Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC

čas přidán 2. 10. 2021
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The Xbox just got full blown Chromium based Edge, so does that basically just make the Xbox a PC?

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0:00 - Wow
0:45 - Honey
0:57 - LTT Intro
1:05 - CS-tv
2:37 - Text Twist
3:04 - Frog Fractions
3:11 - Runescape
3:32 - Google Docs & Word
4:33 - Discord
6:26 - Retro Emulators
9:35 - The Internet Archive is Awesome
10:32 - Stadia
11:05 - GeForce Now & Conclusion
12:34 - Privacy
13:22 - Outro


  • Yes !! So can you play games that were only available for PC on XBox ??

  • Still the edge browser can't support some vedios

  • You can SSH into a Kali Linux server through the browser and then hack with it. 🤣

  • I wish consoles would just have full mouse and keyboard support for all their games, the great hardware they have just feels completely wasted since you can only use a controller. It's like having a Corvette that can only go 20mph.


  • You can now run GeForce now

  • Microsoft really won the console war, I mean it got Sony to switch to x86-64 since the 360 was the early-dominant in the PowerPC generation.

  • That’s fine and dandy but…..can it run DOOM?

  • when i will can use photoshop on xbox ?

  • How do you get rid of the on screen keyboard??

  • You can download file explorers that work perfect!! With keyboard support!! Also, quarrel works perfect for me on my xbox one s, and I talk to my friends on it in vcs while playing games.

  • The technological devolution that is consoles. They are so backwards, the most basic stuff blows your mind when it becomes possible on a console.

  • Why so many tabs?

  • JUST BUY A "PC" !

  • Funny I'm trying to get my Xbox to run RuneScape and you bring up just that.

  • I want to see another multiple operating systems pc video.

  • how did you disable on screen keyboard and how do you get the file manager?

  • So we not gonna talk about how he just casually surfing wile having like 20 off pages open also

  • Yea I’ll stick with my 80$ Xbox one

  • Can I install VS Code on Xbox? If I can, I'll definitely buy that :D

  • Pirating will have an all-time high LOL

  • So there's this issue that's been plauging Xbox users for some time now. If you have HDMI 2.1 at full spec with all it's checkboxes checked video wise and you try to use Dolby Atmos audio from any source you get a really terrible audio delay. I think it could be an interesting video idea to do an investigation to who is at fault.

  • This is why the Chrome Books are not selling like crazy.

  • Xbox is heroundes for streamers especially with the audio approval crapp on it

  • 11:59 Well you see, microsoft used to have a file explorer on Xbox which allowed you to OOTB, browse through a "user folder-like" folder and save files to that folder. With third party apps, it allowed you to access the hidden game files, allowing modding. Microsoft then - in their infinite wisdom - removed file explorer completely.

  • The funny thing is that they recently added the Microsoft edge version of geforce

  • Cool,,, but still why would anyone buy one when you can just get a PC instead. My dumb friends have collections consuls like 8, plus old ones broken and sold well over 10 grand spent ( not including TVs). In the same time Iv had one PCs that iv upgraded over time spent mabey 3+ grand over 12 years to have a killer set up including monitors to run games that look and run way better than consul. Spent way less money for a WAY better experience cuz I got more then two brain cells to rub together

  • I thought it was weird that Linus brought up Neo Pets, but when they started talking about Runescape I legit had to check the date on this video.

  • Can I play the pc version of rust

  • Now its actually is mini pc

  • SHEESH!!!

  • The edge sleep issue is so easy to address: just buy two xbox, with one on discord and one plays the game.

    • Big brain

    • At this point you should buy a PC instead if you want to solve a small problem that is not worth 300 or 500

  • I want to be able to run steam so I can play csgo on the Xbox series s

  • Marconi invented the telephone, Bell stole the project

  • when i tried stadia on my xbox the b button and menu button are mapped wrong any fixes for this issue?

  • and now you can play on GFN on xbox

  • me: mom, i need an xbox... so i can work on my homework mom: but youve got that nintendo switch that doesnt switch... the uh... lite version me: yea that thing is junk since i dont have money for a microsd card mom: ok whatever later... mom: dont u think youve been on long enough me: but im working on my science project!

  • "Why do you have so many tabs open, Alex?" "It's a browser! What am I supposed to do?" You CLOSE them when you're done, you neanderthal.

  • As a person who actually makes their homework on an xbox.. I felt that

  • wtf i have the same keyboard, i was tripping hard 0:14

  • Welcome to 2015.

  • You can play runescape through steam now.

  • So at what point do consoles just stop existing?

  • I actually wrote a whole book series on a PS3

  • 5:27 This is my twice weekly experience using Discord to play TTRPS. Every. Time.


  • There is a discord app now

  • Imagine running stean on an Xbox

  • PCs have been PCs since 1978.

  • I don't trust it. PS3 gave us Linux then took it away.

  • Sony need to do this for the PS5...so we can Jailbreak it and make it actually more useful! If i wasn't PC i'd rather have an Xbox anyway!

  • Used to browse internet with my Dreamcast at early 2000s.. Sure an ahead-of-time console in several aspects.

  • I wish sony would do something like this...,

  • MOOOOM Im WoRkInG On My ScIeNcE PrOjEcT

  • Can you get a virus on your Xbox from the browser?

  • Close the tabs to keep discord running probably

  • The moment when Linus is literally sponsored by privacy (bad joke).

  • Discord has the same microphone problems on windows.. It has to be run in admin mode no idea how you gonna do that on an xbox though.

  • pshhh,,,reminds me when i used to mod/customize game consoles back in tha day. I had an snes emu on the original Xbox w/xecuter chip. super mario world and super metroid allday!

  • Just because they are apps that are on pc that run o the xbox does not make it a PC!


    • Console is a PC with lots of limitations

    • look inside of an xbox ever? made up of...cpu,mobo,gpu,hdd,dvdrdrive,psu...........made by microsoft hmm..

  • Consoles have always been mini computers......

  • what about parsec web?

  • Imagine almost hitting your 30s and still engaging in pc vs console wars 😬

  • homer

  • Pls help me.i cant find web browser on my ps5.i updated my ps5 to latest fimware

  • So it looks like xbox finally is going the right direction now it just needs alot of updates before it's not just a crappy version of my old galaxy s10.... come on xbox

  • Linus, man I'm beggin' ya. Please don't shout during your videos. Your nasally voice is like a thousand cheese graters going down a chalkboard - 7:20 Case in point

  • Unwatchable goofy nonsense

  • it has always been a PC

  • So many tabs open lol. If you want tons of emulators for old older systems, it's all free on Linux. Tons of apps, Wii, Snes, NES, Sega master system, and lots more.

  • can it run steam?

  • Classic discord. "its working!" "what did you do?" "No idea." I hate discord.

  • Never understood these as well as iPads (although they are different classes of devices). Why to buy some hardware which is "nailed" to an intentionally crippled OS and then struggle with making it work when you can get something with a fully-functional OS for the same price, even from the same manufacturer?

  • I found quarrle a long time ago its very broken

  • I mean you had a 2 different browsers on ps3. Copy and paste. Use keyboard and mouse. Ps2 even had keyboard and mouse support.

  • Repent of your sins and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ he is God in the flesh and he will judge all of mankind but he died on the cross and resurrected for you, if you trust in what he did for you, you will be saved, you cannot be saved by your own works, only by what he did, call on his name he loves you and will forgive all you've done wrong, he will give you a new heart, new spirit, and whole life and relationship with him don't wait God bless you I hope you're doing well

  • Coding on Xbox :)

  • Or just get a pc

  • Just because you can have a million tabs open doesn't mean you should.

  • Damn how many tabs have you open!

  • 1:46 LOL

  • This isn't that great. If you want to see a great browser on a game console then just look at PlayStation! No I'm not serious. I hate how useless the browser feels on PlayStation.

  • Xbox 360 has internet explorer which was before 2014

  • “I have no idea but it’s working” Is what I would be saying a lot in my IT career!

  • Microsoft should just make the xbox a pc, more people would buy it

  • This is Xbox. Does a lot of things but nothing good.

  • hahahaha mama

  • 00:1 theres so many tabs open that i dont even think the sbox would handle it

  • Hooray! A PC that spies on you even more!

  • Is it possible to play DaggerFall Unity from a usb stick plugged into an Xbox or PlayStation? Not looking to jailbreak or replace the consols original os. I suspect a self contained os like linux would be needed. What can you do?

  • I use my 14 years old, standard 720p TV for gaming, movies and browsing, just with an HDMI cable and a wireless controller hooked to my laptop ;)

  • Geforrce now is "now" supported on the xbox browser ( as of like 2 days ago )

  • This means... BRAZZERS ON XBOX Guys, we've come a long way but this is the pinnacle of consoles.

  • Yeah if I can't run at least half a dozen extensions I'm not running the browser. Granted I don't own an xbox, so this doesn't effect me.

  • In my book, after a company stops selling a game, Piracy and roms/emulation is 100% A-OK, its not like you can buy it anyway

    • piracy is a right and a deterrent against corporate,besides if your game is good then people who have the money will buy it cause it is more convenient to own something online. Why like mess with people's financial state...

    • This is what really fucks me off with Nintendo. They have such an amazing history of titles and they shit on people who want to preserve and enjoy these games while also providing ZERO alternative. They're probably one of the most tone deaf companies out there. They could print cash but they choose not to.

  • Bad News, modders and cheaters will come to console

  • thanks for giving us and update on what we already knew

  • Always has been

  • Finally now I can say Ma, I need this for school and studies