no no square is DEAD

čas přidán 28. 07. 2020
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  • 3:15 and...burber

  • Yes yes this is my hair but u can’t touch me anywhere triangles and squares everywhere 🤷‍♀️

  • anything is possible if you have enough lube

  • Dude I know it yes yes I this is my circle my friend’s sister looked at me piss and she started to snorkel

  • 6:01

  • Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that at somepoint of the vid it said an innapropriate part of the woman body on the board?

  • I wan to juicy to not cry.It annoying

  • NO NO SQUARE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!! and I love the no no square song on Spotify.

  • OMG no no square has an army that will save the meme R.I.P😓

  • I have an idea. I call this the high ground sphere. (singing) No no. Don’t try it here. This is. My high ground sphere. No no. Don’t try it here. No no. My high ground sphere. No no. Don’t try it here. This is. My high ground sphere. No no. Don’t try it here. No no. My... (stops) Hello There!

  • Try to compose nono square full version

  • Just some very emotional brainstorming bananas. The cube was my favorite.

  • Sprinkle Sprinkle star...(with this new shape, you think of a rhyme)

  • Yes yes, pull out the lube, this is my yes yes cube. How about that one boys?

  • It shouldnt be dead cause it was made for social distanceing and no touching people during covid-19

  • Imagine if this was a real life company. People outside must wonder wtf is going on this house. lol

  • Lol

  • wow actually i laugh

  • I like yes yes circle

  • Omg I got invited by my friend’s house

  • always laughing in your videos lmao

  • Finally started bleepin things out

  • I liked don't know cube mully

  • 8:13 thank me later to laugh at "Why?" When he moved those legs XD

  • I was literally saying i my mind maybemaybe square and when mully said that, My mind just like wtf


  • no no don't touch me here this is my no no sphere

  • gentlemen,gentlemen i have a solution * draws the arrow to the top of the board* UvU

  • No, it is...NOT!!!!

  • I rember that I knew these people in tiktok an I saw there no no square

  • It’s a school night and in watching this a 10:53 pm.You are lucky that im watching you at this time ;-;

  • “He on that game mode” 😭😭😭. I was laughing sooo hard at that part

  • Yes and no, is mabey tangled This right here is my mabey triangle. GOT EM

  • I mean like the no no square it’s the best one

  • I have one!! This is my don't know cube I lost my tooth paste tube

  • RIP no no scware

  • Actually yes the strongest shape is triangle for the holytrinity

  • Thank you

  • Josh’s voice crack though


  • Why

  • Who gave this a thumbs done!!!

  • Noooo why is no no sphere is gone :((

  • How about we replace the lube with glue

  • Yes yes please touch me here this is my yes yes sphere

  • I breath a lot more cause this video

  • My teacher: jimmy jr. What is 1+1 Me: no no don’t touch me there this is my no no square no no don’t touch me there this is my no no square

  • Me to

  • So like we not gunna talk about how they are not on earth 😳

  • Dose no no square have to be dead like why does it have to 😭 I love no no square


  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • nonononnoonoononoononno the SQUARE is gone get it?????????????????????????????????????

  • Yes yes . Omg my dady .you will say this is my nani *-*

  • The No no Square is a blessing in disguise. Let us not let it die. Besides, it cannot be replaced nor can it be destroyed and Herbert raped Yoda. I felt bad for him. :( The meme must not die. It dies with its creator.

  • I hope everything’s ok!!!!!!

  • Just wanna say man my little nephew loves you guys all he keeps bugging me about is getting a juicy t-shirt from yall. Lol he has literally been binging all the brushes then he saw this vid and laughed for over 16 mins.

  • Free free lets free the the line if try to free the line you are the best rime:) F*ck my life

  • Guys my brain said: No no don’t come near, this is my no no sphere. (Me realizing its the same thing) 🤯

  • No no don’t touch me there this is my no no square

  • I goanna sing no no SQUAE for the last time


  • you need auto tune

  • The way he stands 10:32😂😂😂

  • I don’t want a job!! Please mully save me before they give us a job I hate having a job just please save me

  • This is the songs (tap on the blue things) Yes yes circle: 3:22 (part two) 3:37 Maybe Maybe Triangle 4:24 What what polygon (honestly my favourite) 5:28 Dont know cube 6:24 Hope this helps when you want to listen to the songs!!

  • Yes, Yes, Please touch me there. This is my virgin square. U can kick and Frick it if u Want.

  • Guys who do u download this? What is it compatible on pls respond also what els do u need to play it except the vr hesdset

  • Why is anybody talking about 11h in the same god damn map!

  • 5:28 “what-what polygon, choking is my main turn on.”-Joshdub

  • No no don’t touch me there

  • You made no no square

  • Rip no no Square your forever be in my heart because that’s all sing in school to my bf

  • Josh said they’re going to have to get jobs but I don’t think Eddie can get one. “He not a legal immigrant”

  • That 1+1 in the end though XD


  • Bunk Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Guughhj

  • no. no. square is. not. dead. you. lie

  • I got it dude yes yes this is your circle when you step out of the circle you turn purple

  • What game is this?

  • I still think what what polygon can get over if given the chance

  • No no don’t breath my air this is my COVID air

  • why can you see earth from the window?

  • Do the demonyo star

  • When they went back through the portal to the office, did anyone else feel like there's gonna be an ad

  • Based on a true story

  • 7:52 can anyone tell me the melody's name ???

  • All the brushes: -normal brush -purple brush -baby brush -purple baby brush -blue baby brush -Angry/red brush -Cartoon brush -disabled brush(s) -rich brush -Low quality brush(Scrush) -buff normal brush -siren-head brush -burnt baby brush -dead/zombie brush -Joshdub 5mil hoodie brush -purple demon baby brush -mully face brush -gangster brush -monkey brush(pimp chimpin’!) -red baby brush -knuckles brush -mexican brush -fat baby brush These are all the ones that have appeared in videos that I know of.

  • Mac daddy jaspal MAC DADDY

  • They should have turned this into a series of videos on how to get juice back

  • Them: "no-no square is dead." My Brother: "NO NO DON'T TOUCH ME THERE THIS IS MY NO NO SQUARE!!!"

  • Lol

  • No no square:save me **voice breaking** Josh:you'll be fine my son you will go to heaven **sobs**

  • I like chicken

  • no no don't touch my bone.....

  • *yes yes go touch me there, this is my yes yes square.*

  • Maybe the song could be yes yes yes touch me there then no no no don't touch me there you no

  • That’s why

  • Don’t stonk me there...