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NFL Craziest Catches of All-Time

čas přidán 12. 12. 2017
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  • Props for putting the video in the thumbnail first. No click bait here! Great video man!

  • Purposely you going to the Buffalo Bills I'm so sad my name is Jacob I'm your best friend Finn

  • No eagles?!

  • Odell Beckham.jr can catch better

  • And what about Oddel beckhem catch?

  • 2:16 put ur hands in the air like u just don’t care

  • Do we care about 1985 no

  • Hi 👋 random

  • Do yall rember odell beckham' one handed catch


  • So looks like we're moving on the to 2019

  • Not even OBJ one hand😂

  • 2:20 Tyrone prothrow did it first

  • The Immaculate Reception looks pretty tame compared to some of the other circus grabs on this list!

  • we're is odell's catch

  • luck

  • Don’t even remind me of the fucking giants helmet catch I don’t want to remember our ruined perfect season

  • That freeman one was wicked given it was overtime!

  • 1:29 Wow how about that? With such an emotion! He thinking like "I hate my Job"

  • You dont have obj one handed grab lmfao one of best catches ever but ok.....

  • Obj

  • A lot of these shouldn’t be considered catches cause there no control of the ball, wtf NFL. Gonna be hard asses on only certain teams? Ok.

  • No Diggs or Thielen. Garbage

  • Not 1 NOT 1 Arron Rodgers Hail Mary pass at all OR Stephon Diggs walk off TD ???? 😲😲😲

  • Golden Tate, obj, tyree?

  • 4:07 that star wars music

  • Germaine kearse catch

  • Why people saying why no Odell when Hopkins has better catches

  • Where’s all Calvin Johnson’s catches

  • Hopkins? Beckham?

  • No Tyree, Manningham, OBJ?

  • Thumbnail was the first play? You da real MVP

  • Where’s obj?

  • Joe Jurevicius catch was a unique one

  • Hey, and what about the 'Helmet Catch' of wide receiver David Tyree in game Patriots vs. Giants in Super Bowl XLII, that was CRAZY 'cause Eli escaped from the pressure and then follows to the touchdown for the winning!!!!!

  • Tyrew helmet catch?

  • Where is the Odell catch

  • Where dez he did good catch on the Texans in 2014

  • a that boy Cole cold

  • I was at the Steelers helmet catch and there my third favorite team under new englend and kc

  • I think the vid would be fine without these clips from the 1700s

    • Nah get fucked homo, that last clip was probably the best one

  • Let’s go BEASLEY!


  • 2019 anyone

  • 12:13 wow how times have changed! Fans jumping onto the field to celebrate with their team.

  • Lol this is the only craziest catch video I ever watch with out the Odell one handed catch😂

  • This is just what I need thx 😀

  • When you try to swat the Browns ball 10:15

  • You should do players getting trucked oooof

  • Blaine Gabbert>Tom Brady Come at me haters

  • Ur missing Martavis Bryant’s flip

  • How can NYG Tyree's catch against his helmet in SB XLII vs NE not be in this video??!!?? Based on circumstances (SB, the Patriots' perfect season on the line, Eli avoiding the sack, etc.) it was probably one of THE most impressive catches in NFL history, imo.

  • the after affects of kool aid....

  • Incomplete...oh it’s complete!

  • Dude great vid but no Odell?

  • How does this not include Beckham Jr. NYG vs DAL?

  • If this also had the SEC, Tyrone Prothro would be on here

  • That's too much sauce beez, never too much sauce dak

  • ABs helmet catch was aming

  • I was extremely disappointed! No Randy Moss, or Jerry Rice. I thought top 10 would include Hall of Famers. Randy Moss made a few 1 handed grabs!!! I will NOT SUBSCRIBE!

  • 3:31 the ball touched the ground that’s why Brady a cheater now

  • Boo browns

  • No obj??

  • Dak to Beasley was beautiful best play ever

  • I remember odells first game he still made a one hand catch oh its amazing how they do it I know it is hard though it takes time to learn

  • If you didn’t know. Edelman’s catch was at a Super Bowl, I was watching that game

  • Antonio’s catch is Antonio Brown doing only what Antonio Brown can do!

  • If Brady did not complete that pass to Jules, I say that the odds of New England winning Super Bowl LI become much less likely.

  • Odell???????

  • When did Bradshaw throw the pass against Dallas?

  • CRAZY!🏈🏈🏈

  • @ 8:30, a wasted catch

    • +Mike Zerker it's his opinion bud

    • Salty!

    • TheGuitaronfire76 I still cant believe they needed about 4 yards, had Beast Mode in his prime, also Russell Wilson, a great QB for and option run, and still didnt run.

  • good job making this video i like this

  • this isnt best catches without the obj catch. I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT DIVE BRO

  • Who else saw the Beasley catch live?

  • what team is the white team at 11:49

  • Look at this dude

  • just don't put that shitty quality videos in??

  • You should do the best touchdown from each team

  • Saints butt catch?

  • Obviously only one way to end the video.

  • 4:09 we're not gonna talk about the star wars music?

  • No David Tyree???

  • Amazing catches, all of them! However, most were based on luck. Especially the juggled balls from player to player. It's the 'reach and grab' catches and the 'twist and catch' ones that take real skill. Julian Edelman's catch was by fsr one of the greatest I've ever seen.

  • Man I miss hearing John madden call football, he always let you know the obvious lmao

  • Where is OBJ’s one hander

  • 1:23 incomplete Oh its complete LOL

  • Are these ppl kidding me? Joe Jerevicious made some if the best catches in history. Where's he?

  • Xlix

  • 4:26 that should have been a safety

    • That's not how it works. If you don't bring it out of the endzone on a turnover, it's a touchback. If you take it out and back in, then it's a safety.

  • I love how this video gets right to the action

  • 17

  • It’s more like top 18

  • Tyree. Super Bowl 42 the helmet catch with the giants were is that were is odells 1 hand catch with the giants there is no love with the NYG

  • Extraordinary video my friend. Just awesome

  • Fucking hate Edelman

  • 2:41 poor guy. He just wanted to play football but a cop just had to be there to ruin it >:(

  • is that the professor in the background at 3:09??

  • i hope to see mariotas self catch against the chiefs during the first playoff game of 2017-18 season!.

  • I agree Odell’s catch was overrated but he tried to one hand it and he did, which really proves he has good hands and should be in this video but Still great vid

    • Tyree's catch should have been in there, but we've honestly seen a half dozen or more like Odell's. Polamalu had a similar INT years before.