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Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

čas přidán 21. 01. 2019
The New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs during AFC Conference Championship of the 2018 Post Season.
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  • Horrible roughing the passer rule

  • Why was Andy sitting on the bench during the game? Did you see his eyes and facial expressions when the camera cut to him on the sideline? He had the fear of defeat in his eyes.

  • I hate the patriots

  • Trust in Brady.

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  • Can we get rid of romo forever?

  • whoever got overtime would have won. Cheifs linebackers were really trash tho didnt know what they were doing..

  • That roughing the passer call on Brady was BS. Referees really suck at their jobs on this one

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  • Goddam this game pissed me off

  • Why do gay people like watching this?

  • Patriots win in overtime *thats how mafia works*

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  • Tyreek Hill = 1 catch Kelce = 23 yards Mahomes = 4 sacks Belichick is a straight up killer.

  • y e s

  • Pretty sure theres like a terrorist in the comment section

  • It’s kinda sad how bad the play calls were it’s looking like it’s almost as fake as the wwe

  • Sweet Victory

  • I'm a Pats fan. But goddamn man. Once they hit #1 super bowl wins they need to give some of these poor teams a chance. I dont watch much football but every year at the end... I almost expect the Patriots to be in the superbowl and... I at least watch that. Incredible Hope they win this year

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  • *I will add a fire emoji every like please don’t hurt my fingers* 🔥

  • Go rams - eagles fan

  • Thank dee ford Oh yea oh yeah

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  • where my oh yeah yeah brothers at?

  • Just for all the confused individuals. “Oh yeah yeah” is a meme music video.

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  • Lets go pats oh yeah yeah

  • Andy Ried has not seen anything like this hmmmm?

  • Lol....

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  • I’m in the litty committee

  • How do we feel about going to the SuperBowl?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYEAHHHHHHH!!!!

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  • STOP

  • if dee ford didn't commit that neutral zone infraction the chiefs coulda won bc of that pick off of gronk

  • Yeah PATRIOTS!!!


  • Who won

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  • Andy Reid just can't win in the playoffs. Goes all the way back to Philly

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  • Can someone explain the oh yea yea to me?