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NFL Oddities Compilation

čas přidán 9. 01. 2019
A compilation of odd plays/moments through NFL history. I am planning for this to be a multiple part series so comment some more for future parts.
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  • EDIT: For the Richard Sherman pick 6, his shoe came off on the play. That's why it is an oddity. Please be aware that I know I missed some oddities in this video. I am going to make this a series so stay tuned for it. Feel free to suggest some more plays I could add for future parts. Join my Discord server:

    • @liljmac yt people get so salty

    • Lol I thought it was the Twitter thing

    • Dude he's my favorite player NFL lol I once was a Seahawks fan but now I'm a 49er's fan

    • came to the comments hoping someone would explain that one, and of course you had it covered haha

    • The butt fumble

  • Man I'm glad the Bears didn't make it to this compilation..... Oh.

  • "Dont take off a mans hat!" 😂

  • The rams interception was touchback because when he caught it he hit his knees in the endzone

    • @Rudy Endsley yeah i know when i said it i thought about it he has to be downed first i wasnt thinking thanks though my uncles a highschool coach and ive been watching since 2 years old i dont know what i was thinking

    • Eli Black that’s not how that works.

  • Props to the Colts and Broncos players that didn’t freak out on each other when they’re helmets wouldn’t come apart😂

  • Fuck cody parkey. Garbage ass kicker.

  • And after the double doink the bears signed a kicker named Blewitt and now I don't know which is funnier.

  • If anyone tells you preseason football isn't excitement: show them this

  • Why did the giants teammate tackle his own player with the ball after the interception causing an endzone fumble letting the jaguars win @ 4:35 ?? What exactly went on there???

  • A few of these happened when they attempted to lateral.

  • 2:40 the ref looks so happy to make that call! Hahaha

  • 2:40 the ref looks so happy to make that call! Hahaha

  • Giant tackling a giant for a fumble 😑🤔😂🤣

  • Stupid title.

  • So you can pick up the ball if it bounces in the end zone on a punt? I thought they immediately blew it dead.

    • I believe they altered the rule so that now it's automatically a dead ball.

  • What do the rams gave against the saints?

  • "He has followers! and not just on twitter!" lmao... I died...

  • Tackles his teammate: DNC 2020.

  • Do a best "Beating the Blitz" video

  • Lol the thumbnail happened to me like 4 times in my life couldn’t believe it every time lol

  • 8:45 probably would have been offsetting penalties in college. 15 for the helmet to helmet hit, 15 to Witten for continuing to play without a helmet.

    • the rule about having your hat off wasn't around at that time


  • Until they overturned the call, at 5:00 I was thinking that was the most Browns thing ever. 😂

  • Except at 6:14, he had both knees down when the ball was returned from a fumble.

  • 0:50 everytime I see this Me: spike the ball Kirk. Kirk, just spike the ball, throw the ball into the.. Kirk: *takes a knee* Me: DAMMIT KIRK!!! YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! You lucky we won this damn game.

  • Why did you have to break my heart again with the Double Doink? *Sad Bears fan here*

  • I'm a Packer fan, and that last clip hurt.

  • could you do a forward pass if the ball hits the ground first? (why is noone doing that?!)

  • No but fumble?

  • Parkey you worthless fuck.

  • Watching Jason Witten run without his helmet on after taking a shot to the head is the sickest shit I've ever seen

  • 4:34 is tragic

  • Antonio Gates should play defense he wrecked those guys

  • Brad Scham goes ham lol

  • I was at that bears game with my dad. Never been sadder in my entire life.

  • 8:50 that explains why Jason witten is so dumb

  • 10:04 us Packer fans were hyperventilating

  • Can I get an explanation for 3:30

  • What's odd about a pick six?

  • I never got 2:56

  • 4:59 The double doink that actually was good.

  • 10:15 hurts.

  • What are the Bill's doing?!?!😂😂

  • So how the hell is 2:19 a safety but 0:22 is a touchback? These stupid fuckin rules are and will be the continued death of this sport.

  • 2:52 that's not a td return that's a safety. If he downed it then it'd be a td but he returned it for the other team making it a safety. Double oddity on that one

  • I’m sorry I thought this was NFL oddities... The Bears losing is not a oddity 😂😂😂

  • Cool video cant imagine all the film you had to go through to find these I commend you brother

  • How is the emasculate reception not on here?

  • Does anybody notice saints vs rams oddities? Maybe it really is scripted

  • 1:37 Joe Buck's greatest call of all time

  • My cousin's name is Bart it. He went to the NFL game versus the Packers versus the Colts

  • Last video was a dagger to all bears fans.

  • Ryan Mathews fumbling? Weird, he never used to do that

  • 6:27 Johnson(I think): “Here take this” Achid: “WAIT WHAT?!?!” 😂 I’m dying

  • I love how when the double doink happened the Bear’s mascot fell over😂

  • Their should be a flag for holding a leg

  • The last one isn’t an oddity, you’re just an asshole

  • Can someone explain the one at 3:00? I thought if the ball entered the endzone on a punt, it was automatically downed.

  • 5:45 The Cardinals 2018 season in a nutshell

  • 8:50 Witten was such a beast. Hall of Fame for sure.

  • Y'all had to show Cody Parkey... I had moved on a forgotten, but you have reminded me

  • 5:45 how do you fumble a ball like that? Did you lateral it? Wtf happened there?

    • Just watched the rest of that play and that's why they're the Cardinals. That shouldn't been recovered for a TD for ARI. Smdh.

  • Why is the rams almost in every scene🤔

  • 7:24 That was impressive... impressively incomplete.

  • @:30 “what an Oakland play by Oakland”

  • You don't take a mans hat.

  • Turns out the Rams/Saints have a lot more history than I thought

  • Welker got hit and got failed for Molly his head is cooked

  • Just when I thought the bears weren't going to make the list I got double doinked.

  • Do nba

  • 3:59, is like a rugby game

  • 4:58 that was not a touchdown he dropped it

  • 7:54 so the QB had a passing TD, a Rushing TD, and a Receiving TD in the same play

  • Poor Parkey. The kick was partially blocked but everyone still blames him.

  • 10:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • a lot of these are irritating

  • "He has followers and not just on twitter" hilarious!!

  • Being a jets fan, you know shits bad when you watch videos like these and you finally see one where the jets did the right thing. Yaaaaay but sad at the same time

  • How do fumble the ball twice in a row?!!!

  • Wtf is wrong with the first field, it’s genuinely pissing me off, not even sure why

  • The first one didn’t make sense

  • Some people are gifted lvl 1000 athleticism and unfortunately lvl 0 intelligence

  • Largest NFL tackle piles

  • I thought the play ends immediately when a helmet comes off?

  • 4:56 does he get tackled by his own guy?

  • Did anybody else see that it was Rams not Steelers?? 2:20

  • I was liking what I was seeing, but now I’m just sad because of the double-doink. Why would you do that to me?

  • that one field goal is some cody parkey crap

  • I seriously couldn't believe you put that last clip in there its too fucking soon

  • 8:18 Lmao. The hell was that throw?!?

  • Fuck you Go Bears 🐻

  • Thats a touchdown what are the bills doing!!!? Being the bills.

  • God it hurts to watch that last clip every fucking time, I miss our old kicker.

  • Where is 2018 Week8 Dolphins vs Texans pinball catch?

  • Are we gonna talk about what happened at 4:47

  • Oof

  • 5:59 San Diego touchdown that sounds so weird now

  • Absolutely no replay for the Mariota playoff pass catch and TD. SMH

  • They made this because they dont want Ryan tanahill on the dolphins

  • Oh yeah yeah