Patrick Mahomes recreates no-look pass, goes in-depth on football with Peter King | NFL | NBC Sports

čas přidán 10. 01. 2019
Patrick Mahomes recreates the no-look pass, examines Kansas City's tattoo obsession, how baseball made him a better quarterback, why the offensive numbers surprised even him and Andy Reid's importance to his development. #NBCSports #NFL #PatrickMahomes #KansasCityChiefs
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Patrick Mahomes recreates no-look pass, goes in-depth on football with Peter King | NFL | NBC Sports


  • Unselfish teammates are always the most respected in my opinion

  • Great interview Peter. I am a Seahawks fan but I will always root for a guy like Mahomes.

  • Guys this is no lie a boy in my class named Cruz is cousins with him NO LIE

  • Mahomes is my idol

  • Go chiefs!!

  • I get he is a star but the no look pass isn't that impressive everyone who has played QB either with a league or back yard or professionals has done it, it's literally just not looking where you're throwing but knowing who you're throwing to and where they are. I like Patrick but he gets more credit than deserved

  • The only reason I like him is because he loves god.

  • Pat Mahomes is the KING

  • Went to Wendy's got the four for four and the pineapple soda

  • Mahomes is the Steph curry of Football

  • He sound weird

  • Cookie monster

  • que grande patrik reflejo de los patrits

  • It’s simple. It’s either come down to Patrick Mahomes or Jaden Smith’s face on this 40 year olds thigh. Shout out to Sal and Joe!

  • Great young talented QB. He's going to be great for years to come.

  • This year the Patriots won by luck, the AFC is coming up and competition is getting tougher. Chiefs should of went to the Super Bowl just like the Saints.

    • The Patriots won the AFC because the chiefs's defense was flat out pathetic, not because of luck. lol. If the chiefs can't stop Brady on 3 consecutive 3rd downs, chiefs don't deserve to win.

  • Mahomes was better than Goff. You saw one hour ago

  • 2017 QB Draft class will go down as one of the best ever. Mahomes, Trubisky, and Watson are all studs.

  • why are people going crazy of this? people do this in the REAL FOOTBALL ALL THE TIME

  • Why does kermit the frog play football so good?

  • he will be dominates the league more then brady... glad im a chiefs fan since im watching football...👌

  • Mahomes is an incredible player. I was really hoping that the Chiefs would make it to the Superbowl. I'm proud to say that he went to my high school (Whitehouse, TX) and I look forward to watching him develop into one of the best QBs of all time!

  • The guy is still in his peripheral vision when he makes that throw.

  • I hate his voice but I like him 🤣

  • why does he always sound like he needs to cough lol

  • Pat's fan here but I have to respect Mahomes. This kid is impressive in so many ways, actually reminds me of Brady in how he carries himself and respects the team. He's going to give us a headache for years to come especially once the Goat retires.

  • Patriots sent maHOME...

  • Its a good thing ive been a chiefs fan my whole life😂 nows a good time to be a chiefs fan

  • Kermit the frog

  • Kermit. THE. Frog.

  • He is such a great guy/ QB and a breath of fresh air in sports overall.

  • This kid is the future of QB's in the NFL !! I was rooting for KC after my Eagle's were eliminated. I can see him getting a ring Within the next 3 years tops ! As long as the Ref's stop CHEATING !!!

  • Patty mahomes is a god

  • I love Mahomes, but once he gets paid, the team wouldn’t go anywhere like Green Bay.

  • 🐸

  • Seems like a great kid. He will (and should) be the face of the NFL for years to come! Wish he was playing for us here in SF haha.

  • What does the chiefs have in their lockeroom KFC chicken! Lol

  • He needs to come to the falcons as number 5 qb and chiefs get Eric saubert

  • Just stand still already. The slooooooooooow stroll is annoying. Otherwise it's in incredible interview with a super nice, down to earth talented athlete.

  • Anyone else got used to his voice??

  • Am I the only one who think his voice don’t match him😂

  • As a Seahawks fan this guy is one of five idols

  • As a pats fan, that was a really good game, y’all deserve him, he’s the future

  • Sohe looked at the receiver to complete the pass okay

  • Ole Kermit Mahomes

  • This kid is so humble so intelligent and so great.... just love him hes a genius!. He will be the BEST Quarterback of alllll time.... watch!

  • He voice cought me off guard a bit

  • This kid plays awesome till he meets tom brady and bill aka The Patriots.

  • Patriots fans??😂

  • I’m a chiefs fan (love u mahomes)

  • Chiefs should win Can I get a oh yeah yeah

  • Does he have a sore throat?

    • Most likely bc he a quarterback he yells plays to his team and cadence calls

  • if only you won the game you will be good

  • (Patrick Mahomes Sept 9th 2018 - January 20th 2019) R.I.P Eulogy - was given by Tom Brady

  • Is anybody watching this right after the chiefs just lost to the pats

  • And then they lost to the patriots now everyone here in KC is sad

  • Too bad he couldn't slay the 🐐

  • dang he's so chill

  • Aye, someone let me know what that hoodie Mahomes got on, that slick

  • What a great kid. Unbelievable wip of an arm. Like... Crazy.

  • The patriots beat the Chiefs to go to the super bowl

  • Media always loves the light skins

  • Anyone know where I can that Adidas hoodie that Mahomes is wearing? It's dopeee

  • You lost THE game last night

    • +Highlight Insight ik u right but come on now here comes the pats. Brady's 6ring

    • Xiaomi _ ok but he’s not perfect it happens sometimes, he has been a great QB especially being in his 2nd year and 1st as a starter

    • +Highlight Insight ik but he had chances to tyrek hill WIDE OPEN

    • Xiaomi _ it doesn’t matter there is always s winner and a loser he played good but you can expect to win every game

  • I'm a Cowboy's fan but enjoy watching this young man do his thing.

  • I remember when “no look” meant your weren’t looking


  • Patrick is so handsome

  • Best QB in the NFL here

  • He shoulda won today

  • Rip chiefs and chiefs fanbase

  • I'm a Chiefs fan first because of this guy and secondly because Reid is an ex-coach for the Eagles. I'd love to see him get his first ring

  • I'm cheering for him because he's black

  • Patrick MaHomes will become the New Face of the NFL when Brady retires.

    • Nah he's the face now

  • oh yeah yeah

    • Khadar go seahawks and look at my previous comment

    • change your profile pic to this and comment on every video

    • Sean Patterson why do you guys do this. What did max tell y’all. Should I join?

  • I look forward to him splashing avocado ice-cream all over TB12's face in the AFC '19 game

  • I'm not a KC fan but I got them winning the super bowl

  • His voice is awsome

  • That awkward walk and talk it was so slow

  • Petition for this guys nickname to be Kermit

  • 0:13 I wonder if that was one take 🐐

  • mad respect for this kid! he is a future NFL star for sure. With that being said.. Go Pats!

  • I think he is the GOAT and I love him

  • Why did Peter king get the interview????? He lost all credibility and relevance when he said AB isn't a top ten receiver

  • Who knew that Kermit the frog would be one of the best QBs in NFL history

  • The difference between manzeil vs Mahomes

  • Wonder what Kershaw would do on the gridiron.

  • John Dorsey litterly drafted 2 of the best qbs of the future in 2 years

  • Can’t wait to see mayfield vs Mahomes in the playoffs next year

  • who would have imagined that frogs could become goats

  • his voice tho

  • I believe the bears could have drafted this specimen of football but we drafted trushitsky.

  • Kermit the frog here 🐸

  • Even though he's not a rookie he should get rookie of the year because he barely played last year/season

  • I'm a Pat's fan but terrified because of this guy, if Tom wasn't in the league Patty would probably be my favorite


  • Great kid

  • Why does Patrick Mahomes sound like he smokes 4 packs a day

  • Legend say they are still walking......

  • Can someone tell mahomes he is going to be the best qb ever