Our Entire House Gets a Makeover!

čas přidán 25. 11. 2021
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  • them moving to colorado has honestly changed their life, you can tell they are so much happier here. seeing shane and ryland decorating, going out, hanging with family, and more is honestly to cute. they are catching core memories without even noticing

    • California has so much fame which will bring you anxiety.


    • So nice to have Shane back. I love this. Moving was magical.

    • Even the dogs and Cheeto seem more happy! It was so a great decision for them. 🥰

    • And all the shopping :P

  • Shane’s dancing with the Christmas goose is EVERYTHING. He totally got into it for a second there 🤣 so cute!!

    • He could totally be tiktok material lol 😆

  • Can we all just acknowledge how amazing of a partner Ryland is. You truly are a gem

  • Okay its really admirable how well you guys communicate. I KNOW Ryland is itching to do all the design elements his way but you can see he lets go and lets Shane have a say in things and really encourages him and makes him feel good!!! It is really sweet and I wish you guys have the best holiday ever in your new home :)

    • its called couples therapy

    • Perfectly said! Love you guys! Have a great Holiday!

  • the internet: shane dawson is a sociopath!! shane: acidentally knocks rylands coffee and does ANYTHING to make it up to him

  • I love how they kept switching around the stockings and never once considered just moving the snowmen holders. 😂 Swap the 2 brown stockings, that will put Shane and Ryland at the ends with the animals in the middle. Then just move the two snowmen to the outside, with the 3 reindeer in the middle.

    • right?!?!?!

    • OMG MEEE I WAS LITERALLY LIKE… having OCD/ anxiety and everything by them not just switching around the figures and arranging the colors after 😅😅😅lol love the video have BEEN loving their videos lately but omg that moment 😤🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Yes 😂

    • @Genesi Vastarella LITERALLYYYY i was yelling at the screen that they were the same color and it would be the perfect compromise but noooooo

    • It was driving me nuts!

  • reesES piecES!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley Askew20🐷

    • her baby pointing at the cookie “ahhh” 👉🏼

    • i .... say "ree-ceez pee-cez" bc we love a combo. )but yes i get non-stop correction on my ree-cee pronunciation) 🌝✨

    • @brooke pee-can ❌ pe-can ✅

    • Lmao I love you Shane I have watched you forever you are the best

  • I love how Shane gets so devastating about stuff but Ryland is the voice of reason. Its just coffee. Love that!

    • My bf would’ve screamed at me 🥺 Shane is so lucky to have him Omg

  • I think it’s funny how Ryland gives off such mom vibes! Often it seems he is single-handedly holding this household together with Shane and the pets just following him around all day 😂

  • I LOVE when shane goes "What can I do to make it up to you?" then Ryland says "Take the dogs out for a week" Shane, "A WEEK! IT WAS ONE COFFEE!" HAHAHHAHAH I died laughing !!! hhahahahaahah so sweet then ryland said a week of taking the dogs out hahahahahaha

  • Can we just talk about how much Shane has been GLOWING lately. ✨

  • Shane went from sassy af: “oh NOW we can put it there?!” to super sad and regretful over a cup of coffee 😂🤣

  • Shane decorating the house however he wants and Ryland reluctantly agreeing for 29 minutes straight

  • My theory on the stocking placements .. from the moment Shane set them up by color the first time(16:05), if you switch Shane’s & Honeys, you’d still get the color scheme and they’d be on their designated holders 🙃 ✨

  • Shane being devastated over the coffee was so wholesome and cute

    • Lol and his reaction after 🤣 it was ONE coffee 🤣

  • I’m surprised all the comments aren’t people arguing over the color order of the stockings 😂 happy holidays everyone and the house is looking great guys!!

  • I'm a straight male & honestly the way their home looks so cozy & charming is house goals. And the way they are so happy to relax, drink coffee & decorate all day just brings good vibes.

    • @Michael White I said what I said.

    • @The Official Green Kane What stereotype? There's no stereotype. How Shane and his boyfriend act and speak have absolutely nothing to do with their sexuality and neither does the way straight men act and speak. That's called personality, not sexuality.

    • @Michael White Because I'm giving other straight males the courage to break stereotypes

    • Why does your sexuality matter? Why mention that?

  • I have made two comments already but this video just makes me so excited to tell Shane and Ryland how happy I am for them and how fantastic it is to see both of them, Shane has been my idol and escape since 2010 but I’m still here and always has been but to see such a change and success for both of them just makes me so warm inside, happy for them and makes me want to make me motivated to improve myself and my work so I can come up on this level of happiness, to everyone who reads this, everything will get better at some point, like not stepping in dog poopie for a day or winning a million dollars, everything will go up and all you have to do is keep on going and if you can, keep fighting, you absolutely can do it! I am sure of that and look at Shane for an example, he has been through almost everything and haven’t stopped so why should you? Love to all and thank you Shane, Ryland and everyone else for trying to make the world a better place

  • It really warms my heart how happy Shane is. I haven’t seen him dance in like a decade and just that made me smile.

  • They’re going to make one child SO happy with this Christmas spirit 👶🏼

  • Omg you guys cure my depression 💕 Shane after spilling the coffee… “hello??”

  • It’s very awesome to see Shane enjoying himself again, despite that he brings himself down here and there we all or I do, I see a difference in him and a huge weight loss. You deserve to enjoy life and be happy.❤️ Love you both!❤️

  • Literally the the kickoff to my weekend always starts with Rylands Vlog! I literally laugh HARD out loud with every episode. Gosh I’m SO happy you both are genuinely happy. I’ve never seen Shane SO happy. Buying that Colorado dream home was the best decision you guys ever made!! I LOVEEEE IT!! Ahhh can’t wait till next Friday!!!!!!!!! Love you guys! Xo

  • I've never really commented on a youtube video before, but I just had to. I've been watching Shane's videos for a while and I have never seen him so happy. He seems to be so delighted and excited, dancing around and laughing and smling. I am so happy for him. It gives me hope. Makes me feel like life could get better one day. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you. One more reason to perhaps not jump off the balcony. :)

  • Shane moving to Colorado was the best decision he’s ever made. He looks SO happy and SO healthy. So happy for him 😭

    • Yes 🥲♥️ that LA vibe is not healthy

  • Omg I love this

  • I love seeing how excited Shane gets for Christmas 🎄

  • Okay but Shane in the polar bear head looking at the camera was everything I laughed so hard

  • “Let me fight with Shane and then I’ll be back”… lol love that families are like this, it’s wholesome❤️😂

  • Shane dancing with the twerking duck made me so unbelievably happy because he just looks so happy too!! 💓💓💓💓

  • Shane is so happy. Colorado looks so good on him, you can tell, he is so happy. I love seeing him happy. Love you Shane!!!!

    • Yeah LA does not seem like a thriving environment for down to earth, sensitive, emotionally intelligent people

    • I am being humble when I am telling you that I am the most powerful strongest coolest smartest most famous greatest funniest Y*uTub3r of all time! That's the reason I have multiple girlfriends and I show them off all the time! Bye bye li

    • I was just thinking the exact same thing!! Colorado looks good on them both!!

  • I’m so ready for Shane’s next series! I can’t get enough of you two!!!

  • Shane feeling bad about knocking the coffee down and Ryland being like it’s fine it’s fine… the most I’ve ever felt connected to Shane Lolol

  • it looks like shane's workouts are paying off, he looks amazing!!

  • the funniest part of this whole video is when Shane looks at Ryland after he says “feeling” and says “you’re one of them” 😂

  • Can’t wait to see Shane’s Tacky Tree!🎄🎄

  • Am I the only one internally screaming that if Shane and Honey's stockings were switched it would be the stocking holders how Ryland wanted with the color pattern Shane wants? Then it would also have a satisfying pattern of animal, human, animal, human, animal. I feel like I am too invested into this 😂

    • Same I came here to comment this ! Driving me insane ! Cute either way but I also feel like best of both worlds if they switched them

    • The pattern is off! Shane and Ryland need to switch or Honey and Cheeto. But yah I was confused why they didn’t switch Shane and Honey’s to make it how Ryland wanted it😂 maybe Shane just really wanted to go first

    • YES

    • YES

    • I was furious lol

  • I was letting the world & stress get to me lately!!!❤💚❤Just watching this made me feel soo much warmth & love & just kept me smiling the whole time!!!💚❤💚Thank you Shane & Ryland!!!❄❤💚🎁🎄🧑‍🎄🤶🌈🎅🦌🍬🍾🥂🌨☃️🧸🧣🧤🕯🐷🐕‍🦺🐈🦕🐻🐻‍❄️🦄👬🏻🌟❄

  • Ryland really is the dad of the relationship and i love it 🥰

  • shane’s smile after sip of coffee is everything!!! so cute

  • It’s so good to see Shane happier - you can see it in how he talk with you again

  • I LOVEeee seeing Shane so happy and excited about Christmas🎄❤️✨👏🏼

  • Anyone else dying inside watching them argue over the stockings, and move everything around EXCEPT the stocking holders? 🤣

    • lol, yes!! I was screaming at them to just move the stocking holders, not the stockings ha

    • The stocking holders were set up in their own pattern tho, deer, bear, deer, bear, deer. I have OCD so I notice these things lol. Shane’s way is better for OCD. lol

    • YES OMG that frustrated me so much

    • It seemed like they were already stuck down. At my house they are double sticky taped down, so if you move them around it will mess up the stick.

    • Oh my god YES!!! hahahahaahah

  • I especially love seeing Shane this happy!!!

  • @shanedawson I absolutely love how happy you are since this move! Seems like your depression has left you and Ryland has always been a happy go lucky person. Shane is actually getting out and doing things when I always felt he was secluded in the home in California waiting for Ryland to get home with lunch or dinner or out shopping. Now Shane is sooo involved! Goes shopping, out to eat, drives around. So pleasant to see how he has done a 360 for the better💕 love you both❤️❤️❤️

  • The dynamic of Ryland and Shane is super funny and too cute :,))))

  • I never fail to watch ryland and shane when i saw them on their thumbnail i click right away❗️lol Love this balance of them and when morgan joins,it adds sprinkles❗️lol love you all! Watching since 2014(Shane's channel)❤️ Watching from Japan🇯🇵❤️

  • The dogs look so excited and happy to see Shane excited when unpacking the stockings.. 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • Shane being authentically happy again is everything. Ryland you are so good with your designs inside i love these vids you've been putting out vlogmas is always great with youuu. 💛🐾

  • Christmas and the time leading up to it is always tough for me but your christmasy vlogs make me really happy! Thank you, Ryland and Shane ❤

  • That moment when Shane takes a bit of that cookie and it hits his soul is so wholesome.

  • Really needed this today Shane being so happy makes me happy thanks Shane you never know how you help people out XOXO

  • shane during the Crumbl cookie review is what I have been MISSING for so long, I was laughing out loud, I love him and Ryland sm!!!

  • The amount of effort you two put into Christmas decorating we put into Halloween decorating. No one on our block decorates for Halloween and for the last couple of years we've gone all out enough that we have started getting comments from neighbors asking if we're gonna decorate next year and that they look forward to it. It's been my goal to bring Halloween back to our street over time. But for Christmas we do the inside up just not as much since Halloween is our main big holiday. :)

  • Said it before and il say it again, ryland and Shane’s content with Shane’s editing and imagination is EVERYTHING x

    • makes me miss the vids with the whole squad though

    • I need more of it!!!

    • I agree it elivated the content on he channel so much

    • It is soooooo good

  • I am so Happy for the two of you and this move you made!!! Shane you look so Healthy and Happy!! Really super Happy for two guys I don’t even know.. Shane is so much more social, active, happy and that you can tell has brought Ryland more Happiness!!! ❤️Happy New Years to you!! I wish you so much more happiness!!!

  • As a member of the pecan pie community, I just would like to say that cookie looks amazing and now I think I'm gonna bake a pecan pie

  • Ryland subsiding to Shane’s every wish 😆 love it!

  • Shanes energy is so much more vibrant since y'all moved.

  • I love that I can tell Shane is editing this. I love all of it and am giggling. 🖤🖤🖤

  • Can we talk about how happy you both seem? Shane seems like he’s so happy and being his true self. I loved this video so much 🥺🥲

  • Shane is literally the funniest person on this crazy planet ❤

  • Seeing Shane so happy really brings me a whole new level of serotonin

  • Christmas Shane is literally giving me life ❤️ 😂

  • I love seeing how both Ryland and Shane are so happy. Change really makes a difference ❤️ love seeing them glowing. I cannot wait to see what’s in the future for them.

  • You guys negotiating, letting the dogs out at night is the most relateable dog parent thing I have EVER heard. Lol

  • If you've watched Shane over the past decade him mentioning how he wanted to shower is A BIG thing for him. Seems he's taking those steps to truly be better. They're so happy together, very proud of you Shane!!!

    • Omg Shane saw this he said it in the newest vlog!!

    • Dude...He mentioned this comment in the new vlog today. 😆

    • @Sue It At Home 10:45

    • @Sally Otoole he suffers from sensory issues. I know it seems silly but again in last ten years in his videos he's struggled with showers. It's good to see someone getting better with their mental health!!!

    • When did he mention he was going to shower in this video? Just wondering because I even rewatched it 😅

  • Shane’s little dance in the beginning freaking adorable. I love you both immensely!

  • Nothing can describe how happy it makes me to watch you two be so happy and how much you make me laugh 🥰😂 Thanks for your videos! Glad to see Shane thriving ☺️

  • Shane dancing with the duck twerking… Is everything. Lol. Love it. I’m glad Shane is back. He’s is such in a better mood. Positive vibes. ❤️

  • Their house is slowly becoming every Christmas Hallmark movie ever 😂

  • shane is soooo happy-had me smiling the whole time

  • Ryland I had to pause this video to say your vlogs are just so so so amazing, the editing, the energy, the realness, and idk about everyone else but I personally am obsessed with Christmas as well as interior decorating, so your vlogs are just ugh perfection, like I swear I get more excited when your videos come out than anything else in my life right now lol, thank you so much for letting us into yours and Shane’s lives, love you guys more than u know❤️❤️

  • Obsessed with this gorgeous home. These vlogs can’t come fast enough. Made for Christmas decor! 😍

  • Omg This video is everything loved it I’m so glued to both Shane and Rylands channel I can’t stop watching I’m glad Shane came back

  • I love this version of Shane! The personal growth your making is shining through these videos.

  • I must say it makes me SUPER HAPPY to see Shane dance and be happy again. :) Colorado is doing wonders and it makes me happy to see you two so close and enjoying your new home/city/state. :)

  • I’m LIVING for these vlogs, y’all are living my dream so I get to live it through you guys!! You are both glowing and are way happier especially Shane!!

  • We need weekly vlogs from both you and Shane! ❤❤🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • I need someone to look at me like Ryan and Shane look those cookies 😅✨

  • I wish I could explain the comforting feeling I get watching your channel. It’s helped me through some dark shit. When you upload I run and make a coffee and know the next 20-30 minutes of my day will be genuinely peaceful. I can’t wait for vlogmas hunny! 🤍 LOVE YOU DADS.

  • Shane with that twirking duck is now my permanent Christmas mood!!

  • I regret not watching Vlogmas with you. Your Christmas spirit is so contagious.

  • The latest vlogs are SO much better than any christmas movie🤚🏼🥰🥰🥳

    • :))

    • Totally! Can we get a long compilation for the holidays. To watch after christmas dinner

  • Makes me so happy to see Shane SO happy


  • I die for the Roland and Shane clogs. Honestly can’t get enough of you 2 make my day

  • Throughout all of your videos I cannot stop smiling I’m just so happy for the both of you and I love seeing you so happy enjoying life authentically in Colorado you have both grown so much and I love to see it! also the editing is amazing??

  • Not me sitting here at 5 a.m. Crying about how excited and happy you guys are for the holidays. This is too sweet! 💖

  • I’ve watched Shane since 2010 & I’ve never seen him as GENUINELY happy & healthy as he has seemed in the last few months since moving & IM LIVING FOR IT 💕🥰

  • Shane looks amazing he's lost so much weight so proud of him but to be honest he looks so good even before he lost weight such a handsome man. Love these videos Shane looks so happy can't wait for the next video

  • I love seeing how happy Shane is in this new house, and how excited he is to be apart of everything. ❤️🎄

  • I'm back watching this AGAIN 😂 I love Shane and Ryland

  • Can we just talk about Shane’s dance moves! Shanes got it going on! 💃

  • Look at Shane- looking HEALTHY and happy. Glad to see it. 🖤🍁

  • I couldn't stop laughing over the whole stocking argument and then when Shane 'won' the argument, Ryland made the snarky coffee remark and I nearly died! Brilliant!! 😂😜😂😜

  • Shane is glowing and it brings me so much joy

  • Idk why but you guys having your special coffees and decorating together was so cute. The only thing missing was matching outfits

  • Can we just talk about how great Shane looks!? 😍

  • Its a joy seeing you both excited about Christmas.