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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein \u0026 Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill \u0026 Nathan Feuerstein


  • Not sure why I thought one of the robbers was going to be buddy sleeping on her couch. LOL. Although he was sleeping when she left.

  • I got goosebumps

  • Been listening to the song on repeat but from a dude's point of view, so the main character being portrayed by a woman was a real shocker. Also puts kind of a different spin on it.

  • almost like clipping did this 7 years ago with more interesting stories than "man rob convenience store"

  • Yo what

  • 😰😳

  • but like is the cashier ok tho

  • this is the first time i listen to this music and this rapper and i have literally chills on my back.... insane

  • Remember, when you watch this for the first time? Goosebumps!!!

  • Another banger 💪🏽💯💪🏽 Hey Nate open up that NOTEBOOK!!

  • Never knew eminem had a back up

    • He does not have one. NF gets his own flowers

  • Who else just watched this for the 69th time

  • All I am really wondering is is this a true story and if it is than I am so sorry for you dude

  • Every time I watch I get goosed. Nate’s emotions when he raps, sings and talks are so powerful and with the vids that he’s in, his acting and comical timing are on point. But nah “Hollywood, Hollywood, hope Nate doesn’t go Hollywood”

  • Man i lost in the story and lyrics . Thats some real rap .

  • trash af this having 11 mil just scares me society going downhill rip 😔

  • This was crazy good! The song the lyrics and the video, perfect chemistry. Artistry right there.

  • omg if that acually happened to nf he is a hero

  • Kevin Costner played a great cashier. Jokes aside this was one of the best stories ever told through music and video 👍😂

  • This is a masterpiece🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • You remind me of nate out of Syracuse back in the day his girl worked ar the auto parts store. We use to have rap nights till 9/11 and I went to join the army.

  • Nf I've served 15 years in the army and your music makes me want to grab the ground and shake it. Don't stop making music that reminds us how to feel. Everyone grab the ground and shake the heck out of it. To wake them up.

  • recently got introduced to this guy and i am impressed. this one track always manages to keep me on my feet.

  • Fuck trapped in the closet, now this is a story.

  • lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • *WAIT HERE COMES ANOTHER GUY!!!* That part make me panic so bad😂

  • #NF #STORY

  • One of the best heightened emotion story raps out there by far

  • I'm so sad and I haven't friands

    • Happiness is ur choice and if u leave it with people u will never be happy , good luck bro

  • Mom: I don't like rap Me: Its not rap Mom: What is it Me: Its IT'S A STORY


  • I wonder if this is based off of a true story

  • 5k people that have no clue what good music is disliked this

  • It annoys me how underrated this guy is compared to some other artists

  • Step 1 : Depression Step 2 : CANDIES AND DRINKS ! Step 3 : Depression AND death AND robbery

  • The way he portrays his emotions, it's like he really there, being every character at once.

  • Forget the girls story can we all focus on what a badass the cashier is.

  • Tears running down my face... I'm currently at work (cleaning services) and had to stop to watch this scene. Wow. What an amazing visual.

  • THIS is real rap. Reminds me of the old-school rap songs that would rap about everyday life, struggles, and stories.

  • I appreciate that NF hasn't sold out. Y'all should check out Kota the friend and Sa Roc too. Both underrated ON purpose. They have that 🔥 that'll wake us up and give us fellowship while they violate our rights and enforce FEAR upon us. LEGALIZE consciousness. The movement.

  • How did I not realize Nate was behind the mask 😂😭

  • That was crazy and was that real NF

  • YOOOOOOOO I JUST NOTICE SOMETHING Notice how he says "should i grab the starburst of change it up and maybe grab the Twix" This is the hinting at the addictions of doing the things she does every day, "cant afford to buy these energy drinks" "need to get cigarettes" how she doesn't change anything, she doesn't have anything to look forward, not until the robbery occurs when she says "i cant die today" that now she has her life to look forward to. This is something minor, but notice the lines after "should i grab the starburst of change it up and maybe grab the Twix" "hmmm grab the starburst" NF didn't just put this line "should i grab the starburst of change it up and maybe grab the Twix, hmmm grab the starburst..." it was simply another hint at the person she is, how she doesn't want to change. Maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration and an unnecessary one, but I thought maybe it was worth more than just a line. Edit: I meant to say hinting at her never changing rustines

  • Why do so many people not know who NF is, like bro he is the most unpredictable rapper in history

  • Real shit

  • I want to leave everything behind and go. Happy everyone I know. Loneliness is my only wealth..

  • This song is literally telling a story amazing.

  • NF & EM are the best ever GOATS 🐐🐐

  • and i thought rap was dead .....

  • Damn NF is so amazing.



  • Wow

  • I lotorly was only ontorsten in the video not the music 😂

  • Came here again to check if people are talking about the mask give away by NF🧚

  • This better than a movie......with the narrator NF

  • Finally listened to this song (don’t ask me why I took so long) and I gotto say this gotto be One of the best vivid story portrayals ever rapped!

  • Finally listened to this song (don’t ask me why I took so long) and I gotto say this gotto be One of the best vivid story portrayals ever rapped!

  • this vid proves that hes not only a christan rapper

  • Who’s here after finding out that NF played the role of the first bad guy that went into the store wearing the mask?

  • YO this could be a SPOILER but I don't know anyways SPOILER ALERT🚨🚨 SO I've watched this video like a thousand times but never thought that one of the robber IS NF 😰😰until I saw his post on instagram😖😖. Now I feel stupid and like I betrayed NF😭😭😭 And I feel so bad Anybody feel the same way?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Plot twist … one of the robbers it’s the boyfriend of roommate 😏😏😏…..

  • Fun fact: NF is one of the robbers

  • Just watching this to confirm what I was already speculating (shooter was the roommate’s boyfriend).

  • So much happened in just 5 minutes, Amazing

  • My uncle recently tried to kill himself with meth, Me and my family+church all said that god saved him from dying All praise to god, he didn't die and he went to team challenge. He is changing drastically from that.

  • That was a whole movie!! So good

  • I wonder if anyone noticed that NF is one of the burglars

  • Bro did you guys hear that Nathan is gonna give away the mask he wore in this to someone?! I’m so pumped to find out who!

  • ........ I'm speechless.....

  • I want the mask

  • Who came back to see NF wearing the mask?

  • 5:06 and it’s better than all the crap Hollywood outs out in a 2-hour flick that costs $100M+.

  • this is a movie

  • That’s why u don’t hesitate when u pull iron be ready to shoot

  • would listen to his storytelling till i die

  • I have never heard anything like this before🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱 its amazing

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Genius

  • Great job!!

  • Should have grab the twix

  • I've watched this masterpiece 1000 times and only just realised now that NF is the 1st gun man 😳

  • NF is sooooo underrated top 5 raper of all time

  • Well she was right about it being a bad day

  • Anyone else here after NF said on ig he was gonna give the mask HE WORE in the vid just to check if it was actually him? And it's so obvious now😭

  • if i go to one of ur tours [im in a place:i] i would sing almost every word to real from therapy session bc I uhm have I listen more to u than my mom dad but I have listened to ur music sence paralized uhm i am not a teen yet ....._. i im fine I love ur song nate :}

  • It's so cool that he played one of the robbers😆

  • Crazy how he played the robber lol.

  • Yeah this is that new whack shit

    • Dumb comment alert

  • Anyone else realize NF is the first robber? I guess I'm not a real fan

  • Who else didn’t realize that’s NF playing as the robber

  • Starbursts over twix? Nate how could you do this to me?!?! 😭

    • facts starburst sucks lmao it’s just a shitty version of hi chews

  • i could never guess NF is one of the robbers

  • Fun fact, NF is the other robber

  • Use the can of soup

  • No profanity. Nice.

  • I think this happened for real😨 Omgosh that is such a scary situation, my heart was racing though that whole robbery....... It felt so REALL😭

  • I suddenly like story time now

  • 1:47 I feel for the sake of this video they moved the soup there and it isn't normally there, I mean, I'm not American but I feel like $5 is a little much for soup xD