PAINTING our Nissan 200SX S13 Sil80 | NIGHTRIDE

čas přidán 25. 03. 2023
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  • Guys! It was amazing to have you here in NOVOL! GOOD LUCK! ❤

    • tera mojego P100 lakierujemy? Skończyłem piaskować :D

    • I said it once and I’ll say it again! Thank you so much for supporting them ❤ it means the world! ❤

    • I would buy NOVOL just on this video alone. Wish you guys were in the US!

    • :) :) :) :)

    • Thank you for supporting NightRide!

  • It's amazing how far this car has come, they've built it up basically from scratch and its so nice to see it all together

    • Real, fav channel atm bro

  • I don't think I have ever seen a sponsor really stand behind their work like Novol has. You can tell that they really cared just as much about your project as you did. It is so visible in how the car came out!

  • I'm impressed about the teamwork and the nightride family hold together even if you have to work 4 days in a raw. Big shoutout to you guys and i'm excited to see this car in person on Ultrace

  • Japierdole brak słów żeby opisać jak to świetnie wyglada, ogromne gratulacje!

  • Not only is the car absolutely stunning, you couldn’t have picked a better colour. The video is just perfect too. Your videography, editing, colour grading and music choices just make the video a pleasure to watch. Amazing stuff.

  • I love the fact that you guys actually did the painting of the car and helped trough the whole process instead of just dropping it off somewhere and pay for the process, it was really entertaining to see the whole process.

  • It's kurwa bjutiful, chłopaki jak oglądam wasze vlogi, to przez ten montaż i dobieranie muzyki do backgroundu czuję się jakby to był jakiś backstage poważnej produkcji filmowej, rzekłbym śliski temacik hollywoodu, który ma własny śliski temacik.

  • Big shotout for Novol for supporting you gyus in such project! Good to see companies appreciating your work

  • Mam nadzieję że zarówno Kevin jak i Sil80 będą na Ultrace bo już się doczekać nie mogę aby zobaczyć je na żywo! Dobór kolorów robi mega robotę!

  • Woooow. That's perfect painting! Big credits to NOVOL!

  • Absolutely mad what you guys have done to a bare 240 shell in just a few months. You deserve this car Sam, for all the great content you guys produce for us

  • i cant put into words how much i love nightride and all their content

  • No to wiadomo, że produkty Novola będą grane teraz u mnie za każdym razem. Super, że macie takie wsparcie!

  • amazing work! huge respect to all of you and novol ❤

  • I'm impressed about the teamwork! This are friends! You guys are lucky to have this kind of a team! Greetings!

  • Just made my day with this, can't wait to see the Sil80 fully complete.

  • Thank you Novol for sponsoring & supporting these guys and came out with a very beautiful car and great content. If you are available in my country, i will definetly buy your products, thank you once again

  • Nie ma nic lepszego niż kawusia do Nightride'u, a Sil80 wygląda zajebiście. Dobra robota Pany :D

  • absolutely beautiful, looks like its straight from the oldschool jdm photos

  • Fajnie że braliście udział w całym procesie, na bank sporo doświadczenia wpadło, a efekt? Hha dziwnie zobaczyć furę nightride malowana w komorze XD

  • I feel like i grew up together with this channel, and the Sil80 is by far my favourite build now, it's a more mature and grown up build then your usual stuff

  • Aaaaaaaand the boys did it again! Congratulations to everyone who has worked on this car. Congratulations for Novol's proper work and support. It's sooo good to see how far this car has gone. You guys rock!

  • So happy to finally see this thing get painted!!! All that hard work from you guys has really paid off!

  • Seeing you guys always puts a smile on my face, seeing how humble you are even after all you managed to accomplish. I hope you stay this way, and continue to bless us with these kind of videos. Hands down the best team whos journey I follow, much love for all the members of Nightride❤❤❤❤

  • Thank you to Novol for supporting our nightbois 🖤

  • The second the wing touched the back of the car outside the paint shop my jaw dropped. This car is utterly beautiful & i am super grateful to have been here to see this all happen. I cannot wait for what else is to come. Thank you guys so much for the heartwarming vids always keeping my inspiration up

  • These guys show what can be done with hardwork and determination 👏 where they've been and where they're going, inspiring 🙏

  • zajebisty jest ten lakier, fajnie widzieć jak daleko zaszliście z tym autem :D

  • definitely one of my favorite cars you guys have done. its so amazing seeing the progress that was made on this car every video. amazing work guys I cant get over how much I love your videos

  • Wygląda przepięknie, śledzę proces od początku i kurde, duma rozpiera widząc go teraz w takim stanie. Szacun chłopaki

  • Unbelievable how awesome this car turned out and it's great that all of you helped each other! Pozdro z Chicago panowie ✌️

  • I can’t believe how quickly you got this car together, even with all the trips and other stuff going on. Very impressive

  • Congratulations on how far you guys have come! This is really like a milestone to see what you have all done!

  • I'm glad that I was here in the process of building it. It's literally an absolute dream come true. Well done ナイトライド. 🖤

  • Seeing the evolution of the car, step by step is ultra sick! Its so exciting to see the next steps. The color is amazing and really hyped to see the car fully assembled. Nice work guys reaaaaalllly sick!

  • Jesteście motywacją. Super robota🤩

  • This is so inspirational, loved this whole series and the progression your video's quality has had the past few months especially. Keep up the hustle, don't slow down. Would love to work with you lads in the future.

  • Dobór kolorów idealny ! ❤ Piękna sil80 ŵyszła 😊

  • Отличный результат парни! Круто наблюдать за работой и вашей сплоченностью! 💪🏼

  • Po pierwszym spojrzeniu na miniaturkę nie byłem przekonany, ale wyszło szots. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś uda mi się zobaczyć je na żywo.

  • I can’t think of a more deserving, humble and thankful bunch of guys who deserve to have a ‘signature’ car for all of the hard work you put in. Long may your careers live and prosper 👏🏻

  • So glad to see everything come together nicely. You guys are legit the best CS-tv channel out there. Keep it going 🔥🔥🔥

  • it is truely heart warming and inspiring seeing you guys make this happen and the amount of joy all your hard work has brought you. keep em' coming, absolutely unreal.

  • I'm so happy to see how far the build has come guys ❤ it came out much better than i expected (mainly because i didn't know how it's supposed to look in the end) but it's so exciting ❤. can't wait to see this thing live sometime in the future ❤‍🔥 Greetings from czechia bois 😄

  • Guys, there's no words for describing how we're impressed with your work and overall development. From tiny, sheet-metal garage to building such a sick clean dream car with professionals. Can't wait for more 🔥

  • The end monologue had me realizing why i love this channel. You seemed humbled and amazed, yet you didnt take the credit and use your ego in the situation. You are a wonderful crew, and the payoff this car just got solidified the bond you have together. Easily best car crew on youtube.

  • As usual, a high quality video, nice music, and it's also an educational video, at least for me, so congrats guys, the car looks like is taken straight out from initial D. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Looks so so good guys. Loved every minute of this build and looking forward for what's to come.

  • Damnnnn boys well done man 😍😍😍 great effort and the result is unreal 💜 proud man

  • huge progress you made there, love every part and detail, it turned out so so awsome, cant wait for final reveal ❤

  • Huge congrats boys. Absolute masterpiece and an amazing video documenting all yall's had work

  • czekałem długo na skończenie tego auta jest kurna swietne i zazdro

  • What a damn beautiful car, I can't believe how fast you guys got to this point and you guys should be really proud of what you guys did here. amazing work!

  • these boys are so down to earth! Honestly love these guys and their big family. Hope to meet them once

  • Good job on the S13, I love the colours you guys picked for the two tone style look. Stunning car, 10/10.

  • Genialna robota chłopaki, dosłownie samochód z tym kolorem wygląda jak Silvia K S13 Iketaniego żywcem wyciągnięta z Initial D 😄Już nie moge się doczekać jak to będzie wyglądać po złożeniu wszystkiego do kupy. Trzymajcie tak dalej, bo jak się was ogląda, to można się poczuć jakby się dosłownie z wami było częścią tego wszystkiego!

  • gotta love the progress of this channel and the way its evolving going from little things like a small garage with a miata that was still in progress to a whole new level like kevin having a bike as its engine its just insane been subscribed for more than a year and its amazing seeing you guys grow your channel much love and keep the good stuff ongoing ❤

  • Can’t wait for the final reveal but I have to say… good work boys! The car looks incredible! Very unique. It’s been so cool to see this car come back to life. There’s an s13 around the corner from me in pretty rough shape and these videos have tempted me… This video really shows how much time goes into doing a good job! Props to Novol for working with you guys. Honestly just so stoked for you guys! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • seeing the project slowly approach to an end just fills your heart with joy. it's a dream come true not only to you guys but to many more out there. can't wait to see it fully assembled and running on the streets.

  • Piękny wóz!! Mega szacunek za walkę o marzenia i za to że tworzycie taką zajebistą ekipę! Nie ma lepszej frajdy niż tworzenie czegoś świetnego z tak zgraną paczką. Pozdro!

  • it looks soooo good guys, well done! Hopefully i will be in this position as you guys oneday, keep going, love what you doing

  • it looks super sick!! I love that you did a proper paintjob. Im a perfectionist and I hate backyard paintjobs, even knowing that a panel is not painted somewhere makes me tear my hair out, its awesome you took your time and did it proper.

  • Beautiful color combination for the 200SX, era correct. Nice job guys!

  • The style, production, and vibes of all the cars and videos is top tier. Have loved watching and still continue to look forward to every upload 🫶🏼

  • Piękna robota chłopaki pozdro!!!

  • Today was one of the worst days I had in a long time, thank you for this video, it made me think about other things for some time, I really appriciate you guys and will look forward to taking a trip down to Ultrace from Norway this year to see you all!

  • You guys awoken a love for cars in me that i never thought i had and for that thank you. Love the videos so much. Keep it up nightride family

  • panowie ,jest prze zajebiście, samochód robi się z każdym etapem coraz ładniejszy, ale po zrobieniu koloru rozwalił mi system, normalnie jest taka lalunia że frytki wywala mi z talerza, ALAGANCKO :):):) muszę kiedyś zobaczyć to cudeńko na żywo :):)

  • man this car looks so good i am very happy to see you guys where you are now and where you have been in the past stay on it

  • you've made this car look amazing guys.. Fantastic job on editing as well, have some rest 🙏

  • Kawał mega dobrej roboty chłopaki 🫡

  • I didn't expect after the first s13 video, that it will be as awesome as it is now. Realy cool to see this process, step by step, and to see a sil80 like iketanis here in europe. But all in one word Thanks

  • Congratulations for your 200sx so dope journey!! Appreciated guys!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Najbardziej satysfakcjonujący samochód z całego waszego garażu 😍

  • Absolutly stunning work guys, im soo exited to see it in the garage and fully mounted. Much Love

  • Sheeesh! I am looking all your videos as soon as I can for 2 years now and man... you guys got so far and your friendship is making me jealous :D The car looks AMAZING so far, and build from scratch... keep up the good work! Love you all !

  • So good to see this. So good to see what goes into a paint project like that.

  • Great job on this car guys the level of detail that went into paint was incredible 👏

  • Now the car is so beautiful to look at. I wasn't expecting this much, when you painted the engine bay. I was really smiling throughout the video. Great job boys. And now i think you have to polish the wheels again to match perfectly with the car 😂.

  • Love the cars look so much and I’m so happy for you to finally have your dream car can’t wait to see it completely done next weekend🖤

  • Guys no words how much more you make than just car content. its like bringin back those feelings when i first took my 350z to home, working on it with friends ect. Cant wait to see the final result and i wish a lot of fun drive whit this beauty!

  • Pretty amazing how the car looks right now, can't wait to see its final phase!

  • I’m so happy for you guys, congrats on fulfilling your dream. The car looks soooo good! Absolutely amazing 😊

  • Gratuluje projektu 😍

  • cudownie to wyszło

  • Started watching this channel a few months ago when they bought s13. so awesome to see this progress. Idk shit, but it looks like a few guys just puttin together what they have. Absolutely amazing that things like this car turn out of this. big up!

  • You guys have pursued a dream we all want to be in! Thank you for letting us be apart of it with you, S13 looks amazing 😍

  • Just wanted to drop a quick line to say how freaking cool that video was! I mean seriously, you guys killed it! That car went from looking like a total beater(jk 😅) to a straight-up showstopper. I was blown away! I don't know much about painting cars, but it's clear that Novol team really know theirs stuff. I can only imagine how many years of experience it takes to get that good! Novol, thanks for sharing your skills with the world, and for making something so badass that we could all watch and (partially) learn from. Keep on rockin' it!

  • 😊👍 awesome job!!! Can't wait to see it all together with a night ride sticker love the progress you and the homies creating a masterpiece

  • Car's looking phenomenal! Can't wait to see it in all it's glory once the new bumper comes

  • Lovely job! The car is really fresh. On these colors I think allred taillights would be a fine contrast.

  • You fellas doing the DO!! Keeping it real & staying humble! Love seeing you guys grow as a family together, what a journey my doods... Still the best content for what y'all do. Stay safe, salute 🤚

  • jest idealnie

  • Seeing this boys stepping up from humble begins makes my heart warm

  • WOOOOOOW, she's looking amazing, i'm so happy for you. i've feeled the energy all long during this vlog! thanks to sharing that with us. Stay like that

  • kurwa wyszło pięknie🥺❤️


  • I really love your channel, it's not about crazy build or expensive cars. It's a car CS-tv channel about friendship and passion. You guys are amazing.

  • Amazing to see how far you guys have come. Same with this car! Looks nuts