Niall Horan - Put A Little Love On Me (Official)

čas přidán 5. 12. 2019
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Director: Cameron Busby
Producer: James Sibio
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#NiallHoran #PutALittleLoveOnMe
Music video by Niall Horan performing Put A Little Love On Me. © 2019 Neon Haze Music Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • On the loose and this song are his best songs

  • To all the straight girls: he basically says you just have to ask for his love and he'll give it to you. Also he said multiple times in interviews that he falls very easy

  • Dude why tf does it say that this video is not available in my country? I wanna see the videooooo

  • Love you Niall. This song is a masterpiece.❤️


  • ❣🍉💫💦

  • 😍

  • Niall I love this song Do you miss being in one direction

  • can't stop crying

  • 👇💛

  • 👇💛

  • Niall: Do you hate the weekend cause nobody's calling? Me: Neither on weekdays though. Ackkk

  • I've listened to this song for almost 8 months and I discovered just now that you can hear at the beginning how he pushes the pedal down. Now I can't unhear it😂😂

  • Wonderful!!

  • perfect

  • Okay, now the question is: will I ever be able to listen to this song without crying?

  • somebody put a little love on this adorable boy please.

  • Listening to it again ❣️❣️🙆🏻‍♀️

  • my wedding song ;)

  • this is my favourite song

  • He sounds so different when he sings compared to when he speaks🥺🥺 he’s soooo cute and talented😫

  • Niall someday we should meet

  • This song's beauty cannot be expressed in words! 🎤🎼

  • This song is so underrated

  • Wow, amazing voice and video. I went right over to iTunes and bought this music video. I love when I find an artist, with this much talent, that I have never heard before.

  • I really love this song wow

  • I have to agree with Harry. It's my favourite song from the album

  • This is one of the most underrated songs ever.

  • Que latina recuerda cuando anunciaron esta canción y todas leíamos " puta " en vez de " put a "😂😂

  • This song is the best, i want a concert just to cry singing this song

  • His voice is so calming I love this song 😭😍

  • just going thru a heartbreak no crying here 😞

  • I'm done, next is soml, right?

  • This is such a beautiful song

    • Yea, I love songs with piano on it

  • I’m back

  • Oned_1d tell me when you have finished...

  • I'm so proud!!!!!!

  • Am i late?

  • I was addicted to this song for a long time and I am still addicted to this's a song that touches my heart...

  • Should we go to the soml mv ?

  • Where would ya like to go??? Sharu

  • Lmao we r the only ppl here

  • Audshiii

  • Sharu???

  • I cry every time I hear this song Love it, love Nialll. He deserves more❤️💔

  • 3:29

  • Beautiful

  • Love yous niall x you're such an inspiration to so many people and were all so proud xxxxx

  • Beautiful song xx

  • this hit me on another level.*sobbing

  • Nial u are so cute still cute but why there is so sad song? anyhow It is still cool c'mon I'll put so many love on u

  • this song is so underrated

  • Hi guys, do u know the name of the book with blue cover that Niall was spotted reafing somewhere? I know is kinda random but I hope u can recall it

  • Dios que cancionnnnnn. me encanto

  • I’ll put a lot of love on you Niall. Unoriginal, I know

  • Naill is the CUTEST 😍 guy in this World 🌎 for me, I love him soo much 🤓 I love this ☝🏻 Album 🤗much 🥰 Your EXPRESSIONS 💙🤍❤️ OMG 🌈 it Creates 🎀 HEART LOVING WEATHER ⛅ for us 🤩 LOVE you Forever and Ever NAILL HORAN 🔥🎸

  • Niall's voice is like ed sheeran style mixed with lewis Capaldi and I love it

  • Yuwaliwalay need 🤣🤣❣️❣️

  • I love you Niall ❤️

  • Hailee is already winning at life 😭