NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. - CMP Announcement

čas přidán 20. 02. 2021
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Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you're smarter than that - Let's dig deeper and see if we can figure out why they're launching cryptocurrency mining cards...
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: cs-tv.org/tv/video-PKfxmFU3lWY.html
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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    • @theisgood0 ​ Titanium is also an awesome metal, as are the properties for Carbon Fibre. But, they're not common place. How many items are Full Titanium, not much. Sure, components are made out of it, such as exhausts, but not entire cars or other vehicles for mass production. They might be incredible to work with and on, but that make them common or easy to extract and refine and to use, en-masse for decades.

    • @smoketinytom Cobalt is a great alloy for metals. As a machinist it’s fun to machine. It’s used for some amazing things. You sound like you just watched a documentary and now know everything about the environmental impact of cobalt mining.

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    • @Ra awesome he looks like a hobo

    • @Ra awesome can you read?

  • I'm glad we finally got to a point where tech channels can have opinions on this type of stuff

  • Hmm, why am I reminded of Linus' (that other, still quite a bit more famous (SCNR ;-)) Linus) (in)famous gesture?

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  • Well I don't care about the environment part too

  • wellyousucknvidia

  • I prefer crypto profits over video gaming ;p

  • at least its not nestle

  • Crypto is not just a free cash Linus, you should educate yourself. We're transitioning into a brand new global financial system and gamers won't change it. Proof Of Work and mining will be obsolete in the future though, so don't worry.

  • All I want to know is will the prices be dropped in 2 years because I just got a job to get my first Gaming RIG im a 13 Year Old Gamer

  • i'm gonna protect my RTX2060S till the death

  • Nvidia have disabled comments on all their videos, whilst their very busy not delivering any products and allowing retailers to drive prices to 150% above the Nvidia list prices. If Nvidia want's to know what gamers think then allow comments.

  • lol love how you added a sponsor right after your monologue about brands not caring about their consumers

  • Imagine a GeForce RTX card generally made for gamers that uses them for some workstation purposes too but some miner will just gobble up the supplies use it *specifically* for mining with no gaming at all then a large number of those will of course be sold at scalper prices while having no assurance that its bios is for a GeForce gaming card or for mining. That's a bullshit

  • I mean, i dont care about the environment either but, DIDYOUJUSTSAYTHEYDONTCAREABOUTME??????

  • I agree with that just buy a 1080 GTX it's better for your wallet and for gaming. Cause it shows a demand for a lower performing product meaning Cripto should in full force just buy high end cards with video connectors and sell them off to lower budget sales later.

  • That's ok I care about the talented people they employ, because they use the Bitcoin farming to sell more cards to push the technology forward. Just because they have a GPU that's can play everything and they don't have games that need it. Doesn't mean you should buy it. It's like buying a cuda card to play video games when those cards are for simulation purposes. I care about Nvidia because right now when the 1080GTX would've come out at a normal development point. The card is around $400 and can play everything that is on the market. Which I spent my money on because There are no games that require a 3080 RTX. It's just not needed yet. Cause software has to catch up. Which it might not for another 4 years because of the pandemic. So I will continue to care about Nividia because even though we're no longer their priority. We made this industry with BFG and that's who I will always stand with. With Intel inside. :) If you enjoy AMD. Good for you.

  • People that don't wanna work or invest do this shit

  • I'm switching to amd cards from now on

  • Wait did man's just put 2 sponsors in 1 video? Sheesh he pimping these companies 🥶🥶🥶

  • Is it the time to switch to AMD?

  • Crypto wont fall anytime soon !!! this is just the beginning !!

  • just stop buying nvidia products for a while untill they realise how much people hate them

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  • Also, gamers who somehow managed to buy 3060 for a high price, could have mine on these cards to compensate it's high price. But no, those greedy mothefuckers locked it.

  • Can someone ask Elon Musk to innervate the Grafics industrie please! Would be nice to see more then AMD and Nvidia on the market... Tesla Grafics!

  • i've been using gtx cards for 10+ yrs, i guess i'm going red now.

  • Are you stoned?

  • I think I must passed to AMD

  • My ideas: 1) Dont create those CMPs as they bite into the silicon suppoly for actual GPUs 2) Each person/ credit card cand only buy 1 GPU or the 30s series (or ATI equivalent) per 12 months There...solved it!

  • Couldn't those mining GPUs could be used for scientific computing ?

  • I dont care, let them build their mines

  • Nvidia make trash RTX scam graphic 2080 Ti, 3070, 3080, and 3090. My 1080Ti paid $200 upgrade WaterCooler with stomp trash RTX cards.

  • I do some crypto mining on the side with my old 1080s for fun and this is a joke. I still can't get a 3 series card for my gaming/vr computer. I only have one friend that managed to get a 3070 after a few months. Miners are going to keep buying GeForce because the hash rates on these cmp cards aren't in line with their cost, or potential garbage resale value. Thanks for nothing.

  • lick your brain

  • You had my repect for supporting right to repair, ECC memory, and this.

  • Can i get 35k money? And how?

  • You’re in no position to talk. With sponsoring nicehash. No shame.

  • Why would they care? 😂

  • Nvidia has mad me sick when I see GTX 1050ti at Newegg approaching the 400 dollar mark and the 1600 line doing the same. There killing the DIY market

  • The gaming industry could fall with us gamers...

  • This is the whole point of freedom to operate in a marketplace - it turns selfishness into something useful for other people. I don't give a flying f00k about Nvidia's intentions, it is their output and good to us as customers that matters, and their shareholders' motivations to make more money is absolutely fundamental to that. Without money, would they have designed the two cards sat in my PC now? No. So, Nvidia branded two GPUs differently, one toward gamers and one to miners, to make money, and they will live and die by their market decisions. If what they do is unpopular enough with consumers, those shareholders Linus so despises will feel it in financial losses, and course will be changed. If they generate revenue, it has necessarily been popular enough with its consumer base. It might be a good or a bad business decision, but to blame the eeevil shareholders for this great immorality is just silly. ALL people looking to turn a profit find a strategy to do that, and perhaps dress it up with a nice story afterwards. Look at retailers and supermarkets after the pandemic doing 'good deeds' - clothing stores offering people free suits for job interviews, supermarkets making advertisements that encourage shoppers to go to their local bar/pub rather than buy cheap beer off the shelves. Does anyone really think their primary motivation is 'being good'? No! It is to get good publicity and turn even more profit, but a happy by-product of their greed is that a guy gets a free suit for his interview, and the local pub gets some much needed business after a pandemic. The market is not a zero-sum game. If someone 'wins', it is not necessary that someone else 'loses'. Many parties can win, together, and both parties in a mutually beneficial transaction necessarily win the vast majority of the time. That humans are greedy, seek material gain, and jostle for resources is a fact of life and is true in all systems. The beauty of capitalism is that it turns greed into something that is practically altruistic. The ranch farmer in Texas feeds people in New York not because he loves New Yorkers (he probably doesn't), but because it will earn him a living - and that is a good thing for both parties, mr farmer gets a decent living, and New Yorkers get fed. This is econ101. The person reading this comment does not care about me, I don't care about you, the government doesn't care about you, and Nvidia doesn't care about you - such is the nature of depersonalised relationships. Only capitalism makes people who have never met, never spoken, and may speak different languages, work for one another's mutual benefit. Linus makes many good points, especially about specific cases and particular decisions, but when they come with a general anti-capitalist flavour, berating shareholders, I just roll my eyes like this 02:37.

  • this is why i use amd

  • Nvidia, Why half hash rate? just go to quarter or lower so miner will not take our card anymore. *Btw im using gt 1030 right now*

  • Is the lock only on during mining or is it on all the time?

  • I always thought i was a walking creditcard because i am not too young to be a wallet

  • Should I go for AMD?

  • OMG, you turned into an AMD fanboy, lies, disappointment. What has Nvidia done to you? By the way: Nvidia > AMD Radeon

  • 7:45 undervolt

  • seeing someone else talk about mrs Annabel

  • I'm honestly so glad we have people like this to step up for consumers

  • I will never be able to build my first gaming PC because of this i’m stuck on console forever 😔

  • Damn.. Went for the throat.

  • one last ride and not buying this shiit again

  • loved it

  • Geforce is already hacked to do mining, just google it.

  • Question submitted to Nvidia Support ref##210418-000003. Feel free to copy and paste & lodge you own support query to Nvidia Please explain to me specifically how Nvidia's decision & subsequent actions to restrict the performance of my RTX3060's & likely future RTX GPU's ability to mine to its full potential and allow me to recoup my excessively high cost of purchase for any GPU at the moment is not in Breach of Australian, US & European consumer protection laws as an anti consumers rights / competition breach. I await your written formal response to (insert relevant email address here) so that I can lodge it along with my complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, plus forward it to my fellow concerned US & European citizens.

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  • The only thing to do Boycott Nvidia.

  • US industries are Money sucking. They don't care about Environment , Customers , community , etc. Just profits.

  • *Mining will ruin Gaming industry.*

  • F*ck Miners !

  • I hate pizza

  • Ok so, intel is better?

  • Original thought: - EPA limits US energy production. - EPA starts planning “green energy” by way of silicon. Current Situation: - We’ve become so heavily reliant on tech that we outsource to a country that wants to bleed us dry. - We get cheap products that create more pollution in a throw-away economy, but hey: we have them! Where that took us: - Now that China says they’re short on silicon, what other industries will start having issues? Everything that we’ve been working toward for the sake of “green energy”. Future: -After our overwhelmingly dependent silicon lives reach their max, China shuts off the spigot and bleeds the word dry. Get ready: it’s only a matter of time.

  • Linus the man here with the real stuff. 🔥

  • I fucking love you Linus

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  • "head to uh...toe" lol

  • and nvidia listened to linus. they have unlocked their driver by "accident".

  • I just love how you bring up the sponsors!!! It's always my highlight in your videos.

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  • 3.7K nvidia employees watched the clip i guess😂

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  • Since when did any tech company care about you?!

  • Boy now you have to buy Nvidia gpus

  • If only people dont buy thosed GPU's used for mining the miners are going to be stuck with those cards another way to get revenge. 👹👹

  • This video isn't for gamers, it's a hit piece against Nvidia for the benefit of GPU Miners.

  • This video isn't for gamers, it's a hit piece against Nvidia for the benefit of GPU Miners.

  • lmao this video is so ironic of itself

  • What if Yellen or Biden banned crypto in the US.

  • Linus it seems to me that your kinda salty that AMD’s cards are overpriced and really bad for that price. Ngl

  • Oh god, hes GENUINELY mad

  • Yeah well I don’t care about nvidia

  • Hopefully Nvidia will face an environmental impact lawsuit reminding them of their responsibility, and their apparent lack of ethics. good video man, I was starting to think you lost touch.

  • we knew this Linus, none of the GPU companies give a fuck about gamers, it's ALL ABOUT THE $. Stop buying new, learn to buy used, and be smart about it.

  • Did I just watched an ad for a crotch scraper? Lol

  • Welcome to capitalism

  • Where have all the graphic cards gone, not a single card anywhere.

  • Gotta give ya credit. You didn't pull any punches. Hopefully crypto will crash again because people need to learn another lesson.

  • I feel like every company these days only care about there stock price, over customers!

  • So Nvidia is like those meme were tomato, meat, lettuce, cheese and bun were all healthy but when all combine into burger it's slightly unhealthy

  • I REALLLY hope amd gets ahead and adds more features, something like shadow play

  • Linus doesn't care about me. Just the views :(

  • I want a new GPU. ❤️

  • I subscribed after this. I don't even mind your ads anymore.😄

  • Me laughing because there's gamers that think Nvidia didn't do this on purpose. Killing the secondhand resell ability in these cards means cards have to be bought new full MSRP. They aren't JUST trying to make more money now, they want the secondhand market dead 100%

  • I really want to buy a new computer with a bomb GPU after I get a job buy hey... with no current gen GPUs available, I ain't getting one anyways