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NFL Oddities Compilation

čas přidán 9. 01. 2019
A compilation of odd plays/moments through NFL history. I am planning for this to be a multiple part series so comment some more for future parts.
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  • EDIT: For the Richard Sherman pick 6, his shoe came off on the play. That's why it is an oddity. Please be aware that I know I missed some oddities in this video. I am going to make this a series so stay tuned for it. Feel free to suggest some more plays I could add for future parts. Join my Discord server:

    • One of my favorite oddities is the Texans vs Jaguars 2010 matchup where the Texans deflected the ball right into the arms of Mike Thomas for a walk off touchdown. Somehow really stuck with me throughout the years.

    • thank you

    • super bowl 51 edelman catch

    • Highlight Heaven the bears field goal was tipped does that still make it an oddity ?

  • You made this video just so you can add the double doink, didn't you? Savage.

  • The Packers-Seahawks game where one of the replacement refs called TD n the other said interception!

  • So when did the rule that the punted ball hitting the endzone becomes a touchback take effect?

  • James Jones was almost as bad as he is at being an analyst.


  • I saw nothing wrong in my eyes

  • Richard Sherman has followers but not just on twitter..........💀

  • Seriously tho, what r the bills doing??

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  • was the last clip really necesary :'( poor codey

  • Browns trading Josh Gordon?

  • 2:42 anyone else notice the ref laughing as he made the call?

  • They should make a double frank hotdog in Chicago and call it "The double doink"

  • a real oddity is that the seahawks didnt run the ball in superbowl 49 (not a seahawk fan, just think that play call was the worst superbowl play of all time)

  • 7:30 would the stat sheet show he threw a touchdown pass to himself?

  • Who’s better: Kobe Bryant or Warren Moon?

  • Yup! James ver.1.0 simpelt could not hold on to a football!

  • 5:45 just represents the cardinals team as a whole

  • Ending it with the "Double Doink" is just savage!! I love it!!

  • Too soon for the double doink lol

  • You only made this video to put the bears highlight in


  • Jones a great reciever just terrible ball carrier 😂

  • 😂😂😂 I lost it at the last clip 😂😂

  • The way the guy says “what are the bills doing?!” With such disgust is the funniest part of this video lol

  • The last has me weak

  • 2 straight oddities Rams @ Saints, maybe we can get a weird play in the NFC championship game

  • 5:15, original double doink

  • The Bears missed field goal was actually the second time, I know so far, that Al Michaels said “That’s impossible”.

  • i thought it was badass that jason Witten took a huge hit to the head, lost his helmet and still gained like 20 yards lol

  • The first one with the raiders bro stop eating popcorn

  • You should make a video of the most broken tackles in a single run for each team

  • 4:12 forward lateral. Not a play.

  • 4:43 if we on the team together we throwing hands after you do something stupid like that you idiot.

  • Missing the punt in the Steelers game a ways back that just plopped on the spot and stuck into the field.

  • He stepped out of bounds so the second fumble should have been null.

    • That only counts if he's touching the ball while out of bounds, but he came back in and re-established with 2-3 steps before recovering the fumble, which is allowed. At worst, it would have been illegal touching (not sure if that counts on a fumble), which could be denied and the second fumble would still stand.

  • Is that a young Joe Buck doing that Rams TD return after a touchback?


  • Do a Cody Parkey hitting the upright compilation. Plenty of material.

  • Make it a thousand

  • what do you guys think of derek carr?

  • God I fucking hate Chris collinsworth... And Parkey.

  • 04:55 wtf....😂😂😂

  • 2:45 Camera person needs a raise for never losing the ball. Director: "Ok, cut to 3...WAIT, BACK TO 2!"

  • 2018 the season of the doink in chicago

  • Too soon with the bears. Too soon.

  • and not just on twitter lol

  • The famous double doink

  • “The bears’ season will end on a double doink.”

  • Dez Bryant "drop"

  • 8:18 holy shit the coach should have called timeout just to cut the QB immediately, was that Tannehill? That was maybe the worst throw attempt ever.

  • New Super bowl game is coming out in February 3, 2019!!!

  • Thank you for taking my advice and replaying stuff more than once, good job

  • dont take a mans hat

  • Don’t take a man’s hat!

  • 9:27 How the HELL is that not helmet to helmet? Did the NFL show this in a meeting before this year and go, "oh yeah we need to tighten up that rule"

    • That play was before the defenseless receiver rules came in. Today, not only would it be helmet to helmet, but you also can no longer advance a ball if your helmet comes off, instantly kills the play.

  • 10:05 and I give you: the reason this video was made.

  • It is too early

  • That double doink 🤣

  • Wasn't expecting that last one lol I would've added 2 plays to this list, Saints Redskins, Brees throws INT then Robert Meachem ripping the ball from the interceptor and going for a TD. And Raiders famous kick/punt return TD this season

  • 5:18 Cody parley did that too

  • [d o u b l e || d o I n k ]

  • What about the time Tyrod Taylor lined up behind the guard?

  • i thought the dude at 6:58 was bottomless for a second

  • you should’ve put when the bears sticker fell off that guys helmet

  • double doink 🤣🤣🤣

  • Where was the colts winning a playoff game?

  • What the actual...

  • Ryan Mathews, had the most fumbles in chargers history

  • 10:10 look at the mascot behind the crossbar

  • 7:31 A td pass and catch by the same person on the same play, that must be a lot of fantasy points lol.

  • Help me get to 100 subs so I can post my first video 🔥

  • 6:50 wait what. I thought it was picked at first lol

  • Those cowboys commentators were kinda annoying not gonna lie

  • Never forget the Meachem Miracle


  • Why would he tackle his own teammate to keep him in the end zone if he was already out?

  • any time the rams stepped onto the field

  • 4:35 i don’t get it why did he tackle his own teammate lmao

  • That chargers play was cool until they said it was only the preseason. That really just made it invalid

  • The first one is amazing 😂😂

  • 4:40 ... what the fuck was that

  • Butt fumble!!! Needs to be added

  • *Lé Doublè Doínk 😜😂😂

  • You didnt add APs cleat getting stuck in Keuchlys facemask

  • fucking cody parkie #notmykicker

  • Mannn not the double doink, I never wanna see that play again :(

  • 5:14 is the real Chris parkey

  • "He is going down the side line not just on twitter"😂😂😂😂😂😂 got me dead😂😂😂😂

  • 4:39 how embarrassing is it to tackle your own teammate who just intercepted the ball? XD

  • wait the final Parky doink made it but not the 4 in one game?

  • Who ended up winning that Browns Ravens game with Dawson's double doink?

  • Refs in the nfl are so dumb

  • "What are the Bills doing!!!" That's about right 😂😂😂

  • Bills gonna f**king Bills

  • They just had to throw in the double doink

  • Shouldn’t the first one have been a penalty because he went out of bounds then he was the first one to touch the ball

  • That last clip... shade has been throw

  • Just seen a ad for the Kansas city chiefs "playoff hype" lol