Our Craziest Super Card Yet?! (New Season!)

čas přidán 5. 02. 2023
Turn Enemy Troops to Your Side with the SUPER MAGIC ARCHER!
Play the Challenge starting on 13th of February.

LOVE & MAGIC! New Season!
Balance Changes!
Unlock new Magic Archer, Golem and Sparky Emotes!
Unlock the Love Potion and Magic Archer Tower Skins!
Unlock a FREE Rare Book of Cards from Pass Royale!
New Boosted Cards!

Also, Log got a Balance Change (video error):
Before: 1 tile
After: 0.7 tiles (30% reduction)

See you in the Arena!

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See you in the Arena!


  • Imagine Super Magic Archer converting enemy's Super Magic Archer, now that's illegal...

    • Imagine Super Magic Archer converts super mini pekka

    • I thought it would convert the king tower and the match would instantly be over.

    • the cllange was just who coul remove+outcycle the magic archer

    • ​@mijkolsmith you went too far, u made it true...

    • How does it feel to have your comment feauture in a Clash Royale video or short?

  • That's one way to make the most cursed looking buildings ever.

    • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Indeed

    • Agree

    • I think He meant buildings designed as Establishments for men of culture 😉

    • @Milky Way Cookie-🌌 Octo gorb?

  • Inferno tower after getting hit by Super Magic archer be like: "alright, lemme just barbecue this tower" 💀

    • When super magic archer hits archer tower: *proceeds to barbecue king tower*

    • Needs work 4/10

    • 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Wow that is OP lol

  • All I can imagine is somebody placing a PEKKA in the back and then the magic archer changes her so she’s on the enemies tower

    • Lmaoo nah that’s messed up 😂

    • @Cloud rocket

    • @F3rzz that's a good idea for this challenge lol

    • That’s a double monk moment 😂

    • hahaha,here's Pekkkka

  • Next up is super PEKKA that can deal splash damage

  • I genuinely don't know if the super magic archer will bring love or chaos to Clash Royale... Either way, it's gonna be fun!

  • Finally a Decent counter to "Golem in the Back"

  • Basically Uno reverse card Seems pretty balanced and totally not OP to me🤠

    • Monk

    • Bro Super Mini Pekka literally one shots Crown towers 💀💀💀

    • Every super card is op genius

    • It’s supposed to be op. The challenge wouldn’t be much fun if it was balanced

    • They turn back to your card after some time

  • Another super troop this season! This will definitely be a magic archer season for sure 😂 please make more super troops in the coming months 🔥 🎉

  • Imagine an actual card with Super Magic Archer’s ability💀

    • @D lmao true

    • A spirit

    • muda witch

    • @Connor CK bro you have nothing to apologise for to that snowflake lol. You know its bad when “literally what he said just with more words” is seen as offensive 🤣

    • @Cute Character Power I didn't 🙃

  • I think this can't be crazier than ever, but with this card, it's probably most overpowered card

  • always knew magic archer was the rizzlord

  • Dang this season looking great so far, got some great balance changes too!

  • I got mixed feelings for this. I mean like it can be a little to OP, imagine 4 mega knights and 2 E giants

    • @hmn I actually think it’ll one shot skeleton army

    • @Robert Cohn ye but ik its gonna make me rage lmao

    • It’s casual it doesn’t matter if op

    • lol this must be good for farm spells maesterys if you play skeleton army on bridge and your opponent plays magic archer

    • The card being OP is the whole point, it's challenge specific

  • Insane. What if super magic archer converts enemy tower into attacking itself!!?

    • interesting. We'll have to find out if that's a feature. Maybe the tower WILL attack itself, or maybe it'll just attack its allies? Will the tower even change teams, or would that be too OP? Don't know.

  • This challenge is most cursed of all past challenges, but will be funny to make your opponent card to fight by your side 😂

  • If you want to win this challenge, use spell only. Trust me it will work

    • @Jonassan champions are banned in this challenge

    • @Jonassan no

    • monk might work if ur lucky enough

    • They just nerfed rocket

  • This season is very incredible and let's see how the other players do with the magical super goalkeeper, good luck

  • Just a suggestion but maybe Clash could come out with more new cards to Clash since mainly theres only a few cards in ladder that are always being used

  • This new season seems so awesome. Also, the Super Magic Archer is a menace in disguise…and in a good and beneficial way to me…and sadly my opponents as well.

  • Muito legal, carta bem massa e apelona! Kd os BR aí ? 🇧🇷

  • they must added a new card and it will be a legendary building 😊

  • imagine he gets enough hitpoint to survive fireball 🥶

  • I imagine two super magic archers just pelting a golem and he just walks back and forth

  • Did anybody notice the log wasn't in the balance changes?

    • it is in the description

  • Minha temporada, amei 💗

  • Pienso que una actualización no muy importante pero si util e interesante seria que agreguen un modo creativo, un modo en el que estas tu solo pero puedes experimentar con cartas, puedes probar cartas y para comprobar los cambios de balances eh incluso puedes usar super cartas que ya no estan disponibles, este modo seria util sobretodo para creadores de contenido ¿No has visto esos videos en el que ponen a luchar 50 pekkas vs 50 MK? Con este modo seria tan fácil como seleccionar la carta y la cantidad de tropas que quieres en el campo, podrían hacer simulaciones de partidas sin que afecte el elixir y comprobar cartas para ver cual es mejor, habrian distintas opciones como ocultar la vida, cambiar de arena y la cantidad de vida/daño o el nivel que quieres que tengan las torres

  • Inferno tower took it personally 0:40

  • I would like to call attention to the fact that he converted the enemy’s CROWN TOWER to his side. I’m scared

  • This new super card seems to be amazing !

  • One day I thought that if such a troop type pulls the opponent's troop into his own team. And he is known other than Super Magic Archer

  • only super cell can make their content enjoyable 🤩

  • What if Super Magic Archer shoots Monk while Monk has the ability on? Now that's gonna be interesting

  • Me and the boys changing your entire push with a cupid

  • What if Super Magic Archer shoots Monk while Monk has the ability on? Now that's gonna be interesting

  • If I were to make a 10 elixir card, this would be the one

  • Nice season ❤️

  • you already KNOW i bought these the second i saw them in the shop. well done to the artist these banners were fantastic 🙌

  • This challenge was one of my favorites! Super fun to play.

  • “Best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend”- sesi Wu

  • Bro the fireball usage in this event gonna be insane

  • Super Magic Archer is the "YURI" from red alert.

  • Next is the super x bow: unlimited range and goes only for towers

  • Lo que vuelve mas rara esta temporada son los estandartes

  • True definition of toxicity after elixir golem

  • Imagine if two of these face to face , they keep attacking again and again each other😂😂😂😂😂

    • PHOENIX BRO I am Markos is that you?

  • No! That super Archer is gonna be insane!

  • Now we can use inferno tower against the enemy in their own area

  • Imagine making the Princess towers attack the king and win

  • This is what I'm thinking for years ,I'm imagining that kind of ability but I imagined it to be a girl and a new card ,her name would be Love Archer

  • what a cool new addition!

  • I remember seeing on Reddit a potion with the same exact aplication,but now It's in Clash royale and It's a Little more balanced.

  • I just wonder how buildings are gonna be on opponent's side even you didn't destroy any towers

  • Opponent: *Places Xbow and tesla* Super Magic archer: Im about to finish this Man whole carrier

    • @Gourav Dhawan 5 year old playing in Arena pekkas playhouse

    • Y talking about tesla ??? Just think about inferno tower😂😂😂

  • Super mini pekka: *laughs quietly in the corner*

  • I like how they show mega knight jumping on the king tower to 3 crown🥱

  • Nah I can already see myself raging in that challenge

  • This is definitely a season of Pekka BS 😳 guess I’m maxing my pekka now

  • Gonna need that to turn my enemies on my side

  • Será que eu fui o único brasileiro que não desistiu do game :(

  • supercell is always calm and reasonable

  • Muito firme ❤️🔥

  • Imagine using monk to turn the super magic archer yours

  • This super card is gonna be crazy..

  • What if they are testing a new mechanic for a possible card in the future with this ? Those towers look like (affection potions)? Or some other name ?

  • Imagine super magic archer hits king tower and enemy’s king tower turn into your king tower

  • After a month without CR I can say... "Let's do another 5 months". See ya!

  • I read that the cards he hits only switch sides for a few seconds and he moves/attacks slower than usual so he is not gonna be SUPER CRAZY OP like I thought. Still 🔥 tho

    • Good knowledge, was getting scared he would be insanely broken, just cracked

  • Thank you Clash Royale for keeping us entertained over the years!!!


  • Wait, that ending converting the princess tower so the mega knights jumps on king tower... that feels so illegal 💀

  • Nada de tanks pesados nesse desafio 🤠

  • The King is the only person doesn't get effected by the super magic archer

  • They just brought a character from Magic royale 🤣🤣 We want princess that shoots Rockets too as a super Princess of love 😘😘😘

  • Yeah, I have no idea where you get these ideas from. You are so unpredictable 😂

  • Que bonita temporada, so beatiful

  • queremos cartas novas urgentemente supercell atualização fraca essas em.

  • This card is a game changer and will be nerfed immediately, I am sure 😃

    • It's an event card, it will only be avaliable in the challenge and will be removed after it ends

    • it's a super card

  • Finally, a card capable of doing that

  • Great season! But weren't we supposed to get 10x multiplier for 10th league? I got a 6x multiplier for Ultimate Champion

  • the inferno tower switched sides...😨

  • Guys he also converts crown towers now that's crazy

  • I’m gonna end it tonight, clash was all I had now that my 2 favorite cards got nerfed (log and phoenix) I’m afraid I must pull the plug gooodbye

  • Looks fire. I am HYPED 🤣

  • Imagine inferno tower near king tower

  • Most balanced thing indeed

  • until we get used to it, this is going to be a beautiful chaos! 💀

  • Unicorn from Rumble Stars 🗿

  • This card is honestly op…

  • Now that is something that I don't see since the Super Mini-P.E.K.K.A dropped,happy about the balance changes,maybe Logbait will finally die.

  • This should be a spell but the effect duration should last only seven seconds

  • "Archer Queen isn't OP" LOL

  • I thought this would have been mother witch 🧙‍♀️ super ability its scares me more what will they do if they make her a super card

  • Esto se pondrá interesante!🤯

  • This music gets me great memories from the bewitched season in may 😢😭❤️

  • Me when my inferno tower starts roasting my crown tower 👁️👄👁️


  • Did the inferno just target the tower 😮

  • 로켓이나 번개 무조건 있어야할듯