Overwatch 2 Launch Trailer

čas přidán 26. 09. 2022
It’s the dawn of a new era.

launches October 4!

Prepare yourselves for a one-of-a-kind, action-packed, free-to-play experience with new maps, new modes, and new heroes.

Official Launch Trailer for

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  • What are you most excited for in

  • That Sigma and Moira transition was clean 🔥

  • I hope they start bringing the Cinematics back they were the best part of showing the heart and soul of the franchise.

  • Man I really REALLY hope they give sigma the lore he deserves, he’s literally like one of the most interesting/complex character in the whole game.

  • Overwatch was my first big real game experience. The music, the art, the theme, the play.. all gave me a feeling I couldn't have again with any other game yet. This trailer gave them back! I'm so excited!

  • The string section starting at

  • I desperately wish we could get an Arcane-equivalent animated series about the world and characters of Overwatch, there’s just so much potential and I adore the cinematics they’ve released in the past, it’s what actually got me into Overwatch in the first place! I tried playing the game once but I’m terrible at first person shooters and fast paced gameplay so I didnt have any fun. I’m just here for the lore!

  • Playing Overwatch since 2016 Almost every since … so much fun, good memories and also gave me a very good friends too … can’t wait for Overwatch 2 <3

  • This will be my first time playing overwatch, and it looks so fun. I can't wait to play it.

  • This brings back the same feels i got watching the overwatch trailer as a kid. Here's to another amazing era!

  • Been playing since 2016 - I hope this means we are gonna get more cinematics soon! I love the lore of this game

  • They need to bring back lootboxes man, everyone I know misses them

  • I still have high hopes for this game and this franchise. I've been playing since release and I really want this game to be good. Please make it so.

  • The quality of the models and textures looks so good! I thought the beta looked good but this refined version for the actual game looks great! So excited to play!

  • The musical score for OW2 is amazing

  • Excellent! I'm excited for all the things Overwatch 2 will bring :)

  • I'm SO glad that part two is out! I have a question: Will Sojourn's animated short have her against a Talon agent? If So, who's it gonna be? PLEASE be Sombra! But if not, at least do ONE animated short that has her next time! I really wanna see her in action, especially now with the character reworks.

  • I still remember the day I played Overwatch for the first time, what a great experience that was. Can't wait for Overwatch 2, best of luck!

  • Seriously, the people that make these trailers are incredible. Everything just flows so perfectly, from the scene transitions, to the action happening in the background, the voice lines, the inflection of the music. It all comes together in perfect harmony to make an amazing trailer that builds hype!

  • This is honestly so hype for me. I kept myself away from the beta’s so this is pretty much just gonna be a whole new gameplay experience to me. Cannot wait