People Danced Until They LITERALLY Died?! - The Dancing Plague of 1518

čas přidán 27. 10. 2021
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Hi friends, happy Thursday!

Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Today, we are going to talk about the Dancing Plague of 1518: a story where life in a charming French town was so horrible that the peasants broke into a dance… and couldn’t stop until they died.

I appreciate you for coming by, and tune in next week for more dark history.

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  • "If you can't blaim the devil blame the women" - worlds history in one quote

    • @Ark Oh well, someone doesn't know history very well, huh. But yeah, whitey bad or whatever, makes life easier lol

    • Not really 😂😂

    • Blaim? ugh

    • @Thyra Matyus oh they did that since humans started, beginning with Neanderthals. The us vs them mentality was always there land was power food and housing every threat to that was dangerous and scary. Them.

    • @Julzzz did you not watch the video

  • Convincing the poor that poverty is their own fault is the rich's FAVORITE pastime. Literally nothing has changed.

    • @a girl is no one Don't bother with these whiny children. The only ones crying about capitalism all the time are the ones who actually have it, no one else ever does. While it can be bad for the less privileged, it gives opportunities also. I know, I'm one of those less privileged but if everything goes well, I'll have a job (or apprenticeship first since that's how it goes in my country) in three months. Maybe some evil rich person comes and steals it though, who knows. 🤔 lol It's always easier to blame others and since being an adult toddler is en vogue these days, I don't bother with these people anymore. I just let them know that a disabled woman like me does something productive in her life and they're just losers and will probably always be lol

    • But everyone has the same 24 hours in a day! Just gotta work harder

    • @Elizabeth Johnson businesses are failing to fill vacancies bc they're looking for ppl who are over qualified for the job. There was an article about it. Plus, pay is terrible. I was looking for months for a job. Not everyone can help having no money and so yes, I say blame the rich. Bc they're living on the profits of capatlism and we're here paying taxes towards services they also benefit from, despite them getting away with taxes

    • @PK u should take ur own advice and stop getting ur info from facebook posts

    • @Elizabeth Johnson You know nowadays many jobs expect employees to be highly qualified just to pay them only a slightly above minimal wage while workig their butts off due to which people end up not even having enough money or energy to live which slowly leads to depression and that may later lead to alcoholism and later to becoming homeless.

  • The theory is that since the peasants were starving , they resorted to eating grains that had toxic mold that can cause psychosis and other symptoms. Love your costume, Bailey

    • @Ava1ynn I'm late to this party, but if you have migraines, there is a medication called cafergot that works to stop a migraine. I was on it for a while and it gives a very slight sense of euphoria if taken as directed.

    • Yup ergot mold in the rye. They were so high. Supposedly started werewolf sightings as well

    • How was this missed in the video?!

    • Grains! That was the word. And that has actually been proven

    • I’m still early in the vid when I see this comment and am like, wait, she didn’t talk about that??? It’s like the whole story!

  • PS : you guys should visit my hometown Strasbourg, France where today's history took place and our infamous cathedral is breathtaking, the food is great and a charming town 🤗

    • @phoeber1996 best reply

    • I went to stras a couple of weeks ago it was so much fun

    • I love Strasbourg!! The best Flamekuche and Escargot

    • definitely on my history travel bucket list

    • I heard the dance parties are to die for too.

  • This story reminds me of the “dancing cat disease” (aka Minamata Disease) which resulted from mercury poisoning from industrial waste being dumped into the water supply in Minamata, Japan in the 50’s. It’s a really crazy story involving dancing/suicidal cats and a government cover up.

    • SUICIDAL CATS?!?!?

    • sounds like a future episode of dark history to me.

    • @Your Inner Lawyer the cats would go erratic convulse then die. The people also had no control of their hands and feet.

    • @Kelley Declue government and/or religion.

    • Rachael Blessing, Oooh sounds interesting. Thank you.

  • "oh you crazy Joan! She's going crazy you can't see her right now" * All of us watching seeing Joan in the corner* 😂

    • @Brooks Minks She does podcasts where people might not see the stuff around her!

    • She posts on Facebook too, and on those posts, her videos are zoomed-in on her. I'm thinking Joan is cropped-out in the Facebook posts.

  • Okay, but we can’t ignore the fact that after her Chucks Cheese horror story she just jumped right back like NOTHING happened! 😂😂😂

  • it could have been caused from moldy rye bread (ergot poisoning). ergot poisoning causes convulsions, psychosis and mania. Rye bread was very common in that time.

    • Yes, that theory has been thrown out there before. There are so many it makes my teeth rattle just thinking about them all... 😂

    • Thats what I would go with plus when they started feeding people and it spread.

  • When my boyfriend hears me listening to you he says “is that the nay nay I say lady?” Makes me giggle every time.

    • My coworkers always do the sha da sha sha da sha theme song everytime they see me

    • @Karen Quin thats do funny she your daughter sounds like a little character bless her heart x

    • My daughter is 8, hears Bailey’s voice and I hear my daughter in the background saying “suspish”

    • I literally say nay nay now bc of her 😂

    • 🤣

  • Bailey: “what’s his name?” Me: “Kevin Bacon” Bailey: “Kevin Bacon. Thank you”

  • Your line about people being gaslighted by the Church all the time leading them to become hysterical, really made me put things today in perspective. Wow.

    • Evangelicals..

    • Churchgoers are highly known addicts and alcoholics, The devil is in the temple

    • Yes. Today it's simply the government hoarding the money, tossing bread crumbs at the peasants and pitting the peasants against each other over whose pile of crumbs is bigger so nobody noticed that they promote themselves and take an exorbitant amount of money while we as a country are trillions in debt. Who needs a paycut? Not the working jo struggling to feed his or her children.

    • I think times have changed a bit.

  • it’s the way Bailey says “Frau” like it’s this woman’s first name when in fact it just means “Mrs.” for me

    • I was looking for this comment. 😅 It sounds like she is being sassy calling her "Mrs. 💅" Lol. So it kinda works.

  • i love how she has her own official podcast and production but she's so unapologetically her, 'IT'S ME, THE GOOGLE MASTER!!' 'this podcast is hosted by, ME!! BAILEY SARIAN'. Never change Bailey, never change

  • We need a hoodie with ‘if you can’t blame the devil, you can always blame women’ - I’d rock up to my lectures in that ahahahaha

  • I’m only 5:53 in and she just said “squat and unload” My mind is now picturing everyone doing just that and I’m thoroughly thankful modern days amenities. Plumbing is my best friend!

    • As my mother says, "Forget penicillin or refrigeration! The pinnacle of human achievement is clean hot running water!"

    • Oh yes my friend !

  • About St. Vitus "In Germany, his feast was celebrated with dancing before his statue. This dancing became popular and the name "Saint Vitus Dance" was given to the neurological disorder Sydenham's chorea. It also led to Vitus being considered the patron saint of dancers and of entertainers in general." About the Sydenham's Chorea Disorder "Sydenham's chorea, also known as chorea minor and historically and occasionally referred to as St Vitus' dance, is a disorder characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements primarily affecting the face, hands and feet. Sydenham's chorea is an autoimmune disease that results from childhood infection with Group A beta-haemolytic Streptococcus."

    • I was thinking St. Vitus dance. I didn't actually know anything about it. Thank you!

    • Knowledge is power.

    • But then suddenly all out of nothing all together?

    • I JUST commented about that a neurological condition couldve caused the dancing!!! Great minds think alike.

    • Thank you! I literally was thinking it sounded like something medical that we are aware of today.

  • You’ve literally gone viral with the ‘if you can’t blame the devil blame Women’ line!! Your one liners are iconic. Also, the cute baby devil really through me off with the cuteness compared to this look and story 😂😂

  • Anybody else notice how relaxed she is here? She’s been sticking to a script on these - understandable given the heavy amount of information. But I’ve been hoping she’d settle in and show more of the silly, off-the-cuff Bailey I love. And she’s getting there.

    • @Patricia Mosala mhm m me o

    • I came to the comment section to see if anyone noticed a difference here as well.

    • @Triggered 😂😂

    • Yeah i noticed, she is soo relaxed here. I am so happy for her, she is becoming comfortable

    • Yes she is so funny 😅makes me laugh and ppl look at me when I'm out in public on the bus or in line somewhere listening to her 😅

  • “When you can’t blame the devil, you can always blame women.” I SHOULDN’T HAVE LAUGHED AT THAT

    • 😂🤣😂🤣🥰😍😘😘💙💙💙💙

    • i died at that sentence-

    • It's true tho it's so sad ,I mean most of the stuff is cause of men.... Eye roll 🙄 and these poor woman get the blame

    • @Sun Flower too funny you should see what I text that makes no sense when I'm half asleep people are like huh or are you okay so I do things like that too

    • It think it is funny if you cant laugh at your self as a female then who can you laugh at when you find humour in things laughter is the best mesicine

  • FYI... Judy Garland wore "red" shoes in the "Wizard of Oz" because the "silver" shoes Dorothy Gale wore in the book didn't show up well on camera. Since they were filming in Technicolor, they wanted the shoes to pop on camera. :-)

  • Even today professionals in the medical fields are trying to figure this "plague " out. Ergot may have had a hand in it, as if one consumes food with this mold on it, it produces hallucinogenic effects. (LSD.) Entertaining story. This time span of history regarding the Dance Macabre has always been intriguing , although sad.

    • The Danse Macabre is one of my favourite special interest topics! It's a brilliant momento mori and has sparked some beautiful arts and music.

    • Ergot + tertiary syphilis sounds about right

  • In Luxembourg, we have a story about a similar plague in the town of Echternach in 729 AD🤓. And most of the historic cases were in towns near or on the Rhine river (like Strasbourg) so seems like a water contamination to me. It would also explain why women were first/most affected if they were the ones fetching water, doing laundry, etc.

  • The red shoes remind me of Hans Christian Anderson's Red Shoe fairytale ! It's not as well known as the Little Mermaid and others but is way way darker ! I guess this must have been the inspo

  • I was expecting Bailey whisper "Aquatofana" when talking about women being mistreated by their husbands lol.

    • @Brtte Jacqueline He probably thinks the same about you at this point. 😄

    • Yesss

    • If only

    • I would say I need Aquatofana to my boyfriend every time I feel like mistreats/ annoys me lol he asks what I tell him is a problem solver lol One time I was watching old MMM episodes (my boyfriend was in the room also) the Aquatofana eposide came on he heard it and said “ you be thinking bout posioning me. I’m not supprised” his face expression lol

    • YES

  • I love these stories. Tysm for sharing them with us. “Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to half time..” - Fallout Boy 😂😂

  • Even when made up ghoulishly, Bailey’s beauty still shines through. Happy Halloween Bailey.🎃👻🧛‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  • All I can think of, during this story, is "I've got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu" and David Bowie's Let's Dance " put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

  • As a Christian who grew up in a fundamental Baptist background, I've heard I haven't prayed enough and my dad lost it when he heard someone tell me that.

    • I’m so sorry they said that to you, unfortunately in every religion and every church their is some kind of corruption or self righteous person who is a hypocrite. I pray you find the right church and people to be around and don’t allow those people to mess up your personal relationship with Jesus it’s only through him you will make it to heaven not through man.

    • I have been told that sleeping, eating, laughing and thinking is a sin. I can't take Churches seriously 😁

  • Fun fact... the "English Sweat" is believed to have been what killed Prince Arthur, elder brother of the child who would grow up to become Henry VIII of England & who would've been king had he lived. Who knows how different the world would have been had Arthur lived to become king instead of his younger brother 🤔 Yes, I am a nerd

    • @Aj Mor not in the states. The only British history we learned about was anything only directly related to the states. Everything else I learned on my own out of sheer curiosity and an insatiable need for more knowledge

    • I thought that was common knowledge that you learn in school.

    • @Julie Penney anytime. I am so full of random, useless, knowledge. Especially a lot of things involving history, asking other things. I'm one of those people that reads everything they can get their hands on and frequently falls down the Google rabbit hole just like Bailey. A lot of her videos I have already heard or read about but I just love the way she tells them

    • I love it!! I’m a nerd too! Thanks for the info 🙌🏽

    • The English sweat was also long thought to have been a curse by the Plantagenets against the Tudors(?) for stealing the throne, followed with a curse to ensure no male Tudor heir survives after the deaths of the princes in the tower. (I'm a nerd as well)

  • The church in this story sounds a lot like our government right now

    • Back then the church was basically the government

    • Sounds like we need to get our dancing shoes out

  • I love how people are like "I would go back in time and be completely fine." I would too if I went back as a lord or lady but just imagine... THE SMELL... history had to be stinky

  • Anyone that’s felt that “restless leg” feeling can relate to these people, whatever the cause of it is.

    • @Amethyst my arms get it worse than anything. It's the strangest feeling like they need to stretch but it just doesn't do the trick and actually makes it worse

    • @Greer Gordon very interesting thank you for sharing and I'm glad it helped you. It's really awful to experience!

    • I had been experiencing this for years, and Among other symptoms, I found out I have Celiac Disease. Within a few months of going gluten free, the restless leg had stopped. I very nice surprise.

    • Oh I get that and it's really awful!! My body wants to sleep but my legs want to go on a marathon....and it can happen to your arms, too. Even to your hands and feet, separately from the actual limbs!

    • Literally the worst thing ever

  • "When you can't blame the devil don't worry you can always blame women" 🤣 best line ever ❤

  • The Red Shoes is one of my favorite ballet stories. Now im rethinking that as I'd never made the connection between that and the similar historical event.

  • “Because when you can’t blame the devil you can definitely always blame women” quote of the freaking century. Bless you Bailey!!!

  • My Father had St. Vitas Dance as a child. He had rheumatic fever. Saint Vitus' Dance is an alternative name for the movement disorder Sydenham's chorea (chorea minor). This condition presents as jerky, uncoordinated movements of the face, feet, and hands, and sometimes the limbs. It is usually associated with acute rheumatic fever, an inflammatory disease caused by childhood infection by group A streptococcal bacteria, such as in scarlet fever or strep throat. The disease may also be associated with pregnancy and hyperthyroidism.

  • This is, by far, the funniest Dark History to date. I lost my mind when you said, “Snacking on the body of Christ.” 😂💀😂💀

  • I, for one, welcome Joan Crowford as our Dark History mascot. She needs a costume for each episode - hats, bow ties, capes, etc. It would be awesome!

    • Or a real crow

    • I think Bailey does enough as it is haha

    • Lol cute idea (my grandma did this with a goose statue on her porch) but I don't wanna give Bailey any more work!!

    • The Wishbone the dog of 2021?!

    • I totally agree!!!!😂😊

  • This reminded me of the 1948 film The Red Shoes. I used to love watching it as a child. I wanted to be a ballerina and she danced so beautifully in her red shoes that seemed to control her.

  • 2021: People: "why are we diseased and poor!?" Government: " because you're being punished by you know the thing for being racist!"

  • Chuck E Cheese is like Vegas for kids….whatever happens at Chuck E Cheese stays at Chuck E Cheese!!😂

  • Can we get a true story about Thanksgiving episode? Would love to hear your take on it!

  • I absolutely adore you Bailey, you’re the best story teller everrr! Your personality is something else, I just feel like you’re here with me when I watch your videos 🤗🥰 I giggle so many times throughout, like when you say “ok, great” there’s me repeating 😂😂 And your costume is 🔥 Sending you lots of love baby girl ❤️❤️❤️

  • "When you can't blame the devil, you can definitely always blame the women" dead 💀

  • There’s an old movie called “the red shoes” about a girl who can’t stop dancing! Look it up

    • It was originally a children's story by Hans Christian Andersson.

  • "Honestly, just sounds like the saddest parade of all time" my new favourite quote

  • I be listening to the podcast on Wednesdays but run straight here to see what you got on and the makeup looks 😭🤣

    • I always love Baileys stories and watching her do her makeup. But this was sooo boring. Sorry....

    • Always gotta check out Bailey's videos! Love those nails queen! Is that Really, Barb?

    • @Bailey Sarian you should look into the Eriksson twins from Sweden. It is very... Stange...

    • Those lips though 😅 who's the dead girl kissing?!? 🤣

    • Same!

  • New listener/watcher, lovvvve your work! So entertaining and educational. I can say as a former dance gymnastics cheer and acro teacher and performer, I often danced myself right to the emergency room. Everything from dislocations and breaks to dehydration and fainting. I would have been right there with em. Smh

  • the brothers of grimm also have a story about the red shoes and not being able to stop dancing, i grew up with that story

  • Side note: in the original wizard of oz books the shoes were silver. The wizard of oz was the first movie made in color. The studio felt red would look better on screen. Thus the silver slippers became ruby slippers. Not aware of any link to the dancing plague but I wouldn’t put it past a Hollywood designer.

  • I know I'm late to the party but I wonder if Bailey knows what "sweetbreads" are. HINT: not a "sweet treat"

  • Bailey is a natural on camera, I forget sometimes that she researched and wrote everything to give us this amazing content 🤩 it feels like she’s just casually talking with her friends. Yes babe I’ll be your bestie 🤩😍

    • @Jenny A nobody needs to ask you....

    • @Jenny A i don't agree face the facts you don't like history! You like MMM❗❗❗ And there's nothing wrong with that...but don't come off disrespecting her videos blaaah blaaah cause some people does enjoy both...

    • @Shirinatron agreed

    • @no1nestandsalone I didn’t ask you to.

    • @Jenny A don’t agree

  • 9:45 onwards from this point had me laughing so hard I started wheezing. “But it’s dirt water with a little bit of horse hoof” K bye Martha needs to be a T-shirt

  • The Red Shoes thing just made me think of the movie about a ballerina playing a character who wore curse red ballet shoes that kept her dancing no matter how hard she tried to stop she couldn’t .

  • This sounds like it could be a Twilight Zone episode. Bailey has the same vibe as Rod Serling in her narrations

  • So surprised to watch a video from Bailey about my hometown ❤️ I don’t live there anymore but I would definitely recommend you to visit Strasbourg. It’s such a lovely city

  • Am I the only one that caught the fact that Bailey just said “I popped it into my VCR?” This just made me love her more 🤣🤣

    • @morelle Holy hells, for real? I'm only 24 and we grew up with a VCR player. Like, most oy childhood.

    • @Mike teenager here! definitely know what a vcr is, definitely have never touched or seen one in person.

    • @Kari Chaney I find it difficult to believe that even teenagers today wouldn't know what a VCR is. Maybe they wouldn't have used one, but they would still know what one is, just like they'd know what a typewriter is without having used one.

    • Why? Its called "History" ... shocking a "historical" VCR was mentioned 🤣🙄

    • All my Disney VHS movies were in the pillowy vinyl I always liked playing with the movie covers as a kid lol

  • Baily has grown so much!!! This editing, camera skills, decoration GIRL 😍

  • Hey Bailey love you and your videos! 💕 Can you talk about the Tuskegee experiment? It’s a really interesting and important part of history that not enough people are aware of.

  • Bailey, I fall asleep to you and love your podcasts. I hope to hear one on the Philadelphia Experiment. Thank you!

  • I love this look Bailey !!!! You really should keep some of this Marie Antoinette look after Halloween, it adds so much more to your character! I love the hair with the rose. I would love to see young women today go retro back to the 1960s with the beehive hair-do's with the long curls falling down their backs (just like in the days of Marie Antoinette). I remember all of my aunts during the 1960s, who were in their 20's and early 30's, wearing those hairstyles. You could be the breakthrough with a whole new trend in young women everywhere wearing these "Marie Antoinette" hairstyles again? Maybe you could even show us how they're done? It can't be that hard. And, if anything, you could show women where to buy hairpieces so there would be no need to have to tease the hair and use all kinds of hairspray to create the height they need to accomplish the look. I would think that there are hairpieces? Actresses have been using them for years. Love your show Dark History! I predict that you're going to go mainstream very soon from now, it's just a matter of time!

  • The Chuck E. Cheese story was so uncalled for and unnecessary but entertaining 🤣 love Bailey

    • I laughed my a$$ of. It was great!!!

    • Imagine that woman now watching this like 👁👄👁 ✨ trauma ✨

    • I'm in tears of laughter from that story 😭🤣

  • I always watch baily and listen to her when im doing choirs at home, especially when preparing my food

  • You are a master storyteller Bailey! And this one is truly top tier…

  • This has been my favorite Dark podcast so far, you made me laugh so much. WHOA JOAN, YOU CRAZY JOAN

  • I've always been fascinated by this plague, but I'm incredibly lazy. So thank you for doing all the research and turning it into an entertaining video that I could watch while dying my hair.

  • Bailey managed to stretch a "did you know that in the summer of 1518 people in Strasbourg started dancing to death until they suddenly stopped" into an hour-long podcast, and I'm not even mad 😂

  • Love every episode! But must share: the church where I got married--in 2002--wouldn't allow dancing in their rec hall behind the sanctuary. So we held the reception in a different church's rec hall. It was hilarious to my husband and me.

  • When I lived in a small town in Ohio, I was in a bar at 2am and was told “you can’t dance like that here!” 😂 I’ve never related more to one of your stories.

  • This also reminds me of the spell the Sanderson Sisters cast on the people of Salem in hocus pocus where Winifred tells the people at the town hall Halloween party to dance until they die.

  • Bailey: "What's his name?" Me: "Kevin Bacon" Bailey: "Kevin Bacon....thank you so much" Me: "You're Welcome" 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ It's like she could actually hear me lol

    • I did the SAME thing 🤣

    • Hahaha 🤣

    • @Jessie Reneé same with me but I live under the flight path of both an international airport AND an airforce's never a coincidence for me anymore lol

    • Love 💕 how you always make things look and sound so interesting..I am taken back to your creative discription of each story!!!

    • I did EXACTLY the same thing 🤣 but when she was talking about the comet crashing down to earth and everything, I kid you not a jet flew over the house lol it was kinda weird, we were like 😳

  • i feel like all of this is the reason people converted from Catholicism to Protestantism because the catholic church said you need to pray more if you're poor instead of helping and giving hope

  • Bailey's story telling is hilarious 🤣 I love her so much 😍

  • Read, "the red shoes". Fun fact, the services in that age were given in Latin and people were not allowed to own or read the bible. So even if you went to church, which was compulsory, you couldn't understand the message.

    • People were also illiterate. So even if they did have the Bible they couldn't read it. But it's not long after the invention of the printing press that People tried to translate the Bible into the common language.

  • Hocus Pocus The scene where the kids find their parents at the party and Winifred Sanderson casts a spell on them all to "dance until they die"

  • The difference between Bailey's look in the Dark History podcast and the Ad Breaks is night and day, and I am here for it! You go from decapitated head, to bubbly and cute hahaha

    • For some reason she even sounds different from her MM&M videos

    • That’s exactly what I thought 😀

    • Light mode vs dark mode 😂😜

    • True lol

    • I don't quite understand what you're saying. LOL LOL LOL

  • Ive also heard the theory that its believed they were eating bread made with Rye infected with Ergot and possible fungal outbreak in the water which can cause convulsions? Which would make sense why they stopped once the church stopped feeding them and watering them as much? IDK but thank you for yet another amazing story!

  • there is a fairytale called: the red shoes. about a girl who needed to buy shoes for church and instead buys the red shoes she likes more than the boring black ones. but when she puts them on, she cannot stop dancing... it ends with her getting her feet chopped off and "living happily ever after".

    • They also use a red pair of shoes for how they evil queen in Snow White

  • Bailey is FEELIN HERSELF with those nails 💅🏻

  • Literally trying to put on black nail polish for the first time and I need Bailey being chaotic while I'm on chaos to cope with the mess

  • Literally was just scrolling and scrolling looking for something to watch hehe hey girl what a life saver!

    • Me exactly this second😂. I wanted to have something playing while I bathed my pup 🐶 🐕 🥰

    • Always a vibe

    • Me to and that's how I first discovered Bailey but I found her on fb. I hate how fb constantly censors words that don't even need to be censored so i looked Bailey up on CS-tv. I like Kendall Rae and Eleanor Neale to

    • Same! Have heard about this before but NOT in Bailey style!! Much more details that make it real.

    • 💯😆💯

  • Bailey love the look you created for this episode. Love your take on history, and your ramblings.

  • The whole first half I was thinking this story must be the inspiration behind Hans Christen Anderson’s fairy tale “The Red Shoes” and then she started talking about red shoes!! I was waiting for her to mention the fairy tale but maybe it’s not that well known 🤷🏼‍♀️. It was made into a film and then a ballet. It’s very dark! Bailey would love it!

  • Bailey this was terrifyingly SPECTACULAR. Thank you for an awesome story telling experience. I loved the build up. Thank you!

  • this was so interesting!! first episode of dark history, i’ve watched & I will be watching the rest! ❤️

  • When Bailey was talking about waking up in Strausburg, finding your kid dead, etc at 9:15 and getting back home and your wife has made some soup for you, I was legit waiting for her to go "...aquatifana..."🤣

  • Footloose WAS based on a true story of a small southern town that had banned dancing in the early-mid 20th century 😊

  • “Is history really as boring as we learned at school?” 😆

  • I introduced your channel to my cousin and my boyfriend was like "Sometimes, when she's on lunch break I would just hear Bailey Sarian's intro song and I would join her and Bailey singing." lol love u!

  • The way you announced "syphilis" had me laughing so hard

  • Just like in Hocus Pocus after singing "I put a spell on you" and Winnie exclaimed; "Dance until you die"!!! Man, Bailey is putting pieces together from our childhood! lol

    • You know they are filming Hocus pocus 2 right now? I saw a TikTok and a girl who has land in like CT or RI showed the set they were building like a month ago. Isn’t that cool! It’s set to be released next October!

    • Lol yes I totally thought of that. I thought Bailey's story about how she got to researching this was going to have something to do with that scene in hocus pocus.

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    • I was thinking about that too! Lol

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