NHL Game Highlights | Blues vs. Kings - Mar. 5, 2021

čas přidán 5. 03. 2021
Mike Hoffman scored in overtime to give the St. Louis Blues the 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Kings.


  • LETS GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!! 2019 Stanley Cup Campions

  • I’m so pumped up tarensenko is playing tonight

  • This was a fun game to watch not boaring. Husso

  • The Blues and the Hurricanes now are the only 2 teams in the league with 6 skaters who have scored 7 plus goals this season. And the Blues have 3 top 6 caliber forwards out of the lineup as of 3/5/21

  • Did the guy operating the Kings goal horn have Tourette's or something? 😆

    • @Noah Schuster I guess the horn guy just wanted to get his blasts in since they won’t score much this year

    • @Goal Horn Geek It's stupid. Was much better the way it was originally.

    • For some reason, they’re changing it to that blast pattern. They did it in the last game against Arizona too

  • Amazing the note wins games with all the injuries

  • The goal horn sounds like it’s having a stroke

  • I knew there was a reason we got that Mike Hoffman guy.

  • А где товарищ ТЭРЭСЭНКО????

  • Kupari played Well in his debyt

  • 11th comment

  • 2:13 goal horn had 12 seizures

  • It sucks that they keep losing their lead in the last minute and end up losing in overtime

  • Blues should never lose to LA Kings.

    • Yes but I’m willing to cut them a little slack considering we have half our roster on IR

  • malcolm subban is black and dang the kings blew that, but at least they got a point

  • Cal Petersen momentarily lost sight of the puck...

  • They had 3 opportunities to get the empty net. Laziness got the best of the Kings tonight. Specially Kopitar. I just don’t understand how you can let a game slip away at a time when it matters most.

  • The Kings should change their name to the Squanderers. No playoffs if they keep this crap up.

    • lol they are still in rebuild those r pretty high expectations. you’ll see them up there in a couple years.

  • Well, can’t say that I could’ve called this final score. But hey, not gonna complain! LGB!