NF - -Interlude- (Audio)

čas přidán 25. 07. 2019
Official video for “-Interlude-” by NF.
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  • Anyone else here cause you just remembered the words to this and there’s this void in your heart?

  • 💙

  • Ye Interlude mere dil par lagta hai..

  • same my most depressed worst moments of my life were my biggest success because I found my true self in my darkest hours .

  • A youtuber i watch (artofkickz) thinks he has like chemical depression or something so like something in his brain makes him be depressed and will never stop so basically NF wont get out of depression

  • 🖤🖤

  • If u will listen to hate myself after this YOU ARE A LEGEND

  • This one of the most relatable things cuz im doing so good in life rn and just want to go die

    • I feel you.. 😔🖤

  • Chat above me: I would be there if I didn't have a DELETED ACCOUNT BC I FORGOT PASSWORD sorry just mad

  • you remind me of my self

  • wooo

  • 😍

  • NF were you inspired by xxxtentacion?

  • Can anyone tell why do we feel this way? Why does anyone feel this way? After having everything you had ever dreamt of and even then there's this feeling of wanting more.

  • Why do i feel like all of these comments are nice but not what hes looking for

  • I’m here

  • Nf look at this please you can not quit

    • I don't have anything left 😮💨 Please don't nf if you see this you were my inspiration and I can't do youtube because you stopped and I was so happy when I made my first song and I can't at all

    • NOOOOOOOOOOO DONT NO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭no😭😭😭no😭😭😭no😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😐NO

  • I rap for fun yes I will get money if I am famous but I will rap because I am doing for fun in the end of the day

  • Bro to be honest as a real fan the path your in will never give you happiness in your life it doesn’t matter how much you make or how much you raps are hit it will never make you happy you have accomplished so many things in life it’s time to find happiness like if you agree 👍 sub to mysterious rapper

  • Big inspiration 👍

  • Why so few views?

  • Nathan Drop NEW SHIT!!!!!

  • I literally feel the same way! Glad I'm not the only one ✊🏻

  • G.O.A.T.!!...

  • Deep...Shows how your happiness is a perception and even gaining it didn't achieve the desired effect...

  • it still hurts to know that while everyone was singing to Let You Down, he was in pain

  • I feel bad for him truely

  • His best moment was his worst

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🔥👥🔥😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Get this to a mill

  • Nate literally stops his music, looks the audience in the eye, and tells them that being famous isn’t at all what we think it is. What I get from this is the fact that worldly pleasures won’t make us happy. The only thing we can ever be truly happy with is being with God.

  • I'm a true nf fan

  • This is just like how Tyson Fury felt when he became world champion!

  • When you listen to Spotify playlist of the search album and this comes up: hmm what a nice song. The best in the album

  • all of the words in this video xd likenfmostlifebeenwiserealliterallyi'dfeelmanoncesaidlovealbumfansrightmomentdepressedeverprobablyhappieronesongthinkouthadeverythingalwaysfeltgonnaknowallcamevideohonestlongwayfastwaitingwhenmusiconlytruenowwords: myconsidered"successful"worst thefeelingdead inumberbillboardmassivenow likemayneverbigagain mytoureverydatesoldexceptdate sodreamedhappening(yeah)didn'thappyall andhappenedspiraledreallybad 'cause"i'mthere'sgottame 'causework""mysuccessfulworstfeelsweredead"~nfyoubingewatchingthesevidsjusoutsecondsawpressedforgotdoingyeswaitoversearchbeginswhodislikeddislikesomeonethey’rebeing“*ifwantlove*you’relearnchange” a“indays*norealizednowcomepurpose” a"i

  • :) You are my inspiration

  • I feel ya bro. You gotta get with Falling in Reverse and see what kind of dope mind blowing stuff you and Ronnie can come up with for the world. Keep at it man 🙏

  • Even in this season we still gotta go out and do what God expects from us we gotta stretch ourselves moving into our destiny hence I made a track called: Needa Go God bless !!!!

  • Man i have been depressed but this is next lvl sadness

  • I don't know if NF will ever see this, but I wanted to let him know that his music has gotten me through so much! Please don't ever stop making music!!!!! People need to hear his message!

  • This guy has a separate fanbase... 🖤

  • I heard nf once and got attached and thts all i listen to cant stop listening to him

  • I feel this dude. I thought I wouldnt. But he's hitting

  • 🔥

  • "Literally feeling like I'd probably be happier if I was just dead" My heart just broke💔 I want to take all his negativity..

  • My most considered, like, "successful" moment of my life was the worst-the most depressed I've ever been. Literally feeling like I'd probably be happier if I was just dead. I got a number one on Billboard, my song is massive right now, like I may never have a song this big again, my tour, I think every date sold out except one date. So I literally had everything that I had always dreamed of happening, and I felt-I didn't feel happy at all. And so I think what happened was I spiraled really bad, 'cause I was like, "I'm here, and if this is it, there's gotta be more for me, 'cause if this is it, like, it's not gonna work."🔥

  • Hey NF I really know your not going to respond, but. Keep doing what your doing! Your inspiring many people including me. Your making people's days better. I have been listening to your music since mansion. I have all your songs ON ONE PLAYLIST! Bro your music is definitely epic. Keep doing what your doing! All your albums keep impressing me. And your albums keep improving!

  • who else is listening to this album instead of being on their zoom call?

  • I don't know what day it is at the place that you live but in here it is 31 st of march so I believe that the people who live in America are at the 30 th of March. I just want to say happy birthday NF! You really really mean the world to me! I love you and your music. I wish I lived at America but unfortunetly I am not even close. I hope that you will keep doing this. You say that it makes you feel better. And it makes us feel better too! I Actually don't know how to express my emotions. So yeah! Happy birthday! Love you and your music!😊

  • 😢😢

  • Fans since 2017 where u at

  • i spiraled really bad turtles all the way down anyone?

  • I mostly love NF’s music because the lyrics match my life in all the songs, Kinda sad! 🥺😢😔

  • “Literally feeling like like I’d probably feel happier if I was just dead” very very relatable

    • I love you, keep your head up:)

  • Problaly same to avicii mabye ? What do you think?

  • My name is Maia & I'm 13.. this will sound strange but I had a dream about you, and I'm going through depression by myself.. if you read this it's my last wish.. if you don't I hope nobody who does time is wasted, but I had a dream where I felt loved as a friend by you and idk what else to do.. I hope you read this bc I haven't felt a real hug in a long time and my thoughts are telling me to kill myself, but I had a dream where I felt genuine kindness and love from and I love listening to your music but if I had a last wish it'd be to meet you.. and you give me a hug.. I don't really have much money but if you want some money I can try to get some just to feel that one hug. If your interested, please comment on my comment or send me an email at, Nate if you read this thank you..

  • Okay so you probably dont read these but one day I'm going to write a song with you..its gonna happen I promise

  • Why do you sound like me?

  • I understand 💔

  • Poor NF :(

  • The name “Interlude” reminds me of Laurens Interlude from Hamilton

  • I always listen to this in combination with Hate Myself and it hits me so hard everytime i do this

  • Show this to all nf haters

  • CS-tv : category music Me this is not music it is art

  • Rappers Dm me on Instagram for a chance to get free studio time I’ll give you a link for you to enter! It’s 💯 legit no mess around! My Instagram is @thisisroost

  • This is a cool video, a break from all those fast words that I'm tryna understand was almost hurting my brain

  • I found NF recently, why is it after listenin to most his shit i feel like hes gone through alot of shit i have / am. His music is so damn real. Im a metal head, hes one of my fav artists by far now.

  • We all feel like that when dreams come true

  • The realization that everything you ever dreamed of doesn't bring happiness. Gratitude is the missing ingredient to understanding why that is.

  • Nathan, you need to do sponsorships and shit to spread your fame if that is what you want. You are extremely underrated and if everyone knew about you then you'd be the most successful artist out there... No doubt about it.

  • bro y u have Eminem voice ??

  • Same

  • My mom used to say that sometimes when you finally reach the goal you have been struggling to reach so long, you feel like an empty balloon. Like, literary you feel nothing but emptiness inside. And then suicidal thoughts may get into your head no longer after that. HONESTLY, I don't know how that works. I don't want Nate to lose himself or even die. And I don't want him to feel depressed either. I think, one of the options is to pick a higher-level goal, (in order to have meaning in life?). Idk honestly, I hope he will be alright soon.

  • OoO No please we love you to much,your so successful Please dont end it! We love you GOD loves you! And make sure to never give up! Promise me in the darkest time ask god pray to him please promise us❤❤

  • "I'll never have a song this big again" NF respectfully let me say shut up. You are just beginning, next time it's a billion views for your next hit.

  • After all this time.. They pull out my heart over and over again, when I'm listening to this lines.. 💔

  • Wow nf u great I wanna cry

  • I wanted to come to your concert on the 20th but I don't think I can I would have loved to see you because I relate to what you're saying and I like your music but I don't think I can come but I still support you and I'm still a fan keep doing what you're doing and don't let people tear you down

  • I need more nf songs he has to drop something soon🤤

  • ❤️😭

  • Best song in the album!

  • Seriously, NF gotta be popular, every song is on fire, you know the amazing thing is, he doesn't need cool cars to make his bars fire 🔥

  • Such a great reminder to keep the right focus when trying to succeed in my field.

  • I love ur music even though my church folks disapprove, nothing will drag me apart from ur music. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞

  • You don't truly understand NF's Music until you are listening to it at 12:32 at night on repeat reading the comments about the things people are going through and how NF has helped them and then you realize no ones helping him

  • I can't live without you and your music, you'll never read this comment, but Nate changed my life, you made me feel like it happened, you made me realize that not only the only one to think or try certain things, you made me return faith in God and trust in him. Before you I felt lonely, abandoned and depressed, I thought about suicide every day and I almost tried it, in every sentence I said there was blasphemy, I had lost faith in everything and everyone, myself first. But now, thanks to you, I'm very But now, thanks to you, I'm very much Thank you for being

  • Can't Believe Some People Disliked This..

  • I can literally resonate to your songs. Thank you for sharing your words and put together so well! Genius !

  • I love you Nathan ❤️

  • Beautiful NF

  • Im spiralled now 👀😳

  • Nf you can have everything you have dreamed, and achieved your goals in life, but only God's love can fill in your empty heart... with happiness and destroy all depression that's on your life.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • This literally explains the whole album

  • (Nate happiness noises)

  • Google Andrew Yang.

  • "If this is it.... it's not going to work..."

  • Listen. This is the side of Nathan that the media will never cover. This is the side no one but Nathan will talk about. Everyone, please. _Please._ Just listen to this man.