PALAYE ROYALE - Anxiety (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 25. 06. 2020
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Directed by Remington Leith & Michael Bolten
Produced by Mr. O Films
Executive Producer Steven Contreras
My relations with the man above lately
Indecisions have been breaking my sanity
Contamination of a twisted society
Retaliation when I’m full of anxiety
and I was born to be anything I wanted to be
Raised to be fucking mean
I’m a masterpiece
Blasphemy meet again in a world so vicious
Children crying, mothers scream, fathers drink
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
a Band-Aid on a bullet hole that’s still bleeding
Numb you up until you can’t feel a goddamn thing
A generation full of anti-sobriety
A generation that is full of anxiety
and I was born to be anything I wanted to be
Raised to be fucking mean
I’m a masterpiece
Blasphemy meet again in a world so vicious
Children crying, mothers scream, fathers drink
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
All the voices in your head that keep talking
all the blood on your skin that keeps crawling
all the voices in your head to keep talking
all the blood on your skin that keeps crawling
all the blood on your skin that keeps crawling
all the blood on your skin that keeps crawling
I was born to be anything I wanted to be
Raised to be fucking mean
I’m a masterpiece
Blasphemy meet again in a world so vicious
Children crying, mothers scream, fathers drink
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
all you bastards scream
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  • WE are so close to a million guys, lets keep it up! :)

  • holy shit remi didn't know u could scream

  • Its like Marilyn Manson Motionless In White Bring Me The Horizon and My Chemical Romance made a song and i absolutely love it

  • I'm loving the breakdown. DAMN.

  • Seeing him in the desert gives me a mad max fury road vibe to it


  • Omg Remington looks so hot

  • These guys are so unique with their style and sound. It's awesome how amazing they are.

  • 🔥wow! 🤤 😍We need Remmy shirtless in more videos! Like Omg 😍 best video yet. I love the bastards era this is intense ❤💯🔥

  • So they’re metal now!?

    • nope, this may be heavier than what they normally are but its not metal

  • This is sick

  • Gave me mad Max feels

  • 803K de vistas falta poco para 1M de vistas💕 Para nuevo vídeo musical uwu👉👈♥

  • All I can say is: HOLY F@CK

  • 2:51 yo when he jumps in the ground God what a precious moment 🖤

  • Looking pretty hot there😳

  • Just found this song and I’m in fuckin love 😍

  • Piss on America it umm pees back

  • Remington needs to pull his trousers up a bit 😂

  • Famous last words vibes.

  • Palaye Royale - Lonely (Part 2)

  • I assume the upside down legs sticking out of the ground at 1:30 was a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy? Specifically the 8th ring of Dante's Inferno? I guess it would make sense since the 8th ring of Inferno (aka purgatory/hell) is reserved for those who destroy society (generally, hypocrites and corrupt politicians, soothsayers, etc.). I liked how you connected that to the lyrics that talks about how messed up and twisted society is due to hypocrites and corruption. Sorry to nerd out about history here ;^-^

  • My first time hearing this band (originally came up as an AD) and I really love it!!

  • How is this like My Chemical Romance at all?

  • One of my favourite vocalists. Ever.

  • I'm a fucking masterpiece.

  • lol this is like backstreet boys+celldweller

  • If this band keeps this up, they may be Iconic in 5 - 10 years from now. I am rooting hard for them! We need another sick af band with quality music and a good career life. Be up there with BVB, Linkin Park, and Marilyn Manson yall.

  • There should be a Metro Exodus montage that uses this song as the background track. It's fucking raw.

  • Left a playlist on my PC playing, had to come to see who this was! Holy fuck this is FRESH. I love the voice and energy. I can already see myself going to a concert. Fucking sick trick and image dudes. I thought they were new but on Spotify, it says there's a track from them in 2012! Whoa...

  • It is finally time for palaye royale to rise, pay no mind to BVB in their ashes

  • Emerson is such a mood here tho

  • Este video se merece un millón de vistas y me siento estafada porque no las consigue

  • Remington looks so damn f-able like that. Just give me a 4 poster bed, some rope, a few good sailors knots and remington and Im good. What workout did he do to look like that.

  • Diossss que buena cancion boludoooooo

  • Emerson büyük adamsın ten

  • Que clase de famous last world es este *-*

  • more like this plz, real good music


  • Ok but I love the maltov cocktails

  • Русские есть ?

  • When famous last words meets na na na

  • Why was this video uploaded at 6dB or so lower than it should be??? Was it a mistake or on purpose for some new correction rule?

  • Someone tell Emerson, this hit 747k views :D

  • I fucking LOOOOOOOVE when Remington sings like this😍🤤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fast becoming on of my favourites

  • Love the Mad Max feel

  • I have now found a new band to obsess over😳🖤 This song is absolutely amazing

  • i leave this on repeat on my computer

    • Yael damn that sucks

    • you have to reproduce the video, then reproduce at least other different three videos on youtube, and then come back here and reproduce it again. Otherwise youtube counts it as spam and you're giving it no views at all :(

  • Great song guys. If you like this you might like THE SILENCED - DEATH ON THE RISE I just found that shit.. Sounds epic.

  • Mad Max brought me here

  • BVB? 🤣 se parecen un poco pero son bien buenos ❤


  • This is giving me bvb vibes...

  • Palaye Royale... damm!! You are just the best rock band on the scene ... I don't understand how your talent is still not recognized as it deserves. I hope one day to be able to see you at a concert in my country, Portugal ... can't wait!

    • Portugal precisa de um concerto dos Palaye Royale...🤘🤘🤘

  • Telling my kids this was Taylor Swift.

    • ooh damn

  • This song is better than the entire AA like house on fire, thumbs up if you agree

  • Still wont find great music like this on Sirus XM #FreeSirius.

  • The way Remington looks at the camera at 1:01 really makes me wanna say "Look at me like that again!" lol

  • I have a new addition to my playlist Also i discovered a new great band

  • I got told i was annoying and attention seeking by my friend because i was cutting(and SHE forced me to tell her what was wrong) and i was crying but his made me forget for a while :)

    • If she reacted that way rather to be WORRIED for you, then I'm sorry but I don't think you need that person in your life. Friends support and care for each other no matter what, and you deserve that and MORE. If you ever need someone to talk to you can always send me a dm on Instagram (@yv.lit7) or Twitter (@134527k). Stay strong❤

    • We always here to help you, love

    • i’m sorry that happened to you :( i’m sending good energy your way❤️

  • Today on Remington needs a belt..

  • Sumerian has a TON of great music.....and a lot of garbage.

  • Love this

  • Since no one else is pointing this out imma do it... this screams borderlands vibes... don't believe me? Watch borderlands game trailers or better yet google characters because I stg Remington looks like one of them!

  • Fucking banger🖤🖤

  • They better get more recognation. I wanna see them in award shows. The lyrics, the sound, the look everything's so on point. in total their music and themselves are so awesome they should be more appreciated.

  • Feels like a combo between TBP and Danger Days kind of. And Mad Max ofc

  • emo's not dead 🤟🤟

  • Why doesn't this already have over 1m views? Something seems a little sketchy to me idk. CS-tv algorithm? Whats up?? Edit: back again for my daily (multiple) viewing bc apparently we gotta do this individually by hand...

  • I’m currently here rewatching after watching old videos of MCR bc I need reassurance that bands are still producing music

  • Remington: so basically I wanted to travel to the pits of hell-

  • This is the best song ever

  • I love the whole concept of this video. The fire makes the feeling & emotion being experienced by Rem more intense and helps to enhance to the messages in the video. I love everything about it, including the My Chem Vibe. 🖤👑xo

  • Motionless in veil Brides :D

  • Нихера не поняла, но очень интересно!)

  • 💘

  • "Let's all wear black and red clothes and not tell Sebastian"

  • slide? no car, 🕺🏻

  • mad max vibes. the car forest in tonapah. im weak.


  • People on a music video about America gun violence: wow Remington is so hot

  • Thory. I can some please tweet this to emerson or palyle royale so I can get comfermed. In every single mv for this new era Remington is the only way wearing pure black. The other two have black accents on their outfits. For example ems bow on his top. The conatations of black are death,sadness and darkness. Does that mean lilsile inc has captured him for ever and theres no point trying to save him because you will fail no matter what. Like he sings in cemeteries number 2, darkness will only cover his soul. Speaking of this song. Is the dreams of lisle to change the boys to behave more like the rest of society. Last thing, in every music vid of the bastard era emerson is wearing something red. Does this mean he fighting back lisle. The conditions of red are blood, danger and sometimes bravery or heroism. So this suggests that no matter what, even he gets ingered and has blood on his hand, he will continue to fight against lilsile inc and instead fight for world were every one can just be them self. Sorry this super long. Love the void. 747.

    • Thanks.

    • Super cool theory, love it! Reallllly hope A. that the boys see it & B. that we'll get answers for this

  • Again, mini orgasm.

  • producer: how much fire do ya want? Rem: yes

  • Every day while I'm at work, I leave this song playing on my laptop on loop so we can get that new music video sooner. Yesterday it was on for about 4 hours, so this video played approximately 6 hours on my end. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS SOLDIERS. THE WORLD IS GOING MAD

    • Looping doesn't help. CS-tv thinks of it as spam and won't count towards the views. In order for it to work you have to watch two to three videos before watching this again.

  • Dam he is hot

  • Love this song

  • This my favorite song from them just because it gets me in a savage aggressive mood. And i like it

  • This song never gets annoying

  • Anxiety can cripple you. This song helps me get up and going. When people miss treat people especially when they have anxiety it’s being toxic and can make it hard to get through the day. So I made a playlist of songs like this one: “STOP BEING TOXIC!” If you want to add help as well you can reply more song suggestions. Please spread the word against such miss treatment with #stopbeingtoxic THX

  • This is the reason I still have _some_ will to live lmao

  • Today I met this group and I can say that music is amazing, really I can't lie. I wish you a lot of success.

  • royal council, just keep this on loop bc at 1 million views the boys said they're releasing a new song

  • Remi se ve extremadamente sexy.

  • i pity the kids today....

  • Thank you guys for your efforts🔥, like really this song and every other song you guys made is just looks so put together and well done and as Emerson said 'MAGNIFIC'!, we appreciate everything you've done Remington, Emerson, Sebastian & Daniel, i just know you guys from a month ago and im already a soldier!, i hope to see you in a concert..😭💜anyway love you, stay safe, be healthy💜💜💜

    • take out the d*niel and put in andrew and we gud :)

  • I never really like rock music but i am in love with this 😜😝

  • wow

  • Por la letra escuchar esta canción después Lonely en serio pega bien fuerte y simplemente me encanta.