My Pet Ants Discovered Agriculture

čas přidán 11. 08. 2018
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I can't believe how intelligent ants are! My pet big-headed ant colony has discovered agriculture. Upon examining my ant colony's ant farm island one night, I was shocked to discover that the ants were secretly farming "ant cows", mealybugs drinking from the sap of the colony's tree and excreting a sweet bi-product called 'honeydew' which the ants loved to eat and were collecting! Watch how we make this amazing discovery!
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  • I never knew that mealybugs were also a source of honeydew for ants. I've always herd (get it) of ants farming aphids, but never mealybugs. In fact this is the first I've heard of them. That being said literally all the info was new and fascinating to me. The millions of years of symbiosis, to the face that males and females take on such different forms.

  • a doing itre they STILL

  • What is the classical song playing near the beginning

  • The Tree of Wisdom gave them Knowledge of agriculture

  • im just waiting for the ants to discover ant memes

  • I didn't know mealybugs had such high sexual diamorphism.

  • Trees eat ant Poop?! bruh

  • Damn

  • Im confused why he keeps saying omg instead of oh my god

  • I always feel happy after watching one these episodes


  • There not cute they are so frickin adorable and the most magical creature ever!🐜🐜🐜🌱🌱😍😍😍

  • and farm them

  • you should take some antcows and put in there ants home

  • What type of bonsi tree is that

  • I like you

  • Do I got the greatest ant

  • Hmmm seem legit Watchs video Me:oh

  • Now thats what we call an ANT FARM *Badum tss* **COMUNISM INTENSEFIES** 😃🔫

  • that insect is going to kill that bonsai.. I had it spread out all over my jack fruit

  • Unusual decision in music while the ants farmed the mealybugs haha

  • This is an amazing video

  • Ants canada is as close to being god as you can get at this moment.

  • An ant colony is essentially an open air brain.

  • 12:00 talking like he’s not a human 😂

  • Is none going to talk about the fact that male bugs can fly around and mate with any female who they want cuz the females can only crawl away?

  • I kinda want a face reveal

  • I can't help but think, is this what happened to us? Some advanced being out of our sight, watching us, secretly tending to us, getting excited when we discovered agriculture. Throwing us a bone here and there. Maybe we are the "ant colony", in a vast habitat (to us). Maybe our planet is just a free-floating terrarium.

  • i am truly sorry for killing ants as a kid

  • Where did you get that bonsai tree

  • i

  • Today farming and tomorrow pinky we will conquer the world

  • That bonsai won't be a bonsai much longer if you don't stunt its growth by cutting the roots and leaves back

  • Welp were f’ed

  • Big-Headed ants were a huge pest to my family in our old house. In Hawaii, they liked to invade our house, getting into our cats food dishes and even breaking into our pantry. I had hated these ants, but now I love them XD

  • Stop comparing humans to ants. They aren’t valid comparisons since they are very different from each other

  • Yeh there is a species of ant that farm aphid honey or something

  • *No wait, how did you evolve this fast*

  • I saw ants with mites

  • 15:06 ha utter

  • Thanks for sharing! So cool to see the ants figure out farming their “livestock”!

  • Mealybugs feed by sucking plant juices which weakens the plant and causes the plant's leaves to turn yellow, wilt and drop. The insects also produce honeydew, a sticky substance that increases mold growth on plants and attracts feeding ants. If the mealybug infestation is not eliminated, the plant will probably die. Mealybugs are counted as pests for plants.

  • Ants Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm sick :(

  • The only thing I HATE about you: OMG!!!

  • Lol I've been waiting for so long for the Golden Empire to learn how to do this when you first mentioned it

  • you may want to try a Berkey water filtration system seeing that most bottled water has micro plastics and may contain BPA , antimony and others

  • its funny how you say "mealybug's BUTTS"

  • I feel like I'm watching a documentary....

  • What will you do when you need to trim the roots of your bonsai?

  • Yes super cute

  • WOW! That is very impressive, especially in captivity!


  • Fascinating the mealybug seem to even shoot the honey dew out slower after they figure out the ants are eating them so cool👍

  • It'd be so cool to give your ants aphids and see if they keep them like cattle or just eat them

    • Oh just got to the bit where he says this... lmao

    • In case some people didn't know aphids release a kind of sweet 'milk' ants can harvest so in the wild some ant colonies take care of aphids by protecting them from ladybirds to harvest the sweet food

  • It,s cool how the mily bug plop out that honey and the ant eats it 😀

  • If you have ants, you don't need internet 😊. Or with me, watching ants on youtube.

  • I loved the video, but hate the sound effect you use when the millibugs secret honeydew. Like imagine a video of someone milking a cow with that sound played over and over. D: Disgusting.

  • Shouldn’t you call this ranching instead of agriculture?

  • I wonder what alien is watching its colony of humans watch their colony of ants farm their colony of mealybugs.

  • Superb last words and comparison of Avista with planet Earth :)

  • 18:25 pls turn the volume on the shitty music louder so i REALLY can't ignore it

  • Ants "farm' some insects like aphids and mealybugs. They protect them from predators, and they get honeydew in return. ... The mealybugs secrete the honeydew from their anuses, and the ants drink it I find this all fascinating AntCanada thank you for sharing this with us I think you are amazing

  • is maintaining that bonsai hard?

  • Isn't that animal husbandry not agriculture?

  • This channel makes me hungry

  • Ants are communist!

  • I love honey dew melon!!!

  • I'm wondering if you can keep the mealy bugs for the jawbreaking ants, so they can have more food resources.

  • Can you do Deathclaws next?

  • ur sound effects are amazing!

  • 13:25 I dont get it. Why should dry walkable space discourage ants from leaving or at least exploring?

  • What music are you using?

  • No way ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

  • You do know that tap and bottled water is all most exactly the same

  • I not waist 24 minute of my life to see a video I NOT LIKE. I get back to me great Johnny Marvin playlist. Johnny sang fantastic this is garbage for me

  • I not like this and stopped it after 5 seconds. I will not see that.

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  • Do you like ants or something?

  • I always get hella stoned and binge watch this. This is quality content. As a beekeeper (though my colony recently left me due to wax moths, and broke my heart), I am highly enjoying delving into the life of various ant species.

  • I have a bunch of those on one of the flower plants I'm growing and I've been wondering what they were for so long so this video really helped ☺

  • What do you do if a colony population becomes too large and you just don't have room for them? Do you release them outside? Do you euthanize them?

  • Ant Cows .... Udder dream come true! Oh my 😂

  • l

  • Dang the excitement is infectious, I got fully invested even though insect crowds make me feel itchy. Such high production for such small creatures, what a great learning opportunity!

  • It’s the feces of the mealybugs right? How is that intrinsically human? Lol

  • mealybugs are extremely annoying they destroy and kill withered the branches

  • thats cool the male mealybugs can walk around!!!

  • should have named them bobble butts. look at their social stomachs wiggle around when they have that maggot! so cool

  • you should hot glue a bunch of cotton balls together and then hang it with fishing line over Avista and pour water on top of it to simulate a cloud emptying moisture out of the bottom, into the soil

  • *_O_* *_M_* *_G_*

  • Why do you sound like Connor from detroit become human?

  • you better burn this ants the moment you notice they making stone axes and bows!

  • More like pastoralism than agriculture

  • Ants canada instead of watering the tree of wisdom with a open water bottle try poking holes in a cap instead of pouring water.put the cap on the bottle and vuala they turn into A sprinkler


  • Do you know what I truly love?- The respect and devotion you give to your ants. Your presentation, the whole script and filming, the setup and all the displays. You have such a good-tempered and natural speaking voice. It is very young and friendly and so pleasant to listen to. Watching a video of yours is like going over to my friend's house who has the greatest collection of ants who he loves very much and loves to show off.

  • Funny I should discover this channel by accident. I've been fighting what I thought was an ant infestation in my bonsai and a vine I have. I just kept seeing so many ants and my leaves dying, and flowers not growing up I assumed it was them. Was targeting the wrong bug! I also kept seeing these black dots under the leaves and had no idea that was another bug!! But less that it was producing the thing attracting ants. Google didn't help couse I was always searching ant related info and never got anywhere! Now I know who to target because those parasites aren't good for my poor babies and the whole thing bother me as much as the parasites on your ant babies. Just feel bad I've been attacking the wrong guys!

  • Honeydew sound like mountaindew but for ants

  • Neat and amazing !