NYRA - Life Is Trippy [CANOE 006]

čas přidán
South African vibes on this edit, very sweet.
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  • uhhhh.... really hoping that letta mbulu is credited on the actual release of this

  • great

  • This is amazing!!

  • :(

    • Chill out, it's just an Edit that is way better for club usage

    • this is so disrespectful to the original mannn. he did it twice now. also with the debbie jacobs edit

  • why would anyone play this over the original?

    • Because the beat is a lot better for club usage :)

  • Fortnite soundtack at the beginning ahah

  • this should be played at 0.75 lol

  • Thats a Edit right? Normalizo?

  • AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAa whata fkn tunE!

  • Great

  • Amazing track !! Thanks for the Upload ;)

  • yes

  • Thanks for the upload.