Patrick Mahomes recreates no-look pass, goes in-depth on football with Peter King | NFL | NBC Sports

čas přidán 10. 01. 2019
Patrick Mahomes recreates the no-look pass, examines Kansas City's tattoo obsession, how baseball made him a better quarterback, why the offensive numbers surprised even him and Andy Reid's importance to his development. #NBCSports #NFL #PatrickMahomes #KansasCityChiefs
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Patrick Mahomes recreates no-look pass, goes in-depth on football with Peter King | NFL | NBC Sports


  • Holy....

  • This guy is incredible. As a raiders fan I love watching this guy ball out. I hope he torches the pats defense.

  • I'm a Patriots fan, obviously want the Pats to win Sunday, but I really like Mahomes. He is great for the future of the game and will no doubt continue the legacy of great modern day QB's.

  • This is not what I thought his voice would sound like

  • What a team player. Great guy

  • When I think of Andy Reid I think of a guy eat dozen donuts befor breakfast

  • Best head of hair for quarterbacks in the league 😂🤘🏽

  • Is his neck broke

  • Why does he have the same hair as butthead

  • Always talked about his team and never about himself. Great character

  • I'm very confident Mahomes will be the first black fella to win MVP and Super bowl MVP in the same yr

  • NBC is TRASH. Lol.

  • I feel like mahomes can pass brady in rings in the futrue

  • McHomes is fun to watch play, he has a lot of savvy , and raw talent. Hope to watch him win a super bowel.

  • two QBs threw for 50 for more TDs... brady had 50 and peyton had 55

  • He’s so humble man

  • Always using “we”🙌🏾

  • But at the same time

  • Anyone can do a look no pass 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 3 people has threw 50 or more

  • Texas tech 👍🏻

  • How to be Patrick Mahomes 1:ply baseball 2:then play football 💯

  • Peter King pumps him up, 50 tds, 5000 yards, one player has only ever done that in 99 seasons..... Patty Mahomes ....starts talking about how it's awesome that the team put up those numbers. I'm sorry for all y'all who don't see it... but that kind of humility and respect for one's teammates is the kind of stuff the great ones are made out of. Sandlot..."Heroes get remembered but legends never die"....Mahomes laying that legend groundwork.

  • 8:16 u had one job audio guy 💀

  • He recreated the Kermit voice.

  • Patrick is a classy dude

  • He sounds like SUCH a nice guy

  • Just cough one time please pat🙏🏼

  • Kermit the frog can throw a football!

  • Poor Patrick. That accident as a kid left his neck at a permanent 45 degree angle

  • What an exciting QB to watch!! Hes so humble and so easily to like. He always says WE never I even when the question is about him specifically. Hes a real team player!! I hope the go all the way and I'm a Bucs fan 4 life..

  • This guy is the future of nfl qbs.

  • MVP! Go KC!

  • The future of the nfl right there 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫☝️☝️☝️🤫☝️☝️

  • He sound like Kermit


  • It's awesome listening to this kid. He is the next legend of the game. The great thing about the weapons that he has at his disposal is that they are all catching the ball. If they weren't catching the ball then he wouldn't have had the season he has had. Going out there having fun and playing as a team. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • future goat, already the boat

  • Can't hate the guy... go chiefs for superbowl!

  • He’s really ready for being a team leader if he isn’t yet already

  • What's wrong with his head leaning to the left? Seriously, is that some kind of suffering?

  • My only gripe with Mahomes, is his broccoli top....

  • MVP

  • Be the first rookie to win a Superbowl since my cowboys lost

  • It's okay, y'all will get used to his voice lol

  • This kid is a monster. Wow.

  • How does he throw so fast

  • Bro what are u doing

  • Nfc gnna take it again this year

  • 1 hit wonder hahaha i just think its andy reids scheme that makes this guy look so good!!!

  • Patrick mahomes is a great QB but I dont think he will ever be on the masked singer

  • Im not a chiefs fan but this dude is the future... hopefully fame and money dont change him yo 💯💯😝

  • This kid has a rare talent but he will be going up against the Best soon. He won't be able to afford small mistakes in another shootout like Week 6. Just watch the Pats pick him up when Brady retires. Sorry Chiefs, money talks.

    • +Robert Firouzi The Pats have shown up to 10 superbowls. If Mahomes wants a sure shot at a superbowl ring, he would jump on it. I wouldn't say teams never let a top player go. Teams have done it. It doesn't happen often.

    • You no idea what you are talking about. This isn't the MLB or NBA. Teams never let their top franchise players leaves especially not a QB. PM is going to be the Cheifs QB for a long long time. Also, Patriots are known for NOT giving out big contracts to ANYONE. Even Brady is paid middle of the road for a QB.

  • Vikings fan but a huge fan of Mahomes, rooting for the chiefs to go all the way

  • he seems real down to earth, humble, spread the credit around type guy while on top being humble yet confindent in his skills (hence the repeating the pass like its nothing). im a bills fan persoally, but found a new fav "non-team" player.

  • The fact that this is segment was even thought of/created, shows how much the NFL dickeats. 👎🏽👎🏽

  • So Patrick spongbob

  • Kermit the frog

  • The Leaning Neck is killing me straighten your head up boy

  • i put the KFC Chiefs over the Pats to reach the superbowl

    • +Justin He lmao YES

    • Chiefs and the saints are going to sb 53 chiefs will win

    • ed rage kfc is delicious

    • 🤔 I'm a pats fan but definitely respect the chiefs

  • His voice with his face just throws me off


  • Ha Peter King ha ha

  • I love watching this dude play. I'm liking the chiefs more and more just because of this guy.

  • He’s the Stephy Curry of Football. Lightskins ftw!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Pat is lit bro.

  • Clicked just to hear his voice 😂😭

  • So very impressive ! Love these guys who see football is fun and such a team sport ! Show more interviews like this please ... always enjoy interviews with my quarterback Dak Prescott

  • I love this kid's attitude!

  • I like the cowboys but Patrick is my favorite qb

  • 😹

  • •ayo, this niggas geeked•

  • I would love to play football but I love cross country more so it's sad I can't play

  • Dude had "GOAT" written all over his forehead already...

  • Chiefs

  • He sounds like a truck driver

  • Not to mention Manning was juiced up when he threw those 55 TDs.

  • It’s ring season in Kc , showtime is to legit.

  • nice curly hair

  • Patrick has got the league and fans watching KC. Whether you like or hate KC Patrick has shown unusual talent and it's on display. KC has great player's, Cheetah, TK, Watkins, Williams, O Line.

    • Also defense that's coming around with Houston, Ford, Jones, Fuller, Lucas etc. Great coaches. Brady says it's gonna be fun this weekend. I guess he not taking this one seriously. Fun. With 80 thousand fans about to numb your eardums. That's fun. Ok well, then have fun this weekend. We the fans of KC will see you there.

  • 2 years ago I sat next to mahomes at a pool party during the summer (no he wasn't drinking). We spoke for 10mins or so. I offered him a shot of tequila and he politely declined which is understandable so I took it for him! Playing footisie with an NFL legend for 10mins will forever be burned into my memory lol.

  • The NFL is so biased towards white QBs..Trubisky was chosen over Watson and Mahomes smh

    • Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams Nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with miscalculation by the teams. This happens every single year, the draft is unpredictable and impossible to say how well a particular player will do.

  • Genuine Class act Guy 😎👍

  • Man! PM is a classy guy and an amazing athlete. Real team player.

  • Wow, just wow, very impressive

  • “Gods Gift “ to the NFL for us to enjoy.

  • Most talented QB ever maybe he has no ceiling

  • dude is ALREADY the best player in the league by a WIDE margin in just his first year as a starter. absolutely ridiculous.

    • Hung Ho definitely not the best player in the league.

  • Mahomes is gonna ball out

  • He like the Steph Curry of football lol

  • Wishing nothing but the best for him. Great kid.

  • perfection except for the HAIR.

  • Aaron rodgers has been doing the no look pass lol

    • Rodgers is a hall-of-famer, great company for Mahomes to be mentioned in

  • I remember seeing pat mahomes at college vs Baylor

  • 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Mahomes and Luck are both great, unselfish, team first guys. Gotta love em.

  • Anyone know what adidas hoodie he's wearing? Looks fire

  • He can't straighten his head

    • Hes trying to keep eye contact with someone at his side who is shorter, it seems to make perfect sense that he would tilt his head to the side to accomplish that goal. Notice when hes not looking in Kings direction his head straightens out.

  • A true role model. Years ahead of his age in maturity. Humble, disciplined, and unselfish. The reason why a lot of people look forward to Sunday football again...

  • Mahomes is another great product of Texas football. Very humble and professional.