Nissan S13 Sil80 | first ROAD TEST and first problems

čas přidán 1. 04. 2023
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  • Half an hour garage episode and its s13 content. You boys are madlads!!

    • Really blessing the community with this

  • Seeing Sam so happy when he gets back in the Miata is sooo goooood. You are such nice and cool guys. Best Team on CS-tv for me. Never change! ;)

    • True, best automotive content in the internet for sure

    • @Szpinak mighty car mods too

  • By far my favorite channel on CS-tv at this point, gives me hope and motivation to work on my own cars. You guys show that you really don't need a massive garage and 100k worth of tools to get things done. I appreciate everything you guys do

    • I only watch Nightride, TOMS REFURB, the VINWIKI guys and benny surge everyone else just dont have that vibe

    • Moistboys give vibes kinda like NIGHTRIDE, but not totally

    • Nightride and juiceboxforyou

  • as the video progressed, Sam was looking happier and more excited, it was so fun to see :D. Very proud of you guys, keep up!

  • Topowa produkcja jak zawsze, trzymajcie się tam chłopaki!

  • Couldn't ask for anything more. ❤️ The best crew with the best vibes ❤️

  • Przyjemnie się ogląda. Cieszę się waszym szczęściem! 😊

  • That's definitely the BEST and most wholesome video I have watched since some time, the build couldn't be better and I'm soooooooooo excited for the t-shirt it looks so good!!! Much love to the boys, thank you for making my days better every time you upload

  • Idealnie obejrzane do obiadu :) Czekam na kolejny film z S13 z niecierpliwością ❤

  • I love how this ended on a positive note, I hope you guys will have a blast with the S13, it looks amazing and you guys deserve it after all the hard work!

  • i have been watching your videos for almost 3 years now and i absolutely love your content, for me it's like an event every weekend to watch the new nightride video, it has been a part of my life and inspires me to modify my cars, as well as being a place where I forget about my problems and relax, thank you so much ❤️

  • Dziękuje, że dostarczacie takiego pozytywnego kopa energii podczas oglądania :) cool vibe

  • watching the s13 come to life is like a never ending cliffhanger of the century but nonetheless it is so surreal to see this come from just it's frames to a full functioning fantastic fabulous car. keep up the hard work and most importantly, thank you for showing us how building, riding, driving and drifting cars is such fun. thank you once again 🖤

  • Oglądam was od kilku lat i zrobiliście świetny progres, super że odcinki coraz dłuższe choć wymaga to ogromnej ilości pracy ❤

  • Love this channel because you can literally see the progression, every video something happens that is cooler than the last one new sponsor new car new something it’s always constant improvement. Very inspiring in a way especially because you guys are so relatable. Just some dudes from Poland with a garage. Shows hard work pays off and that success never surprises anyone. Good job keep it up 👍

  • It's amazing to see the whole progress on the 240 and the Miata driving again for the old times! Keep it up guys!!!

  • Always a good day, when Nightride uploads, even tho I'm two days late😅 Half an hour of pure happiness in one video! Seeing Sam soo happy about his Miata being legal is such a good addition to this video! Also S13 looks hella sexy! Can't wait to see it properly finished in the next video! At this point Nightride is by far the 'vibiest' automotive channel on CS-tv! Good job Boys!

  • Content just gets better and better everyday. Keep up the good work and good job on the s13 build! Coming along good 🔥 keep it up .

  • I remember your first videos in that little garage. It's amazing how much you do for such a short time and where you're now. Piąteczka chłopaki!

  • Superowo chłopaki ❤

  • Watching from new Zealand love seeing the progress and the passion you guys have for cars keep up the good work and content 👌

  • Lusterko Cromodora to obowiązkowa modyfikacja w dużym fiacie, aczkolwiek w ładzie też fajnie siedzi :) nissan sztos

  • The videos always feel authentic and genuine, keep it up guys

  • Content has been some of the best on CS-tv just lately, loving it guys, every new episode is banger after banger 👊🏼

  • Świetny materiał jak Zawsze cieszymy się z wami ze samochody śmigają po drogach

  • Couldn’t stop smiling throughout this whole video. So happy for you guys, you’re awesome!

  • watching you edit this yesterday and then seeing the finished product today is satisfying. good work as always boys

  • imo filtr od turbo wygląda dużo lepiej jak idzie w bok a nie na dół, zajebiście wyszło wam to auto nie wiem czy da się coś takiego zrobić ale mega było by gdyby aircupy miały 3 stopnie. 1-do jazdy 2-do lekkiego podniesienia przed krawężnikiem, lawetą czy czymkolwiek takim i 3-do takiej totalnej gleby na postoju

  • Always an amazing day when we get a night ride video 🥰

    • It’s like a warm cup of tea on a cold day. ❤

  • for the Lada it would be really cool to occasionally see videos of y'all just making it more reliable

  • 27:38 - I remember when you tested new driveshaft in the garage by blasting the burnout. It was one of the best Nightride moments. Can you please make a short from that video?

  • Damn, this vid is exactly just what I needed! Thank you guys, you're amazing, the progress is real! It's gonna be perfect for Ultrace. Btw I'm wondering how is it possible that the cars are legal? Some kinda change in Polish legislation? Because I know the rules about car mods always used to be pretty strict in Poland similarly to my country, Czech rep.

    • yellow plates are for historic vehicles, and there are rules for it, like 25+ year old, 75% original parts (i think 75, but someone correct me if im wrong) but as we can see, everything can be done, there are caddy with v8 on the back on yellow plates in poland

  • Can't wait to see the car complete looks soooooo gooood. Also nice to see you boys happy!

  • Half an hour episode of the s13!! Absolutely fantastic

  • This is my favourite channel on YT at the moment, seeing you guys putting together your dream car and watching you being so happy about it is really great 😎

  • Sileighty, long time no see. It's wonderful to see more and more rarer S13 variants get their deserved share of love.

  • Love seeing the cars guys, amazing video made my week! thank you so much :) can't wait to get the new merch!

  • Super to wygląda mam nadzieję że jak swoją skończę i pomaluję(w ten sam kolor tylko że z pop upami) to uda się na jakimś evencie fote zrobić we 2. Czekam na kevina Pozdro

  • I would love to see all the work done to the lada mashed together. Even if you had to film them on separate days/times whatever.

  • So happy to see the S13 finally near the finish line ❤ Have a great day everyone ❤‍🔥🖤

  • Absolutely love it, love the humble quality of Nightride 😊

  • sztosik, wygląda obłędnie :):)

  • Amazing as always, I'm painting my fb rx7 right now... It's the project that keeps growing as I keep working... More to do to make it more perfect, I know the process... Puts the videos into perspective, u guys work mad quick

  • You are the ones who give me motivation to not give up on my project car

  • Obsessed with this project and can’t wait to see what will happen in the end

  • Entertaining and inspiring! Nightride = great vibes

  • not straight plus not straight = straight 👍 The s13 looks amazing ! Even the reactions are so pleasing to see.

  • damn i got the old scool vibes from this video! I can't wait to see the next one and thank you guys!

  • Esse canal é insano cara, que conteúdo maravilhoso

  • Really Nice long garage episode, thank you guys, keep do what you do.

  • Świetny projekt, świetne ujęcia, świetny odcinek oraz super klimatyczna muzyka. Trzymam kciuki za udany build, oby udało się bez kolejnych problemów. PS. 10:30 co to za utwór?

  • See how Sam happy when he drives his Miata is so awesome 🥰

  • This is my favorite kinda vid, just garage stuff. Love the fairly minimalist soft rice s13 look you're going for. Ill admit im a fan of when there's less music in general. Your best vid by far is the turquoise e28 street drifting one. The natural sound is nice and the same amateur soundcloud song tends to get old after it repeats a couple of times. But idk maybe most ppl like it

  • Must be hell to edit but we really appreciate the long videos! Much love from England

  • Hey Guys, firstly of all again amazing content, love seeing miata on the road and s13 in his final steps

  • You guys have no Idea how happy I get when you guys post, Mondays are better if I start with your videos

  • Watching your videos inspires me to work on my own car and make it unique and my own. Keep posting videos and on instagram. Love from Sweden

  • Love seeing the Miata out again! More Miata content soon pleaseee!

  • Damn the car sounds so nice. Great work lads itll be well worth the effort when finished.

  • This makes my hangover-day, half an hour of nightride content!

  • Yall give me Old Scool Lowcals vibes and I love it. definitely one of my fav content creators

  • there is no words to describe how good is this looking, any plans for events with S13? ultrace? others? and, stupid question, but why it is "Sil80"?

  • I want to see more of that blue 318ti. That content would be something I'd watch twice because I have such a passion for them

  • Chłopaki dajcie namiary na tego lakiernika, mega robota

  • I love your videos, I look forward to each and every one! ❤

  • Made me so happy to see Sam happy in the Miata :)

  • Damn that burnout in the old garage brought back memories. So nostalgic 😢

  • Great vid boys. This always makes my day.

  • The s13 looks so good guys! Its like yesterday you went to pick it up in pieces!

  • Insane video, really loved it. Amazing music choice aswell. So close to being finished !!

  • watching it being edited on stream was great, now we can watch final look! :3

  • It feels nice to see the final result of this video coming from watching you editing it in your livestream Sam.

  • Best live edit livestream i've been on,love your work guys keep up the great work.Cheers!

  • Seeing yall film the 1uz 200sx was one of the best decisions to subscribe and watch you guys!

  • Serio udało się miatkę na żółte zarejestrować? 😍

  • It feels really good to see you guys grow from The Miata to This, Congratulations and good luck for your future Endeavors 🤍✌💣

  • my face lit up when i saw this vid was 30 min! keep producing this amazing content boys

  • you guys made my monday❤‍🔥

  • The car looks sick! But i think everybody noticed that there is something wrong with your engine. Throttle skips and very strange start as you know

  • i suggest to cover the s13 in transparent ppf foil so there will be no worries about paint being schratched etc.

  • Maybe people want more Lada because it's such a nice car. Maybe do a short video of it just driving around the town? What's better than seeing a badass car just driving, looking cool. WE ❤ LADA

  • your guys content has me addicted to cars. and i dont even have a license😪

  • man the s13 looks so different sense you guys bought it love the colors.

  • I love how you bought a new turbo like it’s nothing 😂 great vid guys

    • it was 300 dollars. cheapest possible Chinese turbo

    • @NIGHTRIDE do you have some shop with that stuff nearby?

  • Chodzi jak ursus jak odpalasz to jak ma jechać 😂

  • Those E30 rear lights all in red are wonderfull!! You are the best guys!!!

  • loving the content boys!

  • Love the video! keep up the good work

    • music is great as usual

  • The music and overall vibe of this video was top notch

  • Great video as always 🔥🔥

  • Great video🤙 s13 looks better each video. Also can’t wait for Kevin to be finished

  • Love your videos guys❤ i do have one thing tho, pls make concrete parninglot it would make everything organized and look so good plus being good for the cars Its a dream for me to meet You guys sometime Love from Sweden

  • So good, great progress boys! The clicking of the camera, Are you aperture as you go in and out of the shed?

  • boys its fucking amazing how far its came. Keeeep going beasts

  • Loving the s13 series, much love from Michigan!

  • My absolute favourite channel on yt keep going guys I aspire to be like you guys one day

  • Widzę ze ciagle udar ryobi, polecam od siebie dewalta, nic go nie pokona :D

  • Thanks for making my day better :D

  • I love your videos, you are amazing ♥️

  • good job boys 1 mill coming for u guys soon