Overnight in the Most Secluded Hut of Dolomites | MARMOLADA

čas přidán 26. 11. 2022
Download the GPX track: bit.ly/MarmoladaCrestaOvest
Hey! Welcome to a new adventure!
In this video, I'm reaching the top of Marmolada, the queen of Dolomites (highest mountain of Dolomites - 3343m)
With the first little snowfall of the year, the track was a little bit more complicated than usual, and I had to climb the via ferrata slower than I expected.
But the hospitality of Carlo Budel at Capanna Punta Penia was amazing. The view of Dolomites from up there is extraordinary.
Dedicated to the victims of Marmolada glacier collapse in July 2022. Rest in Peace.
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Komentáře: 398

  • ERRORS: there are some errors in the tracked mountain names. My team and I did some mistakes with that. Sorry! I will post some pictures in the community tab with the correct mountain names. There is an unstabilized clip with the Adobe Premiere banner. Looks terrible, I know. Sorry for that too! Hope you enjoy the video anyways :)

    • Those are such minor problems for such a great video (as all of yours are). Thanks again for showing us the astounding beauty of the mountains and especially of the Dolomites! I have visited the Dolomites twice and I am already in love with them, but your videos make me fall even more in the love with this piece of Eden!

    • May be a silly question, but how did they build that hut on top of such a tall steep mountain? And how does the hutmaster bring food and firewood supplies there? Absolutely stunning video!

    • They do alot with helicopters. When i was at the dolomites i saw a statue being dropped off on top of a peak 😅

    • Still a beautiful video!

    • ​@lavrentii 🎉❤

  • A video like this, in times like these, is balm for the soul. Thank you Bruno, for your great art, your great ideas and your positive energy. After your videos you always feel better. Un abbraccio!

  • Man, i love your music choice, editing and your capturing of the amazing landscape and your adventures! Keep up the good work und stay safe :)

  • Dolomites is still one of my favorite places on this planet. The peaks are just so unique. Last time I was there, Marmolad sadly already hat to much snow and ice but I did multiple tours on the sub-3000 peaks arround it and its always an iconic landmark.

  • There's no way I could attempt such a hike myself, since I am a senior. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Nice video and efforts! Brought to me some memories when I climbed Marmolada 3 years ago and had the honor to stay the night with the Austrian mountaineer Hansjörg Auer, who sadly died only months after with David Lama and Jess Roskelley on the descent after reaching the summit of Howse Peak in Banff National Park of the Canadian Rockiesq, three of the best Alpinists in the world. R.I.P to them and also those who died in Marmolada

  • ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Dolomites-Videos I have ever seen!🏆 ... Congratulations!👍 ... Cheers from Austria!🍺🍺

  • Hello Bruno! You're so positive! I reached Marmolada in 2011 so I watched the video with great pleasure, beautiful landscapes. So long time ago... hope to visit Italy once more someday. Greetings from Poland! ps. I'm keep telling to everyone here in my country that there are different kind of mountains, there are high mountains but the most beautiful, charming are Dolomites! The same as whole Italy. This truth is deep in my soul...

  • It's nice to see how I have learned about the mountain names. Now, every-time I visit the Dolomites (almost every year) I know how my favorite peaks are called, and that is all thanks to you, Bruno. Loved also to know Carlo, he seems to be a very wise man :)

  • What a fantastic video Bruno ❤ not just your climbing and video skills but also your choice of music was beautiful too 😃

  • Another beautifully filmed alpine adventure Bruno. 👍 Great to see this stunning part of the Dolomites again. I climbed Sassongher, Saas Rigias, Piz Boe and Grand Cir back in '96. The clear views from the summit of the Marmolada were awesome in your film! ATB Derek

  • Bruno, WOW! That was SO amazing! So well done and exciting. Not only the climbing and hiking, but capturing your own footage and the drone footage from the top was spectacular (a quick compass calibration before launching?) Carlo is quite the man up there providing hospitality and keeping everyone warm and well nourished and safe. What an incredible video. We have been to the Dolomites and hope to get back sometime. Thanks again and cheers from Canada!

  • Love this video and can’t wait to watch more. New subscriber from the US. We spent our honeymoon in the Dolomites, as well as our 1-year, 5-year and 10-year anniversaries! Time to start planning our next anniversary trip for 2024.

  • Thank you very much Bruno! You brightened my afternoon in Santiago with a strong summer sun. You don't know how much I enjoyed the panoramic shots from the top of the queen. In addition to a precious video, it is more than valuable cartographic material. Thanks again and keep sharing your experiences in the Dolomites!

    • thank you so much!!! Winter is coming here!

  • What a fantastic hike! The view from the rifugio is stunning! It's just too scary for climbing via Ferrata. I'm going to Dolomite for 3 weeks this coming July. Looking forward to seeing those mountains!

  • the videos you posted are stunningly beautiful. you deserves to have more subscribers than you had already. i can't imagine the sacrifice you went just to reach those peaks and capture those footage. i love the mountains and wish i could scale those, but i guess I'm too old to do that. I'll just keep on watching your channel. keep safe.

  • THIS IS BEAUTIFUL thank u for creating this its a blessing for someone like me who loves the mountains but dont have the guts to ever attempt this

  • Thanks for another wonderful video. Like the drone photography which adds so much. Keep making more please!

  • Can't wait to make it to the Dolomites, your videos are fantastic, and really highlight some great routes, thank you. I spend a good bit of time in the Eastern Sierra Nevada in California and in the deserts of Southern California which are both beautiful, but I do quite a bit of daydreaming for some new great places, and this is something special. Thanks for sharing.

    • Many thanks! wanna come explore US too :)

  • Bruno.....I am not a mountaineer but your video was amazingly good, well done and thank you for the hard work to show us the beautiful roof of Italy from Marmoloda.

  • Great video Bruno, I always find great joy in your combination of hiking-vlog and spectacular landscape shootings. Also loved the authentic conversation with Carlo at the top. I already followed your recommendation to summit Monte Coldai last year, your videos just stay a fantastic source of hiking inspiration for me. Keep it up!

    • that's cool! hope you enjoyed coldai :)

  • Beautiful video! I would have enjoyed learning more about the practicalities of Carlo's life up there. How does he get water? How does he wash himself and the guests' bedclothes? How does he have enough food to feed himself and his guests, and does he have someone he can contact in case of emergencies? So many questions!

  • So glad that you made it up and back down safely. Such a sketchy climb! Not sure if you will see this, but if you do, I was wondering how long Carlo stays up there and how in the world does he get his supplies? Maybe someone drops one large shipment for him at the beginning of the season, but that sounds expensive. Just amazed at both of you. Keep the videos coming! Your footage is amazing!

    • You're right. A large shipment by helicopter usually at the beginning of June according with my information. Carlo remains there during the summer season.

  • Thank you for this stunning video, for sharing your skills and the amazing experience. I would not call the hut "tiny". It felt like a castle, considering its location.

  • lugar simplesmente fantástico

  • Absolutely magnificent, I love the views when you are up that high.

  • amazing job!! each frame of this video looks incredible, really enjoyable watching it :))

  • Simply stunning Bruno, the beauty of that place captured perfectly - thank you 👍👏👏👏👏

  • Man seeing you do a ferrata of this level in this weather without gloves is twisting my insides... :D Kudos to you if it really is comfortable for you, I just hope mere mortals don't follow your example :)

    • haha yeah I don't like using gloves on via ferrata. I like the grip of my hand better

  • I have been up there with my parents at the age of 13 and it was a spectacular experience. The weather was far worse and we didn’t see all the surrounding mountains but it was still great. Brilliant video!

  • The best view in dolomites. I've been at the end of August 2022 and was an unforgettable hiking day. Your editing is awesome, great video making in wonderful mountains and great hiking

  • Bravo Bruno! We did the West Ridge route but took the lazy option approaching it from the the lift at Lago di Fedaia. More snow and ice, but much poorer visibility. Great memories none the less. Thanks Bruno.

  • Che spettacolo la parete della Marmolada al tramonto e la stellata da lasciare senza fiato... Grazie Bruno!

  • The season's not over till the touring skis come out! Nice one Bruno ...and a fine touch to celebrate those whose luck ran short in their search to explore the joy of this place.

  • Great adventure as always Bruno! You also probably saw the Julian Alps then, Otztal, Stubaital etc. I always watch the Dolomites from west Slovenia, I remember a time on Triglav where I caught Marmolada in sight. :)

    • crazy! I saw triglav from Civetta so I'm sure it's visible from Marmolada too

  • Grande Bruno! Gli ultimi video sono veramente spettacolari. Continua così 🏔

  • You make me miss my hiking days. A fantastic way of gaining a wonderous view of our world. Thanks.

  • Grazie mille 🙏❤, Bruno. My favorite pistes and the Sella Ronde tour (with skies 🤩). Buono food and super friendly people. We stayed 5-6 times in this amazing area. Greatings from The Netherlands 🤩🇳🇱🚜🚜🚜

  • Amazing video and it takes Alpinist like you to share with us the serene landscape and moments, it's impossible for me to attempt such climb....much appreciated !

  • I did an 11-day gravel bike ride through the mountains and valleys directly north of Marmolada. They were some of the most memorable days of my life. Day 9 took me through the valley on the north side of this mountain, spent the night in Sottoguda. This video is magical to watch for me.

  • Amazing landscape! Great light and you really made a very interesting movie since I can imagine the environmental conditions were not great. I was a little bit surprised by the amount of artificial light saw at distance. In my ignorance of the place I was expecting it could be more insulated from civilization. Congratulations for your work and thanks for share your adventure! I can appreciate it yet more from home: 23 degrees C inside and 29 degrees C outside! :-) Very beautiful to see - but no desire to prove it personally. Edited to add: it is the end of my workday, so I think a cold beer will be very welcome. Cheers!

  • Ciao Bruno! Anche qui hai fatto un capolavoro! Video che trasmettono pace... In cima Marmolada ci sono stato tre volte di cui due ho dormito in capanna da Carlo. È sempre una bellissima esperienza 😉 grande come sempre!

  • Hey, this look like amazing adventure to do. How experienced you need to be to go on this hike?

  • Magnificent video. Feeling happy with you and being grateful for you sharing these incredible insights! Forza, Bruno!

  • Sei una enorme fonte di ispirazione Bruno! I tuoi video sono fantastici e ogni volta mi lasciano una carica incredibile! Grazie mille!

  • Mission accomplished!!! You made it to the top of the 🌎

  • Tremendous effort, thanks for taking us along Bruno !

  • Thank you Bruno, you inspire me too much to explore these mountains!!

  • Many thanks Bruno and CS-tv from Australia. Not Austria but Australia like koala, kangaroo and warm places. Your video allowed me to at least experience a tiny bit what it is like up in the beautiful Dolomites. Stunning! Again thank you.

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration! You are really out there doin it for all of us. Unbelievable footage - once again. You always nail it.

  • Thanks Bruno for taking us a long your trips and this one is such a spectacle one. Love the light and the view you have captured. Really impressive someone been able to build a hut up there and is living up there as well. Thanks to you and Carlo for naming the mountains up there wish you will make a poster from with the photos/video you took there with the names on. So it is possible to know there visual profile better ;-) - thanks again for such a wonderful video with beautiful views from the top of Dolomites ;-)

    • Thank you very much!! I might do it :)

  • Gran bel video, la vista da lassù non ha pari. Ho avuto la fortuna di salire dal ghiacciaio due anni fa a giugno, arrivavamo da un inverno normale e abbiamo fatto quasi tutta la salita con i ramponi. Una delle ascese più belle che abbia mai fatto e poi le torte di Carlo sono speciali! Un saluto.

  • semplicemente meraviglioso!! ...anche per chi è già salito in vetta! Penso che vedute così, in giornate così, ben pochi abbiano avuto la fortuna di ammirare. Grazie!

  • It makes me dream! What an incredible place with these conditions!!

  • Thank you for taking us along on your amazing adventure. Beautiful camera work.

  • Hey Bruno, nice video and a great experience. Nice to watch. For your own safety at all time please be aware of your carabiners of your via ferrata set. When clicked in the openeing face of each carabiner should face in oppsite directions. Not both the same direction. If for some reason a carabiner somehow will get of the steel cable then there is a lower risk the other carabiner will do so as well for the same reason in the same direction. Stay healthy and be safe, for more amazing adventures like this :)

  • Breathtaking is an understatement. I'm only a casual and much too occasional dayhiker. After having to maneuver a small metal ladder on a day hike in the Dolomites I got whacked with vertigo and needed to chill in a conveniently placed cave before going on. I'm envious of those who are younger and more resilient than I am, but at least I can enjoy your video. Curious how you got the aerial shots, not to mention how you videoed yourself with your hands full on the metal braces. Did a helicopter follow you up there?

  • Stunning footage and story. Your videos inspired us to have a holiday near Canazei in the summer. Such an amazing place.

  • I watch all your film's Bruno. Loved this. Your summit night stays are always my fav, in hut or tent. Always wish I was there. Keep it up. 👍

  • Reminds me of my 20's in Nepal. Love the secluded hut experience!

  • That was amazing video Bruno the hard work you put into that was amazing, as creator myself I know what work is required. Your drone videography is simply brilliant keep up the amazing work fella.

  • I love your videos Bruno, thank you for inspiration 🙏🙏🙏

  • Breathtaking doesn't begin to describe how beautiful those mountains are. Well, guess I'll have to add them to my bucket list. 😉

  • What a wonderful video of my favorite mountains in the world. A treat to watch and a great production by a lovely host. 👏

  • Отличный фильм,а за ночное небо отдельное спасибо!!!

  • This is crazy! :) Like, awesomely crazy and crazy crazy :) Fantastic views and a "mini"-adventure. Makes me want to go there one day too :-D You are so brave to climb on your own!! :-O :-) Stay safe! Thank you for the video. I don't know what led me here, but I liked what I saw :) Thank you! Stay safe / Natalie

  • Beautiful views, Incredibly horrifying watching you hike up that mountain...I would never risk my life like that. You are brave indeed. Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

  • Troppo bello Bruno. Grazie for this fantastic vid of your epic Marmalada trek.

  • Hi Bruno! This video really inspired me. I would like to repeat the Via Ferrata to the Penia Hut. Did you have to cross the glacier on your route? I would like to avoid this, and I heard about an alternative, starting in the Val de Contrin.

  • That was an amazing journey to the top and back - not for me to do! but the views were fabulous, so thanks for taking me with you.

  • Ciao Bruno! What a view! I Loved watching the Marmolada as I walked the Alta Via 1 this summer. Would love to do this peak next summer. Can you tell me 1) when you went, and 2) when it would be safest to tackle the Marmolada? Grazie mille, da Friuli.

  • I'm impressed with your video, idea and hiking. Timelaps - super. I can imagine how good you feel doing all of this. I like and subscribe waiting for more adventures. Ciao! And perhaps see you in the Domites. Tomasz

  • Awesome video - as always. Which route did you take? Did you need to cross the glacier?

  • Super Cool Bruno 🤙 what a jaw dropping hike 👍 Your drone work is awesome as always 👌

  • Video fantastico, meravigliosa la ripresa notturna. Grazie Bruno

  • drones really have made videos like these look professional - thanks

  • Cuantas montañas preciosas y todo el mundo va a las mismas. Che Paradisso

  • Beautiful video as always! :) But I must point out one mistake, what you wrote to be Ortles is actually Monte Cevedale, Ortler is wide peak to the right of Gran Zebru :)

  • Absolutely astonishing video Bruno!!! 👍👏 well done 💪

  • Semplicemente fantastico. Grazie mille Bruno. Danke 🙂

  • Great video as always! Would be nice if you can include more information in your videos about the people and places you meet along the way!

  • Simply breathtaking! (And I got vertigo watching you climbing up...)

  • Sempre video meravigliosi, oramai una garanzia! complimenti!!!

  • Hilarious to put a cabin right on top. Quite a trip to get there. Nice via ferrate. Later on I noticed there is also a route over a glacier, interesting for skiing or plain alpinism. Bizarre mountain. The south face looks hard to climb. I'll keep this in mind.

  • This is like mountaineering is ment to be! Just a dream!

  • Un altro fantastico video per abbracciare la regina delle dolomiti. La ferrata che porta in cima (che io ho fatto d'estate in gioventù), con quelle condizioni di freddo, neve e ghiaccio e nell'orario in cui l'hai affrontata ha richiesto un notevole coraggio e una grande concentrazione, ma poi l'accoglienza al caldo dell capanna Punta Penia è stato il giusto premio per questa nuova straordinaria impresa solitaria. Le immagini delle Dolomiti si commentano da sole, ma quella notturna con la Via Lattea è da togliere il respiro! Complimenti e ad maiora.

  • Salirei su solo per le torte di Carlo!!!! Grande Bruno, continua a farci sognare con questi straordinari video, grazie.

  • Che vista da lassù!! Carlo Budel una leggenda!! Video spettacolare complimenti!! Mandi e alla prossima!

  • Che Meraviglia Bruno! sempre i miei complimenti! e mitico Carlo!😄👏👋

  • What a magical place - captured in the film beautifully.

  • Thank you Bruno. The video is beautiful. They are always beautiful, your videos, but this one in addition was touching. A great way to tribuite both the victims and the great Carlo Budel, a true mountain lover. Mi piacerebbe camminare con te, una volta. I believe I was nearby in the same days, as I was leading a friend up to the Gran Cir peak (very easy climb, but he is a beginner) during the 17-18th of September, when snow fell and it was really cold.

  • Amazing, great job !! 🙂

  • Grande Bruno, spettacolo unico ❤

  • Amazing place. Great work👌

  • Fantastic video !! Wish i was there to hike with you!😊

  • Complimenti, video bellissimo, panorama insuperabile!

  • This is one of the most beautiful video I've ever seen! Well done 👍 👏

  • Grazie Bruno per un altro spettacolo 😍

  • Nice film, nice mountains and nice mood! Thanks to author!