People Get Checkups From The Hot Doctor Of Instagram

čas přidán 30. 03. 2016
It's National Doctor Day, and what better way to celebrate than with the hot doctor of Instagram!
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  • I think I might need some mouth to mouth doctor mike! Bc I can’t breathe bc ur too and sexy! I would never stop kissing his hot lips!😍

  • OMG 😂 I’m dying 😂 I love the Asian guy and Dr. Mike 😂 they need to do more videos together STAT

  • Welcome to a new episode of WHY THE F DID THIS COME UP IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS!?!

  • If this doctor will do my check up I'll gladly be confine in his bed.

  • This is gay

  • That Asian guy has the best chemistry with the doc! 😂😂😏😏😏😏

  • 1:10 don't act surprised we all know why

  • 1:08 That dude is very... hApPy

  • "Your heart is beating really fast" he's hot and he knoWS IT-

  • Sorry, he is not hot.

  • He hot gay doctor. he can check my Physical or my Prostate Exam or Check me down below to. I wouldn’t mind. I know a straight guy wouldn’t mind either. I’m proud to be gay he so hot just saying. and he has a small package. and if anyone agrees leave a like comment or both.

  • He looks like the dad from full house

  • Dr Phil is way sexier and hot

  • How about instead of a hot doctor he can just be a GOOD doctor. I feel like hes a tool. NEXT

  • They forgot their injections

  • When someone knows how hot they are, the attractiveness drops about 99%

  • Black t-shirt guy with cap is mood really!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I watch Dr Mike always and he is here...

  • im much hotter i shold get insta toon

  • Dr mike: becomes doctor Me: suddenly burst into the office IM DYING Lmao

  • Dr Mike is the best CS-tv dr in hole universe

  • Love the message from this, and can I add: Make sure you get a yearly checkup with a primary care physician *and* your a physical therapist. Can't stress enough that everyone should get a functional assessment from a PT.

  • I would freak out. OMG he's hot.

  • Mike: you have a heart, right? Girl: I hope so I love her already

  • "You have a heart right? " *"i hOPe sO"*

  • I suddenly need a hardcore check up ...

  • lolol

  • 2:15 me just.. me

  • Those patients reactions made my goosebumps stand out of embarrassment...literally made me laugh/scream out abit🙉🙈

  • I dont know why I read it checkup as ketchup.

  • I love how they refer to Dr Mike as intagram's hot doctor

  • CAN I CHANGE MY UNDERWEAR. Lmao that got me rolling 😂

  • 0:32 "Hi Im doctor mike" "YES" 😂

  • Soooo little story; I had terrible tummy ache and had diarreah. Decided to go to the clinic(I'm Canadian) to see if I had anything big (no I didn't). I get to the appointement and I'm greated by the most handsome muscle daddy I ever seen. Has I enter his office we chat a little and then he ask me what is the problem today... I told him I had trouble eating and had a tummy ache (of course I didn't mentionned the diarreah) and try to act all cute about it. Whilst smiling at me he ask "Do you also have diarreah ?" Now... I'm a gay man...he also looked gay...all I had in my mind was "how much of a bad time it is to have diarreah"...suffice to say I felt humiliated telling him. Moral of the story ? Well...meeting a hot doctor isn't has glamourous or cool has some ppl think...especially if you're actually sick...

  • It’s funny how y’all only recognizing him for being hot.🙄

  • Dr mike !!!!!!!!

  • Lmao I would probably have the same reaction like the Asian guy if I saw Dr. Mike 🤣

  • Can you imagine Dr Mike doing a checkup for the Try Guys or even the Old Gays?;)

  • Lucky Pia Wurtzbach too bad they broke up

  • The asian guy is so hilarious, so flirty but not in a creepy way

  • Is he gay??? My gaydar tells me so. Hmmm

  • It’s weird that my name is Mike and I also want to be a doctor?

  • The asian guy is hotter than the doc. Whats his name?!

    • Message me when you got it already.

  • He’s definitely gay and he’s definitely gonna get it. Full physical, sis!

  • He is handsome but i wouldnt say he is hot.

  • The dude ...his facial expression 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr Mike is seriously a God.

  • I want to get a check up with Carlisle Cullen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dermatology resident @dermisphere uploads so much content on Instagram about the most common dermatological deseases (acne, hairloss...), which products she uses, dermatology residency... she will even do a give away soon! You guys should follow her!

  • 1:08 that stare kills me everytime 😂😂😂

  • 1:15 mood

  • Daaammnnnnn he’s soooo hot

  • I wish I dated him

  • That Asian guy is smitten

  • It's docter mike everyone aaaaaa

  • Do each of the patients have a personal IG? Preferably the Asian gentleman

  • 2:15 ME

  • Dr.Mike is fuckin gay.....he like the Asian guy......he's looking on his crouch at 01:47. And 1:55

    • perrick rawkin wow I didn’t even notice that lmao. tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up after this lol

  • 1:14

  • 1:14 HE'S SO ME

  • Actualy the Asian guy is way more hotter than thr doctor .. But yeah he soo gay but still hotter for me ;)