OnePlus 7 Pro: What You Didn't Know!

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OnePlus 7 Pro follow-up: Everything you didn't already know!
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  • Realme x2 pro

  • Watching on the OnePlus 7 pro and I just don't see the difference between 60 and 90hz, so I turned it off. Same with 1080p and 1440p, it's nice to have but the pixels are so small that the difference is just way to small to really notice.

  • Does it support wireless charging?

  • MKBHD - Awesome :) was damm confused which phone to buy but u solved it :) Thanks again

  • Where di you get the wallpaper, it's so cool

  • What game is that he is playing at 2:25? Looks freaking amazing !

  • Change samsung s10p+ or oneplus 7pro?Thanks

  • Wow.. Here i am using oneplus 3t for almost 3.5 years😐😐

  • Is there any picture quality difference in 7 pro and 7t pro If yes which one would be more picture perfect

  • When you use your phone for over 4 hours a day. If this is the case you should get a phone that suits your needs.

  • Does it come with a secure folder

  • I have a note 8 and it got water damages anyways after 3 years and it was only a little water I would never trust my phone with any kind of water

  • Can u play music on CS-tv while the phone is closed?

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  • So smartphone brands need to pay royalties for making their gadget water and dust proof?????? so thatz a patent as well???

  • Has it got a headphone jack?

  • I love my op 7 pro have had this phone for 9 months now going to get a op 8 as a second phone and the op7 pro as my daily

  • My question is about oxygen OS. Is oxygen OS trust worthy or just a Chinese back door.

  • i use this phone heavily.... but its also a 5g, so i get shit for battery... its 1140 AM and its at %65 since like an hr ago.... 😣

  • Love all the vids! You are my tech sensei!

  • U talk too much buddy....🤐🤐🤫🤫

    • Maybe you should unsubscribe and not click on his future videos. Just saying

  • Does anyone in here know if I can download an 3rd party android apk movie/TV show app like

  • Includes paid promotion*

  • How do people get anything done if they're using their phones at 4-5 hours screen-on time per day? xD

  • so what happened to ur some set of expectations from oneplus now after the 8 &8 pro price hikes 😂🤣

  • I finally have one of these on the way!

  • My was not water proof wash mine and water went inside and had to get it replaced .the whole phone was jack up

  • Osm gaming brooo....

  • Yesterday I updated my software and now my phone has gone to quadcomm crash dump mode please help me it's quarantine and it feels terrible 😭😭

  • Any fixes to the Google play store problem

  • Hi I updated my phone but in doing so I'm now unable to use my Google play store something to do with permission denied in the store section

  • Just think about that this phone is available here in my country for €450,- now.

  • is it good for 2020?? i want to go for op 7pro over op8 ..any suggestion?

    • i think i will go for it..op 7 pro

    • @Se7en Ya its tough a decision but you can count on op7 pro in 2020 too...

    • i find op7 broo abit worth

    • i am also confused a bit in this regard...maybe 8 could be a better choice

  • 2:22 what game is that?

  • Marquessrigseverything😂

  • T-Mobile is selling this phone for just $450 [8GB/256GB] so I picked one up. The price of the 8 series is jumping and the premium for 5G phones is just ridiculous. The 7T Pro 5G McLaren is still selling for $899 - twice the price of the 7 Pro ! Until they eliminate wireless data caps and prioritization, it's not worth the extra money for 5G connectivity at this time.

  • Your battery life evaluation is more practical.

  • Up rating or not, it's not covered under any warranty. That's the biggest scam ever "IP" Rating. So why pay extra for it 🤦🏼‍♂️


    • @DavidTV I totally agree.

    • Punch Hole < Pop Up Selfie Cam

  • The fingerprint scanner sucks

  • Did it support nfc ?

  • Ohh great explanation👍

  • I just liquid damaged mine just wrinced it under the water.... Do not do it!!

  • I love cats and all I could say as a cat lover is: respect MKBHD for the cat ❤

  • We would like to see un update about the Oneplus 7 pro in 2020, particularly with the Google camera port, PLEASE!

  • coming from a one plus 5, this phones customization is amazing. I almost got a one plus 6, because I really didnt want to give up headphone jack, but FUCKIT

  • Does the OnePlus 7 pro have always on display

  • Does the OnePlus 7 pro have always on display

  • Is the one plus 7t also splash proof??

  • What should i go guys note 10+ 5g or 1+ 7t pro I'm using 1+7t pro right now should i try note 10+ run Snapdragon

  • i have a bug on my OP7T pro, when i am calling even though the phone is on my ear. The screen random activates as if i am getting the phone off my ear. this means that i can end the call with my cheek unintentionally. does anyone have the same problem? and how can i fix this. thanks alot

  • Dark mode do not show phones without dark mode on.

  • Retracting camera will not survive daily many moving parts.

  • I am wondering why people buy these fly by night company phones. They always advertise non sense. I'll stick with Samsung. We see in a year which one still works flawlessly. Because we all know it will be the samsung. I have a 10 year old galaxy prime that still works. On my s10

  • Mkbh probably got the Oneplus 8 Pro after this review. I see the review coming: Hey guys I used the OP8 Pro for about a Year now

  • 0:05 That doggy : let's start!

  • S 20 ultra 16 gb ram

  • Bro love from india...❤️

  • Are there any apps that are only one the one plus 7pro and not on the note10+ Or are all the apps on these phones the same if they’re not iOS?

  • *hi*

  • Please suggest me ,what i purchesd xiaomi note 1p pro or oneolus 7 pro,which one?

  • Because it's Oneplus, it doesnt have wireless charging, and optical fingerprint scanner (not ultrasonic). That justifies the lower price.

  • What can you tell me about McLaren

  • Great insight. Thanks.

  • Maan i thought you were white from your voice

  • 03:33 now you can record video through the wide angle lens

  • Currently out of stock.....waaaiiittiinnngg

  • Hi, i was thinking about buying this phone, but the fact that I literally lost a one plus 7, because it was a device that is not officially sold in the us, and there is no official technical service (I dropped the phone) I know that this phone * t version is neither officially sold here but the macklaren edition does. But I think the 100$ extra for 4g of ram is not worth, do you know about how to get oficial technical service or warranty here?. In currently paying 50$ / month for a one plus 7 t pro macklaren in t mobile (with insurance).

  • Bruh I just care performance and price.

  • Love the shirt. Any information where one can purchase?

  • My OnePlus 7 Pro fell outta my pocket while shoveling snow, into the snow. Picked it up immediately. Had water under the camera lense for a week. Your claim that it can be put in water is complete and total BS.

  • Bro you forgot about the dual speakers present in the phone, I am talking about the ones that are on the top...

  • This phone is by far the best phone ive ever had

  • Me planning to buy this phone Should I go for it?

  • Does this phone has live photo / motion photo feature ?

  • Would there be a new OnePlus phone with a headphone jack? Or should i move on ?

  • Picked up a 7T on a few days ago on 2/15 and I'm not happy. Continuous bug reports, apps crash, won't install apps from Dropbox and camera blur issues. Should have kept my Pixel 3 except I needed a bigger battery. Also stuck on the December 2019 security patch. Smh

  • Why there aren't any cons Or you don't wanna talk about them

  • I want you to test OnePlus 7t pro McLaren edition vs vivo nex 3