NF - Thinking (Audio)

čas přidán 25. 07. 2019
Official video for “Thinking” by NF.
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  • This gives me Joyner lucas vibes

  • 👁️‍🗨️

  • “Know a lot but I don’t know enough”. Pure humility!

  • Who else be listening to the entire The Search Album one last time?

  • 💞💞💞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • This songs one of my favorites and it doesn't even have 4 mil views :c

  • I hate this because my mind keeps thinking about stuff I don't wanna hear

  • This track is a tie for the best track on the album along with every other track.

  • I don't know if anyone noticed but this is very similar to Drake's Do not disturb ,the beat the cadence and the style.

  • some of nf's best songs, are the ones people never heard of

  • Who else is back here patiently waiting for LOST 😎

  • Shid brah i should of been listened to NF hell ive been missing out 💯💯

  • You 481 diss likers are haters this man has peer talent and y'all don't even give him the credit he deserves 💯 keep up the good work Nate nothing but brother love this way homie 💯 I've been a big fan since day 1 ✊

  • Why this only has 3.3M views??? 😫

  • Yeah.

  • Realistic=Negative I've never understood how people think positive

  • Have your sins been forgiven today and forever? Think about this. The God of the bible, the One True God made us to worship him, obey him, and enjoy him forever. We break His laws daily by not putting Him first, not thanking Him like we should, we lie, we lust, we have sex before marriage, we dishonor our parents, we covet things other people have, we take God's name and use it in vain, we use it in a low manner, sometimes as a cuss word, (God is holy and even His name is holy), we don't love like we should, etc. In doing so we're saying He's not a good provider, He's a liar, He's untrustworthy, He's not worthy of praise. All these things and more are counted against us. The bible says God is the just judge of the world and one day He will settle the score for all the wrong we've done. God is holy meaning He is righteous (morally perfect in thought, word, and deed) It also means He is set apart and higher than us. God being good, must punish all sin or wrong doing in the world. This means that if you sin one time God will cast you in hell for eternity. Because He is good and He doesn't turn a blind eye to sin. But there is good news. 2000 years ago Jesus the Son of God came into this world and lived a perfect life ( He never sinned once) and He died on the cross taking the wrath that we deserve and paid the penalty for the sins we committed. The bible says that if you will repent (confess and forsake your sins) and trust in what Christ did on the cross (He took the wrath of God that was meant for you and I) then all your sins will be forgiven and when you die you will be in heaven with God and all who believe for eternity. Jesus died and on the third day He rose from the grave. Get right with God today don't wait. Once you die after that comes the judgement. Hebrews 9:27 It's the most important thing you can do. You must be born again John 3:7 If you repent and trust in what Christ did on the cross it shows that you've been born again or born spiritually. Right now you're dead in your sins and you can't see the beauty of Jesus Christ but after you trust in Christ all the things you hate about God like obeying him, serving Him, loving Him and others, reading the bible, praying and going to church you will love to do those things because God changes your heart. That's how you know you have been born again and forgiven. Please think long about this and ask me any questions you have as this is the most important thing you can ever think of in your life. An eternity in hell (darkness and a lake of fire the bible describes it, with weeping and gnashing of teeth) or an eternity out of that place and into the loving arms of God who is infinitely glorious, has infinite knowledge and has infinite power to do all that He pleases. You decide. Have a great day!

  • The best song of all time😱💪👍

  • I am listening to his song now. Who else is listening in 2021?

    • @Dave of course ❤️

    • And night 🌙

    • I listen to it everyday.. 🖤😍

  • Yeah negative thoughts mean u refuse to be fake and not real with yourself or others he real NF

  • I'm trying to like every single song from NF because they have the best music

  • This never gets old 2021 an still going👋🏾

  • I need new friends that are rocking with nf. 763-228-4083. Call me text me say what’s up we family 🖤

  • 🛒🎈

  • Relistening to this, and boy oh boy is it good

  • #Thinking NF to the world

  • I bet if Drake had written these exact same lyrics people would be jumping all over this song. What a damn shame. This song needs more recognition and so does NF.

  • Very underrated song. One of the best of the album imo🔥

  • WHY only 3,1 m views damn, underrated AF. Almost best song in the album after change! OKAY, oops didnt mean WHY the song, i just meant why xD

  • 56 year old and U inspire me and my 2 sons

  • This is like the first track I've ever seen with under 30000 comments

  • @Cold the same way...i hear you. about 40 or less seconds in im giving thumbs up..always with NF. Just discovered him about a month ago by my dearest friend jacki from spfld mass...hand up girl for this therapist himself to me.✌✌✌🎶=❤



  • Love you.

  • 0:22 my love video :X.

  • Anyone needs to talk add socials Instagram ~ motivation.everyday112w Discord ~ Velticz#8982 Snap ~ dylanjames9991

  • 0:22 my love video :X.

  • if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

  • 0:09 so sexy moment

  • "yall got no clue what I have sacrificed"' no one ever knows what we have to do just to please others or to make it in life.

  • I know how it feels I wake up everyday and I look at things probably the worst way I can on and if it isn't that bad the way I think that my day to Lonely be better Ain't That a marked up way thinking babies real keep working mate I hope you know what you doing to all these people out here you helping them man big time you don't have to be a god just be an angel peace

  • 💥💥💥

  • I remember listening to this after i got fired. Good times good times.

  • .

  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

  • 🖤

  • I just figured out who NF was I say best rapper yet

  • I can relate

    • 🖤🖤

  • Coming if u like this song

  • This song is str8 🔥🔥!!

  • When I’m 19, I’m 18 right now, I’m gonna start a rap career just like NF. I’ve been writing songs without cursing, my name is Justin Shaffer, my rapper name is gonna be JS.

  • NF is the best!!!!!



  • Great جميل💜👌🖤

  • This is nf least viewed song by albums including mansion therapy session perception and the search

  • Not one of his songs . I don't finish . Like usually I skip a few. . But nfs not one I don't listen too ❤️❤️. Love it.

  • 11555

  • Theese song just keep hitting harder keep up the hard work NF

  • Unpopular Opinion: This is NF's best song.

  • Lately I've been thinking why do churches accept $$

  • 🖤🖤


  • I'd be dead if it wasn't for you

    • 🖤😔

  • Yo boy bro! I fucking love you man! RIP my brother

  • Scorpio check

  • Anyone here in 2020

  • Popular Opinion: This is NF's most underrated song.

    • @Ben Torres ur entitled to ur opinion 😊👍

    • @Eric your favorite?? I agree it's his most underrated and it's really good, but changes, trauma, only, hate myself, Nate, time, I miss the days and others I feel like are better than this. idk but we love NF either way huh so I guess it doesnt matter

    • Agreed and I don't get why, this is my favorite song on the album lol

  • Friend: "Who's your fav rapper? Me: "NF...easy" Friend: "Ok, now fav singer?" Me: "NF" Friend: "Hmm..weird, ok, fav actor?" Me: "Nate Feuerstein"

  • At thinking :these are lessons that you learn in life And we only get one of 'em, hope I'm learning right At Chasing : I don't learn my lesson

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Favorite 😔

  • It should be crime to underrate this song soo much😪.

  • Nf eminem j cole joyner is keeping lyrical alive we need kendrick now more than ever to secure the win for lyrical cause rn mumble needs to stop mumble is 0 talent

  • This song is also another so under rated one it’s sooo good it deserves more attention

  • known mostly all 94 songs

  • 💖 🙏


  • Im glad im not the only one that feels this way but at the same time so sorry you feel this way

  • Bro you keep doing what you doing because your music impacts a lot of people

  • Can i say you something i love your videos is sad and cool .. and i love so much sad videos the best best best Rapper

  • Amazingly Beautiful Lyrics 😊 !

  • Right now, I'm taking a break and listening to NF. About two weeks or three weeks ago I was doing fine, my depression was getting better, but then my father got difficult to be around. He's only been getting harder and harder to be around, and it's gotten to the point where I can only take him in very small doses. Today, after spending most of the day with him, I just broke down. I couldn't think with how much he stressed me out, so now I'm here, deep in my depression, only getting worse. I can't take much more of this.

  • Love this song not only cause it’s fire. It’s got a drake flow and a drake type

  • We love ya Nate you're my favorite christian rapper 🔥💯🙏💬

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • "you'll hurt the ones you love" like I'm gonna give a fuck when I'm gone.

  • My best friend had told me to listen to this song and once I heard the lyrics I saw that it was really just describing him and his feelings he had shared with me. I hope he gets better soon I hate the fact that he really feels this way.

  • Read this, we all fall short of Gods Glory, and broken Gods law and their must be a punishment for sin, but the good news is that JESUS CHRIST TOOK OUR PLACE, we must repent and turn to Christ and dont trust in your own understanding, Repent and put your trust in Christ...He who endures to the end shall be saved•The gospel⬇️•Watch a poem "THE GREAT I AM"⬇️

  • Hi

  • Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you. Your own unique Mindset always tries to engage in the right ways Now read the first letter of every word You Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. Continue on to be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you! Good luck! Please pass this on to other videos!

  • Love it

  • God is real Why do you think we exist?!?! It wasn’t evolution

  • Sick tune and dam that beat is hard

  • Ya got no clue what I have sacrificed ...... Got me thinking ..... Facts that 🔥

  • This song is so underrated

  • “To me negative thinking means I’m just realistic” FACTS

  • NF I swear that your beats could be songs of their own. I love the dark, demented, and almost ghastly one that was used here. Please keep it up, you're the realest in the business

  • “I am not the man I was” I feel like quarantine changed us wether it’s for the better or worse were never gonna be the same