Officially got the FIRST 2020 Toyota Supra in California!!!!

čas přidán 17. 07. 2019
Toyota San Diego ILYSM
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA
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  • Fast forward to Sept 19... launch editions sitting at dealerships not selling for MSRP.

  • That pic is from europe-slovenia and it was not a truck driver mistake

  • Sorry bud you not the first one with a launch edition in Calli.

  • Revealing a Supra from a sheet while it is gonna be mass produced, you sir, should use your brain

  • Isn't it actually less of a Toyota and more of a BMW?

  • Black!! Supra

  • I already know what color it is cuz i work at the dealership the car is next to my stall lol

  • It will most likely be black to match the Mk4 supra.

  • You got a white one didn't you! lol

  • The Supra color is black with red interior i have a video of what I believe is tj hunts car it had 1 black Supra and 2 red Supras

  • Hi TJ, are you still getting the Supra? be interestinbg to know.

  • Congrats man

  • Gay!

  • I was in eastern maryland and i saw a 2020 supra on the highway. I run up next him, downshift and he took off so i followed suit. Dude, im in a 350whp e85 wrx and i was keeping with it no problem. I was are you gonna go anywhere or...? Nope, stayed right next to me. Fucking garbage cars lmao

  • The color is blacm

  • White

  • $63k for the supra😎

  • At 5:27 you can see at the top corner of the picture there is a black mirror

  • Next video: Selling the 2020 supra

  • He got white ez clap

  • lol it’s all black

  • The Toyota Supra is out I saw a few videos at a dealership in North Carolina. Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, North Carolina! The launch edition looks the nicest!!!!!!!!

  • Blackkkkkk!!

  • Congrats so dope 🤙🏻

  • It's red.

  • Congrats on your BMW ripoff...

  • I have 1997 240sx vin number 100 do I have a launch edition? 😂

  • It is a black Toyota Supra

  • dumb! lol should of got the c8

  • Launch edition isn't worth the high price.

  • I would get a vet

  • I already that the Supras color is going to be black because you have it off on the mirrors

  • lemme guess pandem wide body or the genuine trd carbonn package

  • $57K plus a markup for an oversized Miata. Jesus. They found some suckers with this car.

  • You should add the MK3 Supra to your collection as well 👍.

    • Team Nico I personally am not a fan of the MK1 or MK2. If I was collecting my self I would just have the MK3, MK4 and MK5 in my collection 👍.

    • and the mk2 and the mk1

  • Waste of time watching this tard.

  • Standing by for the complaining videos cuz it’s not a Toyota engine 🤷‍♂️

  • That cars gay as fuck. Your gay as fuck.

  • Youre a little kid why would anyone want to lisyen to you ?

  • It’s gonna be white