NHL: When the Rookie Drops the Gloves

čas přidán 12. 03. 2020
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  • Round 2 of CS-tv recommending this video. Non hockey fans have some of the best comments. Yes, fighting is allowed in the NHL, but then they have to sit 5 minutes in the penalty box.

    • @Vaughn Schmitz the tunnel 😂😂

    • @ᗩᖇKᗩᑎᗴ essentially, although they have to be on the ice so they get put on jus to cause trouble, often to get the opponents star player in the box for fighting. They're reffered to as 'goons' lol.

    • @Henry Percival because if they don't let them fight then they try to hurt each other on the ice - and that's potentially worse than any punch.

    • @Jody Loeppke wow, totally not an alt account

    • @Shepherd Ernest cool! Took roughly 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

  • Ну в первом " бое" охара присел на пятую точку!!!!!

  • I love how in the middle of hockey gloves go flying and two guys beat the shit out of eachother what a great sport

  • Id love to see some of these dudes hit someone with their feet truly planted......theyd melt folks for real

  • Frederic's parents are legends. I'll forgive them the massively awkward mis-timed hi-5.

  • How a man should settle disputes. 🤣🤣

  • 7:43 can we all just take a moment to look at the mom who forgot to press record for this fight....

  • Damn never realized Edwards makes a fight look entertaining

  • Chara got fucking rocked😂what a pussy

  • If this sport was majority black, these fighting would've been banned...

  • I forgot when Ovechkin kncoked out svechnikov 😂

  • Lol the failed high five at 9:52

  • I love this game when they start fighting every one stays silence untill the winner declares😁

  • For an expansion team in Ohio. Why didn't they pick Cleveland or Cincinnati? I mean I know Columbus is the capital but Cleveland and Cincinnati are the sports teams of Ohio. I bet you they move one day

  • After all these years, still can't stand bogus Jack Edwards calls... PLD and McAvoy were pretty even but Charlie ended up on top so it's "unanimous". Right.

  • *fights

  • who goes to watch the game and who goes to watch the fighs?

  • They should allow in more sports, I would love to see two golfers square up on the green.

  • Vaya deporte de mierda, pegar puñetazos al casco del contrario y reventarte los nudillos 😂😂

  • As a bruins fan one of the reasons I love hockey is how hyped jack Edwards gets

  • Jack Edwards is so fucking stupid “good clean hit” he dropped his shoulder, then popped it up straight into his fucking face. so delusional

  • Shaws was the best. he scored the next period, in his first ever game.

  • Rookie: *drops the gloves “ahhhh what the hell did I just do”

  • Hockey is great you get 2 sports in one hockey and boxing

  • 9:50 an amazing hi five missing

  • It’s fuckin Tilly time boys

  • And the beginning of the fight chara cod takedowned that man

  • He has a great right hand. Just look at the replay Lmao

  • Can we get a video of odd man rush fails/saves 👉🏼👈🏼

  • The little girls face at 8:25 made me laugh

  • I just want to speak for the whole hockey world, Boston has the worst announcement team ever.

  • It's funny how they played "Kid's aren't alright".

  • Frederic can fight. Kids a beast

  • KKKKKKKKK so cringe

  • That high five at 9.50 HAHAH

  • The child at 8.23 in background 🤣🤣

  • Svech was a baby still compared to him.

  • They just fight, and the referee is just watching, let them fight 15/30 seconds, and then the game go's on, love it.

  • The prickly territory natively fear because polish beverly wreck forenenst a three hail. humorous, labored asia

  • the girl at 8:25 is traumatized

  • Mn, pra mim como brasileiro foi até estranho ver como o time não meche uma vírgula pra interferir, nó Brasil isso teria virado um caos

  • He buckled chara

  • 한쪽이 다운되면 멈추게 하는건가...? 차라리 저렇게 한바탕하면 화도 풀릴거같기도 하고...

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  • Unfortunatly in italy there s not the fight scene beacause if this happen they stop everything (i told like hockey player,*goalie)

  • The guys from the wild vs red wing game was nuts. Just both synchronized blows.

  • Say whatever you want but Ovi shouldn't have to go full force on that kid. You can tell the kid was hesitating even at the beginning when he said let's go

  • The best sport in the world... but my favorite one is when Evander Kane KOed Matt Cooke... such a bad ass punch... and it could not happen to a better person m.cs-tv.org/tv/video-MLqpw_uKyds.html

  • I am now a fan of hockey...

  • Dylan cuzins

  • cool

  • This sport is slowly but surely becoming boxing on ice

  • 8:23 that lil girl saw the reality of hickey lol

  • Boston’s got some nice fighters...

  • First guy beat chara imo. Chara buckled and then just laid on him

  • Fight lol defenddssss short level 10000!!!

  • Foligno going off

  • I'm waiting for a headbutt 🤣

  • What idiots !!!! This Sport sucks !!!

    • Fighting is a pretty minor part of the game

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  • 7:43 poor girl isn’t recording

  • Had to end with Ovi.

  • Овечкин 👍💯

  • The kids put up a fight, I'll give em that.


  • Spamming r2 in a NHL 20 fight: 2:13

  • But why ?

  • I literally hate Jack Edwards and his garbage commentary so much.

  • Its so awkward 😂

  • Chara didnt get shit he tried to hump him from the back and got punched in the mouth ggs

  • I watched Goon and I thought the movie was a parody to Hockey or something Hooly shit Never knew throwing hands in hockey was actually legal!!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!

  • Marcus "the Moose" Foligno, nicest guy to punch your face in

  • I love Frederic's parents at 10:00 High fiving and proud of their son for sticking up for himself and whooping some ass.

  • I like how they play the appropriate song after the matter🥴😂. I fucking love hockey. I just wish that my state never got rid of ours even though they wasn’t the best.

  • The little girls at 8:25 looked so stunned and terrified😂

  • At the first one Chara was going ez he does that on the younger and smaller guys

  • ovechkin whomped that poor kid

  • An icehockey commentator can become an MMA commentator just like that

  • 8:25 뒤에 표정ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Chats had a fractured jaw recently before that fight

  • mdsss pq que ngm separa?????? esperam eles brigar primeiro

  • This fights are boring.

  • Freddy fight club

  • 야만적

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  • Animals

  • Sometimes, if you get lucky, a fight will turn into a hockey game

  • pretty dumb to let this happen . I would'nt attend a sport event that tolerate this with my kids .

    • @jdrangers4 . hahhahahahahahhaha 👌👌👌

    • If you have a sport with people who have knives on their feet and clubs in their hands and you don’t let them resolve things with their fists, it can get a whole lot uglier. And if you don’t think fighting should be allowed then the hockey community is glad that you choose not to be a fan

  • 9:51 is the stuff that keeps me up at night

  • frederic went ham on tanev. his dads reaction was hilarious

  • 8:24 look at the girl to the right. She's like "woooaaah".

  • Me - hockey is boring Meanwhile

  • Has McAvoy ever gotten his left glove off for a fight?

  • Crowd should decide winner of fight (if its not obvious of course) and the loser should only get time out 🤣

  • Frederics parents were so proud, I would be too if my son beat some ass

  • 9:50 his face after that botched high 5 attempt 🤣🤣🤣

  • I might start watching hokey too as well.

  • *Beyler burda kural dahilinde ni kavga olunca izlemeleri?*

  • chara is such a pussy thank god he is off the bruins

  • God, I love hockey!!!