Obama Speaks Out, 'Plaid Shirt Guy' Silently Trolls Trump

čas přidán 11. 09. 2018
Last week two men made known their opinions on President Trump: Barack Obama in his speech at University of Illinois, and the infamous 'Plaid Shirt Guy' at Trump's rally in Montana.
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  • tRUMP may not drink but I bet he uses drugs!

  • Abomas voice is just so soothing..

  • Plaid shirt guy ❤😂

  • They threw a diplomat Obama and elected uneducated Trump. And they say white supremacy doesn't exist.

  • "I'm Amish then BOOM boom BOOM, she forgot that in certain=-staters. My mommy was sin called mrs. obomha inspecting my penmis. "RE:IGION w/sax and sexy.

  • We miss u Obama

  • Dramatic pauses! Colbert you are a genius.

  • Why go after Trump? It's not his administration who illegally invaded Iraq and killed a million people, is it? But because the media helped sell that war they want you to NOT focus on arresting Bush and instead trot out porn stars and fake idiots to distract. Oh, and Colbert taking part in this crap shows what a sellout loser he is.

  • Amish Op Ed

  • For someone who says he doesn't drink, he certainly slurs like a drunk person a lot. A big lot.

  • Can we appreciate the little girl behind the guy in the plaid shirt 😂

  • Yeah plaid shirt 👔 guy!

  • The high school kid is smarter than Twump and he knows more about politics and the government

  • What did ex-pres ...o bummer give you left (nut) liberAls. "NOTHING"

  • Trump

  • Green screen. How desperate & Petty does the msm have to be

  • m.cs-tv.org/tv/video-i8M-SzpCjJw.html

  • You're slacking a bit. I am your fan but your act is falling behind.

  • Obsessed much? You should thank trump for keeping you relevant.

  • Obama rocks. Saying a lot without saying too much.

  • Trump the babble mouth

  • Trump sounds like he's having a stroke!

  • Stop the nonsense. Vote Republican in November.

  • Que pobrecitos, pero que chistes son :)

  • When former POTUS walked out, I smiled and paid attention. Oh how I miss you Mr. Obama.

  • Oh that's priceless, priceless! He's like, What?! What is he talking about? That's okay because Trump didn't know what he was talking about his own self!

  • Eminem vs MGK Obama vs Trump...wondering if and when obama drops his interpretation of "killshot"

  • You mean reading


  • I don’t like Trump but I damn sure don’t miss Obama. “Progressive Change” you mean you get richer while the poor get more government handout? That money to abide the poor actually lazy not poor. gets taken from the middle class? More handouts and all these rich TV personalities try to lead you sheeple into believing they have yer best interest at heart until you realize both sides of government play for the same team it will keep destroying America piece by piece freedom by precious freedom.

  • How can you not love Obama!? Omg just his voice alone makes you feel warm & cozy inside! WE MISSED YOU OBAMAAAAAA 😊

  • Pretty sure Trump fans think "op-ed" stands for "Optional Education".

  • So great!

  • I miss Obama so much

  • What you call dramatic pause is actually called thinking before talking. I understand you're not use to that with your current president but it's actually a good thing.

  • was trump having a small stroke?

  • From Asia here - Missing the Obamas too, such class compared to trump and his brood of misfits & liars. #trumpcult #maga #kag #Impeachtrump #liar #sexist #racist #bigot

  • Seriously, there is something wrong health wise w/ prez.t A person does not slur his words this often w/out there being something of concern. Why isn't the press focusing on this issue?

  • The piano player sounds like Jared Leto's Joker 😅

  • 02:10 ----"Obama Obama! You failed us! You failed us!" chanted by the band in the background....that's the true message. These are the final Colbert Late Show episodes. Mark my words. So...enjoy the tension that moves towards...the final "drop off at the horizon."

    • Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! Your HILLARIOUS

    • The multi-billionaire owners are screaming, "Stop this!!" and CBS will bow. Trust me...

  • Wow, how could audience even laugh on their own president who was elected by them, indirectly they were laughing on themselves...

    • FluffyUnicorn WhyNot OK so even if most of them haven't voted for him, he's still their president and cracking lame jokes on their own leader is shameful, isn't this a straight fact mate?

    • Actually he did not win the Popular Vote. He won because of the Electoral College. And even if he had won the Popular Vote, the audience wouldn't be full of people who voted for him. You might want to get your facts straight next time you want to make an uninformed comment.

  • Doesn't everyone readily see that the way Donnie talks with his moments of incoherent speech, problems forming words, mumbling, etc., is 100% IDENTICAL to how small children talk, typically age 6 or less. Seriously. Among the reasons are attention span deficit, wandering thoughts, unfamiliar with words, and a limited overall vocabulary. Functionally, emotionally, and intellectually, Donnie is somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6. Essentially, Donnie is STUPID! This is not intended as a joke. He is both illiterate and profoundly STUPID!!

  • I laughed until I cried .... thank you Mr Colbert.

  • It was nice to laugh at something that wasn’t depressing for once.... Thanks, Obama.

  • Why is Colbert trying to be Jimmy Kimmel

  • Turd Trump has a distinctively mismanagement style just ...well it can't be duplicated. Unless you're 12. Sad.

  • Politics aside, Barrack is kind of a rockstar.

  • Donald Trump woke up the American people. Now he has to explain how the liberal politicians became multi millionaires on a $150,000 a year salary. And how Maxine waters and Nancy Pelosi hold office

  • It’s not the president’s fault but he can be fix All the republicans need to get together And tie a rope around trump’s legs,then all together pull until his head pops out of Putin’s ass so he can clear the shit from his eyes and take a good look around to all the shit he caused in the world That’s probably the reason why he thinks that there are shithole countries

  • One thing for certain Stephen Colbert is funny! I had a good laugh,, I laughed so hard I was crying! 😂😂😂

  • Where did this beard come from??

  • Coolest president ever

  • The plaid guy is all of us listening to Trump talk.

  • Colbert, you are very VERY funny. Keep up the good work, Sir! 👌

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah

  • People find this guy funny? I didn’t even crack a smile. And why is it all about politics? If trump didn’t win the election, these late night shows wouldn’t exist

  • And what is wrong with this idiots right ear?? Lol Is he from lord of the rings or something??

  • Lol thank god that turd is out of the office ..... Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States Fact

  • The more the elite pour hundreds of thousands of migrants into our cities, millions into our countries already overpopulated, the more I ask myself why? Some of these elite believe the earth is overpopulated with us (not them) and should be culled by 95% of us (not them). Muslim people pouring into our countries have many more children than those of us who belong here so what purpose is this migration to us, the world, what is the next stage of this new world? Are we to kill each other as we cannot live in a multiculturalist one world communist utopia that has never worked in the past Or are we to suffer a virus, a bacteria into an overpopulated area of these ghettos they are making in our once beautiful cities? Maybe we are we to be ruled by those few with money as serfs on the treadmills of their one colour, one religion, low educated masses of none complaining humanity? Will this elite remove 95% of the world population? or use us as automatons? WHY DO THE MANY ALLOW THE MINUSCULE FEW TO PULL THE CARPET OF LIFE FROM UNDER US? WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS OF OUR TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENTS WHO DAILY SEE THE RAPES OF OUR CHILDREN AND WOMEN, THE KNIFING OF OUR PEOPLE, THE DEMANDS ON OUR WELFARE FOR THEM AT THE LOSS OF THE SAME FOR US? I HATE THOSE HIDDEN FACES THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR EUROPEAN PEOPLE THEIR FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES AND COUNTRIES, I HATE ALL OF THEM! WHEN IS IT TIME?

  • Obama's speeches are just eloquent. I enjoy the brief pases.. I don't mind you poking fun, however that is how I'd prefer to hear my President speech.

  • Plaid shirt guy is my hero 😎


  • We MUST give Pres. Obama more awards, so he can give more speeches. He could start a Rock Jazz Fusion Group (with Bill on saxophone, natch') and he might not E G O T, yet I would listen. 'oh man, this is the part where he pauses a little too long before the scat solo.....'

  • He cannot even properly speak english...so sad trumpzilla

  • I hate his dramatic pauses. He always does it during speeches. So annoying.


  • Trevor Noah pulled that joke first And with better delivery.

  • Obama has a very good speech writer and has his teleprompter with him at every speech. Without his teleprompter he is lost for words and takes his time to make sure he is reading it correctly. When it is not working properly he stutters and laughs it off so no one notices it.

  • This guys beard. 😂

  • Hahaaaa!

  • Since when does Colbert have a beard lol he looks older than I thought he was

  • No critical thinkers allowed at trump rallies! you must swallow that red pill no matter how bad it taste.

  • Just Google his daughter's name. Both of them. You tell me if it's a coincidence

  • Look up the meaning of Obama's daughters name both of them. LOL this is who you people support. Pull your head out of your ass look at the past. How in the hell can you make fun of President Trump. Keep coming up with lies and keep getting caught with lies but that doesn't mean anything. Pathetic f****** pathetic

  • For the record, Obama deported more immigrants than all previous presidents combined, dropped more bombs than Bush Jr and presided over the biggest wealth transfer ever. What's the matter Steve, facts got your tongue? Oh, those photos of children in cages - were from 2014! Shill of the Year Award nominee! Congrads. Pathetic really! Thang god for Trump!

  • hmmm... what if... Trump had a mini-stroke?

  • Why do Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah tell the same jokes?

  • mo bama por favor .

  • I mean, I don't like Trump but... what was your other option? I spoke withe many politics-students (I hope this is the right word for this, Im not a native speaker) on my university in Germany and while many of them hated anything about Trump an were vocal about how he sucks... after asking them what Hillary has plannend for time as a president,... many of them were rather stuttering and tried to convice me that everything is better than Trump. You see what my problem is? The left focused sooo much on shitting on Trump, even now, that many people, especially those who are not deeply involved in politics (like myself) only hear in the media how much one candidate sucks but not what the other candidate does that would make him the best option. I mean, what does Hillary going for her? She is... a woman? First female president yeah... and? What else? Obama was the first black one and he was rather unspectacular, more charismatic and smart than both candidate from the 2016 election I give you that but... what did he do that he deserved all this praise? Its my serious question, because, if I look for example at the ICE deportation statistics, then I see that under Obama the rate of deportation was higher than ever before, 2011 had the highest number since the funding of this agency. But when Trump wants to deport illehal migrants which, like the term suggests, are breaking the law... he is a facist racist scumback.... I don't undersrand the logic behind this. I dont like Trump but this cultish worshipping towards Obama like he is Jesus is beyond my understanding.

  • If Tronald Dumb and his shithole family don't get exile of USA better put there ass in prison , we will hunt his ass for treasonist , don't even doubt it.

  • 4 eyes his Santa 🎅 clause now Stephen Colbert next time he will be president of USA he will be talking out of his ass keep it up Santa clause 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • WHy does she have holes in her jeans? Can't she afford new ones? Or does she pay a lot of money to look poor?

  • Hahahaaha

  • A Dump supporter gains 20 IQ points due to a freak accident of nature and comes to his senses. On that day, Plaid Shirt Guy was born!

  • What a shitty comic!!!

  • LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, STEPHEN COLBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump failed to pronounce anonymous and got away with it unbelievable...GOAT😂😂😂

  • Wording ishf hardthg.

  • from a far that beard makes it look like you sniff paint

  • Incredible in is speeches Obama never tried using the Pu**y grabbers style of referencing where he would resort to saying " Somebody told me" or "I have heard" as a source of truth

  • I can't believe you people!! That guy IS AN ACTOR!! I'VE SEEN HIM MANY TIMES!! Duh!! 🙄

  • Trump's speech seems consistent with someone on heavy drugs

  • How hard can that be saying Nazis are bad? Mic drop. His long pauses are him actually THINKING before he says something unlike trump who says and tweets his insane rants.

  • President Obama is a true spokesman. And I love plaid shirt guy.

  • Bush Sr indicted on child trafficking Court Docket number C-186-RV3-524. We have 53,000 More Sealed Federal Indictments. Now Comes The Pain. Qanon

  • Coldbeert, is a sad case of being against the american people WHO VOTED TRUMP IN TO clean the sawmp, and coldbeer is paid (puppet to discredit the man the swamp fears is succeedin ) so they use, useful idiot puppets like this clown. Fortunately, MOST americans SEE thru this puppet and his bosses agenda. Trump supporters are the TRUE RESISTANCE. the rest are duped, useful idiots, otherwise known as progressive (really it stands for regressive,ha ha). We all laugh at how easily duped his audience seems to be.. Put another way, it is like watching scenes out of that movie called IDOCRACY. With every retarded joke, the progressive idiots show their lack of intellect.

  • excellent!

  • Did anyone else notice that he basically ripped this whole bit from the daily show?

  • Trump Don't care ,Trump has a Way Out ? Its called the Blame Game ? Its Obama's and Hillery's Fault LOL

  • 😂😂😂👌🏻