P!NK - TRUSTFALL (Official Video)

čas přidán 26. 01. 2023
P!NK's new album "TRUSTFALL" is available February 17th. Pre-order and pre-save now: pink.lnk.to/TRUSTFALL
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Director: Georgia Hudson
Production Company: Park Pictures
Producer: MrMr
Executive Producer: Fran Thompson
US Producer: Aiden Magarian
DOP: Gaul Porat
Production Designer: Adam Wilson
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Associate Choreographer: Ryan Spencer
1st AD: Julia Zsolnay
Executive Producer - FNJ: Nathan Scherrer
Executive Producer - FNJ: Tara Sheree
Production Manager: Dylan DeLuca
Production Coordinator: Jose Javier Calvo

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  • TRUSTFALL | Feb 17 | Pre-order and pre-save my new album now 💜 pink.lnk.to/TRUSTFALL

    • Hi Pink, 👋 if you ever have the time to read my message to you, it will probably be 1 out of a million + chances. I admire your hard work, enthusiasm, and share your incredible talent with us all over the world. Thank you so much 💓 South Africa Mphumalanga 🇿🇦 Wish I could meet you in person. Blessings always x

    • i love that beat wow 😍😍😍😍

    • ​@Jack C💫 1111😊

    • 😊

    • 😊❤❤❤

  • I fucking love her so much. She’s a LEGEND

  • Descobri hoje esta bela canção..

  • De 11 millones de reproducciones, 1 millón las he hecho yo. Enganchado con esta canción

    • 😁👍💕

  • Hands down, one of the best tracks Pink has ever made. She is an icon of icons

    • Agreed. I don't know how many times I've listened to this already and EVERY time I still get goosebumps. It's like she's everyone's friend and everyone's mom all at once. She said this is the album she's most proud of. I don't blame her.

  • I'm an old guy (78) and have loved the very best of female singers over all those years, and there have been some great singers ... but this lady is in a class all of her own, the voice, the lyrics, the stage presence, everything about her is perfection. I could listen to her all day - and sometimes I do !!!

  • I love this song 💓

  • Wow 🎉 P!NK does it again❤ I just love her and her voice sounds so amazing ❤❤❤

  • Pink is my childhood, my teenhood, my adulthood. She's always there whenever I need her. Pink is my therapy, so thank you Pink for staying so long and staying true to yourself and to us! I remember as a kid many of my friends where listening to that pop princessess with perfect faces and sad songs about love, dreaming to meet their prince. And I was listening to Pink wishing to be as talented, badass, fun and crazy as her🤩

  • Une artiste , une voix a couper le souffle... toujours une chanson qui fait battre le coeur différemment ❤

  • Everyone of Pink’s albums have gotten me thru a bad period in my life. There is always a song…

    • Me too stay strong and peace and love always to you

  • Gosh, this woman has been in the industry for years and she is still running in her own lane. Queen shit 👑

  • I don’t think she has any idea how much her music heals people. How many lives she’s literally saved by doing this. Mine being one of them. I’ll never be blessed enough to meet her, but her healing me from the deepest scars is enough for me.

  • There is absolutely no one like this woman. And I mean no one. Never have I ever listened or watched an artist/performer like her. She is and always has been in a league of her own. The stories and songs she's crafted, are untouchable. She is the definition of a true artist. An iconic legend to say the least. Bring it on P!nk 💯❤️❤️

  • Sie ist eine einzigartige Sängerin

  • I love this Song 🥰🥰🥰

  • Me encanta esta mujer ! Es legendaria 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I've just made a very conscious decision....if I ever got to meet, sit down, have a coffee or drink (I don't drink) with an artist in this world, it would be PINK...I think the conversation would be beyond brilliant between us and full of compassion, empathy for all...just like Pink's message within her songs....God I respect this 'real' woman so damn much. From one Mom to another she amazes me.

  • Pink You are Amazing i Love Your music always ❤❤❤❤super song

  • When Pink puts out new music, for me it’s like taking a deep breath when you’ve been underwater. Cleansing, restoring and absolutely necessary. ❤

    • @PBJ Silver Studio 😁❤️

    • Omg that’s the best description of it!!!! YASSSS!

    • @Markus Müller okay Doktor BIG MAC!😂

    • @B Thanks for revealing your level of comprehension.

  • One of the only artists who's not afraid to be her own. She is unique, genuine, and isn't afraid to be her instead of copy or imitate someone else. We need so badly more of this. People need to be them, not someone else or copy others. Pink is pink, and she doe "her" thing, that's so refreshing and let's me be me, regardless of what anytime thinks or says.

  • Cela faisait longtemps que je n'ai plus écouté ta musique ! Cet album est superbe!

  • Crazy Song,very nice from you👍👍👍

  • Damn, I was driving to work feeling like a worthless human, and thinking why am I still here? Then this song came on the radio. Say what they mean, and mean what they say got me feeling alive again. I 💖 you, Pink. Thanks for making your fans feel alive

  • OMG I can't wait to see this woman on 9/19 in Philly! We're from the same town and I've been a fan for 20 years. One of the greatest female artists of our times!

  • What I love about pink is that this woman always plays buy her own rules. When it’s time for music she does it she does it almost better than anybody. When it’s time to live her life she does it with no regrets. With all of her stardom she completely is underrated as an artist and songwriter. We all need to give the respect that she is entitled to.

  • Ive been in many dark places in my life and music is always one thing that has always got me trough the worst of it no matter what songs like this always give us hope that we can always overcome the things we think we cant in life go for it and dont look back

  • always been the no. 1 fan of P!nk..... "Hate Me", my fav song of this album...... song is rooted in all P!nk's elements.....

  • This song has me bawling my eyes out. Right around the end of the verse this hit me like a ton of bricks. "It's a trust fall baby". I felt it in my bones, it's a trust fall within myself. ❤

  • Hit absoluto, já está tocando em tudo que é lugar.

  • This woman delivers all the time, such a strong uplifting song and message :)

  • Her music is so underrated these days it hurts. She's arguably better than ever🙏👏

    • yes she has her own light where she shines

    • I agree. She doesn’t get the hits, yet the songs are hits imo. Some artist get millions of views in one day. I don’t understand it.

    • she is quality

  • Man pink you did it again! Making my heart happy ♥️♥️♥️ I've watched you grow up with me too! Your music got me through school and continues to get me through life ♥️ alot of your music pulls all the heart strings and just wanna make me cry cause they are so beautiful

  • Totally obsessed with this song and this woman. What an artist. Love from Ireland 🇮🇪 ❤️

    • Sending you roses 💐💐...Are you single ?

  • Very nice song

  • Simply love the new album pink keep up the amazing work love you

  • I'm 25 years old and I still can't find what makes me happy, and this song motivates me not to pass away.

    • Thank you all for your feedback, I feel good, I will do what I have to do to be and become who I should be.

    • I am nearly 63 and had lot illness.You get out there however scary.Do it 25 ur a youngster c,mon you can enjoy life.l went to a show over 40 years since I’d been.You’ve got years ahead of fun ,laughter and maybe tough times.You Can Do it.xx❤

    • You are 25 my dear, your life is only beginning please don't be too hard on yourself. Everything will come to light and make sense with experience and when your higher power puts it in you. I'm speaking 1,000% from experience as a 43 year old who's lived, lost, still learning and leveling up. Best wishes. ✨️. Stay the course and you'll find your path.

    • JESUS, our saviour and God makes you happy. 🙂 He created you to live in him, with him and through him in eternal love... on earth and than in heaven ... only God can make you really happy

  • TRUSTFALL - LYRICS ❤️ Picture a place where it all doesn't hurt Where everything's safe and it doesn't get worse, oh my We see through bloodshot eyes Picture a place somewhere else far away Where you know what they mean and they mean what they say to us And would that be enough? Are we running out of time? Are we hiding from a lie? Are we just too scared to fight For what we want tonight? Close your eyes and leave it all behind Go where love is on our side It's a trust fall, baby It's a trust fall, baby You and I and everyone alive We can run into the fire It's a trust fall, baby Yeah, it's a trust fall, baby What if we just fall? I'm not going without you And you're not going alone I fell so far 'til I found you But you know what you know when you know So I'm not going without you And you're not going alone 'Cause you know when you know Close your eyes and leave it all behind Go where love is on our side It's a trust fall, baby It's a trust fall, baby What if we just fall? What if we just fall? What if we just fall? What if we just fall? What if we just fall? What if we just fall? What if we just-

    • Pink says it all in this sound and shows it in the MV.. Illusion! Close your eyes and go where love is.. are we hiding from a lie?

    • Dankje. 😊

    • ♡ u & pink

    • The lyrics are so beautiful and bittersweet in a way, but the thing that is so true about PINK is she is an Original in a movement only some understand. I have always been captivated since the first time I heard and saw her in Don’t Let Me Get Me. Keep On Keepin On!! 🕊🫶🏼😊🙏♾️

    • Thank you ❤

  • Pink rocks us all again this woman better never go anywhere we need her talents in dat booth x

  • We all fall it is how you get back up. Love her songs.

  • Keep streaming and buying on iTunes we need a #1 song everybody. Please and thank you

  • Pink is one of the greatest female singers of all time. She's definitely in my Top 5

  • You transcend generations! Both my wife and I LOVE your music and what you stand for. Our youngest (9) is now into your music and it’s something that helps us connect. Thank you for your beauty, grace, talent and being a strong role model. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    • Sending you roses 💐 💐...Are you single ?

  • Everyone here may have different reasons why we love this song, but I'm sure we all share the same feeling: This song showed up just in time. It makes you cry, it makes you feel alive, and it makes you cry because it makes you feel alive. All at once.

  • Poesia pura❤

  • So much talent, both in front of, and behind, the cameras!

  • Masterpiece!! 🙏

  • This song goes thru me like a storm 💕 i took a trustfall for better life and what my heart wantend and oh, it payed off 💕 this song brings all the good tears in my eyes. 💎

  • I am so happy that we get to see people from different backgrounds in different shapes and sizes ❤ more of that please ❤

  • Pinks music in her early career was self reflective and about her pain. It helped her heal some of her traumas or at least confront them. Now her music is her trying to uplift other people. She is a true artist. I think we all can relate to this

    • Perfectly said Will. Facts. ❤

    • @Gajendar Kushwaha L L

    • @Gajendar Kushwaha lll L L L

    • I like both her and Robyn. Not surprsied that both ladies are doing well!

    • ​@Shadough du

  • Love it !💖

  • Hello, dear pink. Every time I listen to your songs, tears come from my eyes because we who live in Iran can see our beloved singer up close. I love you from the bottom of my heart and soul. I hope you feel it. Hoping to meet you is the illusion of life. Hamid from Iran😢😢😢

  • This lady is 💯 true to herself and continues to show the world that nothing matters except oneself and that we as people need to just be ourselves and forget what others think which is exactly what she has done through the years. This is why out of the millions of people in the world pink is my one true idol and has been since the day she came out to the public eye I grew up with her and the others in the 90s and 200s but have always found everything she has done hands down amazing and I just find the things she dose in life is some of the most upstanding things that a person of her stature could possibly do she deserves so many more awards and acknowledgement then she gets. I just love you pink and I hope and pray that the day I finally go to a concert that my first one is hers. Michele 43 Everett WA

    • Sending you roses 💐 💐...Are you single ?

  • I ♥ YOU PINK! They don't make SONGS & MUSIC VIDEOS like this anymore! 😁🎶 This is one of those SONGS that will remain TIMELESS forever! 😌

  • This song makes me cry and makes me think of everyone I've lost the past few years. As hard as 2020 already was I lost my aunt and uncle from covid 2 weeks apart in November and my grandma 2 days before Christmas. Lost my mom at only 58 years old in 2019. I'm only 34 now and too young to lose a parent and my aunt was like my mom in itself. Pink is an amazing person and performer and I just love anything she does! Can't wait to see her in July here in Ohio!

    • you gonna make ist! believe me!

    • Sending you roses 💐💐...Are you single ?

  • It doesn't matter you're eighteen and fifty years old, Pink's music puts smile on your face and makes your body to move. ❤️

    • or 67 years young! P!nk is awesome!

    • @Diane Andersen 👍 Like us, P!NK just gets better as she gets older. ❤

    • I'm 60 and just love Pink

  • Another masterpiece from one of my favorite people/ artist in the world.

  • P!nk has done it again! Her voice, these lyrics, the story... As long as this amazing human being keeps putting out albums, I'm spending my money! (P.S. This song has been on repeat on my phone since 7:45am this morning lol)

  • P!nk's songs are what change the world.

  • P!NK was my first Idol 😊 I bought her CD ‘Mizunderstood’ with my saved up chore money. And the song, ‘Family Portrait’, was what I needed that year, when my parents divorced. I am a proud life-long fan of hers and I’m so happy she released this new album. It’s so danceable and feels tender, and every song is so freeing! Her vocals are consistently improving even now. I love it. And I love you P!NK!

  • truely one of the most inspirational songs written EVER. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • 23 years into her career and still putting out bangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Top of the game for last 20 years .. No words do her any justice.. Another banger 🔥

  • Ela é maravilhosa. Mas confesso que sinto falta da P!nk rock n roll e não a pop…porém, amo essa mulher. Não tem igual.

  • Too good 💗💗💗

  • Ela é Maravilhosa ❤🔥

  • Avsolutely love this song...thank you Pink for making such inspiring music

    • Sending you roses 💐💐...Are you single ?

  • Pink doesn't just sing, she's inspiring and waking up everyone's soul.

  • I just heard this song in radio and started to search on CS-tv ❤️

  • Crying.... This is so beautiful. A true masterpiece that speaks to your soul...❤️


  • Man, this resonates so much with me right know. Starting a new job, moving to a new place, and scared about it. The questions in the beginning of the music video are so difficult: am I supposed to catch myself, or do I rely on others, or both? Thank you P!NK for this incredible song!

  • Girl, there isn’t anything you can’t do. EVERY album is premium ❤. I can’t stop singing it

    • Sending you roses 💐 💐...Are you single ?

  • She never ever disappoints! Hit after hit! Incredibly talented, always surprises us with the best songs we've ever been blessed to hear. See you in August, P!nk!

    • @Crystal Freitas are you single y or n

    • Cupcake female are you single y or n

    • I am going to her concert in August at Wrigley Field Chicago on the 12 with my niece can't wait

    • Same. So excited. She's number one on my concerts i want to see list

    • I agree completely, also you are both so lucky, I hope to be blessed enough to see her in concert someday 🙏. I hope both of you have an incredible time and cherish the moment forever 💙

  • I’ve been listening to P!nk since I was 3. This song has so much meaning to me. The last 3 years has been a process of me breaking away from my abusive parents and learning that I actually CAN trust the new people I’ve brought into my life. I’m right on the verge of complete freedom from my parents now, and even though I need it, it’s absolutely terrifying to be at this point.

    • Love n Liight Sister!🫂💜 No contact is so hard but the rewards are worth it, fight for you Sister, wish you all the best 💯🫂💜😘

    • I wish you a great life baby ... I know what you mean I've been there too ❤️

  • 41 years of age I've heard 1000s of songs of all types of genres this song for me is huge! Epic

  • Very very good...Thank you Pink.🥳😁👍

  • Awesomeness. Pink's talent and entertainment is next level. Got to love her. 👏🏻

  • Die Frau ist richtig super. Die Musik von ihr bleiben einem immer im Ohr. Klasse

  • Knowing the fact she lost her father, the pandemic hitting her family hard, and all the emotional turmoil in between leading up to this new record made me shed a tear when i heard this song and watched the video. She truly knows how to alchemize pain into sonic gold. Absolutely am STOKED for the album.

    • What a great way to put it-you’re exactly right!

    • Perfectly said!!

    • Fluff much.. missing all of it..

    • If I couldn’t love you enough! Another incredible song that touches deep. You are absolutely brilliant!! Live this and you! ❤

  • Sooooo beautiful 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 welcome back PINK love from Germany 💕❤

  • Absolutely brilliant she has one hell of a voice powerful and strong just like the superstar she is class lady 👏 💙

  • reading the comments, I'm so glad to see P!nk have the recognition she deserves but still not in media, but either way she's a LEGEND

    • At least she receives a heavy radio airplay, at least in my country. Of course because she is a great artist. Mad respect for her.

  • Can this woman ever make a bad song, absolutely not. Pink is a legend on her own! You catch yourself

  • It's my second favourite P!NK's song. Love it.

  • I seriously don't know how she does it. Each time she releases a new song, it always appears at the right times and events of my life journey. P!NK and her music are really an inspiration to me to keep on living. Thank you, P!NK.

    • No shit. I feel the same way!!!

    • She must channel the collective consciousness...

    • I’m relieved to know that’s not only me! I needed this song 😘💪🏼

    • Yes relate so much!!!!!!!🎉

  • I love how this music video isn't filmed in some exotic place or on a beautiful day in some nice town. It really speaks to how you have to embrace what you have and accept that the world is what it is, and how you can only make a difference if you take a risk.

  • Absolutely love this women and her songs I wish come to Belfast or Dublin to see her live bought all her albums just need to see her live now ❤️❤️

  • I love this song !! Having me run with the eagle, my son sitting in front of geese, just forw to snap a photo of it bowing . Having white doves land in my tree when I'm over stressed. For all the bad times, there's good. Let's focus on the good that God gives us. I feel lucky to be this lady with so many signs of love. For all I miss, there's still blessing. God bless

  • This woman makes such impactful music.

  • My God, the lyrics of this song! Only a very awake person can write this so deep ♥️

  • P!nk saved me so many times from the edge of suicide and depression, Her words are always pure and full of meaning 💜🖤

  • even her talking voice is amazing.

  • Just when you think she has peaked, she delivers this masterpiece and makes even greater heights.

  • Pink...Für mich die beste Sängerin ever 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • I'm not the biggest P!nk fan overall but you have to appreciate her longevity. I can't think of a pop artist who's been able to stay relevant since the 90s like she has. Such great skills to adapt to an everchanging industry.

  • SONG OF THE YEAR! Absolutely Fantastic, lyrics, music and the film clip! Pink You Never Fail to Deliver💯

  • Somehow when I’m struggling, P!nk manages to drop a banger that gives me the strength to get through it. This time is no different. Knowing what she’s gone through to get this song out as well is absolutely insane and it is awe inspiring how resilient she is. Very excited to play this on repeat for a while ❤❤ Thank you, P!nk

    • @12thman Lollllllll

    • When your struggling don't turn to pink. To turn to Jesus he is always waiting to catch you. You don't have to wait he is always there.

    • Comment perfect 😍❤️


  • 100%real feelings! Shes just too awesome!