Patrick Mahomes enters Super Bowl LVII vs. Eagles touted as the NFL's best QB | NFL | UNDISPUTED

čas přidán 7. 02. 2023
Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is only 27 years old and in five years as a starter has hosted the AFC Championship every year. He has also won a regular season MVP and a Super Bowl MVP and Sunday will be his third Super Bowl appearance. Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL entering Super Bowl LVII vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

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Patrick Mahomes enters Super Bowl LVII vs. Eagles touted as the NFL's best QB | NFL | UNDISPUTED
• Patrick Mahomes e...

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • If Baker Mayfield accomplished a quarter of what Mahomes has done in his career Skip would be saying he's a hall of fame quarterback.

    • @Jahn J 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Legit Dragon Exactly Bro. Skip Need To Lay Off The Coke 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Legit Dragon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Skip only fxcks wit da crxcka dem

    • Fact's 🤣🤣

  • The hater voices consume Skip. If Patrick was a Cowboys QB, he wouldn't come up with this mess.

    • @Alex Two Lombardi Trophies, two Super Bowl MVPs, two league MVPs, five Conference Championship games, three Super Bowl appearances, averaging 4,800 yards a year, 38 tds a year, second in td to interception ratio, two first team All Pro selections and five Pro Bowl selections. Mahomes set the single season yardage record without a true number one receiver and won a Super Bowl without a single 1,000 yard rusher as well as a defense with a turnover differential of -3. I have watched a lot of football over the past 50 years and I have seen every snap of Patrick's career. If there's a better football player than Mahomes I'll cut my nuts off

    • @Alex wha u been smoking big dawgg🤣🤣


    • @Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT his only super bowl was gifted by shanahan choking

    • He kills me whenever Shannon gives him his logic to someone or something similar, like Brady dominating the afc least for all those years. It's like in Friday, "What about that time he tried to choke me and smoke in the backyard?" "Oh, that was different. " 😆

  • Funny how Shannon and Skip went from having complete opposite opinions on Mahomes before the draft to this.

    • @Bill Bond OR, get this, people's opinions change. We're human. Aristotle said it best, "It's better to change an opinion than to persist in a wrong one." It's human nature, my guy.

    • Hello.[God made all. He has a child named that died to forgive us of all wrong doing via his unbreakable red blood. He came to life 3 days later.]

    • @slimeylildude IQ of a rock now that's original and funny🤣🤣

    • @Bill Bond how’s it scripted because they changed their opinion AFTER the season started and went on?? A lot of people counted mahomes out this season just bc he lost tyreek hill not to brag but I was part of the 5% who didn’t (bc what he did in the Super Bowl with no line should’ve shown everyone he didn’t need hill and just a better line which he got till injuries happened again) changing your opinion isn’t scripted at all bc a lot of people that said he would be exposed are now bandwagoning unless they straight up just don’t like him

  • “He has 2 5,000 yd passing seasons in his five years as a starter, led the league in passing touchdowns for his second time, led the league in passing yards”

    • @Mike Hatten better defensive teams

    • @Mike Hatten Mahomes on the 49ers would have 5 rings😂

    • I don't even understand in what world this is even a debate... I don't have a dog in this fight, but I find it absurd the mental gymnastics fans go through to say Mahomes isn't the best right now. He makes better decisions than Josh Allen. He is working with less talent than Joe Burrow and has done more... His stats are insane this short into his career. But I guess that's the way things are... in a league that thinks Jalen Hurts is an MVP candidate... lol.... Hurts has all-pro weapons to throw to and all-pro o-linemen... and still... they needed to simplify that offense because he can't drop back and pass in a clean pocket to wide open players. No coaching staff would ask a QB to rush if he didn't have to especially this much, for fear of injuries. Baffles me. So not surprised people think it's an actual debate when it comes to Mahomes being the best.

    • @Durk Bank no he’s not Reid has had better teams with the eagles and never had the level of production he’s had with malhomes. The eagles had better defenses too. He went to 1 superbowls his whole career without this young goat now he’s in his third in 5 years. The proof is in the pudding mahomes is the engine that runs the chiefs and I know on a stacked team like the 49ers/shanahan he’d have 3 rings already.

    • Andy reid is the real key to the chiefs

  • The man threw for 5,097 passing yards 50TDs in his first year as a starter and led his team to the AFC championship game and the next season win the Super Bowl MVP

    • @cristian lopez nah i seen that game it was the defense

    • @Jacob Kessler I’ll never forget it 😩

    • @cristian lopez if it wasn’t for Brady’s defense he’d have 3

    • He had a loaded roster too

    • @Zaymane La FlareI remember watching that game live. Absolute soul crusher for Kansas City and their fans

  • When Skip loves his players, they will defend them no matter how bad they play, but when it’s a player he doesn’t like he will discredit their accomplishments and accolades.

    • ding ding ding ding

    • Don't take that man seriously. He doing it for the rating.... no way he actually that delusional 😂

    • @ Lee...all you Mahome-eez , do the same thing , so what's the point...

  • Skip wanted to fight when Shannon said he had a convo with ernastine 😂😂

    • @CJFRM3658 My grandmother lived till 86 and still had a strong grip that I couldn't get out of! She was born in Chesterfield South Carolina and came from a family of 17 brothers and sisters and she was the baby. She worked physical jobs and not behind a desk! She worked at the V.A. HOSPITAL AMONG HAVING ANOTHER JOB FOR 33 YEARS AND NEVER EVER MISSED ONE DAY!!!! So don't tell me a doggone thing about skip being 80 years old. My dear grandmother came up while segregation was in full effect in the south. She was a role model and a picture of health until her death. So pardon me for not caring about skip bayless and his age. If he could go through what my grandmother and her brothers and sisters went through and still maintain their health then come talk to me!!!!

    • @King Judo PLEASE!

    • @CJFRM3658 And?

    • lol

    • Heck’s yeah

  • Mahomes now is not Mahomes of 2 years ago or even last year. Better from in the pocket, no longer forcing the ball to Hill unnecessarily. He makes shorter, more accurate throws, more consistantly. Losing Hill has been low key the greatest thing for the Chiefs. Relying more on Mahomes' excellence and Reid's route running to make good, even average receivers look great. It's the best version of the team in the Mahomes era.

    • Definitely noticed a lil difference in his playing style 💯💯

    • I agree

    • He did the same thing last year 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • @J R G As far as his mobility goes ya probably like 7 more years but if he gets even better from in the pocket and has a decent O Line, I can see him playing almost as long as Brady has.

    • Yeah he’s in his prime rn…only thing is how long will he be able to keep his prime up for? 5-7 more years?

  • He actually HAS played a road playoff game. The year he lost to TB in the Super Bowl, Tampa played in their own stadium 🏟️

    • Yeah and you said it. He LOST. LOL

    • @Marcell Bennett that’s the problem he scrambled too much instead of staying in the pocket and throwing it out fast

    • @Carlos Bautista he played like trash or his receivers dropping passes that hit em in the chest played like trash?? Let’s also not forget what would’ve been the greatest pass in nfl history if someone didn’t drop a pass when he had to run away from the defense at least 10+ yds behind the line of scrimmage thrown perfectly while falling… and another receiver dropped a pass while in the red zone

    • @Carlos Bautista you clearly didn’t watch the game. No one who watched the game would think Mahomes played bad. The Bucs defense literally praising him while they were playing saying he was a magician and a wizard and he is unbelievable. You would know this if you actually saw the game.

    • Tickets to the superbowl are sold separate, season ticket holders don’t go to that game

  • Shannon: “You do realize that Patrick Mahomes threw 3800 yds to other receivers not named Kelce”

    • MIC DROP. Thank you for coming. Do you need your parking validated?

    • Skip:🫣

  • "Whatever metric you wanna use, Patrick Mahomes is the best." 😂

  • People forget during that superbowl vs the bucs Wr/te were dropping td passes and on 3rd downs. Patrick did everything he could

    • @Aaron Jackson dude, you know how one play can change a game. Esp in football, it's crazy. I'm not saying he played well, but to me those were key plays that could've mounted a comeback. You know how it goes in football

    • @Trovel Emmanuel forget what? He had 2 droppeed td passes. Tyreek Hill and Darrell Williams. If a couple highlights throws means you played well, the Jeff George, Randall Cunningham, John Elway, Donovan McNabb etc..have never played a bad game in their lives.

    • They conveniently forget that

    • @ChuckThaDeuce 3 drops? Most QBs have 3 drops in a given game. No mention of his missed throws and his iNTS?


  • I’ve been saying this off rip he is one of the transcendent players. I didn’t really like him at first but he’s won me over! Great man off the field and almost a hof on the field already. Keep up the great work patty!

  • Skip loves his stats when it helps his players, but if you're someone he doesn't like, he'll use his eye test to find someone better.

    • Question: Who is the top QB in the league right now? Skip: Can't be Patrick Mahomes because he's never played in a road playoff game like Tom Brady has! Skip: Also can't be Patrick Mahomes because ice cream doesn't have bones. Both answers make about the same amount of sense relative to the question.

    • @John Samos Lets not forget his two touchdowns that hit players right in the face while he was fully horizontal diving. But i guess you only look at stats in the superbowl and not actual seasons or watching actual games

    • @John Samoshe played two all time defenses those super bowls, one with absolutely no oline

    • @John Samos Yea the defenders pretty much had a straight run at him on every play, and having to throw under duress constantly those are pretty impressive stats!

    • Are you talking about Mahomes 2 TDS 4 INTS 3 Fumbles in SuperBowls stats? 🤣🤣.

  • “I just let him think he’s right so we can move on” 😂😂😂

  • Mahomes record is crazy, hope he stays healthy

  • Bruh, Shannon just dry snitched that he and Ernestine have Sunday morning brunches just to vent about Skip. 😆😂

    • Stine got some explaining to do when skip gets home lol😂

  • Mahomes completed a 44 yard pass to the flat? that's really impressive because i thought 44 yards past the line of scrimmage was a deep pass

  • The Super Bowl Mahomes played against Tampa was in Tampa, not a neutral site.

  • Skip complaining bout Chase getting hit in the helmet by 1 of burrows passes. While Mahomes had 3 clear TDs throw while off platform hit Tyreek hill, Damien Williams and Kelce between their eyes

    • @Justice Thornton Tyreek dropped one early and Williams dropprd one late. The third one was out of the field of play.

    • @Aaron Jackson definitely but I think tyreek dropped most TDs that game

    • @Justice Thornton i recall. 3rd down on the sideline. He got clipped at the ankles as the ball arrived and he dropped it

    • @Aaron Jackson I don’t think it was a TD but I know he dropped the ball where it was a important time

    • When did Kelce drop a td in the Superbowl? I dont recall that at all.

  • “You complained about your guy having two new starters, Patrick Mahomes’ whole offensive line were new starters”

  • You can definitely tell skip has no problem with making himself look like an idiot on television he pretty much does that every time they have a discussion about Patrick Mahomes or the Chiefs

  • Skip: Ive never seen anything like Travis Kelce, meanwhile Brady had Gronk for 10 years

    • Gronk was amazing, no doubt. He was injured a lot, but he won matchups basically on size and physicality. Kelcie is beat the best CBs and safeties in coverage with speed, quickness, footwork. etc.

    • Gronk was great from 2012-2017 and he was literally hurt 1/3rd of the time tho

    • Right! I was thinking the same thing. I was like "kelce's just another Gronk"

    • Talking bout he ain’t sold on mahomes but sold on burrow and baker 😂

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that Skip doesn’t even believe a lot of his takes, and ever since that conclusion, this show has been a lot more enjoyable. Watching these two go back and forth is hilarious

  • I am a Chiefs fan. Mahomes is doing a great achievement in this generation so far but I think I will wait until his career ends if I am still around I am 57 years old and what he does is amazing. But because of changes in coaching and personnel I do not think he can reach seven rings like Brady because Belechick was with Brady his whole career.

  • He always comes up with the win. Close game or not

  • Dude is that GUY..if there’s any flaws in his game, you can barely see it…as an Eagles fan, if Brady threw for 500 yards in our last one, I wonder what this man can do..respects for Chiefs for stealing this gem away from everyone 🙏🏼🫡

  • “He’s never played in a road playoff game” 😂😂😂

    • Exactly, as if that's a bad thing that he's won too much to be on the road 😂


  • The problem with Skip is that he only wants to remember events and plays that support his version of a player or team.

  • Skip is saying a bunch of nothing that has to do with the question lmao 😂

  • The media loves saying "3 super bowl appearances in 5 years as a starter" instead of "3 super bowl appearances in the last 4 years"

  • Skip: “Maybe I’m eye testing” Shannon: “Maybe you need to get your eyes checked”

  • Skip: “Joe Burrow plays clearer football than Mahomes” Joe Burrow: Throws 2ints in the AFC Championship Game to two rookie DBs

    • Joe Burrow is just getting started my dude. He already has proven himself as a very young QB. We will see. However, Brady is still the GOAT until someone proves otherwise.

  • Mahomes has had a great start to his career and is on pace to enter Mount Rushmore status. But he has to play great this Superbowl as so far, his superbowl numbers have not been good. Winning this one with another SBMVP will help tremendously

  • “Little voice in the back of my head” That’s that haterade spirit

    • @JerokTerojokke 2 TDS 4 INTS 3 fumbles in two SBs is in my head? You right.. hard 2 forget dat

    • @John Samos Damn you in multiple comments on this video, Mahomes really in your head rent free huh?

    • Maybe it’s the influence of Mahomes 2 TDS 4 INTS 3 fumbles in 2 SBs 🤣🤣.

    • Not really Mahomes being mentioned in the same breath as Brady is insane. He’s a great QB though more than likely #1 right now.

    • Facts!

  • Keep in mind tge superbowl against 49ers was also his 2nd year as a starter and his first super bowl. Of course he came out shaky but still won the game.

  • Shannon: “Do you remember what Brady was doing when he was in the AFC East to Buffalo and Miami and the Jets”

  • “He’s 10-3 in the postseason, 32TDs 7ints”

    • @Dylan Allen and a SB MVP doesn’t hold as much merit as an MVP. 6 of the last 10 SB MVPs were QBs. 2 were defensive players who made THE KEY play and 2 were WRs who happened to catch the game winning TD. It’s still a QB award unless you make the game changing play as a position player.

    • @Dylan Allen last I checked the 2021 MVP was Aaron Rodgers…and the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016…to 2013 were ALL QBs. Last time a non QB won the MVP was Adrian Peterson in 2012 and that required him to almost break the single season rushing record. For a non QB to win the MVP they have to break records where QBs have to have great years.

    • @Furiousrook cooper kupp won it last year lol

    • @Dylan Allen SB MVP is a QB award, he should win it. Just like the MVP is a QB award. 5 straight afc championships with 1 Super Bowl win, possibly 2 is alright but Brady did more in his consecutive runs with afc championships.

  • Mahomes has made it to either the AFC Championship or the Superbowl in his first five years. He's 27. He's got maybe 10 to 12 years to go. He could realistically win another 3 to 5 Superbowls in that time span. He's thrown for 5000 yards or more twice in his career. He already has one MVP and he's going to win this year. He has the best upside of any player in recent history. He will surpass Brady in Superbowl wins, MVPs and career yardage and will most likely be the best Quarterback of All Time until someone comes along when he's older.

    • Thanks to the rules

    • @Franco Alemán facts Brady got 7 bowls he talking about mahomes gonna pass him lol

    • Brady won 3 SB in his first 5 Years, just saying. Brady won more SB in his 40s then almoust every QB in the whole Career..let that sink in! Mahomes is a very good QB but you Mahomes Meatriders live in your own World LMAO

  • “Sometimes we don’t move on” 😭😂😂😂😂

  • If they double or triple kelce it leaves every 1 else pretty much open so it makes it pretty easy for mahomes to pass it to everyone else

  • If Brady made that throw 3rd and 15 throw Pat made in the SuperBowl Skip would be talking a lotttt different

  • Skip is outta his mind 😂

    • Talking bout he still ain’t sold on Pat mahomes but sold on baker and burrow 😂😂

  • Will be really interesting to see in 15+ years if Mahomes can accomplish what Brady has

  • No deflate gate, Tuck Rule, Spy Gate. Didn’t get two rules changed for him. No top 10 Defense. Just balled out! Pat Mahomes is the best QB I’ve ever seen!

  • Mahomes is not even Mahomes from 2 years ago, he’s not forcing throws like he did with Tyreek Hill, he’s more comfortable in the pocket, makes accurate throws, takes what the defense is giving him.

  • Skip only hates Mahomes this much because he genuinely sees him as a threat to Tom Brady and either doesn’t want to accept it or has to over compensate by dragging him down in the chance that he actually really starts to come for the crown

    • He won't reach 10 bowls and win 7. Yards and TDs are easy no as he's on a stacked offence with the best offensive coach and the rules make sure you can't be touched and defenders cant defend

    • That's the main reason why anyone hates mahones normally

  • I see a trend ladies and gentlemen we are entering the down on of Patrick Mahomes Era by Skip 😂😂😂

  • Skip LITTERALLY couldn't go 50 words before mentioning Brady. WOW!

  • I think Skip secretly loves Mahomes. ❤️ He brings up that Wasp play all the time.

    • Actually when the Chiefs first drafted Mahomes Shannon wasn't a believer and Skip was the only one talking up Mahomes' talent during that draft class

    • Baker Mayfield has his heart.

  • They never mention that Brady's run with Tampa happened with no fans in the stadium. That takes the hone field advantage away

  • I've tried to fight it but Mahomes is the best. Not the greatest, but certainly the best and no one comes even comes close. I *do* think his one weakness is wanting to play hero ball when it doesn't serve well. (The INT throwing it up to Hill last year, for instance)

  • my man skip searched up “Patrick Mahomes last 5 losses” to get his info lol

  • Shannon on point

  • This boy Skip tripping 😂

  • SHANNON: In his first 5 years, Mahomes has: 3 SB trips, 1 chip, 1SB MVP, 1 league MVP and likely his 2nd coming up, led the league in passing several times, two 5K yard seasons.....etc, etc, etc. SKIP: YEAHHH.....but there was one pass he underthrew vs X team 3 years ago...that sticks in my craw.

  • So he criticized Mahomes for all the games he lost this season. Nobody said any team was going undefeated. Just give the guy credit. Best 5 year start to any QBs career.

  • Skip looks so depressed trying to make excuses 😂😂😂

  • If Mahomes was on the Cowboys I wonder how his attitude would be 😂

  • The topic was about whether or not Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback currently playing...and then the minute Skip opened his mouth, turned into a comparison of what Patrick Mahomes has done so far and what Tom Brady has done over the course of his entire career. I guess we know that despite Tom Brady's retirement, Ernestine still has to wear a Tom Brady mask in the bedroom...

  • Damn Shannon be destroying Skip.

  • Lmao i love how the conspiracies gotta be in everywhere and in everything. Like of course if the eagles loose it could be to no fault of their own must be rigged 🙄🙄

    • Seriously tho, all the “ITS RIGGED!” people need to find a hobby already lol.

  • Hahaha 😄 Shannon said you need to get your eyes checked 🤣

  • I cannot wait to see what skip has got to say after the chiefs win this one

    • I’m going for chiefs but the eagles clearly have the better team but u never know with mahomes

  • Patty Mahomes the young quarterback god. When he retires he will have the most passing yards, completions and touchdowns and 3-5 Superbowl wins.

  • Someone give skip a hand to help get out of all those nots he tied himself in.

  • Shannon: Brady has also struggled in games. Skip: it's different Shannon it's not the same because reasons.

  • Shannon says......"Well maybe you need to get your eyes checked".......lmao!!!!!

  • Funny how Skip nitpicks individual plays instead of looking at the body of work.

  • Like how skip tried to make this about Brady/Mahomes instead of the question asked thats the problem with telling a lie you have tell another

  • If anything, Mahomes' record as a starter suggests he would be better on the road in the playoffs than at home.

  • I agree with Bill Burr his forward lateral pass looks like a underhanded purse toss 😂

  • So skips argument against Patrick is Patrick’s doesn’t play away playoffs games because his teams is always wins enough to get home court advantage 😂

  • Skip never mentions how Mahomes hit Kelce in the hands for a game winning touchdown against Indy and Kelc dropped it. But blames Chase for the ball hitting him in the helmet. 😂

    • Also kelcy fumbled a caught ball trying to get extra yardage when we were about to win vs cin

  • He slams Mahomes for throwing two picks in a playoff game but two weeks ago said that Burrow was better even after he threw two picks and lost. Skip just does not like the fact that people are saying Mahomes could catch Brady and might actually be physically a better QB.

  • PS, Brady was down to Atlanta 28-3 and came back in the 3rd and 4th qte., Mahomes did the same thing coming back!

  • I think Unc knows what's up with Skip. Time after time, skip reveals himself

  • 66 air yards to tyreek on a 3rd and 15 when they were down 10 in the 4th quarter and its somehow a "bad throw" according to skip lol

  • The knock on Mahomes was that he isn’t a good pocket QB, check the stats on this season. That boy was a monster in the pocket. Mahomes literally does what needs to be done. Look no further than Brady starting to take him under his wing

  • Chiefs baby let's go get that Super Bowl.

  • So Skip still talking about interceptions Patrick Mahomes made years ago and still Won the Superbowl..geesh..great take Skip 😆

  • Mahomes throws 700 yards, 50/50, 8 tds , 0 ints, 5 rushing tds, 200 yards rushing Other qb throws 10 yards 1/50, 6 ints , 0 tds, -30 rushing, 4 fumbles Shannon: Mahomes was the best QB that game SKIP: I must need a new TV because Mahomes got outplayed by the qb on the other side

  • Brady had the exact same thing

  • A HUGE part of being the GOAT is *HOW LONG* a QB can remain great. With Brady, he was winning Super Bowls when he was just 24 years old, AND he was making the Pro Bowl and leading the league in passing yards with over 5,300 at age 44!!! THAT is what Mahomes is up against. He needs to REMAIN at an elite level for another 15 years to be in the Brady conversation.

    • Brady won his first Super Bowl throwing for 2,843 yards and 18 tds. Mahomes slid out of the birth canal throwing for 5,000 yards and 50 tds

    • @WP SN And there was zero chance that you wouldn’t reply to my previous message, even though you knew full well that I wouldn’t give you what you want. Yet here we are. And we both, along with everyone else, know that you will in fact continue to read it, even if you can’t admit as much to complete strangers online. I am , along with everyone else, fully prepared for you burner account replies - we we all enjoy it. My response, which is thus far indisputable, and agreed upon by you - have been unwavering. And they are once again - that based on quantifiable metrics - That currently Pat’s individual statistics, performances and achievements, at this point in his career, are far ahead of any other QB in NFL history(including Tom), at this same point, in their respective careers. Again, this has been agreed upon by you already, which makes it odd that you are still harpoon mg so much about it. It again, you do you do. I will be here to keep telling you the same answer, every time you ask. If that bothers you, you only have yourself to blame. Now, explain why you desire to attempt to insult complete strangers? What do you gain personally from doing so? Does doing so make you feel better about yourself? Why? Does doing so make you feel like your opinions have more validity? Why? Do you teach the young people in your life to treat others that way? Why? What do you think the answers to those questions say about you as a person? A read of the DSM-5 can help to illuminate those answers for you. If, of course, empathy is a trait that you value. And, of course, you care to know how such negative behaviors affect the people - friends, family, loved ones and complete strangers alike - in your life. All the best to your and yours. Be well.

    • @Eugene Wood The way chess works is when a player is in checkmate, the game is over. He doesn't have to concede. He can still sit there argue with himself or talking to the walls in the room, if that helps make the pain of the loss go away. So checkmate for you of course was when I boxed you in to either contradicting your original reply, or claiming the mathematical absurdity that Patrick Mahomes will average 7,400 yards a season for the next 10 years. My work is done here :) Onto more challenging opponents. Feel free to stay and wear yourself out typing messages to yourself to deal with this embarrassing intellectual defeat. There is a 0% chance you will not reply to this message (even though I'm done replying to a defeated opponent). I would ask for one final favor though. Please reply to this last post of mine to demonstrate my psychological command over your tiny brain one last time for good measure. I won't be here to read it, but others will, and it will be hilarious for them to watch you helplessly obey this final command of mine. Thank you in advance for complying :)

    • @Eugene Wood What are you talking about? I asked you how Patrick Mahomes will throw 7,400 yards per season for 10 years. I know I'm not nearly as old as you, but ever since I've been a football fan, that yearly average has seemed out of reach. There's two plays on your chessboard. You can either agree Patrick Mahomes will not average 7,400 yards a season for the next 10 years (which contradicts your initial post), or you can claim he will (which is mathematically absurd). I know being in intellectual checkmate sucks, but you put yourself here, not me.

  • Mahomes is without a doubt the best QB playing in the NFL now that Brady is retiring. Of all time? We will have to wait, Brady has all the records, and no one will ever rival his Superbowl record. That said, Mahomes is on pace to obliterate all the regular season records (if he plays another 10 years or so) There is no reason to assume he won’t, considering the rules protecting QBs

  • If he wins this sunday, he's gonna have to give it up, Pat winning 2 super bowls in 5 years is amazing in his young career and he's not slowing down, skip's eventually gonna have to come around cause lets say he wins sunday and maybe goes back to back next year, only a handful of qb's have won back to back sb's.

    • Especially with no Adam V kicking field goals the first 3 SBs to win

  • its funny, skip mentioned every single bad thing mahomes has done in 5 years within a 6 minute segment. we'd be here all night long if we mentioned all the great things he's done

    • @B. Pierce Sports skip won’t change, I accept that 😂

    • @MDmeridius good point but skip is dug in in him just like he did on cold pizza against lebron I remember to this day. It was lebrons 3rd year they were playing a prime detroit bad boyz 2 team in the second round and he made the pass tuo donyell Marshall skip eviscerated him I'm like huh?

    • @B. Pierce Sports at this rate he’s both Lebron and Brady with the stats and awards, only time will tell if he’s more like one or the other

    • Pat is his new lebron

  • The top offense vs the top defense.

  • _Skip_ has the perfect name

  • MVP

  • Imagine the arrogance of Skip to actually use the eye test argument. This is the same dudes whose eyes told him Manzel, Baker, Tebow were great QBs. Moving the goal posts as always. Dude claimed Hurts > Mahomes because Mahomes lost one more game than Hurts did in the regular season then flames him for only playing home playoff games which are a result of his winning in the regular season 😂

  • The metric I would use is number of wins vs. Tom Brady in the post season.

  • Skip a trip 😆 🤣

  • Skip: ummm yeah Brady and Burrows threw an interception in the Super bowl..but let's look at this interception that Mahomes threw in his grandma's back yard in a neighborhood game at 7 years old...that was just a bad decision

  • Im a hater and Pat Mahomes is easily the best rn and the past 2-3 years

    • Easily. Not a fan myself but his greatness is undeniable.

  • Patrick Mahomes is the Greatest NFL QB in this generation

  • Stats and record show dominance of the division/conference. Skip invents things to create arguments. The object of the game is to win. If the chiefs win more game than they lose the chiefs are going to have home field.

  • Skip be hating SOOOOO much lmao

  • Also enters Super Bowl as an underdog….people must have forgotten who this man is 😂 Don’t worry he will remind everyone when he clips the wings off them eagles.