Norm Macdonald & Courtney Thorne-Smith | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

čas přidán 14. 09. 2021
(Original airdate: 05/15/97) Courtney Thorne-Smith and Norm Macdonald talk about her leaving "Melrose Place" and working with Carrot Top on "Chairman of the Board."

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  • Well.....he DID ask...

  • Can’t believe they cut out when Norm says “retards”

  • Legendary!

  • I think Courtney gave Norm a F-me look 🤔

  • She couldn't help but laugh. Hilarious. Norm was the best.

  • conan definitely a rookie interviewer in this one, but the clip is all the better for it

  • The bleeped word, by the way, was "r3tards"

  • They probably offered her a huge chuck of money to do that awful movie and she thought it would just keep going on after that. Never even heard of that movie and don't know any one that has.

  • '' It was time'' she says. Time to commit career suicide like so many actresses that get too full of themselves after lucking out to be on a popular,successful show. Like so many she vanished from show biz forever after that.

  • norm was the smart kid in high school. funny and intelligent. but not the class clown.

  • BORED might be the funniest one liner in the history of talkshows

  • That was so great

  • I laughed so much it brings tears to my eyes. Norm's timing is so prefect.

  • Rip buddy

  • who the hell downvotes this clip? It's brilliant.

  • Courtney Thorne smith was famous ,wow this is an old old clip.

  • "do something with that you freak" Norm; "hold my beer"

  • She bears a strong resemblance to Caroline Kennedy is it [the eyes?]

  • Been watching this clip for years. Quintessential Norm.

  • There’s only one worse song than the “Nationwide Is On Your Side” YT ad song…Debbie Boone’s “You Light Up My Life.” PLEASE!!! No more Nationwide song! No offense to the singer…but 🤮!!!

  • I saw this when it first aired and knew that I had just seen one of the greatest moments in television history. I laughed so hard!

  • Ooh why censor?

  • I’ve been watching The Norm Show on CS-tv and was surprised to see Courtney in a guest spot on the third season. Of course ol’ Norm wrote in a kissing scene☺️

  • Norm is a goat man lmaooo

  • It’s funny cos the movie really did bomb

  • Like an jesus with the leper he gave this interview a path to salvation and god damn

  • Norm was on fire! One of my favorite clips of any show, any time. Absolute genius.

  • It’s actually so sad that even though Courtney is so young and talented here, that terrible Carrot Top film she had to promote was the last film she ever appeared in.

    • She’s had fairly steady work on tv ever since this interview though. I don’t think she’s doing too badly.

  • It sucks that Norm went back to Northern Canada, I'll miss him


  • Her attire is every female alternative rock artist in the 90s.

  • Best but less clearest /

  • Pretty sure Norm plowed Courtney that night as well

  • F

  • I bet that board is spelled B O R E D. 🤣🤣🤣 Norm will never be forgotten #savage

  • Do something with that you freak. And he did. Hit it outta the state!

  • Why censor re+ards?

  • based norm

  • Late Night with Norm MacDonald

  • I admire courtney for taking this positively and for being a good sport eventhough norm roasted her movie so badly here.

  • Chairman of the Board (1998) Budget: $10 million Box office: $181,233

  • Team Coco sucks for censoring this clip.

  • King of wit ! ladies and gentlemen

  • America should take a lesson from Courtney Thorne-Smith: sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  • I’m just baffled, that they censored that „R“ word. Don’t censor Norm, mates. It’s not his fault people nowadays have become so R, because they can’t handle a word. Very disrespectful.

    • it wasn't censored anywhere else except here!

  • "I bet Bored is spelled B-O-R-E-D".... the original mic-drop moment.

  • Did they really bleep out the word "Retards"? Social Justice Warriors.

  • She is more famous for this clip with Norm MacDonald than any TV show or movie she has been in.

  • Man I can’t stop rewatching this clip…so damn funny 😂

  • Always remembered this savage takedown.

  • The only thing famous of about that movie is Norm calling it “Chairman of the Bored”

  • Conan is trying his best to tell Norm not to pull her leg too much because she is Conan's guest. I read somewhere Conan later apologized to her.

    • She had a great time. Gave an interview recently remembering it as one of the highlights of her life/career to get roasted here.

  • 3:18 what's that?

  • The greatest

  • What a brilliant button to the interview. RIP Norm

  • As comic book guy would say, : "BEST GUEST EVER "

  • This clip is censored WTF

  • Courtney Thorne-Smith shortly after Norm died: “Every once in a while, I’ll run into Conan and he’ll apologize, and I say, ‘That was one of my favorite moments of my life.’ Teased by Norm Macdonald? Are you kidding? I did The Tonight Show once, and Don Rickles made fun of my father, and my father never stopped talking about it. This is my version of that. I told a story about my father telling a joke at my sister’s wedding, and then Don Rickles just went off on my father being crazy, and it was the high point of my father’s life. That’s how I felt when Norm teased me. It didn’t even occur to me that it could possibly be negative. I was beside myself. I was there to promote Chairman of the Board. I was not thrilled about having to do it, so when Norm took over, I’m like, Oh, thank you, God and Norm Macdonald. It was a blessing. Look - had I thought that Chairman of the Board was my path to an Oscar, I might have been offended. I did not. So it was a joy to be teased about it. Because I didn’t know what I was going to say [on the show]. I was like, Good, Norm, you take over.”

    • @Douwe Or so the Germans would have us believe.

    • @Sir Mount It would have AWESOME if she had gotten pissy. LOL

    • Clearly there were no hard feelings- 3 years later she made out with him as a guest star on his sitcom:

    • Chairman of the BORED*

    • @Sir Mount The joke is too good. Even Hitler would have laughed.

  • Why censor him saying retards? That takes so much from it!!

  • He singlehandedly killed that carrot top movie. I've never heard of it. So...(leans in)... singlehandedly.

  • One of a kind.... old lump of coal miss ya.

  • Thorne-Smith has so little talent. Norm saved the show.

  • wow, thats the quickest comedic wit of our generation. what a loss!

  • Probably someone else in these comments already mentioned this: The "b - o - r - e - d" spelling joke is set up by Conan. I wonder if this was rehearsed, or if Conan saw this opportunity (and maybe really did not know the title of the film in advance) and in a glimpse challenged Norm to catch that opportunity?

  • High quality, great.

  • The best part, to me, is that he wasn't really roasting her OR Carrot Top. He was roasting CONAN. Tormenting him.

  • I love this clip.

  • a legend RIP respect from pakistan

  • One of the best talk show moments in history.

  • I'm glad all the retards who are stand up comedy fans and definitely watching this video won't be offended since the word is censored here.

  • Norm made a decision in the womb to never once take life seriously and his committment was total and awesome. The greatest.

  • I hate how these are censored, I remember the originals being great, even if they are 7 year old youtube clips

  • Carrot top is box office poison though

  • I wonder if Norm actually saw Chairman of the Bored

  • Late night tv shows used to actually be funny! I feel like the old lady in the "sure grandma, let's get you to bed" meme. tf happened to us?

  • I'm sure Carrot Top is thrilled that this is Norm's masterpiece, and will be eternally revered whenever Norm Macdonald is honored.

  • Norm's mannerisms are those of an 8th grade boy. Love it!

  • CTS will always be Cheryl for me. She was amazingly funny in "According to Jim"

  • I remember very few specific details of this interview off the top of my head. I do remember Conan somewhat losing control, so he just invited Norm one last intrusion, which Norm took advantage of, almost causing Conan to just collapse in laughter. Some comedians will stick with some favorite jokes/punchlines even if the audience doesn't really like them that much. The bombing itself can be humor. For him, it worked. Retired Dobermans, Germans trying to trick you, and Frank Stallone were pretty regularly used. David Hasselhoff too, maybe?

  • Legendary..What a good sport Courtney was btw

  • Conan shouldn't have taunted Norm at the last minute, but if he hadn't we wouldn't have gotten such an iconic moment. RIP you old chunk of coal


  • Even Courtney loses it there at the end. Norm was the best!

  • When McDonald says "B-O-R-E-D" and Conan just loses it... man, one of my fave comic moments ever.

  • And this is Norm going off the top of his head. Imagine if he even had an hour to come up with an even BETTER joke. But it just shows he was a genius.

  • Chairman of the board (1998) Budget: 10 million Box office: $181,233 USD 😂😂

  • This clip was so long ago it was when Courtney was on Melrose Place. I figured According To Jim or her recurring character on Two and A Half Men during the Ashton Kutcher years. Well in between she was on Ally McBeal. You can see her as a teen in the film Summer Vacation with Mark Harmon and Kristie Alley from 1986 or 1987. Actually she maybe was 20. I think she was born in 1966. Ah, I see she was quitting Melrose Place. That was why show failed. Everyone came and went or were killed off Melrose Place. She ended on Ally McBeal the following season but left to According to Jim one year earlier before show ended. The Carrot Top movie also came out right after joining Ally McBeal. So interview is from 1997.

  • I don't like that Conan seems so competitive and controlling- like he can never let the flow of funny evolve. Conan was trying to shut off anything not going where Conan didn't want. Norm was messing with the entire format.

  • And Courtney was never heard from again.

  • greatest. comeback. ever.

  • Norm, Patrice, Mitch, Bill Hicks...wish they were still with us.

    • Ralphie May

  • Team Coco censuring stuff? That's sick. That's not right. Come on guys!

  • Norm literally cracks his nuckles and delivers, "I bet board is spelled B O R E D" 😂

  • Somebody please tell me the “Chairman of the Bored” quip was impromptu. It will make me revere the guy even more.

  • Everything Norm said about this movie was accurate

  • Damn, I already miss him! RIP Norm.

  • "Oh are you talking about M E L R O S E P L A C E?"

  • "Tourist retards"

  • Fun fact: Courtney Thorne-Smith didn’t make another movie until 2009.