My Pet Ants Discovered Agriculture

čas přidán 11. 08. 2018
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I can't believe how intelligent ants are! My pet big-headed ant colony has discovered agriculture. Upon examining my ant colony's ant farm island one night, I was shocked to discover that the ants were secretly farming "ant cows", mealybugs drinking from the sap of the colony's tree and excreting a sweet bi-product called 'honeydew' which the ants loved to eat and were collecting! Watch how we make this amazing discovery!
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  • I never knew that mealybugs were also a source of honeydew for ants. I've always herd (get it) of ants farming aphids, but never mealybugs. In fact this is the first I've heard of them. That being said literally all the info was new and fascinating to me. The millions of years of symbiosis, to the face that males and females take on such different forms.

    • ChasonT cool!! Kinda like nomads..... like if a son is going somewhere else he bring livestock

    • Well honey ants are a thing so

    • you kinda lucky to get i yutuber to respond to you because there are billions of comments well not billions you know what i mean

    • ChasonT me too,I knew they farmed aphids but not mealybugs

    • Cool

  • This episode was hard for me to watch. The yellowing on the leaves is because of the those Wooly Aphids draining it of it's nutrients. If they grow in to many numbers they will kill your tree. I'm dealing with them with a single lady bug I caught. She should be enough for a 4x5 grow room. She just finished weaving her little nest ^^ bye bye aphids, hello big juicy super hot peppers.

  • You should get leaf cutter ants

  • 8:28 is that little white fella a mite

  • Never thought I'd think ants were interesting but I have been proven wrong. Especially with the way you present it. (Also came here from your Green Bottle Blue video and got to say, love the fact you call her a "goddess" because (1) I'm a spider lover (or "arachnophile" as my dad would say) and (2) as it fits in with this presentation of ants extremely well.)

  • Agriculture is when you sow the crops, this is more of livestock breeding ;)

  • Fantastic work man. I have NEVER given a crap about bugs, but wow your passion and knowledge are inspiring. Great episode, I now been watching your channel straight for 2 days now. Great work

  • I bet they will package honey dew antiverse wide and make loads of money and sales

  • hohohooo wait a miniute so basically the ants have reached a state of evolution that took us thousands of years in days? wowee my guy.

  • Should have named these ants “the proctologists”

  • Mealybugs are a parasite that can infect & weaken the host plant and kill it if they get out of control. They tend to prefer certain species of plants and seem to proliferate in dank conditions where there is poor air circulation. They can reproduce at an alarming rate & overtake a plant collection very quickly so I wouldn’t let them get out of hand or your Bonsai may die. I know they sell insecticidal soaps but I wouldn’t chance using them with the ants. Some people simply prefer to remove them outside under the jet stream of a garden hose. I might consider researching them as it’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with a mealybug infestation myself (with no ants to help me). If the tree leaves start to yellow and/or fall off you should act quickly or stand to lose your whole mini “eco-system” and that would be a shame. I don’t know if ants themselves periodically cull (and/or eat) an overabundance of their “herd” but they (mealybugs) can really reproduce quickly, and yes, they do walk around. I’d keep a close eye on them & the condition of their host plant.

  • Next: my ants made tools out of cockroach exoskeletons

  • I think the jawbreakers farming springtails underground, to make catching them a lot easier, is a lot cooler than this because this has been well documented in the scientific field for a good bit but I've never heard of them doing it in mass numbers for meals like what the jawbreakers did. i honestly think that's a first for the scientific community but I could be wrong. inb4 biology being a lesser science meme

  • 6:13 how many mites?!

  • Isn't this animal husbandry....

  • I have a small tree that entirely COVERED in mealybugs, at first I thought it was like ant larvae or ant eggs(idk) cause alot of ants were there,and after I gave up the idea of that, I thought that they were an infection, I started to worry that my tree might die.......untill I watched this video 3 months later.....I was right and wrong

  • Day 1: Ants move in Day 5: Ants discover Agriculture and Livestock Day 10: Ants start making Primitive Weapons Day 20: Ants discover Armour and More Advanced Weapons Day 40: Ants discover Battering Rams Day 80: Ants discover Gunpowder Day 160: Ants make Canons Day 320: Ants made Modern Weaponry Day 640: Ants discover Space Travel Day 1280: Ants discover Bipedalism Day 2560: Ants evolve into Humanoid Creatures Day 5120: Ants finally go to Space Day 10240: Ants Reverse-Engineer Alien Technology Day 20480: Ants invade Earth

  • Something about water, you might want to get a water purifier and use it on your water before you give it to your ants, there's something in water thats dangerous, however, if it doesn't damage the ants, its fine to use.

  • Good for them

  • Ants eat mealybug poop Tree eats ant poop Mealybugs eat tree blood Circle of life!

  • Next thing you know, they’re armed with shotguns calling people “buster” and shooting trespassers, including yelling at teenagers.

  • Free range ant cows

  • Subtítulos en español pliss

  • Oh no. Soon their going to take over the world then pollute it. Gosh darn it! Also could you imagine being a female mealybug? Bug: Well, looks like my house died again. Time to find a new one

  • All jokes aside aren't ants comunist since they share everything?

  • I saw some ants doing this on one of my garden plants yesterday. I was going to kill the aphids until I realized what the ants next to them were doing.

  • i just love how long this videos are

  • Either the comments are really dumb, not one of interest Or I am too old for this video

  • How come you don’t have velvet ants?

  • gnats are the wolves of the ant kingdom

  • The way you say that ant cows were milking _themselves_ made me think they were wacking off infinitely using mealybugs as body pillowz lol ☺💦

  • In Ant Year 1945: *Ant Hiroshima*

  • 12:54 I can't believe the ants also have bathroom too!!!

  • AntsCanada: My ants discovered agriculture! TierZoo: Am I a joke to you?

  • *also becareful that tree might die of infection from the mealybug*

  • *also do you know if that tree is a ficus sp?*

  • *mealybugs ARE THE WORSTTTT THEY COULD DIE. IDEC AB THEM my plants dont have an infestation of mealybugs yet hut have gnats UGHHHH😒😒*

  • Wait I thought the mealybugs shot the honeydew from there mouth

  • that is not a Canadian voice. Canadians are European DNA.....this is NOT Canadian DNA. avoid

  • Huh this was made on my birthday and I didn’t find it till today

  • thanks\ now I want to try honeydew XD

  • this is the only person on CS-tv that can make ants interesting

  • beware the mealybugs, THEY WILL TAKE OVER!

  • Next video my ant have guns

  • Oh wow

  • Stroke : stkdhjf

  • Next vid: my pet ants learned about guns! Amazing!

  • Ain't it called mold/fungi/mushroom uhhhhhhhhhhh

  • HELP! MY ANTS DISCOVERED THE SCP FOUNDATION! *The SCP Foundation is typing...* The SCP Foundation: *makes SCP-143, the smart ants.* Also SCP Foundation: What? Let’s make that an SCP.

  • Hmmm... I never would have guessed that every time the ant-cows excreted honeydew the made that sound! (JOKE)