Obama Speaks Out, 'Plaid Shirt Guy' Silently Trolls Trump

čas přidán 11. 09. 2018
Last week two men made known their opinions on President Trump: Barack Obama in his speech at University of Illinois, and the infamous 'Plaid Shirt Guy' at Trump's rally in Montana.
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  • *Say it with me....NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION.*

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours was playing as loud as loud can get in my room when Colbert was lying on the floor.

  • It's funny to see Trump supporters just plainly follow him without knowing why they are following him.

  • Trumptards could only wish to have an articulate intelligent pres as Obama was.

  • Regarding Obama....same Stephen:(

  • apparently plaid shirt guy also thinks.. another thing not welcomed at a trump rally

  • Stephen Colbert. The best😀😀😀😁😀😀😀

  • Stephen ur beard is wired

  • If u miss obama like...👍

  • Barack my president I miss you so much

  • Hahahahahaha dumbass

  • Is Trump on prescription painkillers? He really sounds like it.

  • Every night I play Obama’s videos on my IPad and get into the fetal position Stephen, I understand.

  • I have started binge watching west wing from season one episode one just so I don’t have to watch this nonsense on cnn, Fox, cbs, etc...the west wing is a better show then this presidency 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • retardation is real

  • Could Trump BE more of a comic book villain?

  • the moment a trump supporter snaps out of it and realizes what a mistake he has made....lol

  • Legend has it, if you think with your own brain, you will be removed from the crowd and replaced by pretty female robots & never heard from again.

  • Putin did t for TRUMP,

  • Really, really miss Obama's sane rule.

  • Obama just needs to go far away. His slick speeches can only fool people for so long. Voted for him the first time but not the second time. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  • United shiza

  • Enormous??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • you trump haters, are your really that stupid? this country washijacked and almost turned over to the u.n. and THe Smart American people and Trump saved it. its not over yet and we need everyone to be awake. don't you get it. you have been systematically robbed in everyway. your rights have been taken or regulated so much that they are really rights. you have been taxed without representation, they have stolen property, they take bribes(illegal and should be fired). Obama stole over 250 million to pay for his health tax. stole the money from fanny may and one other. just took the money from the stock holders. he also used the irs , the blm, and the fbi to go after Christian groups and individuals because they opposed him. hes a traitor and a tyrant and a piece of shit. I could go on. all of these facts are verifiable. go look them up yourself. if you don't then your part of the problem and we need solutions, not more of you

  • I'd be damned if not everyone listening to the "good for sleeping" comment was thinking the same as Colbert (and of course every other late night comedian)

  • Hey, New Yorkers, is NYT really failing?

  • I wish I could laugh but... his inability to say words should worry everyone.

  • Hahahaha

  • Plaid!? (Clucks like a chicken)

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Stephen, for pointing that stuff out

  • Vote Democrat and make welfare great again 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Like what? Public schools? Libraries? Social Security and Medicare? It's too bad the world allows people like you to profit from them. If I had way, any institution that offered public goods would throw men like you on their ass

  • This troll guy is a true patriot

  • I miss Eisenhower!!

  • Act of resistance, wtf. If you are such a good president what are they resisting.

  • 😂the clip of Obama's pauses was the best

  • Obama IS just talk he got nothing Good done!

  • Someday I’ll find plaid shirt guy and I will give him an award

  • I don't like the beard colbert

  • I'd marry plaid shirt guy

  • An Obama rally today in 2018 held 750 people out of 7500 people. A Trump rally today held 12,000 people out of the 10,000 crowd seat minimum. Something's the biased media won't report or show. www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/09/fading_star_power_of_obama_only_draws_750_people_for_kickoff_rally_of_his_election_campaigning.html

  • That first piece on Trump - he sounded drunk to me (or does he often sound like that?) Anyone else think that maybe Obama will be encouraged to stand again by popular demand, or think that he might be considering it? As an ex-president, he doesn't seem to have given up much of the political limelight, unlike so many others, and his audiences seem as large and enthusiastic as ever (perhaps Trump's audiences attend, in part, to 'be there' for the next gigantic faux pas). When our British Prime Ministers give up/fall from grace/get kicked out of power, they almost disappear, like snails tucking themselves into shells. Only Tony Blair has carried on voicing his unwanted opinions - his former popularity has almost dried up now... Thank goodness.

  • when Obama comes to speak the crowd cheers sincerely . Trumps base crowds are bobbing heads told to cheer or get removed . Do these people pay or donate to get in ?

  • Plaid Shirt Guy should be the next Alex From Target. He's hot!

  • Trump will never win an ethics award!!!

  • Desperation time for dems. bring back obozo holder and vast display of numnuts in the dem regime. they will be irrelevant in december!!!!! what a Christmas present !!!!

  • More down to earth love for America out of TRUMP than ever out of the muslin NWO plant traitor 44. THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • More down to earth love for America out of TRUMP than ever out of the muslin NWO plant traitor 44. THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • It’s an indescribable joy to hear the president actually say that nazis are evil mother murderers

  • Colbert is whack

  • Deity bless Barack Obama and Plaid Shirt Guy!

  • Man that plaid shirt guy mirrors my expressions when I heard Trump speak for the first time. Well, atleast now I know how Trumpists must feel when Obama speaks and they cannot understand a word or make head or tail out of it.

  • Obama was a good POTUS for America and I agree that he deserved a break after the harrowing 8 years in WH. But man, all this time you remain silent with only one statement about dreamers. Now you resurface near election time? I know that progressives need to be reminded to vote in 2016 because many progressives and nearly half the millennials don't plan to vote. I am not criticizing you for appearing. I am criticizing you for not appearing sooner. You should have issued more statements from time to time, IMO. As should have Hillary who surfaces only to whine about how misogyny made her lose 2016 elections. I know it was hard on you two but it was hard on all of reasonable America, too - still is. And we didn't get to take a break. I know that you guys are probably not gonna run again (Obama can't, Hillary may not) but that is why you should give a coherent voice to the reasonable half of the people. That's how we know that at least someone is standing with the people on principle and not for votes alone. That would also give direction to the Dems who seem to be scared at times to say anything because they might lose office. So things that need to be said but people in the office don't say them for the love of their office, you should be giving voice to them. I know these expectations are a lot. But if you are a great President, there will be great expectations of you - always. All that aside, It was nice to hear a reasonable person speak again to confirm I am not losing my marbles. Trumpp's speeches really make me dumber with every semblance of a word. As for your pauses - that is just proof that you think before you speak. Current POTUS wouldn't know that because it hates thinking more than salad or exercise.

  • Everyone misses the good old days when there was someone competent in the Oval Office.

  • I can't believe anyone can be that incoherent stone cold sober. I've spoken to drunk toothless meth addicts who are more eloquent.

  • Sounds like you can riff on that one forever.

  • For every like I’ll add a 🍆

  • Why don't you blow him already, Colbert, you give Trump so much attention everybody now knows you are hot for him!

  • Obama was big on pro-American rhetoric . Ever read what he really thought ? If it were made public in 2007 he wouldn’t have been elected President . In fact he probably wouldn’t have won the Democrat nomination . This “car salesman” from Chicago really knows how to talk , I’ll give him that .

  • Dick head talk show host. Big mouth, zero Talent.

  • Stepen...great job on keeping the people divided. Now go cash your cheque from Grorge Soros 🤣

  • Hay Stephen want to be scared?One word=Presidential war powers.!!!!!!!War with Iran WILL begin before the end of this year,2018

  • He shounds likesh hesh gotsh a shabitsh of a biglish problish called fake teeth and rum

  • Nice impression! Dean Martin roasts were the best!!

  • Colbert is just a brown nose spokesperson for the looser liberal left. Trump derangement syndrome is real and on display from this fool on a nightly basis (a clear pattern of derangement). Such disinformation from his lack of integrity of reporting factual truth with obvious nonsense.

  • I'm a 14 year old from fucking New Zealand and it almost made me want to cry listening to Obama. It was so nice to hear someone with basic respect for the English language and basic respect for the world.

    • +Mary Rose Kent I'll have a look :) thank you

    • Freya Turnbull-Kelly 💜Thank you, Freya.💜 I’m a 62-year-old American, so I totally feel your pain. When I just can’t handle it any longer, I watch CS-tvs of Barack with children-he’s so wonderful with them-and I cry and clear my head and heart for a few months, and then I have to do it again. I recommend it highly!

  • Again slurring his words.

  • President Obama WILL be back. As God is my Witness. Because he is the " Chosen one."

  • If you are above middle class status, always vote Democratic. Why? Because the Democrats suppress the middle class. Puts you at an advantage.

  • Same joke than Trevor Noah on the daily show at the end with the " i can sleep at night". Not original lol

    • ludmilla1802 Because it’s not a joke-it’s a statement of fact.

  • I felt the same way when I saw Obama. Where have you been the babysitter has been mean to us

  • Stephen Colbert - Pick me up off the floor. I'm laughing my A** Off!! I miss Obama too.

  • Why are Americans hating on Trump because they don't know the truth that the NWO stands for New World Order. Chooses all the Presidents. There is no such thing as a valid election people and you can take that to the bank. This is the reality were living in were living in the last days.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌️✌✌🙏🏽

  • Your beard us adorable on you Steven x3

  • 2:06-2:25 that feeling when Stephen sends out a monologue after a summer of silence.

  • Plaid Shirt Guy 2020

  • lol

  • Anyone who thinks one side was all violent nazis, and the other angelic liberals at Charlottesville in 2017 is an idiot. This is yet another dishonest piece of fake news with legs. By the way, where are all the "disavowals" of actress Carole Cook's statement, "Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?"

  • tRUMP may not drink but I bet he uses drugs!

  • Abomas voice is just so soothing..

  • Plaid shirt guy ❤😂

  • They threw a diplomat Obama and elected uneducated Trump. And they say white supremacy doesn't exist.

    • Ls Vijay After Franklin Roosevelt was voted in for his fourth term (he died in 1945, which was his 13th year as president), there was a new law passed that limited presidential terms to two-not just two consecutive, but two total.

    • +Mary Rose Kent why not??

    • Ls Vijay Obama could not and cannot run for President again. It he really wanted to, he could run for Senate, but I’m going to guess that this is not his plan.

  • "I'm Amish then BOOM boom BOOM, she forgot that in certain=-staters. My mommy was sin called mrs. obomha inspecting my penmis. "RE:IGION w/sax and sexy.

    • Macey Murrell ????????????? It’s alarming that that is the edited version of whatever it is you’re trying to say.

  • We miss u Obama

  • Dramatic pauses! Colbert you are a genius.

  • Why go after Trump? It's not his administration who illegally invaded Iraq and killed a million people, is it? But because the media helped sell that war they want you to NOT focus on arresting Bush and instead trot out porn stars and fake idiots to distract. Oh, and Colbert taking part in this crap shows what a sellout loser he is.

  • Amish Op Ed

  • For someone who says he doesn't drink, he certainly slurs like a drunk person a lot. A big lot.

  • Can we appreciate the little girl behind the guy in the plaid shirt 😂

  • Yeah plaid shirt 👔 guy!

  • The high school kid is smarter than Twump and he knows more about politics and the government

    • James Lade Being smarter than the 🍊💩 is a pretty minor accomplishment.

  • What did ex-pres ...o bummer give you left (nut) liberAls. "NOTHING"

  • Trump

  • Green screen. How desperate & Petty does the msm have to be

  • m.cs-tv.org/tv/video-i8M-SzpCjJw.html

  • You're slacking a bit. I am your fan but your act is falling behind.

  • Obsessed much? You should thank trump for keeping you relevant.

  • Obama rocks. Saying a lot without saying too much.

  • Trump the babble mouth

  • Trump sounds like he's having a stroke!