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Nick Wright challenges Colin over Colts vs Chiefs, talks recent head coach hires | NFL | THE HERD

čas přidán 9. 01. 2019
Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd to talk NFL on today's show. Hear what Nick thinks about the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals new head coaches. Plus, Colin and Nick preview this weekend's Divisional playoff games and discuss which team is under the most pressure.
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Nick Wright challenges Colin over Colts vs Chiefs, talks recent head coach hires | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • Who will win: Colts or Chiefs?

    • Larry Mac How you feeling today? hahahahhahahahahahaha

    • How yeah feeling now colts fans!!

    • @Laurence Zimmer say what?

  • Cowherd is tolerable when there is another voice that mitigates his crazy theories and brings him down to earth a bit. Nick does that. Joy and Kristine don't/didn't do it enough and he runs wild, getting out of control.

  • Larry King this thing... Classic!

  • "I might just Larry King this thing"

  • Nick I think you’re excellent but that job story is either a lie or a horrible decision on your part. Less than 24 hours no less.

  • Oh Colin. Colin Colin Colin lmfao. You, Max, and Luck all sitting around wishing on a star hahahaha

  • nick is wrong about taking coach have to take it

  • My kcchiefs win baby!! Defense showed up and showed out!! #chiefskingdom #mvpmahomes

  • Cowherd you been hating on the chiefs all year long tryinv to come up with every excuse of why they aren't good enough when there were so many things that you continously ignored. Now you are eating everything you ever said aboit the chiefs. The chiefs will win the superbowl after they trounce the pats or chargers. Whichever one makes it here. You been downing pat mahomes all year as well. Trying to say he was just flashy. I'm laughing at you now. So is the rest of kansas city. The past is the past. If people cant see that mahomes is the difference between todays chiefs versus chiefs in past playoff games.

  • Chiefs easily had the most pressure, and now the pressure is off... Liking our chances

  • I like nick much better here then with Chris ..Chris is just rude maybe it’s the conflict that brings the ratings but I enjoy this version of nick much more

    • Chris does come across that way at times. I think his ego does his analyzing sometimes.

  • Chiefs 31 Colts 13. Colin would look stupid in that hairstyle. 😆

  • I love how people love everything Nick says...except when it comes to LeBron lol.

  • Would like to see Chiefs dominant in playoffs for a change. But well see

  • KC has no defense, none at all, they score 50 and 40 points and can still lose, that is pathetic.

    • Scott is an idiot

    • @Scott Gibson Huh.... That defense that is so awful looked pretty competent today.

    • @Andrew McLean Not a Colts fan but they still have no defense. I think the Colts played one good team, sort of, the Titans. They are never winning a SB with that defense.

    • What that smell like?

  • The last 2 minutes of this segment was great get him Nick

  • What the heck? When did I start liking Colin Cowherd? About a minute ago, I guess...

  • Colts are overrate but the Chiefs have Andy Reid as head coach..tough call

  • I went 4-0 too and I pick Kansas City

  • They should have a show together

  • Chiefs bout to play tic tac toe in the playoffs that's 3 in a row Chiefs Kingdom 💪👑✌🥂🍾

  • Colts

  • They really need to get Skip and Nick to argue about LeBron

  • The Chiefs probably should win, but I don't know how they're going to stop Mack. They absolutely cannot tackle to save their lives.

  • WHAT A COWARD LMFAO these two are hysterical

  • Great show. Great discussions.

  • I like Nick I think he gonna be a star on TV he do his research well

  • Nick don't compare your job opportunities to a head coaching position in the NFL

  • I'm baffled at Nick's logic towards being anti Kliff. If I accept a job at Taco Bell as a cashier then the next day Google offers me a job as a manager I'm sorry but Taco Bell (in this case USC) should understand lol.

  • Luck did not fumble the ball Nick Wright. His rb did and he scooped it up and ran in for the td

  • Can someone give me a link of whem the video actually begins because he's just blah blah blah at the beginning.

  • I just realized Nick Wright look like that nerd from Grandmas Boy that rolled around on a Segway wearing matrix clothes.

  • This will be the Clemson and Alabama game all over again colts are the underdogs of the whole NFL and everyone is obviously favoring the chiefs based on the states that this game will shock the world. I feel like we will get it done but not by such a huge margin but I feel we will get it done and see either the patriots or the chargers! Mark my words!

  • Nick wright is trash

  • Colts kick some key field goals in an exciting game. KC 52 Indy 9

    • @A. A really so how does that crow taste this morning lmao!

    • KC won't score above 20

  • You should have taken the bet Colin, that would have been epic!!

  • 1:34 LOLOL

  • Nick Wright... what a savage LOL.

  • Wait, You upset at Kingsbury about a $3M dollar increase HC job...loyalty is about the bag not alway your morals. Nick Wright jobs ain't Millions..please..Whatever

  • Omg, I just want to punch Nick Wright in his giant nosed, scrawny, idiotic face. This from the guy who gave the Eagles zero chance at winning any playoff games last year. Just like Cowherd, neither know a damn thing what theyre talking about. But I digress. They're well spoken, so I guess that's good enough to make millions talking about sports. So it is what it is

  • CC holding Nick back, this dude and cowherd have perfect chemistry

  • This guy bringing up Andrew luck's playoff stats from the past is kind of pointless. Those teams that Luck played on were horrible. Andrew Luck was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL on those teams. And Andrew Luck basically carried those teams to the playoffs on his back. THIS Colts team is much more balanced, much more talented, than ANY of those teams Andrew Luck has played on in the past. Wait until he sees what Luck can do now that he has a running game, now that he has some pass protection.

  • Nick is just speaking from a Fan's perspective...

  • Nick snorts moonrock-dust.

  • I am very nervous.

  • I like that nick wright guy, still say he’s got a face for radio though. Either way he’s leagues better than Colin even his pretty face isn’t enough to make up for how annoying he is

  • Nick is preaching

  • 8:21 The eyes of fear

  • I love nick 610 sports roots

  • Nick Wright the type of guy to closed the fridge with his hip

  • these national Dana he's need to do there homework!

  • Colin is becoming a bigger goofball then Steven a.!!

  • all pro sports controlled by freemasonary. STAY WOKE! #Zionsm #33

  • "Put your hair where your mouth is" had me dead.

  • Why is Nick's goatee slanted lmao

  • Nick's goatee looks like a dirty sanchez

  • for some reason Nick Wright is way more interesting and confident on Colin's show than on his own. Maybe he's scared of CC?

  • "Put your hair where your mouth is" These guys are my absolute favorite.

  • Chiefs are my team and these guys had me laughing at heartache from years past. These guys should work together

  • Great back and forth, fun to watch these guys together.

  • Andrew Luck had worst o line, no run game, and an ok defense.....KC is a soft team. They arent the Ravens or Colts. Colts have had to win every game for a while now. They are going to dominate on the offensive line and can match points wit kc. Houston and Tennesee have much better defenses and they just got done beating them on the road.

    • Your an idiot. Why does nobody realize that the colts had the absolute easiest schedule in the nfl. All you have to do is look at it. Stop trying to give credit to these defenses that really arent amy good. The only reason somenof these defenses look good at all is the same reason tje coltsnlook good. Competition. What offensive powerhouses did tennessee dominate. Please tel me.

    • Muahaha nice prediction Nostradamus!

    • Only thing the colts are dominating is that air plane home 😂

  • GO CHIEFS !!!!

  • Nick has a wimp skull

  • I'm really proud of Nick for going from just a local sports radio commentator from the city I live in to where he's at now professionally, and that he's doing such a good job at it. He still calls into KC radio every Friday to talk sports with the guys even though he doesn't get paid for it anymore. Just an overall good guy and I'm happy for him.

  • Man nick needs to learn to shave that goatee straight, or off

  • But Nick, I wouldn’t be surprised if Collin works until he’s 70. Good luck

  • Good for you Nick!!!!

  • So good

  • Can’t believe he picked against my colts

  • Lmao what a bet! Coward....

  • Why he always yelling😂

  • I really like them as a pair WAY more than individually

  • Dallas wins Colts win Patriots win Saints win

    • ADONIS LEONIDAS FLYERS/EAGLES/76ers 0-2 so far

  • The Myth The Legend COLIN COWHERD

  • I won’t talk trash because I know my raiders is not in the playoffs but despite the chiefs being the 1 seed, I still see them as underdogs in the postseason

  • Is there a Kansas City playoff curse??

  • We NEED more Nick Wright

  • Let's just be honest. All Cleveland sports teams have terrible ownership/management

  • Since '96, Colts 7-1 at Arrowhead. Pretty good odds for the Shoe.

  • Andrew luck didn’t fumble donald brown did and luck scooped it and scored.

  • I agree Nick, there is no chance you can trust 'Jack-boot Jimmy'!

  • Cowherd the coward

  • Does anyone know how Colin is able to say superbowl so fast? It’s mind boggling

  • Lmao Collin is lying through his teeth . I hope my chiefs win

  • Hard to decide on if I like tony G or nick wright more with Colin

  • Colin is a hater FACTS!!!

  • It's almost weird seeing Nick not getting cut off and yelled at

  • Mariotas touchdown pass to himself was the first Titans touchdown i am pretty sure. Not suprised media go that wrong

  • Nick wright is hot

  • dude you are an anti baker extremist, give me an effin break

  • When did the NFL stop being rigged? I missed that. I thought it is still all about entertainment, like WrestleMania, just slicker.

  • Taking my Colts

  • Go kc. Kc 41 indi 20

  • Nick is always smiling on the Herd. On first things first he looks miserable dealing with CC

  • Mahomeboy represents at home, Arrowhead, Loudest fans, plays nobody have seen before, Colts keep it kinda close but Chiefs prevail

  • I always forget nick is from kc and a chiefs fan 👍

  • Nick would be waaay better in the Herd than on a place where he can't even speak without being interrupted.

  • If person knows Sean McVay = becomes nfl coach. That’s the reason Kingsbury got hired. Because he’s known Sean McVay and Patrick Mahomes. Logic.

  • Luck didn’t fumble that ball Donald Brown did and Luck recovered and superman’d it into the endzone.

    • Mr Andrew luckkkkkkk. He was my top performer in my new video

  • PATRIOTS FANS !!!!Spy gate and then deflate gate ??? 5 years from now some assistant will come out and say we tapped all headsets at home games and knew then play calls and we will say ohhhh we should have known. no wonder they are 500 on the road and great at home...