvorfor så forsøge at sakfffe venner :D vi eder vel alllle sammen samme sted :S

  • it's the "If YoU'rE sTiLl WaTcHiNg MuM!!" that makes me cry even harder

  • my crush just left the school and she was my only friend i wish she was still here this song helped me ima come back to this coment 5 years more "everyone is laughing at me for being different, but I am laughing at them because they are all the same"-Joker

  • Heartbreaking.... List my young step daughter to drugs. She left behind 5 children... Her youngest daughter just passed away recently from an overdose. So many lives lost to drugs.

  • Why this video hasn't like 500 mil views??????

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  • If u really care for us then where u at😭 that hit different

  • Im crying. This is so.. emotional, sadness...

  • I get goosebumps listening to the chorus