NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti in 2021 Revisit: Benchmarks vs. 1080 Ti, 3080, 6800 XT, & More

čas přidán 20. 01. 2021
We're revisiting the NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti in 2021, specifically the EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti. The 980 Ti is a former flagship, now benchmarked vs. 1080 Ti, 970, 5700 XT, 3080, 6800 XT, & lots more.
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Watch our GTX 970 2021 revisit: cs-tv.org/tv/video-bhLlHU_z55U.html
This 2021 review of the NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti uses the EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid, setting forth to determine how the card compares to modern GPUs, like the RTX 3080, RTX 3070, RTX 3060 Ti, RX 6800 XT and 6800, and also to those in between. Because the GPU market is such a mess right now, depending entirely on where you live, you might have a better chance at getting an RTX 3060 Ti than a used GTX 1080 Ti; at the same time, if your local marketplaces have more used cards (discounting eBay, which seems to be way too expensive right now), it might be sensible to grab something used. Even still, the GTX 980 Ti does well overall for 1080p gaming in 2021, depending on the graphics quality settings, so it can hang on for a little while yet.
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00:00 - The Once-King Returns
03:47 - History of the GTX 980 Ti, Maxwell, & Pascal
06:38 - GTA V (4K, Frametimes, 1440p, & 1080p) GTX 980 Ti Benchmarks
11:01 - Three Kingdoms GTX 980 Ti Benchmarks in 2021
13:14 - Horizon Zero Dawn 980 Ti in 2021 (1080p, 1440p, & 4K)
16:07 - Rainbow Six: Siege (1080p, 1440p, & 4K) Benchmarks
17:24 - Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p GPU Benchmarks
17:58 - Red Dead Redemption 2 at 1080p GPU Benchmarks
18:28 - Strange Brigade at 1080p
18:44 - Conclusion: GTX 980 Ti vs. 1080 Ti, RTX 3080, RX 6800 XT, etc.

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Testing, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick


  • You requested it! Here's the 980 Ti. What's next? Watch our GTX 970 2021 revisit: cs-tv.org/tv/video-bhLlHU_z55U.html GPU TESTING METHODOLOGY EXPLAINER: cs-tv.org/tv/video--P7-ML-bPCE.html

    • @Split/Scream I just sold my Zotac 980ti Amp Extreme. Was a great card but I managed to pick up a evga3090 online from Scan.

    • @Jared Elliot Trying it out right now. Looks good so far :)

    • not sure if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

    • 11:19 Maxwell, not Pascal. And I wanted to add that Titan X Maxwells (blower fan) with stock voltages still holds the line with stock 1080 Ti's. If anyone is able to get a deal on them. However, there is *NO RAY TRACING SUPPORT* of any kind on the Maxwell series. Sorry :(

    • Next I guess is 980ti vs 1660ti/super? , for people building pc's that are looking for a 'you'll do' whilst waiting for gpu prices to drop?

  • 3080 is temporary But 1080 Ti is eternal .....

  • "The longer 980 Ti and 1080 Ti are on earth, the stronger they will become."

  • the linus joke earned you a sub

  • shouldve thrown in rx 580, 1070, 1060 , 5500xt as comparisons

  • You didn't add in the fact of putting these cards in SLI.

  • I'm looking to upgrade from a 960 for 1080p . With the 980ti available for 40-50% the price of the modern equivalents , or cards with similar performance , it really is a no brainer.

  • "We saw a 5700xt going for 500$ on ebay" and here we are, 3 months later. The 5700xt is being listed for 1k euro and above on ebay in Germany.

  • I'm running two GTX 960 in SLI, & it can still run just about anything on ultra with close to 60fps. Granted you could buy an RTX 20-series for the same price, but still; I bought mine 5+ years ago.

  • 980 ti is a kang but the 1080 ti is the kang of kangs.

  • lol "5700xt for 500 is nuts" now if I can find it for 1k I'll buy it instantly

  • I really like these revisit videos

  • Watching this on my i7 980X and GTX 960

  • I just upgraded from a 980ti to a 3070, the 980ti was a great card for the time I had it. The real hero was the 2600k that was paired with the 980ti. That cpu lasted me 10 years and still could've easily gone longer. The 10600k I upgraded to isn't that much to hype about compared to how great sandy bridge was at release.

  • 5700 xt now selling for 1k.....woah

  • It's april 22, 2021. The only 980 ti available on amazon is listed for $1200. Sad day, eh?

  • I have a 980ti on a 2k 60 inch tv. It handles all games on max except games in the last 2 years have to be bumped down. I'm left without those nice RTX reflections and another 2k of resolution would be nice but not worth upgrading if it all still works.

  • I got a 1080ti MSI in December last Year for 150€. What min. CPU should i looking for? Now it runs with a FX 8350, Overall it ist fine but Dice and Bethesda Engine suxx.

  • yeah it's crazy i sold a 1660Ti for $572 on ebay

  • I still have a 980 Kingpin, and a 1080ti. Both I believe are still good cards.

  • Bottom line if you can get a used 980ti for $150.00 get it especially now with the crazy gpu market.

  • Love my MSI 980 TI. Was looking to upgrade, but gonna wait until gpu prices go back to normal. Wish I still had my GTX 690 to see how that old card still does.

  • Still rocking that exact model EVGA 980Ti while I wait for a chance to get a 3080 or 3090. Solid GPU, my only wish is that I had gotten a 1080p monitor instead of this 2k. It really struggles to put up more than 60fps with most newer games on high settings. Built a pretty top of the line PC fall of 2015, but now I'm in dire need of an upgrade. Waiting to play Cyberpunk and quite a few other titles until I build another. I should've bought the 2080 instead of waiting another generation, that 20/20 hindsight tho.

  • Watching this in April and all I can think is, "Wow, the 1080 ti was selling for only $450 then?" WHOO MARKETS~~

    • I wish I had psychic powers. I could have brought a couple for the price I ended up paying just for my 980 and powersupply to feed it after my 670 broke down. Still happy to have a monster card like this (just overclock it, it's amazing. my benchmark is "Can it run DMC V and Ark on High Settings under 70c" and it does that with pride.

  • @Gamers Nexus steve can u test the 980 vs 980ti, Tech Deals has some weard numbers about them.Their 980 beats 980ti in every game....must be a driver issue.

  • Conclusion: If you only play in mostly 1080p there is no need to upgrade from a 980 Ti or 1080 Ti. 2K/4K is still considered "Enthusiast" & certainly not baseline even in 2021, don't waste your cash upgrading to a 3000/4000 series until you have a build to take full advantage of the GPUs needs & avoid the bottlenecks running in fulltime 2K/4K. 1080 Ti is still the King, Holding the Throne for 5 years now. RTX is not mainstream & is still a marketing gimmick in the end, GDDR6 is the only true advantage the newer GPUs have over a 1080 Ti.

  • Please do a revisit of the Polaris series, especially the 480 & 590 (first gen vs best silicon) compared with the 970,390 & 1060

  • A month or two back I got a EVGA branded 780ti for about 173 after taxes/shipping. (got it right after my stimmy dropped). Found a seller who had a stock of these. Soon after I got it, he sold out and now I'm only really seeing buy it now listings for working units selling for over $250. So looks like I got mine for a good price. I was looking to get a 980 as it was the last card to have native VGA support (as I game primarily on a CRT monitor and I know adapters exist but they tend to be subpar experience when wanting to do custom timings and such) but the prices for those were a bit high for what I wanted to drop on a single item. So far my 780 ti is holding up nicely and has no defects. Been pretty satisfied with it. For reference the card I replaced with this was a GTX 450. So a decent jump from that outdated budget card. :D You have a 770 on some of your benchmarks...kinda wish you had the 780ti up there too. Would like to see where my card holds up in your comparisons. :D

  • would like to get a 980Ti to upgrade the RX 580, but sadly it doesn't support freesync

  • I had a 980Ti when it came out. Such an excellent card.

  • I ordered a new MAINGEAR pre-built. Only way to get a 3080 xD (although I've been waiting 10 weeks). I have a 980 ti ROG STRIX and it runs stuff okay, but I am on a 1440p high refresh rate monitor. My biggest problem is playing newer not well optimized games like CYBERPUNK and Serious Sam 4. CYBERPUNK runs somewhat okay at 1080p lowest settings (50fps), but Serious Sam 4 is a struggle to play at all.

  • you should see how the 1080 founders edition holds up in SLI

  • My 980ti died the other week, but i found a repair shop that deals with GPUs, do you think its worth trying to fix for a £60 ? ATM i cant afford to buy any gaming card lol

  • 1500 and 1000 LUL try 2k for either card

  • Ahh how good those 1080ti prices look by comparison just a few months later.

  • Love the work, but I really wish you included gtx1650 with low power and Turing it's good to compare against 1080ti imho

  • At 14:45 - What is that "EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 OC +50/+900" in the middle of the graph? Is it a fake GPU from China, maybe a 1080 Ti with modified BIOS to look like a RTX 3090?

  • Does your hair support ray tracing?

  • 1080 gang raise your dongers! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • Just swapped out my MSI 980 ti for a 3070 and holy shit am I fucking glad I did

  • Dont get why 1660 Super or 5600XT are out of this test. It would made much sense than some bad ass cards.

  • still rocking the gtx 780. wanted 3070 but shortage and orders came inbetween so I will have to rock this for a one or two years

  • Still kickin it with my 980ti SLI/4790k build. Wish SLI support hadn't totally dried up cause when it's good the setup can still hang with the boys. Otherwise I'm still plenty able to play all the releases I care about with playable performance until GPUs calm back down.

  • I pulled a 1080ti for $275 about 8 months before this gpu crisis. Not upgrading until the cards are selling at MSRP.

  • Just looked at Ebay for the 980 and saw a BIN price of 199.99...for a parts/not working gpu. Can somebody kick these fools off of ebay, please? My faves are the ones selling empty boxes for 100 00....dicks!

  • Bummer that 290X/390X, Fury, Vega56/Vega64 are missing. I believe 290X is a better performer than the 980ti in modern games.

  • so its worth to buy gtx 980 ti in 2021?

  • I hope my 980 ti survives bf6

  • i `m so sad that i sell this card the card i had i was and still soo fool

  • 980TI VS Out of Stock VS Out of Stock, conclusion, 980TI is the winner.

  • Shit I wish I could get a 5700xt for $500 right now lol

  • I have 3 GTX 980Ti. Does anyone have an MB LGA 1150 with a 4 way SLI? Money is no object or the only object.

  • A 5700 XT for $500 actually isn't bad right now if its new. I got an new MSI RX 5700 XT Gaming X for $500 2 or 3 months ago, because I gave up on getting a 6000 series GPU. The MSI RX 5700 XT is normally way higher than $500 lately, especiallythe gaming X variant. It could be way worse. They are often spotted for $1000 and up.

  • I just found a 980ti. My neighbor sold me his old gaming pc and it had a EVGA 980ti SC+. At 1080p I don't have issues with the games I play. Thank you for all the info!!

  • honestly glad I was able to snag a used vega 64 for $300 before the gpu shortage. seeing all these 3-4 gen old benchmarks is really making me realize how lucky I was.

  • still using 980ti ill w8 for 4000 series then get 3070 thats the plan anyway

  • Fucking perfect video for me, since I'm still on a 980ti and can't find shit :(

  • Glad I coped a 1660 super wile prices were good 👍

  • I'm still rocking a 980ti

  • If I have to watch Gamer nexus GPU review, I have to watch it in my Pc , coz the graph is to many and to tiny in smartphone display...All i need is the fps number in several games

  • All "80 Ti" cards become a "70" card in the next generation just like this: GTX 780 Ti -> GTX 970, GTX 980 Ti -> GTX 1070, GTX 1080 Ti -> RTX 2070, RTX 2080 Ti -> RTX 3070.

  • It smashes Crysis! Its actually a really fun game.

  • these were selling for 185 - 250 CDN up until last 6 months now there are 500+ lol in ontario.

  • Remember the time when Steve told us not to hoard gpu parts like toilet paper?

  • Hair clippers in 2021.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • just got a 1080ti for 90 dollars

  • Would you get 1080ti or 5700xt for 1080p 144hz monitor, cpu is 7600k (yea I know cpu is crap) but looking at these 2 cards they are pretty close in performance and there is that thing where amd performs better with lower tier cpu?

  • Can you install this old GPU on new Motherboards and work?

  • Just got a 980ti reference for 200€ as an 'upgrade' to my 1060 6g. And I can sell the 1060 for about 300€ wich is what I paid for it at launch ,almost 5 years ago! Crazy times we live in rn. I would gladly buy a 3060/3070 but retailers here are selling 3060s starting at 1400€... sad face

  • lol my 5700xt went for $800.

  • Vega in 2021 ? Pleas ? :)

  • 980ti gains very much when overclocked

  • As a vaginal crease user I'm still using a gtx 980ti paired with a 4930k and at 1080p this machine performs well, when overclocked on water she runs like a rape date.

  • I just checked...these are going for $200-$300USD....

  • i need an upgrade but this damn prices are insane i might wait for an 3090 ti or or even a 4080

  • I recently got a 1080 ti evga sc2 for $425... how thats a long story. Ask me and I'll tell you

  • Yo I'm still rocking my 980ti and have a 3070 mining lol

  • Rainbow Six Siege have a Vulkan Support that push Performance Further.

  • I HATE the cost for even a 2060 ko. crazy expensive

  • I only play 1080p at 185hz

  • I can't wait for the crypto currency craze to crash hard so we can buy the new cards.

  • Pickup a 980 ti hybrid for $200. I don't game just video editing amd illustrator. Works great for my need especially since yoi can't get a new card unless you're independently wealthy. Glad the card is still good. But can't figure out why newegg list the not hybrid for $820 new. That is insane

  • lol those prices are weak here people are selling like rx 580s for 450 euros and 5700xt for up to 1000e its insane what is happening

    • Na kupujem prodajem sajtu ima 1660 super za 400 evra. Ja sam je prosle godine U Martu platio 270 evra

  • Framerates on World of Warcraft?

  • Thx this actualy helpt alot

  • I'm always grateful of my old 980 ti. It was my first flagship, it kicked butt. I was already trying to game in 4K back then, though, and that was rough.

  • I have a GTX980 and only play World of Tanks. Frame rate is perfectly OK for my gaming skills. It easily drives 3 1440p monitors for day to day work.

  • At least I still have a 9600GT if my 5600XT gives me any issues.... or a 7770!

    • @1GTX1 You take that gamble with AMD with no iGPU unless it's an APU, I'm in the same boat though the next system I'm piecing together from leftover parts with have an Athlon 3000G. And a GTS 250 bit that might get bumped to a 8950 (Think Dell used these OEM cards) if I think it needs it. Prices have gone insane for anything newer then a 700 series!

    • Thanks for reminding me that i also have 9600gt if my 1660 super fails, i was just thinking about how it sucks that my Ryzen 3600 doesn't have intel HD like my previous i5, but 9600gt is just as good

  • EVGA doing only a notify me on their store. You can't go on and buy you go to a waiting list, so if want the latest and greatest that's a good place to go. you only have 8hours to complete checkout tho when you get the email.

  • This comment is writen with a ASUS CUII GTX980 Thingy! Been going for 6 years now

  • I can not see my amd 260x in this list,WHY NOT,..its still great at 720p.

  • I own two of the evga gtx 980 ti hybrid and they both still kick ass and run very cool. I use mine to render a lot ,play games np.

  • its cazy how good the 1080ti still is now

  • Where's the 16 series representation man? We're people too 😢

  • damn if i held out a year and built my system 5yrs ago with a 1080 ti, i would be smug as hell right now

  • fun fact my intel 750 nvme toolbox smart details reports 45,607 hours of power on cycles (same config as gpu), ive turned my pc on 391 times over 5 years 0o

  • To be fair how many gamers have a back cataloge of games that they have never played, and even a 10 seres will do 4k I have a 1070 @ 4K TV and it rocks, is there any real need to have a 3090 for gaming, it is designed for 8K when most gamers on steam are only using 1080 or 1440p monitors. What's the point in upgrading if your games are not running on a 2080 or higher especially at 1080 it is due to bad developers writing on the newer games, not the limitations of the card.

  • Still running a 980TI :)

  • EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 here. Matched with the i9-10900k on a MSI Z490 Tomahawk I get 158 FPS with a overclock @1080p Ultra on Cold war.

  • Hey does anyone know where i can get a 1070 or 1070ti for a reasonable price? I just put together a gaming pc and im stuck with a 1050 ti and its just not doing what I need.