Obliterating the Land Speed Record in Kerbal Space Program

čas přidán 26. 09. 2022
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  • Ah yes, the land speed record that is 6.3 times the speed of light. Incredible work froggy man.

  • Not only did he break the land speed record, he technically time travelled.

  • I love how not once is the term "downforce" ever mentioned in the video.

  • I'm genuinely impressed the game rendered him going at glitch speeds instead of sending him to the infinity realm

  • That shot of Jeb passing across the sun was priceless.

  • The life of Jeb must be quite chaotic.

  • Martins the kind of guy who opens the window on a submarine because he wants some fresh air

  • I wasn't quite expecting Jebb to be sent directly into space at a 90 degree angle

  • Ah yes, the new galactic distance measurement, the JebYear. It accounts how far does a speed of Jeb travels in one year.

  • Not only is Jeb now the only thing in existence that could escape a black hole, he could do it with ease.

  • Martin: Get ready to match our speed with 6 times the speed of light

  • KSP: “You should try to make it to space!”

  • Congratulations to Jeb for becoming the fastest known stellar object

  • 17:22

  • Love as he turns around in the middle of space to see where he is, he just sees the

  • That moment when you reach escape velocity...instantly.

  • The shot of him instantly launching into orbit had me fucking crying

  • 10:00

  • Martin refusing to realise that downforce is incredibly important for staying on the ground going at such high speeds cracks me up