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2021 UPDATE - We ripped apart this build and did it all over again - cs-tv.org/tv/video-iJZJpwvQTik.html

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Well, here we are, 6 months later. We are now pretty much moved into Sophia, our beautiful Sprinter Van. Our tickets for the Euro Tunnel are booked and we're saying goodbye to family and friends. Looking back over this video fills us with such a sense of pride - but also it's crazy to see just how much work goes into a van build. I don't think we really understood how much it would take physically and mentally. But she's truly a home on wheels for us now. Thank you again to everyone who's followed us along this journey and given us all the advice and encouragement we've needed. It's kept us going through the days when the build just seemed to have no end. Can't wait to show you the full van tour, so in the meantime, here is our journey over the summer of 2019! Love always, Chesca & Ben x

Products Used:
Reversing Camera - amzn.to/3dwrZ4D*
Red Oxide Rust Treatment - amzn.to/2Wl1f0Z*
Hammerite White Metal Paint - amzn.to/2WmbuT5*
Sound Deadening - amzn.to/3dB2PBW*
Celotex Foam Boards - bit.ly/2Lm35Za
Foil Wrap Vapour Barrier - amzn.to/2YStg1C*
Aluminium Foil Tape - amzn.to/2WogvdQ*
Sikaflex EBT - amzn.to/3cmguwz*
Soft Cell Foam (for carpeting) - amzn.to/2Acuzyc*
4 Way Stretch Carpet - amzn.to/3dxTKty*
Pine Wood Cladding - bit.ly/2LeNHhs
Rhino Roof Rack - bit.ly/2YTJE1R
Sikaflex 512 Sealant - amzn.to/2YREZxr*
Fiamma Turbo Vent 28 in Crystal - bit.ly/35R0Vu0
Osmo Wood Wax Finish Intensive in White Matt - amzn.to/2WOKvyg*
Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparant in Walnut - amzn.to/2WYVndh*
Renogy Solar Panels - bit.ly/3fFjFRO
Victron MPPT - amzn.to/2WJ8VJv*
4G Mobile Wifi Unit - bit.ly/2YYtpkt
50L Water Tank - amzn.to/2SOOF8j*
Fiamma Accumulator - amzn.to/2YOX8Mx*
Shurflo Water Pump - amzn.to/3fG5coE*
Dometic CRX50 Fridge - amzn.to/3dy3jss*
Voyager 4500 Cooker - bit.ly/3fG6bFm
Brass Tap/Faucet - amzn.to/2xW4Rxk*
Copper Bulkhead Lights - amzn.to/2SU2bro*
ReLion Lithium Batteries - amzn.to/2WlwBoj*
Sterling B2B Charger - amzn.to/2YR6AyR*
Killswitch - amzn.to/3fBCyFj*
Mains Hook Up - bit.ly/2SW5MFb
Victron Battery Monitor - amzn.to/3fC58qb*
2000W Inverter - amzn.to/2OyJwQa*
Diesel Heater - amzn.to/2YU58Me*
Pocket Sprung Custom Mattress - bit.ly/2WlyUrD

* Links are Amazon affiliate links :)

Song Credits:

0:00 - Losing my Mind (Instrumental) by Staffan Carlen
04:13 - Everybody's Home by Layup - open.spotify.com/track/4nkCq7...
06:49 - Still Raining (Instrumental) by Wellmess - open.spotify.com/track/0GWYIC...
09:59 - Round and Round by Cannons - open.spotify.com/track/1ScpKF...
13:11 - Goldenboy by Kaptan - open.spotify.com/track/4XbrmW...
16:47 - Melting Sun by Feel Study - open.spotify.com/track/1e6j4M...

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  • Hello! WHERE IS OUR BATHROOM/TOILET/SHOWER? Probably the most asked question we get asked, ever. So, here is our answer. We didn't want to build a bathroom into our van. We wanted to have a more open space and save weight for other things. We have a porta potty under one of our seats, which is our toilet. We mostly use facilities where we can, but this has been a great back up and one we use. We didn't really 'install' it in our build, and we weren't sure which was the best place for it, so we didn't talk about it in our build or tour. Thought it was best to try it for a while and see. But now we have a better idea of how we use our space etc, we're happy with where it is :) But how do you stay clean, I hear you ask? We have a solar shower which we will use outside in warmer weather. But for now, we wash daily in the sink and keep our bodies clean that way. You don't need to shower every day, in fact, it's not particularly great for your skin if you do so. But it's something we're so accustomed to, living in a house with endless water! We have been amazed at how clean we can stay without showering every day. Then, if Chesca needs to wash her hair or we fancy a hot shower, we use camping facilities, gyms or swimming pools (swimming pools are great because you can usually find them even in more remote towns). So we probably -actually- shower about once a week, but we are squeaky clean every day :) Hope that clears it up! Chesca & Ben x

    • @anu anu thalassery

    • @chumma oru rasathin 🙄✋ കേരളം

    • 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • @James Gibbs Because it protects the walls from the hot moisture in our breath reaching the cold van walls. Condensation doesn't just appear out of nowhere on the van body or the insulation. It's caused by damp air hitting cold surfaces. The vapour barrier protects against this. After a year and a half of living on the road in freezing and hot temperatures, our insulation is completely dry. Honestly, it works!

    • I thought you said you put the vapor barrier on AFTER you installed the insulation.. so how does that protect the insul from touching the van exterior metal walls?? It can't. You will have moisture issues, I gurantee it

  • Parabéns

  • Hello, what timber did you use?

  • Did you connect water to the sink and electricity for the oven?

  • I am looking at the background ad well. clouds, light shadows and traffic etc as the van transitions from an empty box to a complete job.

  • When I was at Technical college , were told that Caravans, camper vans ,vans , mobile homes ,and Portable sealed cabins type dwellings , sealed cabin type dwellings, houses already built MUST NOT have insulation or "vapour-barriers" added into the Cavity-walls ,walls or added onto ceiling underside surfaces. Ask CITY & GUILDS N.V.Q. BRICKWORK, JOINERY and ROOFING teachers in person.

  • Lmao this didn’t age well now did it

  • Great build i love it well done,Is that ship in the window hms endeavour?

  • what size sprinter is it ?

  • Great video. So much info !

  • What do you use to fix the 1st fix batons? What fixings did you use please?

    • Hi Craig! We used self tapping screws to secure into the ribs of the van, as well as sikaflex 😊

  • Funny , I have been doing just this since I turned 17 . Turn 75 in October. Glad to see people are learning about Freedom.

  • Looks fantastic you guys are living the dream thank you for vid 🙌🏾👏🏾🔥

  • The most loved work so far👌

  • Where do I shower and take a shit lol 😆

  • Did you unclog the drain holes and fix the trim correctly?

  • So I have been watching videos of people converting vans in campavans over the last few days and today I seen this video, and this is by far the best looking end product I have seen so far. So I clicked subscribe then I see you have ripped it apart and started again 😱. Well let’s see what your new design turns out like. No doubt another stunning van. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. 😎😂👌👍😉👋🍺

  • Классный получился автодом 🚙👍😊

  • How long did this build take you?

    • Hey, it probably took us about 6 months during the summer months working on it 3-4 days a week ☺️💛

  • can i please ask how long did it take and a rough ball park figure on materials ???? cheers colin

    • Hey Colin! It cost roughly £8k for the conversion itself, and it took about 6 months to complete ☺️

  • A W E S O M E ....♥

  • Hey kids, what are you doing in there? Can I help? No, we've got it covered, but thanks.

  • Wow beautiful conversion! Can't wait to start my adventure late this year. Still have to make money to buy the van and make all the conversion, and the savings of course. Super inspiring this video :)

    • Thank you so much! Wishing you all the best on your van life adventure! Feel free to message us here or on Instagram if you ever need any advice 💛 xx

  • Do you mind me asking how much this project cost on average from beginning to end?

    • @Overlanding Sophia thank you! It's amazing

    • Hey Katie, not at all! The van cost us £12k and the conversion about £8k ☺️

  • sick playlist

  • Dang! This is remarkable! And it helps me so much as I’m working out a plan fo do a conversion! Thank you so much i for the share!

  • I’m looking to build a van / home conversion straight out of high school! This is the best was to get excited about it!! Also, what make and model is that van?? I absolutely love it!

  • Why without any big window?

  • The best van conversion guide just 14 steps. IOS: apps.apple.com/us/app/kendi-karavan%C4%B1n%C4%B1-yap/id1537293426 Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buildyourvan.buildyourvan

  • Cant see in any detail what you are doing 🤷‍♀️

    • It’s a time lapse! It’s not supposed to be a detailed video. We made videos each week on the build that went into much more detail ☺️💛

  • where do you poop?

    • In the toilet 😂 We have a cassette toilet beneath the sofa ☺️

  • I’m think of doing the same vehicle, can you tell how much it cost you to convert it? Thanks

  • Parabéns vou seguir também estou a construir uma van Força, vem conhecer o nosso canal

  • What size is this Van LWB or MWB ?

  • Lots of these diy hippies. They glue a bunch of uneven weight in a van turning it into a death trap. Suspension needs to be upgraded and weight needs to be distributed evenly for safety.

    • Lots of keyboard warriors out here on CS-tv! Weight is well under 3.5tn, both axles are fine, recently we’ve installed a 5mm lift kit and upgraded the rear leaf springs to 3+1. We know what we’re doing.

  • Love it,, Do you get any condensation? What keeps the soft insulation in holes where you installed it from getting moist against the cold metal of the van in cold weather??

    • We have a vapour seal to stop any moisture from reaching the soft insulation. We’ve just renovated parts of our van and the insulation was bone dry! ☺️

  • That's a great video. I live in Japan, but I've remodeled my car. Cars provide infinite enjoyment.

  • This is what we’re going to do with are vw transporter double cab

  • Wow, that’s great, I’m making it in Korea too, it will help

  • Wow, that’s great, I’m making it in Korea too, it will help.

  • Awesome job

  • Build looks great, how you fixed the batons to the side of the van and the roof? was it with an adhesive or screws? Similarly the bed frame and kitchen, how were these screwed / fixed in place? Struggling with how to attach batons and make things sturdy without screwing into the metal of the van?

    • We fitted the battens to the internal ribs of the van using self tapping screws and adhesive. The bed frame and kitchen were then screwed into these battens using wood screws 😊

  • Love your channel guys. So the only 'workspace' you had for your van was parked up on the road? I'm considering building a motorhome but don't have a driveway. Would prefer a more private workspace but guess needs must. Looks like you guys managed.

  • I see Burrator, van looks amazing

  • I don’t think that you’re meant to put fibreglass insulation in a vehicle because it can gather moisture and therefore go mouldy

    • Actually, this isn't true. With a properly sealed vapour barrier there is no reason the soft insulation gets mouldy. We've just started renovating the van and have taken the down the wall cladding. After a year of living in the van in all sorts of climates, we can confirm that the insulation is bone dry :)

  • That’s incredible

  • Wow it’s so nice

  • Amazing how you did all that in under half hour

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  • what was the cost overall?

  • Cladding - ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • What did you use for a vapour barrier??

  • lucky man dude. and i mean this in a positive manor but your wife's @ss is pretty much perfecto! only time i'd let an asshole help me on a project.

  • Great conversion! What did you use for carpeting the door surrounds??..Is it the same material you used to cover the wheel bed ? I can't find them on your lists. Can you please share the link if you have. Thank you very much!:-)

  • Vocês optaram por não deixar uma passagem interna da parte da frente. Quando querem ir para trás tem que sair do carro. Foi uma boa ideia?

  • Vocês optaram por não deixar uma passagem interna da parte da frente. Quando querem ir para trás tem que sair do carro. Foi uma boa ideia?

  • no toilet no camping

  • Good job. I've just had to upgrade to a 250 msq apartment with 20m Terrace as I needed more space. I'd go crazy living in a van. Maybe one night thou would rather stay a hotel. Could be a good thing for surfers. Not sure if safe to live in a van.

  • Hello! DIY has been modified so that you can live in a van inside the Hiace.

  • Fantastic job guys! How much does the van and build stand you all together? I’m a year or two off doing one. But would be nice to have a ball figure of what yours cost!

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-OTq7YHHKlMI.html i think this one is better to see

  • It's too fast a video to see what's going on

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  • Great job of insulation.

  • Nice build. If anyone is looking to get into vanlife I'm selling an updated Toyota Conquest. cs-tv.org/tv/video-FkCfgIvuYaQ.html

  • What was cost of this?

  • What color and brand is the blue paint for the cabinets?

  • shitty video this is the worst videos I have ever try to watch it

  • Hello when you ‘vapour sealed, the walls is the Reflectix that you used?

  • Can I forgo the celotex due to safety concerns? If not, what can i sub it for?

  • Fantastic... Wish I could restart mine but hey ho... I'll get the next one right.. 👍

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  • Love it. Well done guys. Great build. Only thing I've learnt is to run all electrics and water systems before interior cladding or covers. Great vid!

  • 9 months ago and its really good!

  • What a waste of space not putting swivel seats in front. Not enough windows. You’ve got the skill, could’ve done a much better job.

  • Amazing project, Congratulatons.

  • I am wantingt a conversion but was wndering abourt the size of these vans and grounding if you go over speed bumps how is traveling? and parking for food and such?

  • Awesome 😍 🚐 🚐

  • Bunk beds would be so much better space wise..

  • Hiya! Is your “soft insulation” wool insulation? If so what brand did you use?

  • I want to do a van build as soon as I move out. I’ve dreamt of doing van life ever since I was little 🥰

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  • Why did it take you so long to insulate the ceiling?

    • It was just due to the materials we had available really, getting the walls built and the furniture in was a priority ☺️

    • It was just due to the materials we had available really, getting the walls built and the furniture in was a priority ☺️

    • @Overlanding Sophia are you asking me for tips? 😂 what I meant was why didn't you choose to do it when you did the walls

    • Haha how long did it take you to insulate yours?!

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  • I’ve got a idea to remove the back seats and passenger seat then make a flat bed with box roof in a L shape curved over the passenger side window opening at the boot for access with padding down the left sleeping side and draws/tabletop on the right.. I hope that’s understandable but I’m just unsure about the legality of this isit ok to do ? I’ve got a vw polo too haha nice and compact 😉

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  • If you are going to Europe, then surely you would get a left hook

  • Does anyone know where I can get a valuation for a converted Citroen van please? It's based in Sweden but I have lots of pictures and dimensions etc.