Nobody is going to break another major NBA record again after LeBron James - Bo |

čas přidán 31. 03. 2023
On The Right Time with Bomani Jones, Bomani is joined by Joel Anderson to break down Kyrie Irving being traded to Dallas, LeBron James passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and becoming the all-time leading scorer in the history of the NBA, and highlighting the greatness of Kareem.

#TheRightTime with Bomani Jones and Joel Anderson
00:00 Intro with Bomani Jones
01:03 Bomani welcomes Joel Anderson
12:00 Is Kyrie really the answer for the Mavs?
29:58 LeBron James breaks the NBA all-time scoring record

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  • I really appreciate this episode! No need to tear down any other players or nitpick while giving one guy his flowers! Kuddos!

    • Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and saviour

  • People said the '72 Lakers going 69-13 would never be broken. Then in 1996, it happened. Then in 2016, it happened again. The HR record is more hallowed. Can't control the pitch.

    • Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and saviour

    • @TheMETALICA40 0% chance. I'd bet my entire savings on that

    • Overated hr record...bonds got walked 200 times nest season

    • I want to know your opinion do you think a team can go 82-0?

  • Never say never. Records are meant to be broken. We won't live long enough to see records being broken. We'd all be dead in 100 years and people will be arguing different GOATs.

    • No one is breaking this record. Especially with load management, and the inevitable shortened nba season

  • #TheRightTime with Bomani Jones and Joel Anderson 00:00 Intro with Bomani Jones 01:03 Bomani welcomes Joel Anderson 12:00 Is Kyrie really the answer for the Mavs? 29:58 LeBron James breaks the NBA all-time scoring record

  • If LeBron continues to play at a level similar to this for another 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 years, then that record may NEVER be broken.

  • We didn't think anyone would break Kareem's record. If someone does break this record, it won't be in our lifetime

    • I never thought that. It's just a matter of having the desire to play long enough to break the record.

  • It’s not the same as a true competitor 2 pointers for 20 scoring record 2’s and 3’s for 20 scoring records The true winner of this does it with less and with shorter time, other than that it’s a celebration of completion.

    • Kareem had a chance to hit 3s and couldn’t. That was never going to be apart of his game anyway so really you are saying that a guard can’t become greater because their skill set is better. 3s are harder to hit than 2s last time I checked…


  • Considering the fact that no one in the NBA plays defense anymore, and you can play until your 50, with zero physicality to wear you down over time, and the league just shoots 3s, which produces points 50% faster, this record definitely won't last 40 years, like Kareem's did

    • @Lamontè Williams go watch mj 50 point games and watch everyone he scores and let me know if that’s defense😂😂 go watch mj vs phx series all games and let me know if that’s defense. U don’t watch ball bro….

    • They don't play defense bro...

    • It’s more wear and tear because the pace is faster! Covering g more distance per game compared to back in the day..reason you see ALOT more soft tissue injuries in todays game

    • @sirjer73 yeah I agree I did say back then was more physical but that doesn’t necessarily mean better.

    • @Inspirational Flight when people talk about no defense they are speaking about the lack of physicality. And let's be honest that's in every sport. Hockey, basketball and football took out quite a bit of physicality because they wanted free flowing high octane scoring sports. The NBA of the 90s was getting harder and harder to watch as the decade went on. The Knicks vs Heat was riveting to watch but very unappealing on the eyes from a offensive basketball standpoint. Even the NHL had to free up the zone thing the New Jersey Devils did when they won 3 Stanley Cups. It was not fun to watch.

  • On the Kyrie subject -- trying to decipher ANYTHING that dude says is really a fool's errand. Like, Kyrie himself doesn't even know why he's trying to say half the time. Dude is a complete wild card, both in his actions and his words -- and I'm not sure the Mavs are fully aware of what they've signed up for, at least over the next few months.

  • I do believe that LeBron gets too much hate then he deserves. As a diehard Laker fan that was so happy when he came to the team and is someone that has a LeBron James Lakers jersey I can say I’m a fan of his. But to say this record will never be broken, especially the way the rules have been changed to where they’ve made scoring easier than ever. I expect this record to be broken 20 years. All we need to do is give someone the time to break it now. We have two or three players a month now having 50 point games. On top of that as much as I like LeBron, I think ESPN as a network and the diehard, LeBron James fans that are borderline crazy have completely lost it when they see things like “how come no one’s talking about this for making a big deal out of him breaking Kareem’s record ?” Are you kidding me? For six weeks before he broke the record every day online there was someone else talking about it. They constantly talked about it on ESPN and Fox Sports. Acting like this hasn’t been the biggest sport story before the Super Bowl is insane. Yes, LeBron deserves respect. He’s definitely someone that should be on. Everyone’s at least top 10 list. He’s one of the greats, the man is a living legend, while I don’t think he’s a more skilled basketball player than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. I do think he is a bigger and better athlete than those two, but let’s not pretend that ESPN and other people in the media have been trying to downplay Michael’s and Kobe‘s accomplishments and win people like Shannon Sharpe and Kendrick Perkins, bring up the reasons why he’s the goat, conveniently no one ever talks about how Michael Jordan for three seasons, lead the league in steals, held the scoring title for 10 seasons, was the greatest two-way player in the game, how both Michael and Kobe made more all defensive teams, and when people talk about field goal percentage, they never talk about the further away you get from the basket Kobe and Michael both had better percentages. I’m not saying that to disown LeBron at all, but I’m tired of Michael and Kobe being disrespected, especially from a net work when a former employee named Paul Pierce said one of the reasons he didn’t like working at ESPN is because he was told daily he has to talk about how great LeBron James is. And he is great, but I think ESPN in people in the media like Nick Wright , Kendrick, Perkins, and Shannon Sharpe constantly having an agenda I think in 20 years when we look back at it it’s going to hurt his legacy more than it helps. I don’t think LeBron was booed at the Super Bowl, because he’s a bad player, I think he was booed at the Super Bowl, because the people that are pulling for him the hardest come off annoying and just disrespectful to other players. For example, when Michael Jordan completed his first three peat, do you know what we didn’t do back then? We didnt immediately run around town screaming how crappy Magic Johnson and Larry bird were. Disrespecting the legends that came before. Doesn’t make the guy you’re pulling for any better. But the day LeBron broke Kareem’s record. I saw anti-Michael Jordan post an anti-Kobe Bryant post everywhere. If you have to trash the legends that came before your guy instead of congratulating LeBron, it’s not a good look. LeBron is one of the all-time greats, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about how there isn’t enough coverage respect on him. When every three weeks they have a goat debate ESPN and Fox sports even in the summertime when there’s no basketball with people debating who’s better Michael Jordan or LeBron. The media is constantly behind him. Like I said, I like LeBron, I’m a fan, and I’m pulling for him to win another championship with the Lakers. You have no idea how bad I want him to get his fifth championship while in the purple and gold. I cheer for LeBron, and I was happy when he broke the all-time scoring record, the man’s a legend and deserves his respect. But the people pulling for him the hardest I believe is what are making some people turned off by him now.

  • I agree with the mavericks take with exception that Jason Kidd was also an All-Star Dirk played with. Besides nitpicking great show as always 5 stars so you know I’m not a hater 😂

    • @Desten Cumby he did tho in 08 and again in 10 so that is just a false statement

    • Jason Kidd didn't make all star team while playing with Dirk tho. That's what they mean. Josh Howard was the only one after Nash left

  • Klay 🎯 18 3 next game I can feel it

  • Love he broke the record. But it's not good when a lot of fans don't care if the great LeBron doesn't make the playoffs anymore. Is he going for the assist record now.

  • JKidd was also an all star with Dirk

    • Right, so was Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler

  • This record will be broken again in another 20 yrs or so. The game is evolving to only shooting 3s now so it's only a matter of time. Not a lebron fan, dude deserves props 👏

    • Uh just cuz u shoot a lot of threes don’t mean u can make them, i.e Westbrook. Injuries literally occur more now than ever before and even when players aren’t injured they still load manage more now than ever before which means less and less games played. All facts no opinion so ur argument is completely invalid.

    • That means the person who breaks will be in the nba within 3-4 years.

  • LeBron averaged 21 at 18, 27 at 19, 31.4 ppg at 20! He’s always been an elite scorer he just was as efficient from mid range and 3s! Ppl don’t seem to understand LeBron is a top5 SCORER ever as well as well as Top5 passer! No one else in Top10 points is even top32 in assists while LeBron is 4th with a chance of 2nd! LeBron also has most career playoff points by A TON! 7631 vs 2nd place MJ 5987! Yes longevity being in prime for 19 years is unprecedented but he’s also essentially tied for 3rd in POINTS PER GAME average with Elgin Baylor & Durant (behind MJ Wilt but if Durant & LeBron averaged as many shots as those 2 they’d by 30+ too). When you combine reg season and playoffs he’s 4th all time in PPG! LeBron 6th most mid range fade aways since 2011-12, first shot of his career at 18 vs Kings was 14 foot SWISH and the record breaker was 14 foot fade away swish! Also LeBron only 19 FGA going 12-19, 4-6 threes, 8-10 FTs so he didn’t force anything. Bomani and so many dudes are so casual also with LeBron “WINNING” vs “LOSING”. Lakers were WINNING by +8 in 34mins when LeBron was ON COURT last night vs OKC and when he was OFF COURT they were LOSING by -11! This year when LeBron is ON COURT Lakers WIN BY +3 (same as Bucks) and when he’s OFF COURT they LOSE by -7 (worse then hornets). AD looked like he smoked 9 blunts with Covid that game as well.

  • 50 years later 2073 Lebron will still be the all time scoring leader

  • Why would Bron do all that extra stuff after all the bs Cap has said about Bron?

  • Jokić is braking them on daily baises.

  • To me Jordan was an amazing spectacle to watch and will always be my 🐐.. However let's be respectful to all parties and say he was the Goat of his era just as Kobe was in his and Lebron is now in his. Let's just leave it at that

    • People are allowed to have their own opinions. If I think think Brain Sacalabrine is the GOAT that's perfectly alright. People need to learn to accept opposing opinions.

  • The scoring record shouldn't have been broken last night. Why? LeBron had a head start coming out of high school while MJ spent 3 years in college. MJ was scored 32,292 in 1,072 games. LeBron passed MJ with 1,190 games played. That's 118 more games played than MJ. MJ had 2 seasons where he played 18 and 17 games. In his 2nd season, he got injured and only played 18 games, but still averaged 22 ppg. The 17 games was when he came back at the end of the season from retirement. He averaged 26 ppg. Both season were only worth 406 and 457 points. MJ retired 2 times before finally retiring. MJ missed almost a full 5 seasons due to retirement. MJ scored 2,300 his 1st season. Once he came back from injury in his 3rd season, he scored 3,000 points. From then, he scored, 2800, 2600, 2700, 2500, 2400, 2500 before his 1st retirement. The season after he came back, he scored 2400, 2400, 2300 before retiring again. Now looking at LeBron, his 1st and 2nd season was 1600 and 2100. His 3rd season was 2400. That's the highest points he scored in a season. Every season following has been below that. He's had 8 seasons scoring below 2000 points. Even if you exclude the lockout and covid, he's had 1 too many under 2000 points seasons. His numbers during his 1st stint with the Cavs are way lower than MJ's with the Bulls. MJ was putting up monster numbers. MJ had 6 straight seasons scoring between 37 to 30 points ppg before his 1st retirement. The numbers tell the story. MJ would be way over 40,000 points had he not retired. He would have been the #1 all time scorer. This is embarrassing for LeBron who got a 3 year head start on MJ. Proof that MJ is the GOAT. Also, LeBron loses the game during a milestone again. lol

    • @white Ink Facts..

    • Jordan couldn't handle the rigorous wear and tear on the mental and he was beloved by the media and not even in the 24 hour news cycle, social media era hence him taking a break two times

    • lebron broke the record in 142 less games than kareem did...... but go on and keep rambling

  • Unless they change the rules again

  • I can't glorify a scoring record when the man isn't accomplishing anything with his team.

    • @Gbone 4 times, his first was with a team that already won a championship without him and the last was the bubble ring...

    • Let’s pretend he didn’t lead his team to a championship

    • Because it matters what you can or can't do, lmao

  • It will be broken.We just won’t be alive to see it

  • Bron will be first and only player in the NBA to score 40k+ points. Dudes like Kawhi load management Leonard can barely score 20k

  • Congrats to Lebron James, but Here's the reality: WILT CHAMBERLAIN. Only played 11 years and sat out 1. Most Rebounds, Most Blocks, Most Assists, Most Points per Season, Most Points per Game, stats go on and on. Averaged 50ppg and 25rpg for an Entire Season! ONLY player to block Kareem Jabbar's Sky Hook (Many Times). Could Dunk standing from the Foul Line. NBA had to change court spacing and rules because of Wilt. List goes on and on. Retired 50 years ago, Held 68 individual records and still holds 9 to this day. Sure, Jordan has more Championships and Russell has more Rings. But those are TEAM Awards. No one comes remotely close to Wilt Chamberlain's INDIVIDUAL Achievements! And if that's not enough, was better looking too. This is an Absolute No-Brainer. OH, And WILT WOULD EAT Lebrons LUNCH. Period.

  • Glad I missed it.

  • Yeah but people still saying he’s better than Jordan STILL don’t have enough to give him the seat as goat. Period. Yeah he’s amazing. But he isn’t the goat lmao

  • Yes they will, just like he broke Kareem's...

  • Get Klay Travis on to celebrate LBJ

  • Bo never disappoints with the 'Nation of Islam' reference I really feel bad for the way he was raised it's unbelievable that his Father raised him to be a racist smh so sad



  • Lebron Also holds the All Time TURNOVER (Fk'd up with the Ball) Record with 4,926!! Michael Jordan doesn't even make the top 20 of that list!!!

  • Steph actually did something much harder, actually, if anyone stands alone it’s him.

  • Has he won 8 rings as he himself promised? No?! Then he still hasn't earned any respect.

    • Is that you Karceno

    • @Dion R I agree with you sir 💯.

    • @Dion R 😭😭😭😭 he doesn’t know u therefore idt he gaf

    • @PaulS23 LeBron James is a BUST because he didn't deliver on his own guarantee that he made with his big mouth.

    • @Dion R he doesn’t know u

  • Challenge accepted.

  • One goat 23 MJ

  • I don’t understand why lebron still gets so much hate still

    • Come on, they are witnessing greatness, these lames can't look away. They're sick. Goat James reigns supreme and they can't take it.

    • It's largely (if not mostly) people who grew up on MJ who resent the idea that anyone could even challenge their hero's status as the 🐐. Two different eras of basketball. Both were the greatest of THEIR times.

  • @1:07 Why did he do that s%#* D*%k move when he announced the guy’s name

  • Hard pass. Maybe when he shits up and dribbles. But I doubt it.

  • Sad too see all em people there watching it on their cell phones

  • Lmaooooo you bums… jokic boutta pass him all time on the triple double list and he was like 25 away at the beginning of the season now he like ten games away. And that’s a major record

  • If they take LeBron's path of statpadding they gonna break many records

  • Kareem wasn't the goat and he held that record. Stop with the LeBron the goat because he has that record now . Lmao 🤣😂😂 If you think LeBron is in Jordan Level you're tripping and you're just being brainwashed by some bias analysts stand talking on some sports shows For their own interest and ratings. LeBron have won championships ONLY when he has a super team. ( 2 or more others superstars with him) even the Micky mouse ring in world Disney. In that team he had. Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Rojon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Danny green, Alex Caruso, etc .a stacked team. #2-. LeBrond has 3 mayor weaknesses that no others great players in the Rushmore has. 1- Dude can't shoot from 3, in a 3 point Era . Jordan is better than him from the 3 point line in playoffs time ( when it matters the most) 2-. He has 6 seasons in his career averaging 63-73% from the free throw line ( that's the reason why he always passed the ball when the game was on the Line, because he knows if he got fouled... he'd lose the game shooting those free throws) and 3-. LeBron last year became the ALL TIME KING in turnovers in NBA history. But the media. NBA and ESPN only talk about Kareem's longevity record . If you notice it...Karl Malone is #3 ever in scoring . Ahead of Michael Jordan. Is he better than Jordan because of that ? Nope. Even Kobe is ahead of Jordan when it comes to All Time points. WHY ? because those 4 players ( Kareem, LeBron, Malone and Kobe played 20 years in the NBA !!!! And Jordan only 13 . Duh !!!! .

    • this "superteam" narrative is getting old. dont let me remind you that without jordan the bulls made it to ecf and before that he was first round exits every year and had to wait for teams to get old to even win in the playoffs. being a hypocrite just saying.

  • All lebron did was pass Kareem in the all time scoring record cool he can have that he’s still not in the top 10 Jordan is the GOAT period

    • Leave the PCP alone

    • LBJ is the scoring goat among many other goat accolades

    • He’s not the goat that’s definitely MJ but I don’t see how he isn’t at the least top 3, top 2 even considering he overtook Kareem

    • He aint Goat but come on now, definitely top 10 LoL

  • Immature statement. Evolution says of course it will.... and remember what the game is actually really about. WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS! LeBron got 3 legit rings in 2 decades! poor return.

    • They already load managing an there are talks of shortening the season..they ain't breaking that record

  • Donkey James will never be the GOAT

    • Neither is MJ