My Pet Ants Discovered Agriculture

čas přidán 11. 08. 2018
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I can't believe how intelligent ants are! My pet big-headed ant colony has discovered agriculture. Upon examining my ant colony's ant farm island one night, I was shocked to discover that the ants were secretly farming "ant cows", mealybugs drinking from the sap of the colony's tree and excreting a sweet bi-product called 'honeydew' which the ants loved to eat and were collecting! Watch how we make this amazing discovery!
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  • I never knew that mealybugs were also a source of honeydew for ants. I've always herd (get it) of ants farming aphids, but never mealybugs. In fact this is the first I've heard of them. That being said literally all the info was new and fascinating to me. The millions of years of symbiosis, to the face that males and females take on such different forms.

    • ChasonT me too,I knew they farmed aphids but not mealybugs

    • Cool

    • +​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ what do you mean

    • I remember reading about ants that raise mold on pieces of leaves.

    • Yeah i get it haha.......

  • 16:32 hit Or Miss I guess you never miss huh?

  • i love mealy bugs

  • As someone that grows succulents this episode had me in horror the whole time. I've been fighting a mealybug infestation for about 2 months now.

  • @10:00 I looks like two dogs playing tug-o-war with the maggot lmfao! 🤣

  • And suddenly i never want honeydew melon again

  • "But you gotta eat the booty like groceries!" Aww that's a No No for me!

  • Mealy bugs are bad for the plant

  • So ant learning agriculture on a Bonzai Tree My asian sense is tingling

  • I grow tropical plants indoors. if those mealies spread you can use rubbing alcohol. they are the bane of plant growers.

  • Play the AntsCanada drinking game: Do a shot every time he says "AC Family".

  • 18:38 what is that music

  • mealybugs are destroying my parent-in-laws vineyards(well trying) twas funny to see them "farmed" haha

  • 20:12 you just got GNOMED


  • Permaculture, is a way of sustainable agriculture that produces food for humans in a clean and natural way , some of us are trying to save the planet

  • I like how a tree changes your teraium to a new kind of biotope, you are great with the ants i really enjoy it , i have alot of knowledge in biology, you are creating a nice web of life, the only true way to keep your animals, they need to have a housing with a diverse way of getting foods

  • I learned that mealybugs can also shoot their due!

  • How do they not escape? It is opened! I'm so lost.

  • I love your CS-tv channel. You never cuss:-)

  • Ants are one of the few (2?) species that holds pets for their food.

  • in about 1000 years ants supressing the humans species.

  • What if they’re just getting high

  • I'd keep an eye on the mealybugs, if you value the bonsai :) I've had small trees completely devastated by scalebugs being farmed by ants!

  • We should hand the world over to the ants us humans dont deserve it the way we treat the earth/environment. 🐜

  • I just subscribed & I can actually say that I am fascinated by your videos! Ants always make my skin crawl because I am allergic to certain bites from certain species. My skin has happily stopped crawling & I am truly invested I your channel. Thanks for helping me get over it. This episode was wonderful. You are a credit to what you do. I think the environment you have created for your pets, as you put it, is remarkable! Keep up the great work! Paula Allmand

  • Next: omg they have learned how to kill humans ahhhhh

  • Ass to mouth than mouth to mouth.😰. Damn nature you sexy.

  • A unique wonderfully weird channel that’s just up my alley subscribed

  • Do Honey Pot Ants, Myrmecocystus Mexicanus to be precise, farm Mealybugs and/or Aphids? If so I would love to add them to my farm as a natural source of food for my little clan.

  • Updaaate

  • *My ants discovered atomic bombs*

  • This is why I have to dust my garden with diotomatious earth.

  • these ants are at up country they have a hole at the sand ps in kenya at up country not nairobi

  • That's not a banyan tree. That is a mango tree.

  • Will it kill the ant if the water hits the ant

  • I feel.... Ughh.... _ITCHY_

  • Okay, so your aunt is into agriculture. And what does your uncle do?

  • I love your channel , your ants are amazing .

  • "based on this hit or miss method" Need. To. Resist. The. Urge... I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH? God damnit

  • Ho no this can't be good

  • I'm loving and learning about ants more and more by watching this amazing channel

  • Be careful they might start a fire!


  • A Wut

  • This wouldn't be nearly as interesting if you weren't narrating and explaining so happily! :)

  • *if humans could communicate thru phermons alot of people would be reaaally mad at eachother*

  • Ants golden age

  • I never thought I'd find an ant documentary this fun to listen to.

  • What is the song called?

  • Is it just me or did this video make anyone else quite emotional, I find some of these videos where the ants represent something much bigger and deeper very emotional im not sure why

  • Antantantantantant

  • David Attenborough who?

  • These remind me of Pokémon..... the baby Mealybugs are Burmy, the females are Wormadams and the males are Mothims, which are very similar to each other...

  • What if we evolved from ants tho?

  • these splurting sounds pakes it silly

  • Looks like the ant version of wack a mole lol. Trying to guess which butthole the honey will come out of xD

  • I

  • Honeydew huh? _The Ant Bully flashbacks._

  • Aren't the mealy bugs bad for the tree and might kill it?

  • You always choose the perfect score for your stories. Well done.

  • Wow. I just made a clay boblehaed in art

  • 15:24 I see a honeydew drop in the background Like if you see it

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • Lol all the ants i see in the nature do this. European ants seems to it more like Asian ants

  • Oh yea yea

  • Can’t wait for them to make a government and over throw the human race!

  • Do u think the ants see u as a 'creator god' who made their world and fed them? Also giving them huge pets like axolotls and crayfish?


  • ur videos are always the most interesting I'm recommended first

  • Its perfectly acceptable to just say "oh my gosh." It's the same amount of syllables even

  • That last question though, way to shade humanity lol

  • *_n o_*

  • Dude i just found your channel today and it's already one of my favorites. I love your ants the make me want my own

  • Anticyulture

  • They are evolving.

  • 16:31 I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH? ... Ok... Sorry...

  • your plant will die if there were lot of mealybugs

  • How about leaf cutter ants?

  • this i so cool *eyes light up*

  • 16:32 "HIT OR MISS"

  • Hit or miss

  • Next thing you know, they figure out how to enslave the human race.

  • i want to buy ant poop for my trees how much cost? C:

  • let us know if they go into Industrial time, world wide :-P

  • Would it not be husbandry rather than agriculture? When they start growing fungus I'd say they have entered the neo-antic era.

  • He said hit or miss lel

  • I await the day we can communicate with ants via Synthetic pheromones

  • im convinced that humans didn't evolve from monkey's but instead ants and we are all actually bugs not mammals

  • next up: My pet ants start a religion that worships rocks daily

  • Ants suck

    • You got it wrong. It's supposed to be "You suck"

  • Why is it you gave the Bobbleheads an open-air environment? Aren't you worried they'll escape?

    • not a normal person yeh baby powder the top of the tanks

  • Next: Ants discover the force, and a Luke Skywalker and Yoda type ant of the species is born

  • Fire nation Golden empire The bobbleheads

  • *hit or miss* he says👌

  • Give the ants a slightly germinated sesame seed and see what they do. Will they plant it? Will they eat it right away?

  • What if the mealybugs literally evolved to a new species that is adapted to life with the ants, and you're the first person to ever see them, so you name the species "ant cows"!

  • When humans die out they well be the next intelligent speices ever

  • I watch it in x2 speed

  • I am curious how your bonsai is doing, given that mealy bugs breed at an alarming rate and can easliy kill plants. So how is it doing supporting all the mealy bugs?