NF - Leave Me Alone

čas přidán 25. 07. 2019
Official music video for “Leave Me Alone” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
#NF #LeaveMeAlone #NFLeaveMeAlone


  • მადარა

  • Обожаю❤️


  • Him just starting with 100 viewers but not here has 20 mil views

  • Somendays..ugh

  • Most rappers: 'wearing gold clothes sitting on a lambo'' NF: *wearing tshirt and jeans dncing with a shopping cart and balloons*

  • To all those hateful fools who dont understand reallll. Leave me alone.

  • If it helps. Everything you spit here highlights those that struggle with demons of addiction. Thank you. It has helped me focus.

  • Nf has ocd the VA says I have nothing

  • So like I have OCD but when I told mum she dismissed it so I just listen to her and decided to not say anything the only thing I have is music but NF song is my life in less than four minutes😅

  • you've went from 5mil to 7mil in 3 months!

  • This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...❤️

  • Info ME out never in talking shit about nope u done fucked we don't play that shit watch out other team

  • “Leave me alone” -72 million people watching and following him

  • Mom : “what are you listening to honey?” Me : “leave me alone.” Mom : Smacks me upside the head

  • Im here laura

  • NF just needs some alone time in the closet and comes out with a bomb.. Keep on rocking bro..

  • Are we sure he ain't Eminem's forgotten son?

  • His music videos could literally be movies

  • My thoughts have been positive as of recent and I'm just listening to NF purely because of his talent to a certain extent am I making sense I'm not sure 😂😂

  • Hmm.. I dunno bro. I am little annoyed and little flattered at same time.. Ok. I will do what I can. Shaking my head..

  • Ok I deleted my comment. So you guys are saying you can not leave me alone??

  • I think Q and NF should collab.

  • He is the fastest rapper u have ever heard

  • This man is a beast

  • Lucky You)

  • It's nice to know I am not alone!!!! Thank you for this song! "Diagnosed with OCD, what does that mean? Well, gather 'round That means I obsessively obsess on things I think about That means I might take a normal thought and think it's so profound (Leave me alone) Ruminating, filled balloons full of doubts Do the same things, if I don't, I'm overwhelmed (Leave me alone)" "Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, ayy (Yeah), leave me alone!" This is a real struggle

  • 1:13 e

  • Another reppers: Girls,drugs,guns NF: SHOPPING CART AND WHITE PEOPLE

  • Sick track! Anybody else who would love a collab with Token?

    • Yes! I think one is coming. They are friends. Token needs more exposure.

  • “Obsessively Obsess”. I love that kind of Linguistics.This Guy studies Etymology!

  • I just mailed merriams webster to include NFrealmusic as a synonym to underrated.

  • He's good!

  • Am I the only one who has put this song as my phone's ringtone,damn the vibe is just on another level..

  • I’m new here to nf but I’m already in love with your music 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • I get a joker feeling watching this and I love it🔥🐐

  • I don't hate myself I hate the life that I have to live....


  • Yeah man there are no swear words in here man the best song ever

  • Incredible.

  • This song is me I carry my black balloons everyday

  • manz stay with the cart and the black balloons ok ok ok #NewFan #DontComeForMe PS the go in free and come out zombies #RealLife #TheRatRace

  • 2021 ? 😍

  • Shopping cart and balloon agian

    • Balloons are his burdens in case you did not know.


  • Y'all don't listen

  • HEY!

  • 2017 flexing rolexes 2020 and 2021 flexing carts

  • Just want NF and profitts realization known to the world.

  • I suffer from ocd and I can say with truth this is what ocd is like

  • NF is awesome!🤟🤘. He is a TRUE artist🤟. At the age of 43 I can proudly say that I am a huge fan!! LOVE his music so much!!

  • maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan what a rap styyyyle what a discoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer !!!!!!!

  • To the youth listen to this and THANK about our World NOW you are going to have CONTROL of your FUTURE! Too much Government TINK 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nice NF!!!!

  • Hey P. the best part of my life has been getting to know all my new family and friends.

  • 🤦

  • when eminem and MGK did the fusion dance on accident! 🤘🏾🔥

  • No one: Me:hears a noise Me: LEAVE ME ALONE

  • this mans rap is faster than my wifi connection

  • 2070/3/2

  • Ocd almost killed me. Thanks for this song it helps me cope ♥️

  • 歌詞が理解できればやばいんだろうな

  • The sequel to the search lol

  • P

  • cry Cry CRY CRY CRY hey !!!LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

  • My favourite songs. Leave me alone. Paid my dues. Why.

  • I’m a huge fan NF!!

  • Anyone else getting m&m vibes

  • Nf invisible - ‘leave me alone’

  • Besides Tupac and dmx mostly white guys rap on issues and it's basically therapeutic

  • 4:00 I like this part So persistent Dont forget this Hold the tension Soul is bending No pretending Open ended Low percentage So demented Whole consensus Flow tremendous No apprentice No incentive Show intensive So possessive Tone aggressive Watch your step when I

  • Bro nf the s s undreated

  • Is beautiful

  • Amazing 👌❤️🇩🇿🤟

  • 🌎

  • unskipable ads: exist me when I get one: 1:49

  • 💕💕🖤

  • Nice song dude

  • Eminem is not the fastest rapper because the words he makes it fast doesn't makes sense Nathan john is just a fast rapper

  • Nathan john is Making my life better

  • World didn't see fastest rapper like nf

  • I dont know how this man does it but every time i hear his song that i didnt hear yet it instantly becomes my fav

  • scheiss alter hab ich da watt verpasst watt ein flow erstma NF nachholen

  • For the longest time I thought he said "fan called" and not "fame"

  • 2:26 i wanna say this to everyone who messes with me while im playing xbox

  • this is how i feel all the time when im playing xbox LEAVE ME ALONE

  • love this song

  • Eminem vibe

  • When you call someone half expecting this song to play 00:00

  • NF is all i listen to now he just gets it

  • Is there a story in these videos???????

    • Yeah something like that

  • Why does he keep pulling/pushing shopping carts? Does he feel like he should be homeless or something?

    • They are helping pull his burdens (balloons)

  • The director of NF music videos be like you don't want cool Lambos and gold bars then NF be like no I want shopping carts and balloons LOL but seriously I love NF

  • Your a god at songs

  • The Dark Carnival!! Relatable in so many ways I will not mention here. Though I like how he looked in the window and didn't see anybody like "what the flip!?" at 1:10. Looney haha. But real all the same.

  • Eminem 2

  • مره كيت

  • Don't mind me I'm just randomly listening to NF's songs until he drops another one.

    • You can listen to this one too

  • Wherever I am, nf is with me with his music 🥰 I love his music more than something else ❤️

  • Being "autistic " is a cursed life. All we want to give is love but get hurt to the soul. Then I try to fit in, but its All lies on both sides. Nobody wins. All hope is lost on "people" for good this time. I really don't see the point of "living " if nobody is 100% honest, and able to prove it. Not speaking Metaphorically, obviously 🙄. Only people who "know", know 🤨. The frustration is just not worth what we get back. But at least I fit into a category of "people", finally. I wish I could laugh about it.

    • I gave my life to Jesus and I’m doing things I’ve never thought I could. If your like me I’d want you to give your life to him cause with him you can do all things. God bless you