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    • what is her name

    • A beautiful family indeed. I’m happy for you guys. 💕

    • is it become or became i’m dumb

    • I love you guys!!!!!!!!!

    • This channel should be “this is S.L.S” U put your baby 👶 first ( congrats btw) Also It can stand for SHARE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!! 🔥

  • Shyla literally looks so beautiful 😍😍

  • Aww I love the name the baby is so cute

  • Awe beautifullll name! You guys are amazing parents! She’s so adorable 😍 can’t wait to see the next bebe 👑🥰 thank you for sharing your lives and love with us

  • they should call her Sam cause that is her initails

  • I guess

  • ❤️

  • ❤️

  • ❤️❤️

  • love it omggggggg

  • Not to be mean but am I the only one that doesn't like the name. It's weird. Like I get soul but what is soul line??

  • I love the name ❤️😍

  • Beautiful people😍

  • Souline is a common kurdish name 😍

  • 💖

  • Ma I the one who think not really think but can see that this beautiful mom is getting more and more beautiful with or without makeup than before

  • Do they live in the ace family's old house?

  • The baby is beautiful tho so precious love the name

  • Beautiful name

  • Could of named her Alma , soul for Spanish

  • The name is to long . I dont like it

  • She doesn't even know how to hold a baby. The baby's neck is all twisted

  • It's not real it's so fake.

  • this is so cute my heart is melted

  • Im so happy for yall you guys are glowing being new parents congrats you guys she's beautiful

  • Loveeee the name

  • 8:43 thank me later ‼

  • Her name abbreviated is Sam

  • Skip to 8:00 to see the baby name

  • 8:46

  • I love the name souline


  • She looks like a xenia

  • My birthday is on the 19th of December too 🥺😍

  • That's so cute I'm so happy and crying lol

  • OMG MY SISTERS NAME IS SOUL and she is 19

  • That's a beautiful name! 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  • I would have never guessed but such a BEAUTIFUL NAME 🥰 Love it!

  • Souline Amour McBroom Aka SAM S is for souline A is for Amour M is for McBroom

  • I wonder when his going to propose?? 🤔🤔

  • She's gorgeous CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! And WELCOME to the world SOUL!!

  • Such a beautiful name!

  • love the name 😭💕

  • So happy for you! That's a beautiful name

  • I have the same as the baby and it was a great chose :))

  • The name is ugly “soul” wtf is that lmao 😭😂

  • Beautiful name for a beautiful baby. God bless her. 💕


  • “Wanted something soulful” SOUL-ine ...

  • As I french I love how they pronunce « Amour », it’s really cute

  • Honnestly I’ll probably shock some people but to me newborns have a funny face at first and I don’t think they’re cute but Souline is probably the most beautiful newborn ever

  • Cutest baby name ❤️😭😭

  • Wtf you’re wearing a menace hoodie that’s my brothers brand!!!

  • The ace family is Better

  • so happy i love u guys so much 😭❤️❤️

  • Too keep the name(s) so damn secret and be so cryptic about it is just.... idunno... stupid 🤷🏼‍♀️ i mean... WHY keep it so damn secret??? CHANGING the name because a 3year old told the other familymembers?? I cant even... the second i decided my daughters name i told everyone. Whats the point of keeping it from everybody??

  • If baby is so cute wish you good luck I love you This Is L&S

  • Honestly she looks beautiful and motherhood truly suits her 💕

  • Congratulations on your beautiful name for amazingly gorgeous baby girl!!💞👣🌹

  • Yw 8:45