Nick Eh 30 reacts to Fortnite's Collision EVENT!

čas přidán 3. 06. 2022
New Fortnite Collision EVENT at The Collider poi! (Chapter 3 Season 3 reaction)
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Komentáře: 2 277

  • This is probably the most lore-filled event ever, can’t wait to see the new season tomorrow.

  • Nick, I wasn’t able to make the event because I was in a plane, but watching this made me feel so much better about missing the event! You are such a nice person and a great CS-tvr. I hope you get 20 mil subscribers soon. Who ever is watching this, I wish you the best of luck! ✌️

    • *gulping noises*

    • He boys I'm guessing there is gonna be talking onions

    • I was also in a plane like 2 days ago and I was flying pennysilvania

    • Crys

    • @Mouneeb AK L

  • Nick stays putting out the content!! Keep doing it man, been watching since Chapter 1. love the reactions and the streams bro. much love

  • Nick never lets us down on his videos he’s just amazing

  • Great event, enjoyed watching alongside you and the eh team! Hope the new season is as good as the last 😀

  • I loved this event, and it was a little sad that a lot of things got destroyed. Especially our brand new poi but I’m HYPED for the new season.

  • That event was insane!!

  • Nick, you have the best event reaction videos! Your editing, clips building up to the event, and added extras make this THE reaction video to watch. You put a lot of effort and it shows, so I just want to thank you for making an awesome video!

  • For the 6 months of waiting. The event was really good. It gave like Gundam or Titanfall vibes and I loved it. Even with us actually having a part and helping in the war. It was all really good. Can’t wait for season 3.

  • Now this was a balanced event good cinematics for the community to enjoy watching and cool interactions that balance everything out

  • Watching Nick's reaction to events is always one of my favorite type of Fortnite videos, his voice gives such good vibes man 😊

    • I’ve seen u everywhere.

    • It my favorite thing also lol

    • @Loay noice

    • @Loay I remember u from a video with an argument or something idk

    • @Loay na I first saw u on one of Vice’s video and then saw u everywhere

  • I love these vids!i love nicks energy and kindness especially his videos!keep up the good work!

  • Nick, I can't even explain how much I enjoy you. I feel so happy when watching your videos. No cussing, no negative energy, and always happy Fortnite! You're by far my favorite content creator EVER!

    • Shush

    • @BOY Crosskey stop being mean

    • I’m not but it’s not like he’s ever not sworn in his life have you actually seen the vids of him swearing

    • @BOY Crosskey true

  • My favorite event yet. When I watch Nick react to these he makes me happy and I have a great time watching it.

  • Nick mad respect to you for editing your videos! The edits are EhMazing and it tells a story each time! Keep it up

  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate that he never fails to entertain us!

  • The attention to details is always on point Nick, loved the Video! This event was crazy…you guys are always a vibe!!

  • I love how Nick has all of the background info before the event! So cool to See all of it!

  • this event was amazing! i loved the storyline progression.

  • Best event every, it was incredible. Both interactive and visual.

  • Awesome streamer, Awesome CS-tvr, Awesome Event, and Awesome Reaction!

  • The live event was insane. Love to see your reaction nick

  • Good afternoon Nick I was so panicking this morning making sure my friends were sorted and ready lol. This event was proper fun the transitions were so smooth and it was so incredibly put together. It's amazing how interactive they've become over the different seasons.. See you in the new season. Happy Sunday from new Zealand

  • I love these types of events where you get to interact! It makes it feel like a movie.

  • Always the best reactions Nick !!! Love the vibes with Sancho, Bonsai Broz and Duke ❤️

  • Fortnite is such an amazing game. The devs really did such a good job with this event.

  • The best reaction I've seen, even better than mine in Spanish. Congratulations @Nick Eh 30

  • I love watching your reactions to the event because YOU ACTUALLY SEEM EXCITED! You seem like you're really into the story, JUST LIKE ME! You're like the only CS-tvr that gives the same reactions as I do during the Fortnite events!

  • I missed the event but I knew I could count on you Nick for best event reactions

  • 3:48 best part of the pre event reaction 6:02 Second best part of pre event

    • So true my fav is 3:48 it is so funny 🤣😂

  • Peely saving the day was definitely the best part of this event 🤣, especially if you’ve been doing all the side missions; this was solid payoff. Me and my buddies were cheering during that part ha ha

    • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Great video nick, watching your videos always gives me positive energy

  • Keep up the great work nick 😁

  • Amazing Event, watched it with my friends and had so much fun! Thanks for making the family friendly, amazing content!!

  • I am actually curious on how the map will look, after all this destruction.

  • I was in the event live but watching nick makes it 1million times better! Keep Up the good work nick

  • Very good video Nick. You really worked hard on it. Thanks!

  • I love how nick actually puts effort in two his videos unlike some CS-tvrs that do it for money

  • Hey NickEh30, I love the content. I and the community would probably like to see a video except of the entire editing process that you do in the making of this incredible content. Could you possibly make a video like that for us?

  • This event was so sick and keep up the good work

  • This event was 🔥 and crazy sheesh let’s go nick keep up the good hard work keep grindin love ❤️ your videos sm I’m back

  • Love how he took his time to release this video

  • Yo nick I love watching your reacting to event videos the are so entertaining and fun to watch live the enthusiasm keep it up nick 👍

  • I love how he takes like 3 or 4 hours to edit his videos, instead of just reacting to the event for like a 10 minute video, he adds clips leading up to the event so that we understand if we don’t watch the storyline. Y’know?

  • To say the game is free and they do events as good as this just shows they care for there game and community

  • I’ve been waiting for this reaction for a long time. I mean who doesn’t loves nicks reactions and for those who don’t know the driver was peels it is because it’s one of the resistance quests and if u see him driving right away you’ll know what this means and this event was so good if u think about peels in this event I would probably think he would have a roll in driving if u pay attention to quests and the scars might come back and did it also give u guys power ranger vibes especially at the start when we were taking a look at the mech love this event

  • 10:45 The “heads up” was so perfectly cinematic I love it

  • To be honest you guys reactions were the best before this I thought My group were the only ones screaming all the time😂 amazing event btw epic killed it and I definitely agree there is no other game that can do this kind of event and things like darth vader in it and I’m gonna use code nickeh30 for the battle pass

  • always good vibes nick makes my day 10 times better thanks!!!

  • Honestly my day just gets better when nick eh 30 uploads

  • I always love Nick's reactions

  • Everyone loves you nick, keep it up!

  • Can we all agree that when He uploads our days get better! 💖

  • Nick I love your content and the fact that you are so kind to others I love you positive actions you are a inspiration to me since I was 10 yrs old thank you man♥️

  • DAMN I missed the event , but since I watched your and TG stream I got the idea of how the event looked like , IT WAS DAMN INCREDIBLE . At last I will like to thank you for the stream of this event , you had so much energy to react on this event that makes me like you a lot

  • Definitely the best live event we’ve ever had

  • Nick puts so much effort into these videos

  • The event was amazing!! I love the background music that was playing while we were waiting in the Mecha during the countdown! I hope it gets released as a lobby track!

  • We’re all like “this is the best event ever!” Then they just keep getting better and better 💀

  • Epic video Nick Eh 30. Keep up the great work

  • You make every event fun to watch

  • This was my first live event and it was incredible. My partners were obi wan and 2 defults. I was honestly surprised that it didn’t lag a single time even though I was at my grandma’s on the coast of wales.

  • Nick just makes everything better

  • Love your videos keep it up 👍🏻

  • The new season is going to be so fire, can't wait to watch you react to it

  • Thank you for posting your view of the full event. I've been really busy and have missed all pop culture stuff for over a week now.

  • The event was so awesome! Wouldn’t say it was my personal favourite but still, it was very epic! (Also peely coming in clutch 😏)

  • Little fun story, now you mentioned peely easteregg at 20:08 . Yesterday an hour'ish before the event I saw peely at the lighthouse. He was at a semi truch which was parked near a crane- which was about to load on the Slurp tank upon the semi. When talking to peely, he was nervous about driving and not sure he could do it. You could then tell him that you believed in him. I didn't see peely at the bus displayed in your vid, but I love how it all comes together with what you show here, where I met him yesterday and the event :)

  • You always have the best reactions nick that’s why your my favorite ever

  • The event went crazy Fortnite never disappoints us

  • The thing is, out of all FN youtubers nick eh 30 always has the most wholesome reactions. Like no one is as surprised and happy like him that's why i watch him :DD yay

  • Hey nick! I just wanted to say even though I barely play fortnite I you have such a great attitude and make fortnite look like its such a nice community but part is toxic you make wanna play it even more 😀

  • It’s Always a Good Day when Nick uploads

  • This was now my most favourite event in my opinion it was so interactive and I can’t wait for the cuter of the Fortnite events

  • -giant laser coming from the fortress Nick-“Is it klombo?”

  • Hey nick, thanks for being a family friendly youtuber, this is the only way my mom lets me watch CS-tv because of you! Thanks 😁

  • 1:38 This is why you're my favorite youtuber you make amazing content for us every day

  • 3:48 love this moment😂😂😂

  • Love all the saved clips leading to the event Nick ❤️

  • His reaction when he was looking at the animation for the collision Is the best part

  • Nick you’re the best. This event was awesome e keep it up,remember to subscribe👍👍

  • I love you Nick keep up the good work!

  • nick always has the best reactions

  • Nick I think you love every event. You don’t have to remind us. 😂

  • Nice to know that I’m not the only family friendly gamer out there, keep it up 👍

  • The event was AMAZING definitely the best event yet

  • Can we all respect Peely's clutch in this event? Peely is a legend.

    • Yep lol 😂

    • Sancho be like Peeeeeeeeeeellllllllllyyyyyyyyy

  • Probably one of the best events🔥

  • His reaction is so good it always makes me happy

  • Nick eh 30 has always the best reaction

  • The event was pretty cool, but a little underwhelming because how short it was. I’m more hyped for the new season.

  • it was a great event I give it a 6,5-10

  • Everyone’s fighting for their lives and nicks like “I wanna know if I can destroy the trees” 😂

  • I love how nick has like no idea what’s going on and just states the obvious 😂

  • I feel like this event is the biggest one yet, Fortnite did incredible.

  • I’m so happy you make these videos because I’ll see the event if I miss it

  • I had to miss the live event but seeing this made me feel like I was right there,

  • Holy moly, this is insane the fact they only had this season making this I hope they didn't crunch too much

  • 9:28 And I thought Nick was always positive

  • I am so exited for the event! See you tomorrow On Twitch Nick!